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November 27, 2012, Comments(12)

Eye of the Buddha
Eye of Illumination
Eye of God

by Carol Ann Ciocco 28 November 2012

"This REVELATION from the elders speaks of the mystery of the Sacred Marriage, the ecstatic Union of the Opposites, the Reconciliation of Duality. East and West, Masculine and Feminine, White and Black, Sun and Moon. Same Blood. Dissolved in Love. And the Eye of Revelation unveiled in the Nov 28th eclipse synchronizes and enhances this theme, as represented in another Eye symbol, the Egyptian Eye of Horus.Eye of God." ~ Carol Ann Ciocco

Helix Nebula NCG 7293 - Hubble

There is no Buddha Way
and nothing is not already the Buddha Way
But you still have to make an effort to follow the Buddha Way
in order to realize it.

The November 28, 2012 Appulse Lunar Eclipse is conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran (the Eye of the Bull) in the constellation Taurus.

Aldebaran is one of the 4 Royal Stars as described by ancient Persian astronomers. Aldebaran is associated with the Archangel Michael, Guardian of the East. Each one of these 4 Royal Stars guard one of the 4 compass points of the heavens: the Cardinal directions of North, South, East and West.

The other three Royal Stars are: (1) The fixed star Regulus in the constellation Leo, associated with the Archangel Raphael, Guardian of the North;

(2) The fixed star Fomalhaut in the constellation Aquarius, associated with the Archangel Gabriel, Guardian of the South; and

(3) The fixed star Antares (the Heart of the Scorpion) in the constellation Scorpio, associated with the Archangel Uriel, Guardian of the West.

These 4 stars are another way of configuring the Cardinal Cross, which is the signature of our times, definitely of the 2012 gateway. The Cardinal Cross is an advanced energy that nearly all of us cannot fully grasp yet. It is out of our reach and yet dawning within us somehow. It has to do with alignments within space and the Universe beyond our ken, but which are subtly entering our Third Eye at this critical time in humanity's history.

Aldebaran is a bright red star in the sky in the southern eye of the constellation Taurus, The Bull. Aldebaran holds the energy of the WARRIOR. As discussed in Part 1 of this newsletter series (click here to read it: http://conta.cc/TqNWEV), at the highest level of evolution, warriors battle their own inner demons in order to raise their consciousness and be of better service to all.

"Aldebaran was seen as the supreme Persian deity, the god Mithra or Ahura Mazda, the slayer of the Cosmic Bull. Mithra was a great military god who gave victories to his followers but only if they followed the strictest procedure in his worship. As well, Mithra was a warrior king who also held the title 'lord of contracts'. He considered all exchanges were sacred and in overseeing the business of his followers, insisted on their honesty and purity or else they would be condemned to an ordeal of fire. From these ancient beliefs and customs we can extrapolate a more current and present-day meaning regarding success, for Aldebaran, in keeping with all the Royal Stars, promises the attainment of one's goals but only, in this case, by maintaining moral integrity. Any compromise on this level and all that has been achieved can be rapidly lost." - Darrelyn Gunzburg

Moral integrity in business? Really? Enough said :)

Nick Anthony Fiorenza also writes on this theme of INTEGRITY, which is demanded in dealing with Aldebaran energies:

"In stellar myth, Aldebaran is Vision Holder for the starseed mission on Earth, defining what emissaries of light can best accomplish to serve humanity through evolutionary transition. In down to Earth terms, Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers, inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, specifically for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran / Antares axis can express into the political and global arena. The visions that many people attune to regarding alternative living centres, educational centres, emergency preparedness programmes, etc., are parts of the inspiration from this star's emanations. ... Aldebaran inspires us to take the physical action required to manifest our visions." - Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Emergency Preparedness Programs? Really? This is getting weird! :)

Here we see that warriors take RIGHT ACTION and do not sit by passively allowing injustice to continue unabated. This is the essence of our times and we have a celestial wind at our back to make bold strides in action, in planning and in the inner purification needed to back up those activities in the outer world.

eye of the buddha
eye of illumination
eye of revelation
eye of God

The red star Aldebaran is 68 light years from earth, approximately 40 times the size of our sun, and about 3 times the brilliance of Polaris, our current North Star. (Note: if you are 68 years old, the light that is reaching you today under this eclipse began its journey on the day you were born!)

