I Am Deeply CONTENTED! Write Your Definition Of Lightworking. Here's Mine.

I Am Deeply CONTENTED! Write Your Definition Of Lightworking. Here's Mine.

by LightWorkerYouki

July 19, 2012, Comments(51)
Ascension talk

A message full of negative energy was posted so it could help people to purge the negative energies in that person and in others, let's fill this thread with light and love.

I want to have everyone post their definition of what lightworking means to them. Define the principals you live by as a lightworker.

For me, lightworking means being of service to others and spreading love everywhere we go and everywhere we don't go. We heal people and teach them to heal. We bring enlightenment to the people in the dark. We liberate everyone by helping them go within and live of their own accord and never bow down to anyone, and instead to keep their own power so they are not enslaved.

So True...what You Resist,


December 13, 2012, 1:03 pm
lightsoul73 wrote:

"never fight alow all as you seperate other wise from your brothers and sisters crying"

so true...what you resist, persists
there is a loss of self associated with fighting for light
its almost as if in order to fight it you have to take on darkness within yourself
implying loss of your true nature
or perhaps to fight it is to help darkness grow and strengthen because,
afterall isnt that what it craves?
that which isn't light inside you

Live Not Just Exist
Be The

Freespirit Destiny

November 24, 2012, 9:40 am
Live not Just exist

Be the truth that you feel

follow that truth

if you feel confused then find the truth

discover your own reality not that which is driven unto you




all of these are Love

Love shared and expanded


Rodger FSD

Well I Have Found All In


November 14, 2012, 1:47 pm
well I have found all in all...hihi



November 3, 2012, 10:01 pm
shoots in all directions not just 1, my light bulb tells me that also the sun :)

Being The Most High


November 3, 2012, 9:59 pm
Can be an ego trip to a long drop as being high is also below all at once some illusion and all that ................... whole we say whenh we direction it for the ego

The Most High Also The Most Low If Is Everything And No Thing


November 3, 2012, 9:55 pm

The Most High Also The Most Low If Is Everything And No Thing


November 3, 2012, 9:55 pm

No Fighting Here


November 3, 2012, 9:49 pm
never fight alow all as you seperate other wise from your brothers and sisters crying

I'm More Of The Light Warrior Side...and That Means To Me...


October 26, 2012, 3:05 pm
*To destroy all darkness in my presence.
*Mess up Satan and his plans.
*Use universal power through meditation for the highest good.
*Glorify the Most High (God)
*Glorify Jesus Christ.
*When high level negative energy in a person in my group is detected, I attempt to sometimes point it out in a kind warming way and focus sending my positive energy towards the person by a simple smile or making them laugh.
*Be completely non-judgemental no matter what circumstances that may occur.
*Using the Light to brighten everyones mood by sowing seeds of a repeated cycle of treating others how they should be treated. (What goes around comes around) *Universal Law* I started doing that recently and now every stranger loves to smile at me and say hi.
*Channel into people's hearts and hear what the heart of the person has to say.
*Being a good listener and not always cutting some one off.
*Show love when people come agaisnt me.
*Using the 3rd eye for the highest good for the lord. Hallowed be thy name, thy will be done.
*Never abusing the power of the light for wickedness and self-glory. Always for the highest good.
*Fear no evil, Fear no darkness, always fight the negative.

Great Attitude

Drukpa Dancer

October 23, 2012, 5:48 am
Its all about the attitude isn't it. It really doesn't matter what happens (although its a battle at the time) because it does make you stronger and more compassionate. Yes I have also learnt to respect that everyone has a different path. i am just looking to talk to people that are on a similar path- so I dont have to watch my poor friends eyes glaze over when I talk to them :-)!

Just A Name

Drukpa Dancer

October 23, 2012, 5:26 am
I agree with Elpaso that `Lightworker' risks becoming another label that feds the ego (if I got you correctly).
As a new user I like to think `Lightworker' is a term that groups people together that have spiritual aims for themselves, humanity, and mother earth
I'm sure that each of us has a beautiful, unique and safe path to oneness, if they choose to walk it, give it whatever name you want- geez all the different names for one- you could write a book on it.

You're Right, I Defined What


October 11, 2012, 6:25 am
you're right, I defined what light is for me and not what lightworkers are. Its funny you should reply as I understand your reply on a personal level. I have lived what you write. I don't look back much anymore because as you say you are who you are now because of the hard lessons. Can't change it as it was meant to be exactly how it was. No use harboring resentment as everyone makes the best choice they know how to at the time.

In regards to you seeing yourself being treated bad as your fault.... You can't take the fall for others actions. Did you deserve to be treated bad? where is their accountability for their actions?? It reminds me of a story where a group of warriors are debating whether or not to tell the "other side" the truth or lies. The main arguement is to tell the "other side" lies as that is what they expect to hear because that is what they do themselves.

"they lied to us, why would we treat them as men of honour"
"because we are men of honour"

To me this means being true to yourself at all times and treat everyone like they are your sisters and brothers. If people hurt you for your own good then they were not being true to themselves , they were not "men of honour"

This is life and our part is to be kind. It is not our part to see that the other person makes the right use of our kindness. If we think about that we tend to forget our part. and in doing so we lose part of ourselves.

My Understanding...


October 10, 2012, 6:17 pm
Not necessarily to be a lightworker but to be the light...My understanding of why I am here is as follows:

I am to be the light. I am highly empathic. I feel what others feel. I feel the joy, I feel the pain, I feel. I don't know for what purpose my light is supposed to be, but that is what I was told...be the light. I understood the concept of the polarity of this world as a very young child. I used to see spirits of those who watched over me and there were several and probably still are several spirits watching me now.

