November Update

November Update

by Anarchistbanjo

November 15, 2012

November Update
People are still reeling from the 11-11-12 energy surge and the solar eclipse/new moon. I’ve waited a bit to make sure that I had a handle on it before posting. The following expresses my experience and understanding. On 11-11-12 not much happened at first, then early in the afternoon I sensed Gaia being energized heavily in the Middle East. At the higher levels I first sensed a burnt and blackened area covering the Middle East just like the time, almost exactly one year ago, when I felt the burnt and blackened area meant that Israel and the middle east were going to be involved in a limited war of mutual destruction.

This weekend I once more sensed this burnt and blackened area there but energy was pouring into it and the blackened area became almost crystal white/snow white due to the incoming energy. A couple hours later the burnt and blackened area had returned. Apparently the energy surge of 11-11-12 was not able to tip the scales in regards to the lunacy that goes on there. But it had to have helped. It was a tremendous energy surge.

On yesterday, the 13th, there was a powerful energy inversion or reverse flow that truly mixed things up on the higher astral planes. I suspect that we can learn more as the week progresses.

What does all this mean? As I have often stated I believe that this ascension/Gaia’s ascension is from the bottom up and the old power source from the galactic center is in conflict with the new zero point energy of the Unity Grid. The Unity Grid operates at both higher and lower frequencies than the energy coming in from the Galactic center. Thus Gaia/earth at the lowest frequency is “locked in” as well as at the highest frequencies. It is the mid range frequencies that are the last to go.
Said another way the first and eight chakra energies, octaves of each other, have been solidly established at frequencies that are different than old eon frequencies and those coming in from the galactic center. The movement has been from the ground up locking these lower frequencies in. It was only yesterday, the 13th, that the frequencies of the Unity Grid and those coming in from the galactic center finally matched and locked together. The problem is that the over all vibrations are still increasing. This is affecting and increasing the vibrations coming in from the galactic center as well forcing an ascension of the higher planes as well.

The good news is that all star seeds should from this point on truly feel the ascension of the soul and spirit as both try to separate from Gaia/new earth. This will consist of a strong sense of separation and a type of invulnerability to harm as worldly chaos swirls around them. At the same time those wishing the planet A/B experience will find themselves more strongly anchored to Gaia/earth and empowered in the lower levels.

In summary the lower levels have ascended as far as they are going to and from now on only the higher levels/individuals are being further affected. We see this in the unsettled condition of humanity, while Gaia herself remains pretty stable. 3rd Density and below are not going anywhere from this point on. They have gone as far as they can. The trigger level seems to be 4th/5th density and the incoming energy from the galactic center. The two power sources have finally “locked”.

On a side note I continue to have lucid dreams in which I see friendly UFO's and curiously enough I am often holding my dog Luci. Apparently Luci has a soul body at these same levels. I always knew that she was very special.
Bright blessings,



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