As the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran is called the Eye of Revelation. It is also known as the Buddha's star, the Star of Illumination, and God's Eye - The Eye of God. Note: the picture at the top of this newsletter is the Helix Nebula NGC 7293, photographed by Hubble. Many call this nebula The Eye of God. It is described by astronomers as "a trillion-mile-long tunnel of glowing gases." At its center is a dying star which has ejected masses of dust and gas to form tentacle-like filaments stretching toward an outer rim composed of the same material. Our own sun may look like this in several billion years."

"Throughout the ages Aldebaran has been spiritually recognized for its alignment with divinity. There is a symbolic relation between Aldebaran, the 'eye' in the head of the Bull with the Third Eye - i.e. the light in the head - and the diamond. The consciousness of the Buddha has been called the 'diamond-eye.' http://bit.ly/V2xwA5

"Aldebaran is directly across the zodiac from Antares (the Heart of the Scorpion), the star of anger, pride and revenge. This is the only exact opposition of two major stars. Aldebaran is said to be a portal to the mysteries of the mind." Because it is in such an intimate relationship with Antares, it must be balanced with Antares' energies. Antares when used on a higher level of consciousness is a portal to the mysteries of the heart.

"In the sign of Taurus, when desire is transmuted into aspiration, darkness gives place to light and illumination. The eye of the bull, the spiritual third eye or the "single eye" of the New Testament, is opened. "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light," (Matthew 6:22). This single eye takes the place of the two eyes of the personal self. As the attention of humanity becomes focused upon spiritual attainment, we tread the Way of Revelation. Life is filled with revelation.

"The entire evolutionary process is essentially nothing but a growing REVELATION. The two concepts Evolution and Revelation go together. As we evolve, we perceive more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we are only perceiving what has always been there. The Way of Revelation is through the discovering and discarding of our own limitations."ABOVE INFORMATION quoted and paraphrased from: http://bit.ly/V2xwA5

Open your mind, open your eyes, and allow the unveiling of new horizons, new frontiers and new inner space filled with beauty and wonder! Then help others to see what you see.

eye of horus ~ duality of sun & moon

Part 2 of this newsletter series (click here to read it: http://conta.cc/Th8DRe) discussed the Aboriginal Sun and Moon ceremony conducted during the Nov 13/14, 2012 Total Solar Eclipse during which the Yolngu Aborigine tribe shared with visitors (for the first time) the sacred meaning of an eclipse given to them by their elders - the dance between sun and moon: "the moon and the sun meeting, black and white same blood ... first people first land, sun and moon reconciliation coming together" This of course is an age-old Truth, but the Yolngu had never revealed the essence of it, given to them by the ancient elders, to all of us. It was a unique unveiling, a revelation.

This REVELATION from the elders speaks of the mystery of the Sacred Marriage, the ecstatic Union of the Opposites, the Reconciliation of Duality. East and West, Masculine and Feminine, White and Black, Sun and Moon. Same Blood. Dissolved in Love. And the Eye of Revelation unveiled in the Nov 28th eclipse synchronizes and enhances this theme, as represented in another Eye symbol, the Egyptian Eye of Horus.

The Eye of Horus is an ubiquitous symbol that is widely used not only by Egyptians but by spiritual seekers all over the world. In Egyptian mythology Horus (meaning 'that which is above') was the falcon-headed solar and sky god - associated with the hawk or falcon. The highly stylized Eye of Horus is associated with regeneration, health, and prosperity. It was a powerful symbol in ancient Egypt, a culture steeped in spirituality and mysticism.

