Get Ready To Ascend

Get Ready To Ascend

by Aruna Byers

July 10, 2012, Comments(6)

Many of my chelas are able to ascend. Can they do so now? Yes. No more waiting for millions of others to accompany them. We may not get the media to notice what is about to occur, but there is no need to now. We of the Great White Brotherhood no longer care if those not ascending are activated because we did all that we could to draw them in. No more calls for ascension are coming. No more energy will be expended to awaken those who cannot make this their defining lifetime. Cause and effect now override any of our urgings. Only those committed to ascend can answer the call.

When it comes, we anticipate that there will be several ways to answer our call. Most will go outside immediately to be drawn into the new energies around them. Others will go out as they complete tasks they are doing. And some will doubt and begin asking questions about ascension because they aren't awake yet and still need more clarity. Opening to these new energies requires complete denial of non-aligned attitudes. Collective minds cannot do this, only free ones. So if you are not able to act on your own inner call, you may be left behind.

A Master chooses to follow his/her own inner call. Inner stillness is important to being a good listener. Meditation calms the nervous system and allows the call to be clear enough to be obvious. Being in contact with the Ascended Masters and Angels is another way to hear the call.

No call will come to those unable to act on it. A change of attitude can determine whether a call is made or not. Those who are able to accept the call will act as though an angel came to their door and invited them to activate their ascension mode. Once this is done they will disappear—not to the more aware, but to those who are not capable of accepting man's immortality. In a matter of moments no clue about their ascension will be noticed by an active observer.

Pretending our message is not heard will only contain the disappearance momentarily, as it cannot be denied. Making a different choice about ascension would collapse awakened awareness instantly.

Be wise. Be masterful. Be an ascended one.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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Archangel Michael says . . .

Packing nothing for where you are going will give you a great answer about readiness. Can money and clothing be given away? Not until you get the call, and then, not until the call has been completed. None of your material things will mean anything in another dimension of consciousness. Are you caught in them now?

Boy... People Are TOUCHY These Days, Aren't They?!?!


July 12, 2012, 10:39 am
What is unsaid here is a little known and rarely discussed truth about ascension: planetary ascension occurs in waves. Even first wavers who have become stuck will have second and third waves to catch. Everybody got stuck on a simple statement... I do think that the first wave will be soon. Lots of excitement. I think there will be more than the typical three waves of ascension. We'll see!


Robin Mutoid

July 11, 2012, 11:39 am




July 10, 2012, 11:01 pm
LOL brotherhood huh. I saw Tom Cruise leaving this Scientologist church a few years ago next to my apt in Beverly Hills, Hollywood loves this kind of ....meh.
Light to all, Namaste! :)

You Are So Right Friends


July 10, 2012, 10:47 pm
I'd copied this bit,

'We of the Great White Brotherhood no longer care if those not ascending are activated because we did all that we could to draw them in.'

but you beat me to it!

The best of us wouldn't ascend and 'leave' people, I probably would but the best of us? Nope, they would stay. This is why ascension has to be for all or else we don't have god within us.

We are one. Ascending as one, ignoring channelings as one and quoting as one.


x x x



July 10, 2012, 8:03 pm
< We of the Great White Brotherhood no longer care if those not ascending are activated >

Boy, that sounds real loving and ascended-masterish.... NOT

I Am Glad You Are Ascending


July 10, 2012, 7:37 pm
Good riddance and swift journey! We stay with Jeshua and Archangels...


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