Guidance & Understanding What's Happening?

Guidance & Understanding What's Happening?

by Mystical Storm

November 30, 2012, Comments(3)

Hi Everyone,
I'm new here, but have had my account for sometime.. Before I get started I'd like to send LOVE & LIGHT to all! ~Namaste

I decided tonight to write my first entry ever about guidance & understanding..being that I'm feeling overwhelmed lately! I'd pefer if I was in the position to be offering guidance but here I am seeking it..

First, I'll introduce myself as birth name but I have this strong connection to 'mystical' so I've used it as a user name on myspace & other sites. However, it's not because 'I' think 'I'm' mystical but more because of the perception I have. About me: I'm 35, 3 children & married. Everything is spiritual to me..I think it always has been. As a child, I was different..I could levitate! lol Seriously, I remember doing it..I didn't know how but I did it! That's not something I tell every soul I I had & still have the ability to know things beforehand or without knowing how.. I have strong connections to certain people so that I feel like I experience their life if that makes sense? Today, I'm a very busy & confused woman.. I love working with crystals, I am attuned to reiki, different kinds. I read books like it's fun! LOL it is!! ;-) I had people make suggestions that you eventually stop reading & that is not the case with me..not yet! And..I'm one of the 11:11 'STARSEEDS' I suppose, I see numbers daily! I use the angel numbers as a reference, but I feel like something is missing? I also communicate with angels, and my life has transformed a lot! I'm grateful!

I do feel like things just unfold as I go and I'm not sure if I'm just being impatient but lately I've been feeling confused. I homeschool my daughter so I'm very busy & I have 2 boys in public schools.. I'm just not making the best of my time I suppose!

Am I the only one feeling this way? Probably not but that's why I'm writing this.. I know I am a starseed, but I feel like I'm doing something I'm missing something concerning my guidance. Like today I was suppose to meditate & I completely was so scattered today that I let it slip by and I cannot help but feel like I let myself down..

My spiritual work which is just spreading love & light to others feels like I'm stuck! I'm hoping & I do have faith that this journey will unfold as it should.. However, I done things lately that I don't understand & maybe I'm not suppose to but maybe others can relate..?

For instance..a certain crystal appeared to me & I KNEW I had to purchase one to work with which was sugilite which I know nothing about..besides the little I've read online. I do believe whatever the purpose will manifest even if it's behind the scenes. Another thing was intuitively, I was guided by the angels to use crystals in another way which had to be done before September 15, 2012... I did what I was ask, I still don't know what all of this means.. Does anyone else do things like this? I hope so!

I guess I'm just hoping for some guidance & reassurance that this will pass & others go through this as well.. Also, anyone have any ideas why my 3rd eye has so much pressure sometimes and none at other times?

What about starseed activations? Do I NEED to do that? I've been learning about the Merkaba & feel an INTENSE connection to the teachings..

btw..everyone I'm in Louisiana, anyone in my location I'd love to meet kindred spirits!

I'm sorry for babbling, I feel like I'm searching for something here, in reading, and I'm confused right now...besides thinking to much! lol

I'd love to talk to some of you & maybe hear some of your stories.. <3
Sincerely, Ruthie


Greetings To You: Your


December 9, 2012, 2:04 am
Greetings to you: Your reactions are partly correct for "starseeds".you recieve your energy packets from the stars(literally, from different star systems which do not do violence or hostilites or fighters.they send energy packets to the different star beings to aid them in their mission perameters.Some have specific star groups that support them,others recieve from any who send out.several major events are accuring right now,each by itself is a major situations that causes the rippling effect.But three at once even for the cosmos is connect the dots of light in the sky(stars), you must first reach out and touch them(literally).Some work in limited areas such as earth healing,animal healing,being healing,others work in larger areas,overall earth healing, cosmic healing,while others are here to set up a chain reaction on the cosmic level.Like assistanting in galaxcies connecting or super charging other healers with their more densier energy connections.And if stories you want(haha) i got several.I have fallen between the cracks of society since i was born.I was born with the 'gift of touch'.As a very young child i could generate heat in my hands to a point of almost scolding and maintain it for several minutes.I touch your body where the injury is and do that with my hands in a few minutes injury is not what it was before.My brother was even more developed.Until we speak again, walk of light, Whiteowl


Karen Doonan

December 7, 2012, 9:05 am
hi there,

the new earth is all about expansion and growth, it sounds like on a higher level you are now beginning to expand at SOUL level. It may sound logical to question and "need" to know why you do things but this takes you out of the heart and into the logical brain. the new earth is all about the heart.

YOU have all the answers inside of SELF, so spending time asking your guides why you are being asked to do what you FEEL you should do may help you? It is time to let go of definitions within the new earth reality as that is born out of old world energies. Why do you need to meditate everyday? why do you need to know what a crystal does? These are questions to take into your heart.

Everyone on planet earth is a starseed for planet earth was seeded from the stars. It is not possible for you to be "wrong" or do something "wrong" as there is no right or wrong, there just is. Work with a situation and work from this, if everything just is then what do i believe that shows it to me as this, that sort of thing. This helps you identify the lens or the teachings that are distorting your inner vision.

We are moving out of what was into what was always to BE. Information for the new earth is found at SOUL level, the person to connect to YOUr SOUL? is YOU! so go within for higher guidance and perhaps start to journal your guidance and your thoughts. This is your life journey , you are creating this guided by your SOUL, step out of the logical brain, the 3D earth teachings of "one way " to do things and allow yourself to expand and grow ......

hope this helps
Karen x



December 5, 2012, 8:48 pm
Nice to meet you! Sometimes people are guided to certain crystals, or to leaving them in certain places on the Earth. It sounds like you are drawn to them, so just go with the flow and do what you feel with them. You don't need to do anything, as far as activations go, you will feel called to do anything you need to, just like you were with the crystals.


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