On deep inspection, The Eye of Horus has many possible hidden meanings. For instance, The Eye contains mathematical symbology which reveals wholeness, the potential for perfect completion - the resolution of duality. "As an amulet, the Eye of Horus has three versions: a left eye, a right eye, and two eyes. The eye is constructed in fractional parts, with 1/64 missing, a piece Thoth added by magic." http://bit.ly/V2zPTR The medical and pharmaceutical symbol 'Rx" originated from the Eye of Horus and the healing power attributed to it. In addition, the Eye of Horus fraction system that results from combining numerical values of the sections of the Eye of Horus, was used to record prescriptions, grain and land. These values are the whole number 1 and the fractions ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64.

"Another explanation for these fractions states that each fraction corresponds to each of the six senses with which we experience our subjective reality. To the usual 5 senses, a sixth sense is added, the sense of kinesthetic or proprioceptor. Even if we combine all the experiences of our senses, we cannot comprehend the totality of reality, just as the six fractions added together only total to 63/64, not 1, the symbol of that perfect totality. The ancient Egyptian belief claims that a being or soul reaches perfect perception of reality only in the next world. This belief is symbolized in the numerical values of the sections of the Eye of Horus." http://bit.ly/V2zPmE

This All-seeing eye was called "Horus who rules with two eyes." His right eye was white and represented the sun; his left eye was black and represented the moon. The Eye of Horus is also known as Wedjat or Oudjat - which means 'sound eye'. It is comprised of the left lunar eye, connected with the moon, and the right solar eye, the eye of RA, associated with the sun. Here is an ancient equation for the science of eclipses, the wisdom of the Elders, and a call-out for balancing duality -- all wrapped up into one. It is the Holy Grail of Humanity - the Resolution of Duality: Masculine and Feminine, White and Black, Sun and Moon. Same Blood. Dissolved in Love. Will it ever happen? That's what we are working on and during this eclipse perhaps more will be revealed to you concerning this primal issue of life on earth (it's a Polarity Planet).

In addition, there might be a correlation between the Eye of Horus and the potential to balance the human brain. The center of the Eye of Horus represents the core of our brain structure, the reptilian brain - the seat of primal fear and ancient survival patterns. The ancient Egyptian rituals surrounding the Eye of Horus typically had to do with an initiate overcoming fear. So, the duality inherent in the Eye of Horus can also represent the reptilian brain fighting against the neo-cortex, the more recently evolved part of our brain, associated with higher reasoning capabilities and creative potential. The neo-cortex is the brain that dreams, contemplates the past/future and imagines new ideas. The reptile brain is the resistance. EVOLUTION abounds.


In my previous newsletter series concerning the Aboriginal Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio over Australia on November 13/14, 2012 (click here to read it: http://conta.cc/TrKLLn) I focused on the theme of spirals, and I spoke of the Eye of the Hurricane, the Eye of the Scorpion and the Eye of the Aboriginal Spiral. What's funny about that is that at that time I didn't *look ahead* to this current eclipse on November 28th (the bookend for the Nov 13/14 eclipse). When I sat down to write this newsletter and realized that the Nov 28th eclipse is on the Eye of the Buddha (Eye of Revelation, Eye of Illumination, Eye of God) I about flipped my wig! The theme really seems to fit. What do you think it means? The Eye of God is watching you!

As you walk through this eclipse experience, meditating on the pictures of the Eye of God, Aldebaran and the Eye of Horus, as well as contemplating Buddhic energy and the energy of Archangel Michael - all of these may help connect you to the profound energy of this eclipse.

One of the messages of this eclipse is: THE INNER EYE WILL SEE WHAT THE OUTER EYE DOES NOT SEE. As stated above, "Even if we combine all the experiences of our senses, we cannot comprehend the totality of reality, just as the six fractions added together only total to 63/64, not 1, the symbol of that perfect totality." Human consciousness is poised to make a leap beyond material perception only. This subtle eclipse will barely be noticeable on the radar, but that is how true Intuition works! The still small voice. It appulses/drives toward you with a whisper and infuses you with warrior energy that wouldn't cause a fragile flower to be disturbed in the slightest.

