Spiritual Energy Is Increased When You EMBRACE Love

Spiritual Energy Is Increased When You EMBRACE Love

by Julie Miller

November 9, 2012, Comments(3)
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Spiritual Energy is Increased When You EMBRACE Love

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ November 09 – 16, 2012

Channeled by: Julie Miller

November 09, 2012


Many dear souls are finally beginning to realize that many of their daily difficulties and challenges is your inner body telling you there is a blockage within your vital energy centers. It is essential to learn of your energy centers and of your Kundalini and how each one works and what can transpire when there is any kind of imbalance. What is even more remarkable dear ones is the actual understanding of the infinite energy that is readily available to you from the Universe and not from food or other people.


Yes food is essential but it only offers you a portion of your daily energetic needs. Realize dear ones, your diet is made up of more than one need and if it is not as healthy as it could be, then it is definitely obvious that you may not be getting enough nutrients and some foods even though will illustrate their benefits do not always tell you that they can lower energy. Another portion of your daily energy is derived from people. It is true that some people are powerhouses of energy and automatically make a room full people become more positive minded and energized even if they do not know why this is so. And there are some dear souls that require more attention in order to absorb this kind of energy from people so when they are alone they do not tire as quickly. They have stored the energy they gained from being in contact with high energy beings.


Each of you has the capability of renewing your own energy and this supply is within you. Think dear ones of a time when you were thoroughly engaged in an activity, you could do this for the longest of time. When you apply love to what you are doing, your energy becomes endless. You do not look at time unless you become disturbed – in other words you are caught up in the moment that is filled with love and creative energy that is fuelled by the Universe and truth be told, also by God.


When many souls are consumed by so much of their own vital energy, they may not notice but their visit to the fridge is much less and their stress levels are barely existent. Your vital energy dear ones when fuelled with love has the ability to provide you with enough emotional energy to get through any tough day because you are filled with a sense of purpose and inner calm that fills your entire being and shines dear one of your beautiful radiant love-filled heart.


Understand dear ones, even though food is essential in truth it has little impact on your energy, on the other hand your mood has a humongous influence. There are many foods that people turn to that is a direct result from their mood, how they are reacting to a specific issue that has caused emotional upset or pleasure. Even during times of upset it is important dear ones to make better choices in what you eat and if you must go for that container of ice cream make an effort to not consume its entire contents.


We ask you dear ones to think back to when you may have experienced incredible hardships where you felt sad too often and even though you may have eaten healthy, or you consumed traditional comfort foods, you did not feel any more energetic. Your mental and emotional states play a huge role on your energy and no matter which foods you eat; it is the mood that must change in order for your energies to be replenished. Now think also about a time when you were so happily busy doing something you really love and that you ate very little. During this time your emotional and mental state was flourishing under high energy that was love-based.


Yet knowing all this and understanding the importance of releasing repressed emotions comprehend the actualization that your spiritual energy can become blocked. Spiritual energy blockage is primarily caused whenever you fall into a self-pity mode or damaging negative thought forms. Whenever you allow any kind of negativity to control your thoughts and positive way of being, you are actually blocking your own energy. Anger, depression, when you feel you are living within a ‘victim’ role and other such powerful negative emotional states of mind is blocking your own spiritual energy. You are human, remember this fact and as a result you will go through Highs and Lows. How you react and respond to them will make a world of difference on your overall health and energetic being. It is important dear ones to be conscious of your emotions and to understand the root cause of any negative feeling that enters your being. Do not allow these negative thought forms to fester and become toxic. Eventually what will arise is disease and sickness dear ones, not just to your physical body, but to your inner faculties as well. You do have the power within you to choose which way it is going to be. You choose that you are going to live within a positive mind and when negativity hits you, you at that time also can choose to respond with loving kindness towards yourself. Nurture yourself every step of the way dear ones.


Your life, generally speaking is an expansion of your evolution. But what has comprised is the creation of resistance towards the natural order of life and this has to do with your thoughts dear ones. Your thoughts are very powerful. The energy you carry has an enormous effect on the world as a whole thriving community. It is your responsibility to be aware of how your mental and emotional states are. Remember from the energy you emit, you also attract the same. Be radiant with love, and you will attract others who have the same energy vibration.


The word, “NO” is one largest energy blocker. Yes there are times when you must use this word and during such times it is a very powerful word, it speaks of boundaries and inner-power. But when you say NO every time another dear soul tries to include you in something you become stuck where you are. This stagnant area of non-growth is because of the fear of change. Change is always good, yet for some depending on the change it can be very difficult. We often see many struggle to step outside of the comfort zone and try to trust a new way even though they truly do realize this new change would be beneficial. The more often you turn down people’s assistance, or invitations eventually you will be left alone. And aloneness for many depletes any reserved energy they may have had. We encourage you dear ones, to learn to say YES, to accept a kind helping hand, or to accept an invitation to take a walk in the park. Relating with people, interactions that helps you also helps them. It is never just one-sided. There is great happiness received to the one that has offered to help another, and when you accept an invitation there is an instant delight that is easily seen and can be quite contagious. Your life is meant to live with joy and happiness. Yes you have challenges and through these trials you can live a joyous life if you choose to.


We would like you to further comprehend dear ones each time you say NO to any possibility, to abundance, to change; in actuality you are blocking spiritual energy from flowing freely. If you find yourself where you think you cannot ever change, what happens here dear one is that you turn off the flow of abundance and well-being. But if you take a courageous step and embrace change, you open the passage to abundance, contentment, purpose and a much more meaningful life.


In order to embrace and create positive change in your life you must decide to want to change. If you don’t agree to change, then you cannot expect any results that will lead you to newer and better ways that will improve how you think and feel. You are always with the power to choose. You also have the power to decide YES or NO. It is your choice to remain stuck or to become unstuck. When you finally agree to begin making positive changes you also need to decide to raise your energy vibration; increase your levels of self-love, compassion, joy, trust, attitude, etc. You are the one who decided to be happy and to be filled with happier thought forms. And you will learn to choose happiness even while facing difficult situations. Remember dear ones, it is your thoughts and emotions that will either raise your vibrations or lower them. And another important realization is your physical health will benefit from your positive change. KNOW dear ones that every time you are feeling really good, your spiritual energy is freely flowing in you and your precious heart is shining on the outside demonstrating your contentment instead of any discontent.


Each dear soul has the ability to choose and you do every day, several times a day. Choosing to live in a positive happy mind-set is another choice and one that will benefit every part of your Self, those closest to you; the energy that flows from you will enter the Universe aiding to the flow of love that is growing and thriving in so many dear souls, healing others that may have lost their way and so much more. It is infinite on what you can do when you choose with love.


I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

Thank You

Divine Lady

November 14, 2012, 9:00 pm
It is simply wonderful message, thank you so very much for sharing .
much love to you always.


Great Message


November 10, 2012, 7:38 pm
powerful energy in it too ***
 thanks, Ivahana

I Love This Message Of The


November 10, 2012, 2:08 pm
I love this message of the Master as all other messages of him. There are many precious points that fully apply to me. For most of them I am aware that there are areas that need more inner work to be done. Being in general friendly and an easy going woman, it surprises me that Relating is an issue that applies to me as well. Thanks to you Master Serapis Bey and Julie.


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