God's Gift Is The MIRACLE Of His Spirit In Each Of You

God's Gift Is The MIRACLE Of His Spirit In Each Of You

by Julie Miller

November 30, 2012, Comments(2)
Ascended Masters

God’s Gift is the MIRACLE of His Spirit in Each of You

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ November 30 – December 07, 2012

Received by: Julie Miller

November 30, 2012


Understandably miracles happen innately as demonstrations of Love. Knowing this dear ones, comprehend a little further and you will know deep down it is love that encourages miracles to be noticed within your life all the time. All that is created out of love is always thought of as a miracle.


Miracles can also be considered as your thoughts. You already understand your thoughts can signify your lower amount of experience or quite the opposite and demonstrate your higher levels of spiritual experience – knowing full well one aspect creates the physical where the other creates your spiritual side.


When a dear soul is in need of service, that service may be looked at a miracle when it is finally being received. When you love your neighbour as you love yourself you are noticing your Self within your neighbour even if it’s just a small portion. When a service is provided that is selfless for the good of others that my dear ones represents another form of miracle. Every dear person that shares this bountiful planet are worthy of being recognized as a reflection of yourself as each of you represent God in Action when you are working through your God Presence; thinking, acting, speaking with love and kindness at each and every turn. It may be difficult for some souls to change their way of speech, to curb the slashing of the tongue but when you make an effort to spare someone’s feelings, you are illustrating the love that is bright within your being; therefore you are for that moment, God in Action.


Every time you are able to recognize a miracle that is sent from God you make also accept that miracle as a demonstration of God’s forgiveness towards you and you share this gift of forgiveness with others, freeing your spirit from the burden of carrying unnecessary low energy. Extending God’s miracle of forgiveness is gift bestowed upon each of you. Don’t be afraid to share dear ones, sharing creates more unity, compassion and understanding.


Even though miracles are representations of love, you may not always notice them. They can come through as additional strength while you are going through a tough challenge that has you feeling isolated and alone. Just when you feel you cannot go another step you receive the miracle of Hope that encourages you to push ahead a little more for your reward, your goal is right within your grasp.


Miracles have the capacity of changing lives even of people you may not know while sharing in a special moment. Miracles cannot be disappear or become lost. They find their way to where they are meant to be every time. During candle vigils, many people that are strangers from one another may experience the same feeling or moment of wonder when something extraordinary occurs thus creating undreamed of changes to develop that are beneficial for all. This phenomenon occurs often when people visit the grotto of Mother Mary.

Miracles are thought of as rare and divinely impressive when they occur, they are your proof that God is working with you, expanding your faith and providing you with more opportunity appreciate your connectedness with Him and ALL that is around you in a great splendour of awareness. The power that stems from God’s Love to each of you is insurmountable. When you commit yourself to God and His Word and Direction which is the purest form of action and that is Love, then the expression of His love to you will come through in terms of miracles, however great or small in size. It will be up to you dear ones to be able to recognize the miracle when they are presented fore, they do not arrive with labels – an innate knowing will tell you, trust in your inner-voice and in your faith of God’s Love.


When you work continuously on forgiveness of yourself and of others, miracles may be presented to you as a peak in your awareness, reinforcing your efforts to continue to dedicate yourself to the journey you are on. Forgiveness enables sudden changes in your self-healing ability and your perception of your Soul Self becomes much clearer.


Realize within your dear heart that any gift of a miracle is the adeptness to call onto God’s omnipotence that through subtle signs reveal His absolute power. There are people that share your world that see God in extraordinary ways; some may through common events to major open demonstrations. People with the gift to see miracles do not go chasing them for signs of their wonderment but they are open to the unexpected and follow in God’s Word of Love through devotion and commitment to their journey to bring betterment to their own lives, their loved ones and those within their own global community.


The highest example of God’s miracles dear one is His working spirit in each of you even if this may pass you by unnoticed. Every time you choose to demonstrate your God Presence you are continuing His work, helping to further cultivate the fruit, the spirit of those you are contact with is a great accomplishment dear ones. Know dear ones that the Fruit of the Spirit is understood as change and transformation that is carried through by your full effort after applying your inner-power and strength where and when you needed to.


Your show of love when it is real and unconditional is the Greatest Gift you can share dear ones and this sharing when done with the purest of intent is the extension of the Working Miracle through from God through you.


With the development of your world with all the incredible electronic gadgets to occupy many with visual distractions, observance of miracles can become difficult. They are still there, mingled in with the noise of your everyday world, ready for you to notice and rejoice in them. Tune-in more dear ones even while the world around you is growing and changing, allow the Gifts from God work through you in full glorious Light and Love and through these beautiful miraculous gifts you yourself will grow to astounding heights. Let us of the divine support and guide you on your journey. Knowing we will bring you to new choices and challenges that will further you along. We cannot choose for you, but we will help encourage you to find the courage and strength to make the right choice best suited for you each and every time.


And so it is,


Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

You Have A Gift

Knight Shadow

December 1, 2012, 3:23 pm
I'm sure you have been blessed with numerous gifts but your ability to receive in such clarity is a miracle.

Thank you for sharing with us

Love and Light

This Is The True Light.


December 1, 2012, 2:25 am
this is the true light.
thank you for posting it


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