The beginning of my experience here in this physical body was a truly negative existence. I could not know what I know had that not occurred. I chose the hard lessons. And the people I used to hate are now dead and I thank them all the time for being the teachers of these hard lessons. Someone told me I was negative many years ago, and I didn't understand. I could not see how "this person" doing this "bad thing" to me was my fault, but now I see it and it is very empowering this "enlightenment." You cannot see it when you are in it, but outside of it, you can see the whole picture.

I know others are on different and various paths. Some of them may be pleasant, some not so pleasant but I understand they have their journey as part of the same source as I am. I can tell people until I am blue in the face, but they don't learn until they are ready.

I am blessed everyday and I KNOW IT.



October 8, 2012, 3:54 am
The light in lightworker is love.
It means to me to try and be light at all times especially when there is a perceived lack of light.
To have love for the lack of light (darkness) as like alchemy light will transmute the darkness.
To always have faith in the inner light regardless of what is happening externally
To smile at that which is "darkness" as darkness just wants to be loved
Never fight the lack of light as "what you resist persists" ;-) I learnt this the hard way the last couple of months.

And mainly what lightworker means to me at this very moment is BE ME, never forget that inner light and strength that is always present!! I know what it feels like to lose that and become the mirror for others.

It feels great to be me :) and like Gandi said "be the change you wish to see in the world"

Just Don't Worry About Lol.


October 5, 2012, 8:30 pm
Just don't worry about lol. Be how and who you want to be.

I Hope This Isn't Too Wordy.


September 25, 2012, 2:33 am
This is my attempt to define what being a "Lightworker" means for me, today.

Think of a the child's toy called "Lite Brite" Remember that! You punch a hole in the dark paper that is placed in a frame concealing an underlying lighbulb behind it. The peg that you do this with is sufficiently opaque and some of that light gets through. We are as those pegs. That light is filtered by the peg and it gives off one of the colors that are part of a larger spectrum contained within the "Source" of light we cannot see. We interprit within ourselves the character of that light as it passes through us and express the light accordingly. We're all different but come together to play a part in a greater design when we allow it.
Just as these multiple pegs when arrayed together create designs and pictures in that lite brite toy so we create symbols and convey ideas that have a special meaning to us when choose a common endeaver. Things that can illicit feelings of love and joy or anger and grief. All feelings are allowed. We are aspects of "God" in that we are expressions of this light that has seperated itself from its source behind a veil that provides the dark contrast in order to be able to manifest the many forms we are capable of being. Purposeful seperation and the lessons and opportunities duality provides. The pictures and patterns are quite real. Just as real as the light behind them that fills us in order to give them form. Together we're the expression all the infinate possibilities of a conscious co creative intelligence. So it's not only about me but my relationship to others. Alone I just a point of light drawing attention to myself. While I must ask if I am a clear a channel for the light I convey I also am honing my capacity to harmonize and recognize my own beauty and the beauty of others if I am to do this "work" well.

For Me Lightworker Is Someone


September 14, 2012, 3:15 pm
For me lightworker is someone who left behind any definitions and labels.He won't define or label anyone as lightworker,illuminati,cabal,awakened,unawakened,catholic,jewish,black,white,rich,poor etc. because he knows that in this manner he's very close to judgemental way of thinking.Lightworker understands that everyone is in different point of their path.A true lightworker will never even define himself as a lightworker,as it may bring a feeling of some kind of false superiority over others:)

Definition Of Lightworker!


September 9, 2012, 8:12 pm
My dear ones

You can only be fully of the light if you have an awakened awareness! When seeing the expression of I AM THAT I AM rises out of nothing into being! Relinquishing the ego/mind psychic noise to insignificant to your own awareness! Reading these words you are listening to the expression of self calling within you to awaken to consciousness! Evert hing said, experienced, lived, thought of are only concepts rising within consciousness, that is all my dear ones nothing else! All of this is dreamed, it is an illusion created by the ignorant ego/mind!
When you are awakened to this you are true light within this expression of self! You are all part of "me", expressed through a human being! The living human being is consciousness in its human aspect!
Behind all the ideas, dreams, expectations lies ONLY awareness! Awake to this silence/quietness awareness and you are one with LIGHT! This awareness brings out the MASTER that will speak and in this you will find all the love, compassion and oneness! This is a wordless place, once awakened to you will have no words to describe this place!

Blessings dear ones!


channeled by Lightscribe.

For Me


September 7, 2012, 2:30 pm
Being a lightworker means helping others and to help the Earth to grow in love, light and wisdom. So that is what i try to do.

My Definition Of Lightworker ...


September 5, 2012, 3:43 pm
For me being a lightworker is something close to being a "crusader knight" ;) - I try to help people as much as I can, in any way possible. It dosen't matter what you do as long as it is positive , I try to do all sorts of things - ranging from giving money to the poor or beggars at the street corner , to giving friends a good and positive advice , to engaging drug dealers in firefights and sabotaging their drug shipments. I don't hesitate going to violence if it means doing something good or helping somebody out. I know words can move mountains but in certain situations they can do so little ... thats why a good AKM rifle comes in handy (kidding). Also for me as lightworker, you have to know yourself as best as you can , to meditate , to raise your vibrations , to open peoples eyes to the truth that "not all you see is true" and to try and make the world contact with the Galactic Federation happen faster. One thing is certain , if I have the honor to join the Federation, I will join their defence & peace keeping forces. Yea, I know it sounds strange, but I just "feel" that I'm meant for that.



August 29, 2012, 5:56 pm
Meditate as much as possible.

What Is Lightworking To Me!


August 28, 2012, 4:13 am
I am here to experience being my Godself fully. In this experience, I am an example for others. I am also here to help assist in the healing of others.

Much love and hugs.

ClearSeeing ;)



August 18, 2012, 1:29 am
Light i do see as for good. On the light side some use to say.

Dark i do see as for evil. On the dark side some use to say.