I would take a look at what has been going on for you since round about October 29, 2012, but especially since November 13/14, 2012. Many clues are hidden in the *issues* dreams and ideas contained in that eclipse cauldron. As we step out of the eclipses, carried forward by much change, growth and transformation, we continue to move toward the threshold date of 12/21/12. May the Force Be With You!

Eye of God - Helix Nebula NCG 7293 - Hubble

With palms joined in holy reverence
all sense of self is abandoned
as I bow down to the eternal
indestructible truth that is the Dharma.
_/|\_ Hands palm-to-palm _/|\_

this newsletter was
written & designed by
by Carol Ann Ciocco

I Don't Really Remember

Serpent Eye

November 30, 2012, 1:02 am
I don't really remember feeling anything... just watching it all lol... more observing really. I also did see someone I know too who could also see the third eye, someone who is very close to me.

I try not to associate what I see now to much anymore unless it is very distinct. I don't really see the green as the Empress solely because heart chakra is both male and female - neautral. It does remind me a lot of Venus but in an Earthly way. I am feeling a strong connection to my feminine at the moment like she is awakening. I believe this is from the sacral balancing out with my root chakra as that comes to my mind - maybe she is grounding ans releasing.

THANK YOU, Rakmeister, For

Eva Sophia

November 29, 2012, 7:38 pm
THANK YOU, Rakmeister, for your interesting comments and fascinating references! ~*~*~*ES

Green = Fertility,

Eva Sophia

November 29, 2012, 7:36 pm
Green = fertility, creativity. It is the color of THE EMPRESS CARD in Tarot, the epitome of The Divine Feminine.

Feminine power is not combative and aggressive but dynamic and powerful in a completely different way: it seeks cooperation, compromise & uses persuasion vs. imposition. Because this energy is flexible and flowing, it is like a young sapling in the wind -- able to WITHSTAND force without breaking or, metaphorically, "coming to blows" and possible damage.

If you're alluding to stained-glass windows -- wow. Very sacred...spiritualized love, which at its highest octave is COMPASSION -- for self & others.

Orange, as you know, is the color of the sacral chakra -- the generative and regenerative chakra...augurs well for "re-generation" and "restoration" in any situation...mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

One of my favorite stones is CARNELIAN, which happens to be orange and in resonance with the sacral chakra of CREATIVITY.

I sense that this dream was VERY positive for you on many fronts! Congrats! Most of all, how did it make you FEEL? ~*~*~*ES

Divine Feminine Energy Sounds

Serpent Eye

November 28, 2012, 10:55 pm
Divine Feminine energy sounds good to me. I find pure feminine energy to be confident even though people think that confidence is a masculine trait. I find too much masculine energy makes people aggressive, combative, defensive and fearful to be honest.

Anyways, I can't remember the colour of the single rose. It was the green that stood out the most and the petal of the rose. Reminded me of the one on Beauty and the Beast lol. Also the whole image of everything looked like those church windows, whatever they're called. Looked really cool and sacred.

Yes I have my lower chakras stones outside soaking up solar energy and this full moon eclipse. I have been seeing and focusing on the colour orange lately. Especially the sacral, saw it flash last night when I was sitting outside.

"...a Single Rose Surrounded

Eva Sophia

November 28, 2012, 10:33 pm
"...a single rose surrounded by green." What wqs the color of the rose? What was the pattern of the green -- like an oval? In any case, sounds like beautiful Divine Feminine energy to me!

The sacral chakra is about uncovering your own innate power...

