by yarraman

November 15, 2012, Comments(9)

Well, probably serves me right. Been saying for awhile now that there's 'nothing on' on the internet. It's been
feeling like folks just aren't putting stuff out there, and it's been like that for a few weeks now. My never ending
supply of interesting stuff has just petered out. OK, that's a crock...there's probably mountains of new and interesting
stuff ON THERE, just not where I go, or about what I'd be interested in reading/watching/listening to. Now it seems to
have happened to me. When I wasn't looking I musta gotten too close to the edge and slipped into nothing to say myself.
It's like there's this void or something. This space between the old, going away game, and the new game, which we don't
seem to have decided about yet. Nothing much seems to be happening in this void, or that's how it feels to me anyway.

Of course the disaster and conspiracy folks are still out there doing their thing...but GEEZE hasn't alla that stuff gotten
OLD and TIRED? Machinations of a dying society trying like crazy to hold onto what they are used to. Frankly my dear...
If there are gonna be bad guys doing bad stuff, well, they very rarely ever make it to Yarraman, so it's just not my
department. The whole conspiracy business lately feels to me sorta like it feels when you take a kid to the doc for a
blood test or shot...all that drama and trauma, then acute embarrassment when the kid realizes it didn't even hurt.
Much ado about nothing. Well, not NOTHING...but most certainly nothing I'm prepared to participate in. I dunno, for
a whole long time I've thought this was the windup of the current game...and windups come with those 'climatic' kinda
endings. Right now humanity seems neck deep in 'it's not my fault' thinking. Blame the government, the church, any
body that looks 'blameable'. Course when it boils down we ARE those bodies...we ARE humanity. The thing is, everyone
is equally 1/7 billionth responsible for every thing that's happened IN this game. Course it's lots easier to point
blame fingers around the place than accept responsibility for that 1/7billiionth share...mostly cause we GAVE AWAY
that responsibility ages ago. I don't want the responsibility. You guys take care of everything FOR us...then we have
the gall to complain about the way they did it.

Strange sorta place, this voidy place I'm in right now. Coupla weeks I turned into a termite, eating my way through
everything I saw...well, if it didn't require catching. Put myself in a two week sugar coma. Came outta that now.
Well, at least the sugar part. Still feeling a bit comatose though. It feels like everything got very thick and
dense and hard to move around in. Like the very air has developed a sorta 'thickness'. Seems that every little
thing requires more energy input that it ever has before. Like it takes twice the effort to do half as much stuff
as I used to. Downside appears to be that I simply don't HAVE twice the energy. Life is just plain wearing me out
right now.

Foreign. That's how I feel, foreign. Like a stranger in a strange land. I've 'landed' here but haven't quite
gotten my 'sea legs' yet, and I'm not doing a great job of coping with alla these current energies. It kinda feels
like when you're watching someone do something and they are doing it all wrong...at least in your eyes...but they
won't get outta the way and give you a go. Ya stand there watching them making things so much harder than they
really need to be, but they don't wanna hear one single word you have to say about making it simpler and quicker.
Kinda thought one of the reasons there ARE lightworkers and wayshowers was to help folks make this transition. Is it
just me, or does it seem like nobody WANTS enlightenment or to be 'shown' anything. I CAN DO IT MYSELF. Well, fine
then, you just do that, and when you're ready I will be over here in my lovely little corner of Universe enjoying
each moment as it arrives. You go ahead and play this out if you want to. I've had enough. You guys can get around
in your tinfoil hats if ya wanna, but I don't wanna play that.

Kinda wonder why everyone seems so focused on what's possibly 'out there'. Every week it seems there's some new and
dire threat to humanity and our planet. I dunno about that. Where I'm sitting everything looks pretty beautiful and
amazing. Why don't other folks see that? And, when ya get right down to it, does it really matter what the powers
that were are up to? Last dying gasps of a failed program. Not interested thanks very much. You guys go ahead
and have your wars, bomb Gaza, modify the weather, have all sorta secret 'shadow government' goings on. Enjoy! I'm
not in it. I don't wanna hear about it. Putting my head in the sand? Maybe, but it's such nice peaceful and loving
sand. My whole inner Universe is there in that sand, and I like it a whole lot better than what we've got going on
on the 'outside'. In my Universe we don't have stuff like wars and weapons and HAARP and conspiracy theories. In
my Universe folks actually LIKE each other, and care about their well being. WAAAY different than the 'outer Universe'.

Love and light brigade seems to be taking the 'equal and opposite force' business real seriously. Follow your passion.
Follow your bliss. For pete sake, isn't that how we sorta got here in the first place, by NOT paying attention to what
has been going on all around us? Bliss out...well, yeah, you can do that too I spose. But that's not balance is it?
That's just ation/reaction. Crap out there scares ya? Fine go into your bliss and just ignore it. I'm not certain
that bliss is actually a 'reasonable' goal...how about just plain balance? Seems to me that's what we really need.
Thing is, at least I think, that everyone needs to find their own personal balance. Imagine if we all started living
from a place balance. Imagine if everyone just brought their personal inner Universe OUT and lived there? How good
would that be. Yeah, it might require some head in the sand action for awhile...but at least we'd be on the right

Course head in the sand action isn't all in perfect balance. I gotta admit I find that I CAN'T play 'out there'
anymore. My frequency seems to be no longer 'compatible' with the overall 3/4D game. I simply can't play anymore.
There was this feeling for awhile there that I had some responsibility to DO something...FIX something. I was
really feeling that 1/7th billion bit of responsibility for the game, for Earth and humanity. That seems to have
gone by the wayside now. It just IS what it IS. My best bet is to just stay over here in my corner where I won't
get hit with the fallout and shrapnel. Maybe I DO have some responsibility, but it feels like my job starts AFTER
the game winds up. Not too sure what that's gonna be, but that's how it feels. Like I've 'done my thing' up to
now, and now I just gotta 'rest up' here in this odd void until I get 'called upon' again.

