Greg Daugherty

Greg Daugherty

by Greg Daugherty

November 16, 2012

The Mandala Messages are divined from the High Priestess Mandala Tool, where ten card readings are placed into ten-line poetry stanzas that form complete sentences. Some Messages are composed of several ten-line stanzas from the same set of ten cards, with the cards used being listed below the poems.

High Priestess Mandala Tool:

The High Priestess writes her poetry through the art of divination. Her message is the illumination of the path of the Dreamed One becoming the Dreamer of the Dreamed One’s Dream. The ten lines of poetry are determined in the following manner:

1. The environment, weather, situation, querist/question, public opinion and overall nature of the matter of the Dreamed One becoming

2. The focus, motivation, purpose, intention, aura, direction, orientation, expectation and desires of the Dreamer

3. The foundation, genetics, inherited right, vibrational stance, attitude, influence of past structure, memory, experience, basis and belief of the Dreamed One becoming

4. The larger self/subconscious, psychic nudge, source of momentum and element beyond control of the Dreamer

5. The guide, conscious insight, trusted truth, practical solution, and supporting force of the Dreamed One becoming

6. The strength, knowledge, beauty, posture, successful force, skill and craft of the Dreamer

7. The obstacle, overlooked important factor, final matter to be taken care of and gateway to the outcome of the Dreamed One becoming

8. The underestimated factor, weakness and lesson to be learned of the Dreamer

9. The outcome, legacy, consequence, crop, fruit and consciousness of the Dreamed One becoming

10. The aspirations, goals, conscience-ness and new beginning of the Dreamer.

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Feeling The Future

The Buoyant Nature

Momentum Consciousness

The Frequency Of Beauty

Emotional Vision

Sagacity’s Foresight

Conjuring Reality

Beauty’s Cognizance

I Desire

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