An eclipse is always a catalytic portal or a stepping stone...good stuff! :) Hugs, ~*~*~*ES

I Was Wondering If There Was

Serpent Eye

November 28, 2012, 9:42 pm
I was wondering if there was going to be information about the third eye on here. I did read a blog last night about seeing with the intuition.

This week I dreamt two nights in a row about the third eye. The first one, I saw a third eye symbol that someone I knew couldn't see and then I saw a single rose surrounded by green.

Second dream I was looking at this cd front cover of one of my fave bands and had the lyrics "prying open my third eye". Also been really drawn to drawing pyramids and eyes this week and the number 3. Esepcially the word "Third Eye".

I think this luncar eclipse is really opening up the intuition especially in the Sacral.

Hi Jyothis!
Seems You're

Eva Sophia

November 28, 2012, 5:46 pm
Hi Jyothis!

Seems you're having a great FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE day -- bravo! How nive to have serendipitous synchronicities tap us on the shoulder! :)

EN-JOY! Hugs, ~*~*~*ES

Oh My Eva!

The Presence

November 28, 2012, 8:39 am
7 is in this cocktail too, making it infinity / 8?

Oh y! I cant talk about that, but it is so-o-o-o-o-oh relevant...

pleiadian strands of our DNA, 7 and 8!

rolling my eyes here!!

I was in a conversation with a very good friend of mine... that began to invoke deep remembrance in me, then in between the conversation, i felt compelled to come back to this blog, and found your response as well as Rakmeister's... it is just when my friend mentioned RA and I asked about what TAURUS aspect is in him, that I realized I was looking at RA in relation to TAURUS / Rakmeister ( I strongly feel he is from India living in Netherlands), Pleiades(7), and my North Node which is my souls direction to take NOW in this lifetime... so much of that GOLDEN CHILD came alive and alight within this ONE... and I found myself unable to talk... just still... and in deep tears of joy, or remembrance...

Oh Eva, you are a vital part of all that I AM BEing too, sister... I have always felt it, but I never mentioned to you... may be you knew....

Love you Precious ONE, so dearly...




The Presence

November 28, 2012, 5:28 am
EYE-of-RA is where I AM from, Dear ONE... you mentioning this is so relevant in many ways...

Thank you...



Dont Forget The EYE OF RA


November 28, 2012, 5:27 am
dont forget the EYE OF RA xd

and OWLS watching also.... sidenote at 06:09 @morning .NL

Revelations of Ra: The Pillar of Power and the Nadradon Awakening *Eyes of Ra** Flame of Ra * [Freedom Teachings ®]



Hi Jyothis!
Soooo De-LIGHT-ed

Eva Sophia

November 28, 2012, 1:26 am
Hi Jyothis!

Soooo de-LIGHT-ed that this resonates and confirms your galactic signature. Lots of "overlapping" between our holographic mandalas or zodiacs!

Although this is a partial LUNAR ECLIPSE it's @ 7-degrees Gemini -- and "7" according to Pythagoras, was the most mystic and holy of numbers because it is "irrational" --can't be divided -- and twirls to INFINITY. Gemini -- as you know, is about PERCEPTION so we're definitely "invited" to expand it!

A golden embrace, ~*~*~*ES

Here It Is Again!

The Presence

November 27, 2012, 10:35 pm
My Grand Fixed Cross and its 4 Royal Stars!

The Sun, Moon and 2 nodes of the moon...

With the Moon being Full Moon in Buddha Light...

The EYE has been my most favorite art, all life!

Oh My! The Buddha, The EYE & The SEE-ing i mentioned yesterdsy
@ http://lightworkers.org/blog/171907/total-big-love
and how it is forever this SEE-ing!

The Inner-EYE and The Unique SEE-ing... Smiling I AM...Blessing all that is of Life...

Aldebaran of Taurus /Bull @theNorthNode is my Souls Becomer Direction... Earth Sign... Also where Pleiades is...

And... ... I am connecting dots, yet again!!

Whoa! This is amazing...Illuminating...

Thank you Eva for this blog...




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