Thriving In Joy With The TORUS

Thriving In Joy With The TORUS

by Momking

July 30, 2012, Comments(1)
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Dear Granddaughter,

We, the Grandmothers, are here again with you to continue to expand notions and ideas about education on Earth at this momentous time of ripening and Ascension.

We have communicated about the idea of Medicine as it is contemplated in Native American and indigenous tribes on the Earth and this Medicine extends into social, cultural, educational, and religious fields and communities. Medicine and education in a Native and natural sense is both more personal and small grouped on the one hand and cosmic and mind bending and stretching in an intergalactic or Star nations' sense and viewpoint. The developing and evolving New Human stands in the middle, taking it all in.

But to draw on your own past experiences with higher education, let us recall the concept taught at your Earth college called the Open classroom. Since you were introduced to this idea you took it to heart and enjoyed the idea, alongside others being taught in the 1970s...the idea that each student had their own personal rhythm and time sense and that the teacher in an Open classroom set up the room so that many kinds of learning could go on at the same time, providing materials were given to keep the students interested and curiosity and a sense of adventure nurtured.

This type of classroom took a very talented teacher to run it, and it was the antithesis of the more parochial and staid set-up of a class of students set up in neat rows with eyes forward on the teacher who taught just one subject to all those students. This type of education mainly consisted of the students having to learn a large dose of conformity to "the norm".

Now with the world wide web the whole Earth has become an Open classroom with multiple "home" rooms and places for an ever-expanding opportunity for learning and acquisition of knowledge at a student-driven pace. It is interactive. It is why online education has become so popular and grown so quickly. We are delighted as this allows our own grand children, many of whom are grandparents themselves, to continue to grow and learn and expand knowledge and the use of the human brain and mind and this in concert with their blessed hearts.

We understand that when a human being begins to explore what Heaven is really; how vast, how expansive, it definitely can lead to feelings of strangeness and uncomfortability as the human life span has recently been fairly short, looking at creation through sacred texts known as the Bible- and other such texts in other religions gives a linear sense of longer time spans, and now physicists and other scientists, writers, and philosophers are expanding the notion of time into eons, infinities, and multiple dimensions. Whew!

So we point to how human life begins; small, very small in the womb of the mother, growing in an enclosed dark, safe, watery place with a steady heart beat, cradled in warm waves and gentle motion; as the body grows within a sac, feelings of less space within the sea of creation come until the moment of birth when the body is squeezed down and out a fleshly made birth canal to be delivered without , to the outer world where sensations of wind and the five senses burst forth, and arms and legs are free to move in air, kicking and moving about as sight takes in these appendages...and the voice and face of the mother and father and others there at the birth are heard, and the innate urge to nurse kicks in and rooting about the infant latches onto a breast...

As above so below, so above! We know how it is, to feel hunger, thirst, the need to pee or poop, the sensations of the body and how it feels to grow through stages and development. And for your readers finding this site is a rebirth; of awareness and understanding of how it is and the way stuff works.

The Universe is like the Mother's womb, a safe, vast, place of darkness within which Light is born and grows and thrives. Planet Earth is a home to many within the Universe, and the movie we wish you to provide the thread to here, Thrive, is an Open classroom for Earth school...

Here in this classroom are pictures and words making up a setting where it is safe and possible to synthesize and integrate many learnings; many topics of interest to the Lightworker community and those fields and communities associated with Lightworkers.

In particular we invite the readers here to simply gaze at the Earth surrounded by a violet blue light in the shape of an apple known as the Torus. This picture is at the top of the Home page.

Visualizing the TORUS surrounding Earth will be calming immediately for the Lightworker. Using it in meditation around one's personal body is also self-soothing and calming.

Watching the whole movie and becoming involved with the Thrive movement may feel very empowering for some.

We know that with all the talk of self-mastery and mastering emotions in the face of some scary other sites and news stations is at times difficult and this may help you ALL.

Learning and growth does not happen in a straight line dear ones. All of LIFE expands and contracts, moves, spins, weaves, changes.

We are here for you alongside Elders, Ascended Masters, Angels and multidimensional beings to assist you as you go and as you grow. You learned much in a simple to swing, how to balance on a teeter-totter, how to fall, scrape a knee, cry in release of the pain, get up, and dust yourself off to run and play again.

You will feel the rainbow of human emotions still, and yet you do your part by consciously returning to center, to zero point, to balance in calling for peace, serenity, and love within your core Being.

You are MORE than you are Spirit, you are Higher Self, you are the New Human and the New Humanity. Take comfort from us. We love you so very much!

The Grandmothers

Join us in the healing effort....
Google: INEDA Healing Places on the Web



July 31, 2012, 4:25 am
I thought I read the heading incorrectly......."driving with Joy in the Taurus


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