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The only way the Angelic Human Races can be saved is through a shift in time into a new Cosmic Matrix. Our Starry Families have been working on this plan for millions of years, and continue to modify the needed plans day by day to achieve the success of their plan. The Zetas and Draconians have continuously tried to sabotage this plan. The Earth would had been obliterated three times this year already if it hadn't been for their continuous moving us forward in time and counteracting their Darkness with Light.

This is entire process will be completed through the direction of Sun Ra - The Ra Confederacy will remove all that is not in atunement with the Law of One. The Law of One has every thing to do with spinning into Oneness with Source. We have been given the tool of the Merkaba to spin at the speed of Divine Love the Clock wise Electric and the Counter-Clockwise Magnetic fields in the appropriate spin ratios. This balance that will be achieved as the harmonic universe one spins into at one ment with harmonic universe two will transform Earth into Tara.

On December 21, 2012 Earth's angular rotation of particle spin will shift 45 degrees and aligns into oneness with Inner Earth and Tara. Earth's fastest particles begin to transfer to hyperspace and the halls of records begin transmitting data through the Earth's grids. Universal memory will begin transmission through planetary grids. That shift will move us through time about 4000 years. The shift will then balance out to about 23 degrees, which will align Earth into At One Ment with Inner Earth, and then we will begin balancing into the new reality of a new time of about 2000 years. It will be the first pull into the future that will appear as darkness to the 3D perception. That darkness is equivalent to the darkness that appears as ante-matter or spiritual substance that we may create our new reality upon. We see ourselves in our blue body at this time created as an immortal being in a more etheric form included within a Divine Template of Immortality. The darkness is the prime time to make dreams come true. We create through the mid brain frequency specific atunement with Source Consciousness. We create by knowing that we are now and always have been this perfect self who can manifest anything the heart desires. We can know at that point in time that you have always been wealthy. We have always been healthy. We have always been the Christ Consciousness of the All Knowing Mind of God.
The Inner will become the Outer. The Inner Earth that some know as Agartha or Hollow Earth is at an angle or particle spin that is so close to the Outer Earth that it is only one density level higher. From the eyes of angels, that is really, really close. In reality, when we grow into fifth dimensional perception, we will realize that the angle of the within can be the same in the outside at just a slight angle. We will also learn that all of the space we see around us isn't space in other reality fields. It only looks like space to us because we have three merkabas of energy spinning through our energy fields that are creating the idea of space between objects. As the merkabas shift into a different spin rate and angle, the perceptiions of reality around us also change. Everything that has been proven to be a reality through Scientific Data is very incorrect. The truths taught in schools are only truths for this Earth because there has been a large group of entities keeping us trapped in an ocean of stupidity. And it isn't as if there aren't plenty of scientists in the higher echelons that know the truths that I'm describing. They've always known it, they've just made it illegal for us to know the truth. Because the truth will set us free.

May 5th will begin the AWAKENING on Earth.
May 5th of this year there will be an activation coming to Earth from Sun Alcyone and the Blue Flame Holder from Tara will bring an activation to Earth beyond anything we've been given before. I am very connected to this activation. I have been communicating to my soul families through Sun Alcyone for many years.
Five million years ago the genetic mutation was placed in DNA strand 1 to cause blockage of physical and etheric bodies.
The sixth activation code (over tone) of the first DNA strand was removed, causing mutations in 1,2, and three DNA. It manifested in blockages of bodies particles and anti particles of the spiritual body of the parallel universe.
That seal removed the humanities ability to have an Immortal body. It removed bodily transmutation and ability to pass into our Divine Blue Print.
Eight thousand years earlier the D4 Seal of Palaidor - a genetic mutation caused blockages between second and third chakras division between 2,3, and four levels of auric field and separation of emotional, mental and astral identity levels. This seal will be released from the masses on May 5.
Fifth Strand of DNA begins activation for masses. Earths Grids intersect Tara's. Blue Crystal Prana comes through grids
Halls of Amenti Portals open for Ascension to Tara
Allows masses to achieve soul integration from Tara
Begins cellular transmutation allowing body to raise particle pulsation into Harmonic Universe two
for teleportation through Halls of Amenti
Frequency Fence disolves through Sun Alcyone spiral
Removal of Block between Ego and Higher Self to gain ability to see the Quantum Invisible reality
When Ego and Higher Selves merge awareness of quantum reality - ante matter, anti particle reality of Tara
Astral dreams become multidimensional
Our consciousness of Tara becomes available
Our carbon based body changes to crystal based inorganic material that is eternal life organic.