That of which appears to be of light may not always be so. Watch over light and dark workers.
Im just here to watch the games- human games :D

Smiling And Letting Go


August 16, 2012, 1:03 pm
You work out you are a lightworker when you can't feel or give enough love. Like meditation the second you think 'I'm getting good at this!' it slips through your fingers! Only when you start getting excited about the next hard lesson on the horizon does it become fun. I like getting to know me better and the more I know myself the closer and happier I become with other people. I came on this site because I needed some support and a fresh view to help me tackle my big picture. I moved on in three short weeks and gained so many fresh ideas just by looking. On the first day I came I saw posts from four people and in each case I got a funny feeling they could help me. To begin with I could not post and it drove me nuts having to be patient. By the time I could post I was at a loss how to approach people. I waited a couple of weeks and posted once. I got 4 responses from the people I thought could help who without knowing it were the only people I could communicate with at a very difficult time when my support network in the real world was busy elsewhere. What they gave me was just what I needed to help me face my problems and cope on my own without any of the shakes and quake setting in. What I really truly love about being a lightworker is that there is always enough the only hard part is realising YOU are enough just as you are. Ask for help we are still human, be loving and gracious because one of the biggest gift you can give others is the joy of being of service to someone in need. Own and love the bits in you that are in most need. It won't go away and it can't be ignored and it will help everyone. This is the ultimate win win situation. Thank you I can't do this without you I need people and I'm not perfect but everything is just as it should be and perfect for me right now.

Thank You For The Reminder,


August 11, 2012, 4:14 pm
thank you for the reminder, russelltodd1111..

In The Years Of Relating To


August 10, 2012, 1:06 am
In the years of relating to the term light worker, reading endless texts pertaining to spiritual development, participating in various groups, engaging in a multitude of exercise aimed at raising the vibrational frequency of myself and others, attempts at communication with ETs and ITs, the one definitive exercise i partake in and consistantly brings positive results is to have a relentless sense of humor mingled with a healthy dose of discretion.
Allow others to express their emotions, no matter how negative i may label them. Hold no expectations for anyone, and allow everyone to shine in their own way. To do my best to withhold judgment and allow compassion to be expressed freely. No matter how dismal circumstances may appear to be, I do my best to make light of all situations. However, when i'm caught off guard, and my ego determines my reaction, i am quick to forgive those occasions that i have degressed.
At the end of each day, i make a promise, to do my best, to make light of all situations that i may come across, and if i can't at the moment, I never lose faith that i will eventually come to an understanding that will bring peace. I have an uncanny ability to eventually find humor in all situations....only then, can i share my light so it may work on others.... hey, En-lighten up already!!!!!

RE: I Have Only Read


August 6, 2012, 11:01 pm
Our minds and our brains can be programmed but we can program our minds ourselves. We can choose to be the program of our soul which is made of unconditional love. It is a practice I suppose. I wrote a really long response because that is what I do because I am passionate about life and people and the Earth is a gift for us to enjoy. I wish we could bring forward the good things of the past and leave behind all of the bad things. I wish we could start new but this would involve change. Change can be a really good thing. I think people are content with their lives and they feel comfortable. I can envision an amazing world where the soul is able to shine out and we could see all of the gifts from people as they would become free to share this.

The reason why we do not see love anymore is because it has been seen as a threat for some reason. There are many reasons for this but it has been this way since the beginning in the Garden of Eden. I see life in a different way. I see life from the reality of love. I have never had the reality of true love or the romantic kind of love that is in the fairy tales or in the movies. I set out to find love many times and I have never found it. True love to me is only in the movies. I am assuming that this is the reality of most people. The majority of people do not know what true love is and they are addicted to selfish pleasures because advertising has molded and shaped lust into love. Love is not lust. Someone who is a gold digger is not motivated by love but by greed. So all of the deadly negative energies are morphed into love. The people who are selfish just have never seen their soul. I have seen my soul. I even try to get some people to see their soul so I can have a loving relationship but I have failed. I have given up on love. It is a very powerful thing. I guess that is why I want to share it with someone so I can be more powerful. I hope it is still out there somewhere. I see it in old movies and in old tv shows. I wonder if it even ever existed in real life? I think we are here to share love but the reality of mental illness in society says something else. I do not like being a victim. I do not like to see suffering. I feel like hiding away somewhere so I can write a book. I am just talking out loud.

God rebooted me when I went to Heaven and He filled me up with so much love. Maybe the love in my soul got depleted? Why would I need to feel that love pass right through me? I wonder what happened to me being on a negative planet? I think I did start out as a sweet baby with a loving soul. I think the ghosts and spirits who did really bad things are still in the illusion of the negative energy of mental illness that they brought here with them and they are our ancestors. I am clairvoyant and psychic but I have been in denial of this my whole life because it is labeled as mental illness in society.

Unconditional love is not acceptable and it is labeled as mental illness. I kind of don't even care about the labels and the guilt and shame they place upon me. I wonder why the brain washing with me does not work? I think that is their opinion but I am starting to embrace the gift that God gave me. Maybe our souls have to be filled up with love?? I have been assuming that our souls are made of pure love. I keep getting more and more confused but this is the agenda of the selfish. Love and truth are so simple and pure that why not mess up everything with lies and denial and selfish manipulation? I am in contact with people who are manipulative and selfish on a daily basis. I try my best to hide away from them. The words that come out of their mouth is so hurtful to me. I cringe and I feel victimized. They smile as they talk. They are relaxed and they are insulting me and trying to mold me into something that I am not. They try to change me. They do not like me or try to get to know me or my reality. They tell me I am crazy. I see the trail of tears they leave in their wake. They think they are wonderful and amazing. I just remind myself that my soul is not for sale this time. I have never really believed in good and evil my whole life. I was in denial. Selfishness is evil because it is negative energy which is an illusion which is a deception which is a lie. I can see truth because I know unconditional love. I have tried to change and mold and morph into the image which others wanted me to be. It just goes against nature to do this. I play the song Jar of Hearts and the music video is a reflection of my life. The visuals are what I identify with. Some call them energy vampires. We are programmed to be mentally ill but told that this is the norm.

