Trying To Learn What's Happening With Me. Please Help.

Trying To Learn What's Happening With Me. Please Help.

by stewomg

November 30, 2012, Comments(3)

I’m a little new to realizing what has been happening with me over the years. I have dreams and feelings that seem to tell me something is not right
I’ve also experienced déjà vu throughout my life on a regular basis. That is the most toned down of all my experiences.
In my mid-twenties, I started having dreams. These dreams seemed to be telling me something was happening. They were giving me views of things that had already happened, but were kept secret from me. They ultimately led to the discovery of my now ex-wife’s infidelity. The dreams had become more and more vivid. I could make out who and where. However, the dreams were telling me about what had already happened, still.
Moving on a few years, I not only have dreams that continue to seem as if warning me, but now strange feelings and sensations during the day. A few months ago, I had just a slight feeling of distress. I tried to ignore it but it persisted. Finally, I started to seek out close friends to see if they were alright. As it turns out, the morning, a friend of mine had experienced a very bad event in their life.

Okay, that was strange, but I brushed it aside.

This past Monday, however, it happened again. This time was very different. Early in the afternoon, while I was at work, I started to feel uneasy. I figured I was just tired or something. This continued for an hour or so until we had our afternoon break. I was sitting with co-workers and chatting when I noticed I was shaking. My hands were trembling and I felt absolute panic rise within me. I could barely think straight as it was just overpowering me. It took almost everything I had in me to keep from crying and reacting openly. Once again, I sent out a few messages to some close friends. This time it was another friend that said something had happened and they she would be alright. That seemed to ease my nerves a little, but it all still affected me so much.
Monday night I was in shock and talked with a friend about it all.
I drank myself to sleep Tuesday night.
I did not eat until Wednesday night out of necessity.
Wednesday I found out that my friend had experienced everything at the same time I had started to react.
That bothers me.
As I said, I talked to a friend about it happening. They kept telling me I was a lightworker, empath and clairvoyant. I don’t know much about any of these things and I would like to get some input from some people that have more experience in this field.
Really, it’s bothering me a lot. I never asked for this or wanted it to happen. It just happened and I have no control over it.
If anyone has anything to offer as far as helping me understand and even to possibly grown and gain control over this, please do. I will also answer any questions if more information is needed.

Please help me.



December 6, 2012, 2:42 pm
We are all connected, and none of what you are experiencing is strange (though it might seem so to those who don't accept that its possible). One helpful thing you can do when this happens (besides the texting and finding out what is going on so you can help if necessary), is to fill yourself full of love and send it out to everyone. This will greatly help whichever person is experiencing the difficulty, and they will receive this love and support from you just as you receive their feelings. In this way you will help them through it.

Thank You, Heather.
I've Done


December 3, 2012, 10:11 pm
Thank you, Heather.
I've done some searching and found a few helpful sites and have been talking with more people about it. I am still trying to figure out how to keep control, but it will come in time. For now, it just happens and I have managed to stay calm and let it hit me.
It just happened again today. This time with another friend. This one lives over a hundred miles away and today, she went through a harsh incident involving her marriage.
I know I have a long way to go before I can fully understand it all and even realize what to do aside from texting people I think about to see if they are ok. This is how I found out... Normally, I would not have asked her but something made me send that text.
As it turns out, she went through it all at the same time I felt it. Mildly freaking out.
Still so much to learn. Thank you :)

Those Are Signs Of An Empath.


November 30, 2012, 11:21 pm
Those are signs of an empath. You feel things but you aren't realizing that they belong to someone else so it scares you.

There is a lot of info on web, do a search and find out for yourself. But the first thing you need to do when you start feeling these things is to take the emotion out of it. Ask yourself a few questions. Has something just happened to ME in MY own life? If not, then it must be long to someone else. If you can take the emotion out it which I know is hard, it can help you pinpoint and find the source. Every time it has been someone else, right? And every time you figured that out, it went away.

Empaths are to help others. You are doing the right thing by asking them if they need help. Ignoring it won't make it stop or go away. Keep asking because one day someone may need your help. Same with your dreams. No matter how silly or strange they maybe, don't discard them. If you had of listened, you may have been able to deal with things in a different manner or a lot sooner. Like maybe you had dreams about your wife before finding out years later. Only you know that, but its your higherself helping you along your path. Learn to trust your instincts and if you need to, do a dream journal to remember what you experienced. I promise, if you look back later, there will be connections to your own life.

Good luck!


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