Your Ascended Grid Awaits. The Ancient One. 11/24/12

Your Ascended Grid Awaits. The Ancient One. 11/24/12

by Solene

November 24, 2012, Comments(8)
Ascended Masters, Ascension, Energy

It is of welcome that I stand on this plane of reality.

I come from the finer dimensions to bring messages through the beings that have held their light in truth and right action. The beings that speak through compassion are with you. The beings that speak through love are with you. The beings that speak through peace are with you. The beings that speak through harmony are with you. These beings speak through an activation of the awareness of the truth of their own beings and an understanding of the wholeness of life. Through this light of their own being they stand to bring voice to this crucial cosmic alignment, new Stargates and to the Divine Plan.

There are many that speak of other things, of conspiracy, of demise, of deceit, these my dear ones are part of a whole picture of a current reality on your earth plane. Two separate energies have emerged amongst you. One with a “bliss ” energy and one with a “conspiracy” energy. These two create a whole picture. Shall you see it in its entirety? Do you see duality here? All possible realities are being expressed to you at this most important time for Terra. The many beings speaking of the many things in their entirety are a wholeness, for you cannot stand in just one energy or the other. You must stand as one sovereign being and see the biggest of pictures. That all possible realities are images projected from you and that if you choose, you can step out of the holographic memory systems and into a creator reality.

If you choose.

There are the beings that will call to you, and say “come see the conspiracies and injustice in this world, empathize with me, can’t you feel the pain? – and you can join them and step to their side to be bound by an energy of demise, death and locked into the mass consciousness grid called “victim”. Or choose .

Then you step to other side to the beings calling you that are only of bliss. They say, “come live as One, in peace and love, doesn’t it feel good? – and you can join them and step to their side to be bound by an energy of denial , and locked into the mass consciousness grid called “bliss”.

Or choose.

Is there a higher place to stand?

Be as the tallest of trees. Stand as an elder, accepting the breeze, just as it comes. Know your complete strength and purpose here. Climb high this tree, be in full knowing that the view from the top will be a true reality.

Dare you climb?

Step away from the bliss pond. Step away from the apocalypse stream. Go back to the tree that holds the majesty of your own. As you climb each limb higher, you find the angst falls away, the fear falls away, the lightheaded bliss falls away, all that was never for you just falls away tumbling to the ground. You are lighter, freer than you have ever been. The being that is you is coming forth as you climb. The shedding of the beliefs you have been told, of who you are, of what you have been set up for. The holographic images that once clinged to you can no longer, as you climb even higher to the top of this tree. As you climb simply in your truth, you feel no judgement from the pond or the stream. As the river that runs through this tree is truth. The limbs lift you now so it is easier for you to see the golden light, the wholeness of this light.

Look at the beings below, the ones that stand in their denial of their truths. Denying the manipulation of humanity and that our bodies were created to live in a magnetic world, denying that we can choose our resonance. You say, I would like to choose joy, then bring joy to yourself and say I choose to embody joy, I bring the ponds to myself. I do not have to join the waters of others, choosing to step out of the mass consciousness pond. I can stay in my sovereignty of the tree of the majesty of my own being. In standing in the grids of mass consciousness, we are aiding the holding back of Terra. Standing in the grid we are standing in the concrete pond of structure and society. Its essence and purpose is not in alignment with the majesty of your being or any truth of your own. As the being standing at the top of your own existence, knowing full well that the visions you hold, the sights you see will be your reality.

This makes your existence an important function of your human capacity at this important time. Create these visions from the clear sight at the top of this tree. For these visions and ideas and the emotional quotients in your frequency ranges are what will create your immediate realities. This is turn, achieved by many, all standing at the very top of their own majestic trees on the earth plane will lighten Terra. Beaming the light of their own beings, the brilliant light, the light quotient of the entire earth shall rise, rise above the realities below, of those in the ponds and the streams. As we transmute our own light through these beautiful trees, through the root systems of love and peace and harmony, down through the roots into the core of the earth, bringing the divine nature of pure golden light to the core of our Terra. We have stepped into our brilliance believing in Terra and understanding our power and the visions we see on both sides are not you. Choose wholeness.