I hope they are not the majority. I wish for once in the whole history of the Earth with humans existing here that we could have love as the majority. I am clairvoyant and I have seen the Alpha and the Omega. God opened my third eye again because I had to shut down for my whole adult life. I had to shut down my heart and my soul just to survive in this world. I have never had the reality of true love. I know the unconditional love of God. I think it is kind of sad that I had to get reprogrammed and sent back. I kind of liked it there but I cannot explain all of this really. I am just able to see everything and the truth in life and the cause and the effect and intent. I write and I cut and I write and I cut. The truth is kind of bitter but it is sweet too. I think knowledge will set us free. I see things and then I set out to prove them. I find the answers. I still get stuck sometimes. It would be good to know that I am not the only one who is immune to the deception. Sometimes it would be nice if I could not have a conscious or see the wake of suffering in the path of the selfish. I cannot seem to shut down my heart and I have to feel the pain. I can easily fill up with the god energy. I find it and I fill up with it. I need it like air to breathe and water to drink. I need to the love energy to survive and maybe that is why I was dying and I went to Heaven? Maybe I was not able to survive any longer? It sounds like drama. I do not like negative drama. Why am I able to see the world from the beginning until now? How do I put that into a writing? Where do I start? This information is available to everyone but why do I have the gift to put it all together? Why do I have things manifest quickly or instantly because of my love energy which is circulating in my body and radiating out into the world? Why do people want to take away my power? Does it interfere too much with their agenda? What about the good of the all? What about the Declaration of Independence? What happened to the dreams? Who took over again and again and again? I know the answers. I wonder if there are places in the world where there is the freedom to have the love of the soul shine out? I think that the negative energy of the magnetic grid will reach anywhere in the world. I do not know why I see the world in the way that I see it. I just know that I get insulted and people say I think and talk too much and I guess this may be considered really unfeminine in nature to have my third eye open. I really don't care anymore. I really don't care what people say or feel. I really don't care. I can't care about people who are spreading negative energy. Is it my job to save them from themselves? Is it my job to point out the suffering and misery they are causing others? They do not even see this or hear it. They are so blind and asleep that I cannot even wake them from the dream. The mental illness is so imbedded that I cannot open it up like God can do. I have tried but no amount of love I have shown them has even made a dent. I feel like a failure. The only people I am able to help are the ones who are loving. Maybe I should be glad of that. I wish I could get them off of the drugs or really allow them to accept truth. They are programmed that spiritual enlightenment is really something that should be feared or not accepted because they associate it with the occult. The occult is selfish. They enslave spirits to gain information. I understand why spirituality is lumped under the same category. Spiritual enlightenment is real and truth. Occult is of a selfish agenda and it is artificial enlightenment or fake. I see people talking about spirituality and they say what they believe is real but I can spot the fakes. No wonder people are confused. People who have glimpses of spiritual enlightenment think that this is real. It is a real experience but it may not be truth. Truth is separate from experience. Our minds are illusions if they are about negative thoughts. Our minds are real in truth if our thoughts are positive or for the good of the all.

I think I should stop writing now because I will never stop writing. The information seems endless to me. If we are truth seekers then we will find truth.

shining in the love and light


I Agree With You Youki.


August 6, 2012, 12:51 am
I agree with you Youki. I too have been washing away much negativity!


Be A Champion Of God

August 4, 2012, 12:46 am
my intuition tells me that, there is an covert ego battle going on, between you and that person who posted a forum called I am deeply disappointed. If you are truly content you wouldn't have the drive and desire to post it to prove you are. Sorry to point this out, but It's time for all these covert battles to stop on this site if everybody truly wants to be a lightworker. I am not saying I am a pure lightworker yet either, however I'm starting to notice these negative patterns, these negative covert fights that is very hard to detect. I noticed most lightworkers on this site don't allow some people to show their true feelings and comment on what they truly believe, and the lightworkers usually bombard these people with so called love and light messages but the messages are actually intended to prove who is right. Its very hard to explain what I am intuitively feeling and what I am internally discerning. But I sense something terribly wrong.

A true lightworker according to my opinion is a radiator of divine energy, just as the Sun radiates Light, and energy etc to this world. A lightworker doesnt have to truly do anything to change others all the person has to do is to radiate energy and give wisdom. However in order to radiate energy I know and believe that the Lightworker has to go through a cleansing of all energy centers in the etheric and astral bodies, and an alignment of the physical body so it can easily tune into the higher divine dimensions from where Pure Light, Power, Love comes from and into the physical vessel. Since the auric field is electromagnetic and it radiates from the physical body. All the lightworker has to do is become a pure and receptive vessel to the Powerful Spiritual Core within that is vibrating at a very high level and is undetectable until the mind is able to experience its subtlety by becoming pure. A lightworker doesnt have to prove or argue with anybody. True Lightworkers prove things by expressing their Divine nature, by expressing it, and not by forcing it onto others. Each lightworker I believe is unique, but complete lightworkers have one fundamental aspect and that is purity from all ego based attachments. Purity of body and mind. A great purity of the subtle bodies of Man and Woman. So I believe true Lightworkers are rare, and all of us are becoming perfect Lightworkers and we are not there yet otherwise we truly wouldnt need to be on this site or sitting on our computers. We will be working, we will be out in nature, and accomplishing creative things, and much more. Our present way of life is very unhealthy, the internet is useful to gain information, however ultimately its unhealthy, and person who becomes a true lightworker, will not have any need to get on the computer or use this site unless he or she is called to get onto to give a message to the public. A true lightworker will have far more important things to do, such as grounding powerful energies or consciousness forces, onto the planet so everyone can benefit from it and so that we go through a smooth transition into a better world. The less true lightworkers there are, the more everybody will be in for a rude awakening and suffering will be the norm. Hopefully everybody awakens to their true divine power within at the right time.

