Twin Flames

Twin Flames

by etrnyty

November 29, 2012, Comments(4)
General (not spiritual)

who else is with there twinflame currently and can someone please tell me what we are supposed to be doing now to get ready for the upcoming event? (ascension)

Thank You For Posting This.


December 14, 2012, 12:12 pm
Thank you for posting this. It resonates with how I feel. My Twin Flame relationship faded out a few years ago. It's only been recently that I've discovered that these relationships don't last long in a 3d world. I was told that very few relationships of this type do survive. There's a reason for it...

With Twin Flames that have, and fulfil, a specific Divine purpose on this plane, the couple will remain together. The power they have is greater than the sum of the two individuals alone, and they will be able to achieve their purpose working together.

For Twins that don't have a specific Divine purpose to fulfil, by being together they lose a lot of their personal power, and they become just like a conventional material couple.



December 7, 2012, 2:15 pm
A twin flame is someone who comes from the same root soul as you (you are essentially the same person, only living in different bodies, and you have the same "higher self"). It is not necessary to meet your twin for ascension.

You can identify your twin in a few ways. One, when you stand in front of them for the first time, the chakras all pop (because the same soul is meeting itself so there is an energy exchange). Another, you will find you are a lot alike in many ways, more so than with other people, though of course there will be also differences. I agree the term is probably overused, but twin relationships actually don't tend to last in a 3d world because most people don't love themselves enough to be able to stand looking in the mirror every day. If there's anything they don't like about themselves, they will always be seeing that in their twin, and there's no hatred like hatred of the self, so they will hate seeing the thing they don't accept in their twin. Such relationships will work much better if both parties love themselves completely (as people learn to do in the ascension process), but once they do love themselves fully, they don't tend to focus on looking for their twin, because they feel whole already.

A "soul mate' is someone who comes from the same soul group as you, (a group of souls who choose to reincarnate together repeatedly, a soul family).

Mary Clare Prophet Was The


November 30, 2012, 7:09 pm
Mary Clare Prophet was the first person to use the term, and allegedly she only made it up so that she could have relationships with members of her church outside of marriage. I wonder how often there are false twin flame readings: "I thought I found my twin flame but we fizzled out" kind of thing.
I have a friend who thought he had met his twin flame, they had two kids, now they only see each other at custody exchanges. Are there any other similar experiences out there?


Be A Champion Of God

November 29, 2012, 6:20 am
i think the the twin flame thing could be hoax, even though some people do have proper partners where they sync. Reason why is because this theory makes us seek for something outside of ourselves before we have attained to a certain level of energetic and mental purity.

As for ascension on the 21st, it is very likely that this day could just pass by. However it is best to still prepare energetically, clear out ones chakras of negative energy, clearing the meridian system. Eating healthy, prayer to the universal divine consciousness to be cleansed of any false ego consciousness. There is a chance that something might happen on the 21st or around that time. Reason why is lots of earth changes are already occuring. Lots of people are noticing energetic changes, so this Galactic Alignment and the Coming wave of huge Cosmic Energy to shift the Earth might be around this time.

Its best to remain open minded, prepared, relaxed, and not relying on any dates. Man has always been wrong in predicting dates for future events. (But maybe we can be right this time who knows).

Most important of all is to concentrate on the Heart center, and try to get pulled inwards deeper into your soul which the heart chakra inthe middle of the chest is the gateway.

Preparing physically is also recommended if you have the money to do so, like prepare with extra stored food, gasoline, certain survival equipment, flashlights, etc.


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