Too Worried To Let-Go And Be

Too Worried To Let-Go And Be

by White Tara

November 12, 2012, Comments(4)


         Divine Friends  ~

     You are Beings of Infinite potential, why do you constantly doubt your inner spirituality which

is the driving force of your whole experience in this and every lifetime?    When you fill yourself

with doubts and constant worries about this happening or not happening, how can your inner-voice

of wisdom and purity be heard?

     Learn to let-go and go deep within your silence every day and begin to reconnect to your lifeforce.

If you have not discovered the peace of meditation and the merits gained by this daily practice, then

make a clear decision to begin, this very day.   One cannot keep living in stress caused by worrying

about the future, and not suffer repercussions throughout the body and the emotional body. 

     Tune into life by dropping the heavy bundles.   Focus on the inner-light and watch it grow and expand

and fill your whole Being.   This practice daily will assist your physical body to become lighter and also

be able to hold higher frequencies necessary for the ascension into a higher dimension.  The physical

body cannot ascend if it is still dense and devoid of the light quotient needed.  

     Worry is a negative vibration which drains your body of necessary light-energy.   Tune in to the inner-self

and replenish your energies which will lift the mood and refreshen the senses.  Life on Earth is very stressful

and people are suffering unnecessarily by the continuous habit of worry.   It is a human trait that needs to

be eliminated in order to grow spiritually and evolve into the higher frequencies that are awaiting every soul.

It is just that you have forgotten, so please dear ones, let go of the old habits of earth life and allow yourself

to be free.   A little bit of effort and focus is all that is needed to lift you out of this harsh dense world.

You all deserve so much better.

         Divine Love and Light to you All,

         White Tara  ~



Hi Kris


November 13, 2012, 4:38 am
Good for you, Kris, as living carefree keeps the doors open for
the right things to come into your life, and it also keeps the energy flowing within.
All in all, attracting what is most beneficial for You,

love and namaste ~ Tara.


So True


November 13, 2012, 3:45 am
Trying to live as though I haven't a care in the world. Thanks for this additional reminder.

Love, Kris

Hi Monica


November 12, 2012, 8:07 am
It's lovely to see you again Monica,
thanks so much for your comments,
love and namaste ~ Tara


A Very Good Reminder! Thank


November 12, 2012, 7:47 am
A very good reminder! Thank you.

Love love


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