Obsurving! I Feel Like A


August 3, 2012, 1:04 am
obsurving! I feel like a scientists studying humanity. Since I signed away me freewill to take on humanities negativity I have learnt much. I get good come to me soon, has started already. Either humanity is changing or My freewill is back. I have a home, been a year.
But I am here to observe and write about mind control. I give love but am so withdrawn and heartbroken I have sopmething coming to heal me. Not sure I just am expecting miricals.
Observing seems to be my path. when I get involved with humanity Really bad things happen till I stop. I can work and talk with you but disconnected humanity will bring catastrophie if I do acentally your jobs. I am something outside of lightworker but here to help lightworkers. I am working telepathically now though.
And Hi Youki! You look great! did you see I put a real pic of my up? Love aklways......

Ok, I Just Got Finished


July 26, 2012, 5:52 pm
Ok, I just got finished reading your 2nd post, skaterr111, and let me just say that it was well worth the read. You can clearly see the truth to this world and what's really going on. Well, either that or we're both blind, lol. So many people are brainwashed into being ruled by fear and negativity, but that's not who they actually are! Everyone DOES have a beautiful soul underneath all of that. That's what I believe, too! Even people that society calls "monsters" or "evil" are just suffering so badly that they've bought into the notion that controlling or hurting others will alleviate their own pain. But there's still a soul inside that person, clawing to get out.

Also, LOVE the Aladdin comparison. I have a difficult time understanding why people voluntarily let themselves be programmed. Is it peer pressure? Not wanting to feel left out? I don't know. I'm sure somehow it boils down to fear; it always seems to.

I wish I could just wave a magic wand and erase all of the pain and fear of all the people. But I have to remember that I don't know what everyone else's life lessons are, and for all I know the negativity may be an integral part of them. I can't control other people. I can only love them.

Skaterr111, I've Only Read


July 26, 2012, 4:56 pm
Skaterr111, I've only read what you posted on the 24th so far, but I wanted to respond to you, because you point out some things that I have also noticed. I'll quote a couple of lines:

"I cannot seem to break through the brainwashing programs in place"
"When I was younger I was still able to see love in the world. The world has morphed so much and love is getting wiped out completely so this is disturbing me."

Yes. This. This SO MUCH. I was "out of the loop" for about a decade because my friends/family and I knew what we liked and what we didn't like. We just never paid attention to pop culture. When I got re-married a few years ago, I became re-introduced to the mainstream world because it is very much part of her world. I couldn't believe how much had changed. Everything revolves around self-gratification, often at the expense of other people. Whether it be a cel-phone company, a restaurant manager or a song on the radio, everyone encourages selfishness.

I believe that the reason real love is disappearing from our planet is because people have been tricked, because they've been told that something else is love. I'm not sure how to describe it exactly. There's a barrier that severs the real love connection. Sometimes it's our technology, sometimes it's the illusion of a connection to a celebrity. Things that keep us from looking into each other's eyes, touching each other on the arm, and REALLY connecting. But they FEEL like connections to most people, so they embrace it. Does that make any sense?

"We are immortal because of our soul but I am not sure if I want to reincarnate back to Earth again if I have to come back and it is a barren wasteland with no love. I would like to reincarnate into a loving world that is a Paradise."

I've said this on more than one occasion. To be honest, I hate it here. But at the same time, I love humanity so much and I want to help them. When I look at the world and see so much suffering, how can I not feel anything but compassion for people? So, my emotions are very conflicted right now.

Anyway, thank you for posting. :)

RE: A Ghost Is


July 25, 2012, 11:02 pm
I wrote a long response but I am not ready to post it just yet. I have to erase most of what I write but I do keep copies of it in my word files sometimes. I see the truth in the world because my third eye is open. I can see the illusions and how and why and all that. The problem I have is that truth is really hard to accept in this world. Truth involves denial. Denial keeps us from seeing reality but it also keeps us in the suffering. Denial is a two edged sword. If I tell people the reality of the world then they will deny it. They will even attack me or they will say I am crazy. People are programmed to be in denial. I see what is on the other side after we die. I know the reality of life because of my experiences. If we have our third eye open then this is really powerful because we will see everything. This is why they say the veil is lifted. It is like the veil of a wedding dress. When the veil is lifted then the bride will see her groom clearly. I can see life clearly. I just keep an open mind to receive the information because it does seem really like a science fiction novel. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow but I feel like it gives us more freedoms.

There are really valid reasons and they are logical and rational as to why we need to be positive in our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, health of our bodies, and egos. Actually, this is so important that it has so much power to create or destroy life. It determines our lives forever because we are immortal. Luckily, scientists are proving many of these theories and this is a breakthrough for spiritually enlightened people. If their work is recognize and allowed to continue to be presented to the world then I am hopeful that spiritual enlightenment will finally be accepted and free to be a reality in the world for the first time in the history of mankind. That would be amazing.

Otherwise, if this is wiped out again then the future will not look so good to me. I will probably not want to reincarnate here if the majority remain negative. It would just be like choosing to live in Hell. I always cannot figure out why the Earth is not a Paradise today but it was taken away from us when spiritual enlightenment was suppressed by the powers that be. A few people who have all the wealth and power are mentally ill because the balance of nature and the laws of the universe have been broken in order for them to have achieved this position. Cause and effect. In order for this to have happened then there had to be much suffering and misery and pain inflicted on other sweet souls. A person who victimizes others must have a victim. Negative energy the illusion of the mind and thus mental illness. It is amazing to see that the people who are mentally ill have programmed everyone into thinking that positive energy and love is mental illness. I am not sure how the deception was carried out but I know the ones who were given the instructions were brainwashed and manipulated into doing the deeds. Tell everyone they are bad and they are sinners and I guess this is how people get blinded to their third eye or the sweet soul inside of us.

