Full Moon Transmission Judy Satori

Full Moon Transmission Judy Satori

by sierra

August 2, 2012, Comments(2)

From the Galactic Council through Judy Satori


The Opening of the Aldebaran Stargate

Light and Energy Expansion to 72 Dimensions

Upgrading our 12-strand DNA Hu-man Potential



Judy at Lily Pond

A Message From Judy Satori


I have been prepared by Spirit to transmit new recreation energy to prepare people for Earth's shift to the Fifth Dimension.  Now is the time to begin.  This energy is spiritual Light Language.  It is transmitted through very rapid energy words transmitted directly into the DNA, cellular template and energy fields of the body. 

My purpose is to get this energy to as many people as possible in 2012.  Please help me spread the word.

            Judy's Story 


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Like the lotus flower as it rises up through the muddy waters of a lake, humanity has for aeons been diminished and disempowered by being forced to exist within the confines of a third dimensional Earth.  Now Earth is ready for restoration and advancement, ascension to the fifth dimension.  A New Earth is to be created of peace, love and oneness with all life.  Humankind will come together as one global family.  As the Earth ascends, so too will YOU, but you need to be ready to hold the faster pulsating energy of the fifth dimension within your physical body and energy fields.  You body must be healed and re-synthesized.  This is the purpose of these energy transmissions from the Elohim.  To prepare us all for New Life on a New Earth.  


The month of August has two full moons, today 1 August and at the end of the month on 31 August.  This time period is a 'once in a blue moon' opportunity for us all to begin to recreate and recalibrate to receiving energy from 72 dimensions of reality.  This expansion of energy flooding into the Earth and indeed the entire Milky Way Galaxy comes through a stargate, or energy portal, opening on the star Aldebaran.  This stargate is now beginning to open as part of a Divine Plan for the evolutionary advancement of all life within this galaxy.   


The focus of this Full Moon Transmission is an energy transmission from the Archangel Metatron, which is designed to immediately re-synthesize our physical bodies to receive energy from 72 dimensions of reality.  I am told by Spirit that within this galaxy there are 48 dimensions of reality.  Our opening into receiving energy from 72 dimensions of reality will activate and enhance human potential. 


The musical backing for this August 1 transmission is the work of Marcos Frangos, who also contributed the music for the June transmission.  Marcos lives in the Czech Republic, but is originally from the United Kingdom.  He has named his composition

'The Peace of 2012'. He recorded it as prompted by Spirit on the fifth of May 2012, in itself a powerful day of transformation and opening.  


For more information about Marcos and his music:




to listen and download





This August 1 Full Moon transmission also includes information about what we can all do to move through the ascension process with ease and grace, information about which foods best support your physical body, and an energy transmission to code you to energetically improve the nutritional quality of the food you eat. 


We want to continue making these transmissions free.  Please only download once, save to your computer desktop and replay from your computer desktop.  It is suggested that you listen to this transmission lying down. 




August 2, 2012, 11:29 pm
I did it...it was great! I also recommend her book (which was channeled) Sunshine Before the Dawn.

'Sunshine Before the Dawn' reads and appears like a work of fiction, but it’s not!  Every word was telepathically transmitted to Judy Satori by beings of light.  These loving, extraterrestrial star beings, contributed an aspect of their own DNA to the creation of a new, more evolved species of human being for Earth.  This new hu-man, or man and woman created in the image and likeness of God, has the inherent capacity within their DNA, to move beyond the confines of a third-dimensional Earth.   In previous cycles on this planet, spiritual Masters have demonstrated this and have ascended.  This story has been brought through from Spirit at this time, to prepare you for Earth ascension. With Earth’s ascension, the inherent DNA coding within us will be activated.  This is both a physical and a consciousness upgrade.  The day has come.  We are the ones from the stars.  Sunshine Before the Dawn is our story.  The words are coded.  Your heart will respond, and you will begin to remember why you are here.  




~ Loved It ~
Thank You


August 2, 2012, 8:17 pm
~ loved it ~
Thank You Annie!


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