The more we gain our frequency specific mid brain connecting into the mind of God through our Soul, we connect to the Source field when anything we desire already exists. We inhale that reality into our mid brain and project into our holographic realm. We make Gods movie on Earth. We create heaven on Earth.

First, on May 5th, a 12th level avatar will be born on Earth which will open the Sphere of Amenti to cause the carbon based death seal of 666 to be removed from the human race. This carbon based inorganic seal will melt away and we will begin our awakening into the crystal based organic eternal life bodies. A spontaneous MASS AWAKENING WILL OCCUR on May 5. The Blue Flame of Amenti will embody within the Blue Flame Keepers.
Earth and Tara will begin to merge. Blue Flame keepers will become 9th level avatars, as the blue flame spirals down from Sun Alcyone. Flame Holders who carry a rare recessive gene will have this gene activated. These holders contain a specific magnetic base tone in their DNA that allows them to become very magnetic and are able to hold this activation on Earth. Once the D 5 flame holder holds the frequencies of Sun Alcyone and pulls the frequencies into her Flame Keepers fourth heart chakra an intense infusion of harmonic universe two frequencies spread through the Amenti morphogenetic field and through the Earths Grid. This will allow rapid acceleration of fifth and sixth DNA strand assembly to occur throughout the populations. The seventh strand will begin assembly in those who already hold fifth and sixth. This activation will create a huge multidimensional awareness to occur on Earth.
When the halls of amenti (the blue sphere holding our divine blue prints) merge Tara and Earth together, those who have assembled the fifth strand and are eligible for ascension to Tara will be guided to interdimensional transportation locations to Tara. Those who have sixth and seventh strands may be transported to Gaia. There may be others who will be transported to Aquarius, Aquafaria and a few who will go play in the heavens with the gods. This time is coming very soon.
First, we will shift into a different chemical make up. We will leave behind our carbon based bodies. We will become less dense. Our bodies and our environment will change. Those who move on to Tara will have an entirely different type of body than those who stay in Inner Earth. Those who move on to Gaia are almost invisible. Those who are of higher densities can see the lower densities; but those who remain 3D will not be able to see any of the new realities. It might seem like things are disappearing because the higher particle shifts will pull some in one direction and the lower will pull those in another direction. There are infinite density levels.
The three primary flameholders will activate the opening of the Etheric Level Dimensions within Earth's core. This will allow prana to begin to flow through our atmosphere. At that time our universal memory comes on line and we will regain memory of our Akashic Records for anyone who has activated 4th strand memory.
Earth's elemental particle base will rise to 5 and the Earth's atmospheric particle base will rise to 6. This accretion level will allow the atmosphere and elementals from Inner Earth to appear on Earth. This will be our first vision of our New Earth. We will begin to see the atmosphere of Inner Earth forming around us and then we will notice more and more new species and inner earth gardens will appear. All of the animals and plants in Inner Earth sing continuously. We will notice this difference in Earth immediately.
Angelic Humans and the races of Earth will soon be prepared for visits from the Inner Earth Eieyani, Sirius B Maharaji, Azurite, Aethien and Serres Emerald Covenant Races. They will make contact through our Founders Races and will invite Earth races to join the Emerald Covenant. The first contacts will our Founders Races be made individually and privately as each individual tunes into their Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. First, we will meet with Eieyani races because they look the most like us - only they are blue. After we become familiar with the Eieyani, we will be met by Azurites and Maharaji. The Fallen Angelics and Illuminati races will be escorted to quarantined healing facilites in the Sirius star system. Remaining Angelic Humans and Indigos will progress in their 12 Code activation and DNA blue print activation.
The happy ending begins December 21, 2012 when the age of enlightenment will most definitely begin and the Universes in our Time Matrix will begin the victory celebration they have awaited for 250 billion years, when the Stellar Wars created the Phantom Matrix. The Phantom Matrix will be removed in December. Founders Races will release the Star Gate Seals for Universal Star Gate 12 in our Time Matrix to reunite the Inner Earth Time Matrix and the Trans Harmonic Meajhe Time Matrix. The three Matrixes will link to create the Divine Cosmic Trinity of our new beginning of a new Cosmic Reality.
Earth will receive Stellar Wave Infusions of D10, D11 and D12. The Primal Light Infusion, the Christos Liquid Light Infusion, The Rainbow Ray Infusion and the d12 Pre matter Hydroplasmic Liquid Light Christos Divine Blue Print of the Earth, Tara Gaia System, and the D12 Pre Matter BluePrint or Universal Christos. This will all happen on December 21, 2012. That's a lot of Light!!!

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