Mind control and brainwashing is reality now. The media is a powerful tool. I am kind of sad to see so many bright and wonderful professional people in the world who have been trained by the private organizations who are in control of the world. These people are not aware of the programming and they follow and carry out the orders. It reminds me of Jafar in the Disney movie Aladdin when Jafar holds up a staff and immediately the King goes into a hypnotic trance state and repeats the exact words Jafar is saying. Luckily, the King snaps out of the mind control technique to try to save his daughter from marrying Jafar. Reality is better told in fantasy or science fiction. Fables and myths are based on the horrors of true stories. Fantasy tones it down so much. I see the original stories and they are gruesome. The fact that history has been rewritten has been to the advantage of the ones who carried out the acts. They are untouchable because they spread fear. Everyone becomes afraid to tell the real story but the fantasy stays as a reminder for younger people.

The illusion that we need negative energy in the world is a lie. Negative energy destroys us. Why are we programmed with negative energy in our minds and thoughts? It is because it is in our unconsciousness and we are not aware of it because of the veil. If our third eye gets opened then we see our soul and we see what is hidden in our unconsciousness and it is kind of like a light bulb goes off and it is like we would say Aha or Eureka. It is serendipity and synchronicity. Everything in the world flows quickly and easily to us. If we have a question, we will immediately get the answer. Positive energy is harnessed by us from our souls and it is circulated in the body flowing continually as all of the energy centers are opened up including the third eye in which both halves of the brain are opened up and connected and this is wisdom or the power of intuition or the third eye.

All negative energy is gone and it is not blocking all of our energy centers any longer. The positive energy is flowing out of us and it goes out into the magnetic grid and this is felt by everything including plants and this is what creates the beauty in nature. This energy which is crystalline. We have these crystals in our brains that act as conductors which transmit electrical signals. This crystal energy is in the Earth and it is a conductor and the sun energizes crystals and we can program crystals and the magnetic grid of the Earth conducts our energy and thoughts either positive or negative out into the world and it affects everything including the ghosts who are stuck here near the Earth plane. We have free will to choose our reality. I choose positive energy because I love the Earth and everything and I want my soul to shine and be healthy. Why has our free will been taken away from us not to be able to recognize our pure sweet hidden soul? Why do we think we have freedoms when this is not reality? Maybe someone could explain the reality of humans to me whose third eyes are under the veil because I took off my veil when I spent my childhood in the beauty of nature. I got the gift to be a sweet soul on this Earth. I just haven't understood why people cannot see their sweet soul. I can see their souls even through all of the negative programming of the mind control. I can still see their amazing gifts which are hidden away. I can see their karma hidden away in their unconsciousness. Can anyone see my soul? Like the movie Avatar, "I see you".

Science fiction movies and fantasy are reality but told in a different way. Myths are reality but only told in a different way. The God energy is bigger and more powerful than I am but I am a smaller version because this energy is inside of us and in animals and nature and it is the spark of life in our immortality. I just wish that as I am inside of this body to be able to enjoy life on this beautiful planet that I didn't have to be around the illusion of the negative energy of the selfish ones. Is this why I am here? Will I get to earn my wings although I already I have already had them the whole time? If I were take away the mind control and brainwashing of the negative energy then yes everyone would see a perfect pure sweet light energy of our souls. Why are we told that we are not perfect? Does this mean that God is not perfect too? Why do I not believe these lies? There are 8 different kinds of negative egos but only one positive ego. The positive ego is our soul. I wonder if anyone else has my reality of the world?

shining in the love and light


@skaterr1111 - A Ghost Is S


July 25, 2012, 5:31 am
@skaterr1111 - A ghost is s psychic recording and a spirit is the essence of the being. We are all spirits. We are not our bodies. Also, interesting reality you have there. I like my reality where everyone is loving and its VERY rare that you meet anyone who is negative simply to be negative. I like how in my reality, the dark ones are on the outs and that love is washing away all the negativity as we purge it from our bodies. =)

RE: What A Lightworker Means To Me


July 24, 2012, 9:50 pm
I believe Lightworkers use the occult and they write books and teach others how to better use the occult. I see the channelings from the ghosts and spirits and I understand the messages. I am not a Lightworker but I am here to learn more about the aspects of the occult. I am a spiritually enlightened person and I do not practice the occult because it is bad karma in my reality. I do not need to talk with the spirit world because I have been there. I am actually upset with some of the ghosts and spirits because of what they did to humans but I know that they are spiritually blind.

Maybe the Lightworkers are here to say to the people who practice the occult in a negative sense like the wheeling and dealing for information. Each side gives up something in the deal. The ghosts want something in exchange for being called forward and enslaved and the Lightworker wants information to post and share with the world because that is their job. In a way, ghosts have so much power in the world now because of this and they are controlling their humans but I know the humans are gaining information for their agenda. I wish I could see some positive energy in this exchange but unfortunately they are both spiritually blind. Some of the ghosts are still in the illusion of themselves flying around in their space ships and inviting us to join them in their realm of disillusion. Maybe some of the Lightworkers who are working independently and not for the governments are more positive and spiritually enlightened but mind control is really the issue here.
I believe in Karma, reincarnation and my third eye is opened. I see the bigger picture and not just one piece of the puzzle. Some Lightworker's claim to be spiritually enlightened with their third eye opened up and I am sure the government is in need of finding these people who channel spirits for information. I just wish we could have freedom and just be spiritual without all of the occult. I think the occult is bad karma in the negative sense or selfish agenda but I am not sure about the positive side of the occult and this is what I am trying to determine. I wish the Lightworkers would encourage the ghosts to cross over to the light. I am here also because spiritual enlightened people have been almost completely wiped out now. We are rare and few and there is no place for us to go. We are an endangered species. I wish I could reach out to all Lightworkers but I understand that this is their livelihood and nothing has ever changed in the human experiment. I only hope that the Lightworkers will learn how to protect themselves from bad karma and negative energy and they will stay safe in their practices. If the messages are positive then that is powerful. If the messages are negative or of a selfish agenda then that radiates out into the world and manifests into reality so this is my only issue I have with channeling and card readings, etc. It is cause and effect that affects everyone and even the Earth itself.

