Purifying Your Thinking

Purifying Your Thinking

by LotusLight

November 28, 2012, Comments(2)
Personal Development


                                  " I will work this day at my purest intentions for the highest good of all. "

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What you think about expands into action. The more conscious you become of the ways you use your mind,

the more you will be able to leave behind toxic ways of thinking. When you know that your thoughts expand

into action, you become very careful about what you think because you know that your thoughts literally

poison your life. Purifying your thoughts is a variation on the theme of higher awareness.

So you might want to start with a review of the keys to higher awareness which are - banishing doubt,

cultivating the witness and shutting down inner dialogue - are essential to taming the ego and beginning

to recognize and change toxicity to purity.

Toxic thinking is a habit of using your mind as an interpreter. Let go of that habit of constant interpretation

and begin to live your life free of ego's comments. Your willingness to confront the ways that you have been

thinking is your opening to the purification process. The ability to suspend judgment will allow you to reach

the higher ground (where you know the presence of the divine force) and experience the richer awareness

that goes with the triumph of the higher self over the ego.

Just knowing that you can choose less toxic thoughts is an important insight. Many people have never

had this insight. Consequently, they spend their entire lives defending the position that their thoughts are

unchangeable. You, on your sacred path, know better. You know that who you are is something grander

than the thoughts you think and more divine than the body where the thoughts occur.

Your thoughts and behaviours are habits. The ways that you have allowed your inner world to work are

habits resulting from your experience of your life, including the beliefs that that you've received from all

the well-meaning people who taught you about life. To purify your thinking and make your mind work

exactly as you want it to, be willing to examine these habits of thought.

                    Then you will begin the purifying process and see the opening of your sacred self.

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Dr. W. Dyer ~

Thanks Kristen


November 28, 2012, 6:07 am
Yes, it is up to each one to do the work within,
this third dimensional 'reality' has had its 'use by date' and we have
accumulated much over our lifetime.   Inner housework is very necessary.

Thank-you Kristen and Namaste ~



Thank You


November 28, 2012, 4:38 am
for posting this excellent advice from Dr. Dyer, LotusLight. Not only is this kind of thinking a habit, but I'm convinced that what we think of as our "own" mind is in reality a foreign installation (see "The Active Side of Infinity" by Carlos Castaneda). Every second of inner silence that we accumulate is a step towards unshackling our true mind.



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