Ascension Tools By Archangel Michael And Krishna

Ascension Tools By Archangel Michael And Krishna

by Natalie Sian Glasson

November 12, 2012

Ascension Tools by Archangel Michael and Krishna
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 12/11/12-
It is with the deepest love and light that we, Archangel Michael and Krishna gather our energies and
consciousness together to be of service to you today. The reason we have been guided to come
forward to you is because both of the qualities that we hold need to be magnified abundantly within
your being. We represent the divine will of the Creator, the protection and action of the Creator and
the joyful compassion of the Creator.

The presence of Krishna’s energy in your auric field and being is to bring forth a sacred innocence
formed as and from joy, truth and elation. The Creator through Krishna is calling you to connect with
your inner spiritual child; this is not the child of your current reality but the child of your soul, in truth the
essence, innocence of your soul, before it began the experience of the Earth and the journey of
ascension. In many ways the aspect of your soul before your incarnation process began was so pure
bathed in the abundance of the Creator’s light, you may say somewhat unknowing of the challenges
of the Earth. It was at this moment that your soul was almost childlike and it is this essence and truth
of your soul that needs to reunite with your current existence on the Earth to bring forward a greater
connection and oneness with yourself and soul. If you can imagine that your soul would have no
understanding of fear, pain, loss or any form of negativity and would simply be accustom to existing
in the purity of the Creator, it is this essence that now needs to be integrated into your being. The
integration process can be experienced through the presence and creation of the quality of joy, as
joy raises your vibration bringing freedom to your entire energetic system. Joy naturally exists within
your being but it is the vibration and consciousness of Krishna that you can call upon in meditation or
quiet time to demonstrate to you the innocent essence of your soul, allowing this to activate deep
within your being.

Simply allow yourself to enter into a state of peace and meditation through dedication to your

Call upon Archangel Michael to ensure your protection at all times and the protection of your soul.
Call upon Krishna to be present before you and to open his energetic heart and soul to you.
Let Krishna’s love and most importantly joy begin to encircle your entire being as you focus on
connecting with the purest essence of your soul which is before your very first incarnation onto the
Earth. This only requires an intention.

Breathe Krishna’s joy into your heart and soul, allowing the light to build within your being and
penetrate your soul fully.

Only when you feel ready, hold the intention of embodying the innocence of your soul as you inhale,
drawing the energy from the depths of your soul and heart allowing for an overflow into your entire

Focus upon the mantra, ‘I am Joy,’ with great vigour, determination and love from your being.
Simply breathe to experience.

By connecting with this innocence aspect of your soul you will dissolve many illusions that are still
presence within your reality and perspective while opening yourself up to a tremendously deep self-
healing process that allows all experiences of pain and suffering to be erased if this is guided by the
will of the Creator for you at that time. Your soul will act as an intensely loving healing balm which will
allow you to awaken your heart more fully to experiences of Creator’s love within your reality.

It is essential for joy and love to be a constant presence within your being and reality at this time of
ascension because not only will these qualities magnify your truth but they will also act as energies of
attunement to the Creator, yourself and your soul, the ascension energies and shifts that are
anchoring at this most sacred time. We do not wish for you to be fearful or to feel insecure about
anything that is occurring on the Earth and in the Earth’s ascension process. We wish for you to
create a deep seated love and joy from this moment forth that will fuel your spiritual practices,
assisting you in releasing how beautiful your current experience of ascension is on the Earth. The
presence of love and joy can act as beams of light accelerating from your being creating divine
connections that can be anchored with ease back into your being. You are not alone at this moment
of ascension let your soul celebrate with the presence of joy and love within your being and radiating
from your being with every moment of your reality. Remember your childhood innocence when you
were so excited and overjoyed of the prospect of wonderful things occurring in your reality, treats,
special occasions or outings. Let yourself feel the same excitement and wonder at the process that
is unfolding now, you may be unaware of what will occur but you know deep down inside of you that it
will be miraculous, joyous and beautiful. You can truly believe this even without any form of
expectation because you are believing in the energy rather than a physical experience and so this
allows the Creator and your soul to manifest numerous wonderful pathways and experiences for you
which you are most deserving and worthy of. Rather than planning your experiences from this
moment forth especially in your spiritual and ascension path, plan or feel the energies you would like
to experience, then become excited and delighted at the prospect of your energy experience. You
will not need to wait, the energy will be with you instantly and will unfold in more wondrous ways than
you could imagine.