My dream of having everyone living in a Paradise and being spiritually enlightened was my goal but I see the reality of life now and the minds of everyone are caught up in the illusions of negative energy. I see people on here who seem positive and they seem like they love the Earth and maybe they are wanting to become enlightened so they can see the truth. The real truth is really harsh in reality. I do not have the gift to wake people up. People are absorbed in making money so I understand the dilemma. I cannot seem to break through the brainwashing programs in place so instead I am going to just wait and see what happens. I think that my spiritual awakening was no accident as I am a truth seeker. It has shown me the world. I just was more optimistic because I have seen others who are enlightened but we need to keep things in the fantasy realm or science fiction because we get in trouble if we come out of the closet LOL. If I ask a question, then I will find the answer. The power of positive energy. I am not sure what the purpose of Lightworkers are about except for the use of the occult. I guess this is my next question that needs to be answered. I would like to support the Lightworkers if they are doing their work for the good of the all. Spiritual enlightenment is a reality to everyone who experiences it but there is truth and there is illusion to someone's experiences. If our third eye is opened up then we will be able to tell the difference. I am not a teacher. I have the gift of research and I have seen reality but the humans who are in control of the world are more powerful than I imagined. Their power is increasing over the years. When I was younger I was still able to see love in the world. The world has morphed so much and love is getting wiped out completely so this is disturbing me. I am alarmed that the angels are contacting me frequently with my intuition in seeing the numbers. I think I understand why there are no spiritual enlightenment sites because it is an individual physical transformation of power. It is not a following or group or religion or cult or anything to be made about a selfish agenda. It is about pure unconditional love energy in our natural state of being that has been hidden away from our reality. I realize the threat of this love must be a really powerful thing for the ones in power enough for them to eliminate it from the world. This is the key question. Knowing truth is what will set us free and the illusions will keep us imprisoned and controlled. If everyone in the world would be positive then the results would be astounding.

The majority of the 7 billion people of the world are negative. What are the odds we will win? I do not want to discourage anyone but like I said the truth is painful. I am not sure if there is any way possible for everyone to become spiritually enlightened for real but who knows? Maybe there is still time for some amazing transformations? I do not like telling people the truth because it is so painful to know but the good thing is that if we know all the truths then we will understand it, change it, heal it and have a better world for it. I wish I could see the world transformed and all of the people in the world free to use their amazing gifts for the good of the all. We are all the same on the inside of us. Identical in our immortal souls which are bright lights of powerful unconditional love energy. This is so much power that could flow through the magnetic grid and set everyone free so it is no wonder that we are kept in the dark. We are immortal because of our soul but I am not sure if I want to reincarnate back to Earth again if I have to come back and it is a barren wasteland with no love. I would like to reincarnate into a loving world that is a Paradise. I wish I could have it now but it would be more enjoyable to me if I could see all the souls happy and shining out. We have free will but do we really? I wish everyday was Valentine's Day around the world. Nature would probably burst into unimaginable beauty.

shining in the love and light




July 22, 2012, 8:17 pm
I like this question!

For me, being a lightworker is all about finding ways that I can step into my own inner power, and raise the vibes of the world around me. Its all about that, "be the change you want to see in the world", and the law of attraction is very strong now. So when we heal ourselves and step into our power of high vibration, the world gets the change is deserves, and we all start coming together :D

Love is a high vibe :D

Communication :-) :-) :-)


July 22, 2012, 8:14 am
Communication :-) :-) :-)

Great Great Blog Topic!


July 21, 2012, 2:13 pm
I'll be back to comment ~ just stopped by & couldn't resist taking a look here.
Bless all the Kindness I find ~ this is a wonderful place to share.
To the work of the Light, I Honor all of you who choose to bring such goodness forward ~
Amen & Namaste',
e11en of the e22ence of you

Love This!!! "soulkeeping Practices" ~ Release/ Cleansing


July 21, 2012, 2:09 pm
Where would I BE without you teaching me of Soul Contracts!
So glad to read what you wrote, Court ~ beautiful ~

I So Love This, The Presence ~


July 21, 2012, 2:06 pm
And I'm grateful for the blog so we get to read one another's heartfelt values here

It's always a pleasure to read you. All ways
Peace, Blessings & Namaste'

I As Light-WORKER,

The Presence

July 21, 2012, 7:49 am
Like a Road-WORKER working on the ROAD, works at ONE's OWN LIGHT
realizes Light is all there is
and all else that looks like DARK is all DIMMED LIGHT and shines LIGHT of HOME upon it
brings it to the CORE in LOVe...
and picks that bowl and walks to the next phase/transit
shines BRIGHTER till
MERGEs with The ALL...

During these Light-WORKs
I sojourn with all others who work consciously and not
upon their OWN LIGHT to shine that TEMPLE/BODY BRIGHT
that holds the SOUL/LIGHT of ONE...

And as it goes on working at SELF-LIGHT
it becomes a possibility made doable through The Grid of GAEA
for all others to work at their OWN LIGHT...

and as it goes on, DECLARES that which SELF finds in the LIGHTING of it all...

Blessing and Loving all kinds of LIGHTs around
flashing, static, blinking, intense, dim, pale, radiating, emanating...
all is LIGHT...

and as BRIGHTNESS get Brighter within,
the ALL SEEING EYE SEES even those whose LIGHT is PURE yet remain beneath veils
beliefs, superstitions, and still hold a signpost for those who are waking up
holding HOW it is like being DIM-LIGHT..
and so this Sojourner blesses all those in the JOURNEY
No matter how did or bright their LIGHT is...
and this can only be KNOWN/FELT/REALIZED within
as each ONE turns ONE's OWN DIM LIGHTs brighter...

and hence the work on others always FAIL with ONE carrying Lesser Light
or when ONE's LIGHT is Dimmed at 'SLEEP-TIME of Consciousness'
where ONE rests...