The images you hold in your mind at this time are extremely important for Terra’s progress. She is to become a star, with or without you. The cosmic alignment is aiding you now with intensity and ecstacy.

For those of you in the ponds, it is my hope that you find your nearest tree and climb with all your strength to the highest vantage of your being and out of the grids that have been laid upon the earth to hold you back from brilliance. The pond feels good because there are others there to tell you so. You are already these things they tell you. You are love. You are peace. You are you. Being only as one keeps you on the grid, to keep you feeling good, holding you in a lower reality, a lower brain function of oneness.

Your Ascended Grid has been set firmly, of easier access now. Step out of lower mind function, stand next to that tree. Get to know this being. They stand in pure reverence of you. They have waited eons for your existence, they have waited to travel with your spirit. Climb to the top of the majestic tree, hold yourself in brilliant light, the light of your own brilliant being, shining forth as divine golden light. This is where your vision must be held while your Terra goes through its grandest of shifts. The many doors have been opened through many Stargates leading up to these current days. It is now for those that know how to climb, to do their climbing and for those still in the ponds and streams, muster the courage, the self confidence, the self love, the self worth to know you are more than that pond of bliss, you are more than that stream of death and destruction. The tree will help you, the bark with hold you, the veins will travel for you - this light of brilliance. As you climb - your lighted being becomes brighter and brighter, and at the top of this tree there is vastness, and wholeness waiting you there.

A vantage point of brilliance.

You can see the other beings all across the land, shining their brilliance, all holding their own light. Be this light as Terra needs you. The magnetic resonance must be removed and how this is to be is through your own brilliant light, not through a mass consciousness grid of duality. Step out of the bliss and out of the deceit, and come through to pure light, pure love and pure peace. The sovereignty of your own being awaits you. Create the reality that Terra so wants you to create. Do it for yourself and you do it for many.

Thank you for your service.

Many blessings.

The Ancient One

transmitted through light this day november twenty four two thousand twelve

Wise Words


November 25, 2012, 3:43 am
This was a refreshing change of pace from the typical content I find here--thanks for sharing!!

WIth Love,




November 24, 2012, 7:51 pm
Aware of these two energies coming together to create alignment/ balance. Waking us to move out of the hologram into to our sovereignty.
Thank you for sharing. The work is being done with pure intent.
Sarah :0)

Good Post Good Comments


November 24, 2012, 7:50 pm
Good company , Thankyou

Let there be light !

Feel Her, She Is Talking,


November 24, 2012, 7:16 pm
Feel her, She is talking, listen to her, feel her energy. Embrace all and you will sense a new type of bliss that is perfect a smell that is in balance and feels nice. Trust, what you hear when you listen. You are Listening to YOURSELF this is YOUR SOUND.

Remember Mother Earth And


November 24, 2012, 7:13 pm
Remember Mother Earth and Hold on to her.



November 24, 2012, 7:01 pm
Thank you so much for explaining so much for me, you have helped. I am just an observer, I just play my own beautiful music and watch the show and listen to the other ones beautiful music, this is what I am here for. You have really showed me in a time where I was not sure of my purpose. Be happy, live your life as what makes you happy. Its our time to live our lives now instead of teach, we are now FREE to BE. THANK YOU.



November 24, 2012, 5:49 pm
Good post

Thank You.

Whimsey Nimble

November 24, 2012, 4:58 pm
This almost sounds "Hathorian" to me - urging the seeing of the whole picture, the view point of what I have termed -DLO- Dispassionate Loving Obserever. How else can we be whole unless we strive for the whole picture? Although, I don't know, I sure do like that bliss state that does not stay around long enough... But I have ALWAYS liked to climb trees.


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