It is essential at this time to dissolve the depression of the mind. Your mind can experience
depression and suppression because it is always thinking within limitations. When you begin to hold
intentions of the energies you wish to experience and to feel them within your being, the mind will let
go of its depression allowing you to see your reality as miraculous. It is a wonderful idea to place
intentions each morning of the qualities of the Creator that you wish to feel. For example you may
wish to feel deeply loved. If you create this intention and the intention of allowing yourself the right to
experience the energy of deep love, as well as activating it from within, an experience of you being
deeply loved will manifest in the most creative Creator way.

In the next two months it is important to dissolve the projections of your mind into your reality, of
course you may need to make physical plans, this is necessary, but rather than creating
expectations, judgments or opinions from your mind, create feeling and intentions for experiencing
the most beautiful qualities in your reality. We are asking you to believe in the celebration that is
occurring within the energy of the Creator and therefore within your being. Now is the time to believe
in miracles and to think beyond the limits of the mind because it is at this time that anything and
everything is possible, but there is a need for it to flow from the heart as a wish of feeling rather than
from the mind as a structured desire. Your experiences will then be far more wondrous than you
could possibly imagine. It is no longer the time to believe that your reality is mundane or that you are
not as sensitive as you would wish to be at this time. It is time to believe in joy and the love of the
Creator, in celebration and miracles, believe in the energetic experience of these qualities and this
will transfer into your physical experience upon the Earth. This time of ascension is about joy and
love so choose to experience these Creator qualities and allow yourself to activate or receive them
within your being.

The energies of Archangel Michael are extremely important at this time of ascension because
protection is needed to allow for all old energies and cycles of the past to be dissolved and a shift of
new energies and cycles to move into the space of the Earth. The protection of Archangel Michael is
not to safe guard against negativity but to stabilise the transition process, therefore to also stabilise
the energies you create, anchor and experience. It is important to call forth Archangel Michael
asking for his protection of stabilising your energies and the Earth’s energies so that transitions may
take place with tremendous ease and smoothness within and around you. Archangel Michael will
soothe and calm the new vibrations that anchor and activate within your being while assisting the
distributing, anchoring and the manifestation of the energies with ease and precision whether within
your being or on behalf of the Earth.

You may wish to call on Archangel Michael in meditation asking him to draw close to your being.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge the Earth is suspended in your hands,

Archangel Michael calls upon many Archangels to surround you; they send their light into the Earth
as it is suspended in your hands.

It is the energy of protection and love that is being expressed, allow yourself to express the same
qualities into the Earth.

When you are ready place the Earth into your heart,

Imagine now that the Archangels are now holding you suspended in their hands as you lovingly hold
the Earth in your heart.

This symbolises to your entire being a deep seated integration and oneness with the Archangel, the
Earth and your entire being, it symbolises that all support each other in joyous unity. This is a
powerful practice to achieve as we lead up to 12/12/12 and the 21st December as it allows you to
enhance your attunement with everything in the Creator’s universe as this will be shared with you and
the Earth through the Archangels. Please be aware that it is Archangel Michael and the Archangels
who are safe guarding you and the Earth at this time so that you may have the most wonderful loving
and joyous experiences.

Know in your heart and soul that all is divinely perfect at this very moment, allow yourself to create the
energy of miracles, celebration, joy and love within your being.

With joyous love,
Archangel Michael and Krishna

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