And so it is Dear ONE,
Jyothis Chrystallis



July 21, 2012, 2:18 am
Everything else is the icing on the cake.

Definition Of Lightwork...


July 20, 2012, 7:51 pm
Lightwork is a mission/calling to heal this planet , to heal the broken hearts , to see above and below the issue. To me it is to dispel darkness/negativity wherever it is found. It is to be the herald of the coming planetary shift and the return of our peoples from the Galactic Federation. I believe our main objective at this point is like a mother in birth pangs , to offer comfort and to provide balance during this process. Lastly, I believe it is important to remember that defining "Lightwork and Lightworkers" is to understand that our definition is ever changing. We become whatever earth and her inhabitants need at any given moment, sort of like a shape shifter...

Its Interesting Reading What


July 20, 2012, 6:09 pm
Its interesting reading what others have wrote so far. Thank you and keep them coming. =)

Thank You Youki ~~*~Living


July 20, 2012, 7:33 am
Thank You Youki ~
Living from and within My Heartspace❤ ... taking that extra moment of NOW presence to SEE from My Soulspace ~ embracing ENERGIES ... intense or gentle ~ Welcoming CHANGE ~
anytime we release or cleanse a space within us that no longer serves our Souls ~ that void space fills with LIGHT ... it is up to each of us ~ individually ~ to use our Thoughts to create / co~create these spaces of the highest caliber / vibrational values!
using our Heart & Souls as transformational tools as our egos transcend the old into our higher Divine Mind ~ bringing alignments of our Heart Mind Soul ~ creating LIGHT = LOVE = Light/Love "Workers" * "Warriors" ~ as LOVE paves your Path ... NO MATTER where you are or what you are doing ~ YOU ARE LIGHTWORKING!! ❤ mattering not what Star System ... what age ... OUR Souls are of ONLY ONE ENERGY ~ Created in and of ~ LOVE❤LIGHT ~ "WORKING" is that EXPRESSIONAL EXTENSION OF YOU (YOUNIVERSALLY)!! ❤ Your LIGHT ~ the CHORD of LOVELIGHT KNOWN or EXPRESSED AS YOU ~ EXTENDS THROUGHOUT the YOUniverse!! ❤
from My Heart
shared with Your Heart
and ALL Hearts ~ ❤
I share ONLY LOVE!



July 20, 2012, 7:13 am
my definition of Lightworking --> be compassionate. =)

Being A Lightworker Is Pretty


July 20, 2012, 4:36 am
Being a Lightworker is pretty simple for me. I don't have a lot of knowledge about ascending or that Galactic thingie that I hear people talking about. But I know why I'm here: to help the Earth and her inhabitants by manifesting positive energy. Basically, I live by 3 principles:

1. Everyone in the world is suffering.
2. I can't control other people.
3. I'm here to spread as much light and love as I can.

These principles help me to be compassionate and focused on my mission.



July 20, 2012, 12:18 am
- done lightworking first wave complete the task . ( i used to be with fist wave group and they have been working on portals gates grid for log time in Bahama Bikini - Canada- Guatemala- USA and i did ascension Earth Star classes and Project synthesis to prepare lightworkers prior 2007 for planetary shift). Galactic being is what we becoming now...

This Is So Funny! Lol I


July 19, 2012, 11:43 pm
Your post is so funny! lol I can't resist saying this!

Thank You For A Lovely


July 19, 2012, 7:58 pm
Thank you for a lovely transmutation of energy. :)! Light working in my eyes, is finding ones own way to their path of enlightenment, in hopes to understand all that is, and all that we are. But it using that knowledge in combination with perfect love. So we may be able to listen with unbaised heart and love all unconditionally. That we may be of service in the spreading of truth and love to all those who ask of it. So that one day, we may live in a world that I would consider 'heaven on earth.' : ) (planting the seeds of peace if you will!) ~ Allow me to get cheesy but crazy honest. lol <3 I love you all and I'm incredibly glad we have a place to all come together to grow on this path we are walking. ^.^ I wish to thank you for ALL your daily boosts of friendship, kindness and love. Although Im curious as to how most of us found our way here. I'm sure we'd have some pretty interesting stories. hehe Thank you all very much. : ) [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=""][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Lightworker Definition To Me...


July 19, 2012, 7:40 pm
I truly want to express how difficult it is for many of us to put our true self and experiences into "word". Too many times when I have the opportunity to discuss spirituality and who we truly are with friends and family, I find that words through the english language often do not represent how we truly feel. Combined with our ego, heightened emotions and ever increasing changes we all experience every day of our lives, its easy to see how difficult it is to get to, and stay the level of love for one another without judgement.

The term "lightworker" to me is simply a word to describe someone who cares about others with complete love, while seeking truth towards fulfilling their karmic lessons to complete their life chart.

I know I am a seeker of truth within this 3d reality.

A truly lightworker does not look to convince, judge or force their will upon others. They are not better than any one else, as they know we are all a reflection of one another. We are here to make mistakes, and learn from them, its that simple. They should realize that we each have our own path to follow and should accept each other for who they ARE. We realize that something is very wrong in the world at this time, and we have lost the love and connection between each other. We likely have known this since an early age, which is why most of us have been depressed and sad as early as we can remember. We refuse to believe we need to be medicated and labelled as we know who we are. We feel we are coming together now, not out of fear but of love and a deeper meaning for a spiritual awakening. We will help whoever asks for it. We truly believe there is much more than what we see, and we will forever seek that understanding...

I love all of you and I continue to look forward to righteous times ahead.


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