One of the things that seems to be of 'lesser importance' is doing blogs. It's not just that I don't have anything
to say...when did that ever stop me? If I'm absent over the next coming while, well, this is my excuse slip. Please
excuse me while I 'hide out' for the rest of this game. I'm too weary of it all to carry on. I'll just be over here
with my head in the sand.

Maybe somebody can give me a hoy when things change. Probably won't need to though. I have this feeling that whatever
does come next is NOT gonna be anything sly or sneaky. I reckon whatever it is that's finally gonna wind this game up
for once and all is gonna be high, wide and handsome. Not thinking about pole shifts, or Earth's crust being displaced,
I just think there will come a sunrise one morning that carries a whole different light. The Sun, after the 21 December
alignment will simply be 'receiving' higher energies from Hunab Ku and everything will just shift frequencies and energy
waves and whatever else makes this game 'work'. Sunlight will simply be sending down a different sorta information and
humanity will sorta automatically 'get it'.

Hey, it IS said we are creators...well, that's how I've created my own personal Universe. How about you? Got your
inner Universe 'ready'? Ya might wanna think about doing that pretty quickly....we are past the halfway mark of
November. The days are just whizzing past.

If I'm not around as much, well, just picture me out here in the bush, head in the sand, just cruising along with
the 'windup' stages. Done my bit. I'm ready for whatever comes next, and I've lost all interest in trying to
'figure stuff out'. It IS what it IS. WE made it this way. Now we gotta UNMAKE it. The only job I have left
in this game to to hold space for 5D energies to flow into our Sun, and through the Sun to us. I can do that
with my head in the sand...quite happily. Probably need to 'rest up' for the next game phase anyway.




November 16, 2012, 9:11 am

I'm not going anywhere, just feeling extremely lazy and unmotivated. Maybe tomorrow
I will wake up with a whole other attitude, but for awhile daily blogs seem like work

love you



November 16, 2012, 9:10 am

A break from sex? Abstinence? Heck I've had a headache for the last
two years...grin

love you



November 16, 2012, 9:07 am

Hibernation sounds exactly right. Wake me on about 15th December....so I have time to prepare
for the Solstice Feast. This isn't about me leaving the site, why would I do that? This is
just to let folks know I'm not feeling as bloggish as usual and probably won't be writing
every day...then again tomorrow is another day, so who knows

love you



November 16, 2012, 9:05 am

Farewell blog? This wasn't a farewell blog...I'm not going anywhere, well, maybe into
a hibernation like Scorp speaks about. This isn't about leaving, this is about laziness...
I'm just not feeling inclined to do blogs as much

love you

A Hoy


November 16, 2012, 7:58 am
Well you pretty much wrote a blog apologizing for me for not blogging like I said. Everything has been said. I write better griping and I don't have the gripe in me.

Still, this is the fourth or fifth "farewell" blog I have read from you, so I will keep an eye out.

You are so loved!

Shine Bright.

Oh Yeah!! That's The Word I


November 16, 2012, 3:06 am
Oh Yeah!! That's the word I was thinking of! Thanks! ;)



November 16, 2012, 1:42 am
I hear you on all counts. I feel the same. Nothing more to read, and nothing to say. And everything is now an effort: it's as if the day's shrunk to 6 hours, and gravity has somehow doubled. (Are we feeling the pressure of the null zone?)
I read once, in an article written in 1998, that as we approached the Shift, we would very gradually start to shut down, moving slower and slower, not interested in doing anything, until by the week or so before, we would be in an almost hibernating state, with no interest in the outside world, and would want only to stay at home. I wish I could find that page again, because that might be what's happening now. At least, it is to me!
You have many readers, like me, whose day is not of full abundance when no blog from Yarra appears. I hope - this is just me being selfish, OK :) - that you'll write a little bit, even if it's just, "Fed the chickens. Tired. Bye.", so we know you're out there. But if not, then I look forward to meeting you in the other dimension, mate, and it's been a delight to have had your commentary during the journey.



Black Ishtar

November 16, 2012, 12:05 am
Hey Heather,

That's 'abstinence' your thinking of lol.

Another great blog btw Yarra. By the powers invested in me I pronounce you pardoned. However, it's only for a while. I can't start my day unless I have a Yarra fix lol.

Much love and happiness dear sissas
Ish )O(

Lol! I Thought You Were


November 15, 2012, 11:53 pm
Lol! I thought you were taking a break from sex but then 'slipped'! Got that from your title!

(shows you where I'm at today, huh?)


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