Putting Life Into Perspective

Putting Life Into Perspective

by LotusLight

November 11, 2012, Comments(2)


Sometimes it is difficult to separate the physical life we live from the spiritual world that is being opened up

to us and gently merging us into a higher frequency.   'Difficult' in the way to actually relate to our earthly lives

as we go through all of the internal changes needed to take us out of the 3D environment we have become

so attached to!      We try to answer questions, and we have to stop and think, "umm, do you mean the physical

life or the spiritual world we live within ourselves....." something like that.  

I think it is frustrating for readers of channelings when a message is posted saying that we don't need to pay

bills, or we don't need to think in a certain way, etc., etc., etc........ which is really quite ridiculous, as the 5th

dimensional world has not been created yet on earth.   So, one needs to be sensible and not made to feel

'lagging behind the rest' if they still find themselves in the thick of the 3rd dimension still, because I can assure

you that the person receiving the channeling is also paying bills, going to work if they have a job, and all of those

necessary activities to keep life running smoothly.

Many have been experiencing the higher dimensions for some time, it is just where they are at, spiritually.

It depends on previous experiences in past incarnations what you have brought with you, within your soul.

Our consciousness holds everything we have ever achieved spiritually.  So the higher we go in frequency, we

connect back with the soul's previous experience of that frequency level.

So, keeping life in perspective in these changing times takes common sense thinking.  It seems that everyone

wants to be a channeler and share some extraordinary message, but, common sense prevails when it comes

to our everyday life on Earth.   It's like if someone asked you, " what do you need to make you happy? "

Speaking for myself, I would ask first in what context are they speaking?   Is it physical or spiritual happy?

In our physical lives, we like to be comfortable with somewhere to live, and also enough funds to live on, and

anything after that is definitely a bonus!    Especially in these times of global hardship.    So being happy is

having our needs fulfilled.    For the Zen and Buddhist followers, happiness is a state of being, no matter what

the outward circumstances are.

With answering that question in a spiritual context, I might say " to see everyone happy, makes me happy."

Or, " to always be aware that this life is transient, and what I really need is within myself.  To not be attached

to anything in this life, to see all beings free."   Everyone can have their own personal say on this, if they choose,

but what is important is to keep a level head when reading any information.   Actually, we have it all within, so

a daily visit to the higher spiritual self within would be a good practice.  


                                     *~*   I wish you all a peaceful and joyful weekend, namaste Tara   *~*

Thank-you Paul:))


November 11, 2012, 10:42 pm
Hi Paul, I haven't seen you for ages, wonderful to see you again,
and thank-you so much for the appreciation  ~

Have a great week,
love and namaste  ~  Tara


Heart Felt Thanks


November 11, 2012, 4:22 pm
... For this a beautiful message of hope. Keep up the wonderful work!



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