Third Eye Opening Symptoms

Third Eye Opening Symptoms

by blackmoon69

July 10, 2012, Comments(2)

I have been feeling pressure on my third eye and top of head area for a while now, about 3 weeks I reckon. But still I don't feel my third eye is open yet, I can't see anything. There is just very obvious pressure there which is constant now. It's like I'm downloading a lot of energy into my third eye and crown chakra. What is there to know about all this? What are other symptoms just in case I get them?

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Nah The Head Aches Are Not


July 10, 2012, 9:03 am
Nah the head aches are not really coming with it. I get head aches with solar flares and from heavy influxes of energy but they go away eventually. This pressure on my forehead is just living with me now it seems. Sometimes I forget it is there. Definitely not a sinus thing, I feel healthy overall. Just on my way to do some excersise now actually lol. I guess it's just a gradual process. I haven't been getting any visions lately either so my only guess it is in download mode but I've never experienced a complete third eye awakening which stayed.

So just curious of others experiences and what else I should know of what is happening to me right now and how I should go about it... or anything else I should know.



July 10, 2012, 8:48 am
I have had that pressure there before as well, but whenever my third eye opens I experience the opposite of pressure. It's really not much of a gradual thing for me either, either its open or closed. just every now and then when I'm really calm while lying in bed, it will open right up. sometimes I get that pressure there when I am meditating and focusing on that area too much, or if I have some sort of sinus issue about to develop or release itself. Are you getting headaches at all???


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