The Dream Is Now Reality

The Dream Is Now Reality

by sarahgazala

November 30, 2012, Comments(23)
Ascension, Energy, Healing

This is a channeling from the soul.

The Dream is Now Reality

Im sure many of you have heard of NESARA (National Economic Security And Recovery Act). It’s a nice idea, yet there is one thing throwing me off.

Are we to give our power away to something that is rightfully ours and always has been? Basically, there is no need to sign a bill in order to distribute the monies of this world evenly amongst all the people. What for? We are all free and so with all and everything on this earth and in this universe. Did the earth tell you you have to pay to live on her land? Or pay to eat off her land?

There is a control situation occurring. The few who hoard 97% of the wealth, at any time can distribute this wealth, yet do not. Empower yourself. There is no reason to sign anything to have what is rightfully yours to be given to you freely.

As long as we feel freedom and love in our heart and know that there is abundance we take our power back. You do not have to sign anything, such as a bill, to spread the wealth. The wealth is Yours! It should be as simple as asking for it, and it being given to you. This is a Universal law.... Ask and you shall receive. Yet those in control will make you believe you have no rights, no powers, aren't worthy and they own you, creating a hell when there is no hell on earth. There was always and still is heaven on earth. The earth and the universe is full of abundance. And if you feel otherwise then this is fear. Let go of the fear and see what is there. You are free and so with all of earths bounty and the right to abundance and wealth.

There are indigenous people losing their homes and all they love due to the controllers as I write this. These controllers wish no one to understand what its like to live free. And being free does not mean to be primitive. Many are free in todays society, such as those who have all the wealth and do not live primitively.

Its time for the collective to wake up and take there power back. Its time for the collective to ask for the money that is theirs to be distributed evenly, in a loving manner and without signing anything in order to take back what is rightfully theres. Again, ask and you will receive. Its time to end suffering, hunger, lack, disease, homelessness, joblessness and so much more....

There are those who came before us. They had dreams and they shared those dreams with us. They imagined a world of love and peace for us. May those dreams and imaginations become reality. For those before us are still here in spirit rejoicing and in love with us.

Ask yourself what the world would be like if YOU had everything you needed for you and the ones you love or care for? And so you do. For All is cared for, All is yours, and All Ways has been. Just ask and you shall receive.

God Bless,

Sarah :0)

You Are Welcome!

Lite Being

December 5, 2012, 5:51 pm
I WILL let you know when I have the website ready... and thank you for the info about the other website where I might be able to sell crafts. I will look into it.

I love the reference to "seed" money. Growing things is another passion of mine...


Dear Reg,Thank You! I Think


December 4, 2012, 8:24 am
Dear Reg,

Thank you! I think you're right: I am getting indications in the direction of more abundance. My emotions go up and down a bit and I am trying to keep them in the high frequency range as much as possible to create that better reality. When I first received the contributions I kept hearing the term "seed money" implying that it served to start the movement of money toward me or would in some way grow more abundance for me.

Thank you, Reg! And also thank you to everyone in this conversation, including Lite Being and FriendsoftheLight. Lite Being, I can't wait to learn more about what you're creating! It sounds very exciting. Be sure to send me the web address and I'll do the same when I get my Etsy store up. I am still working on projects so that I have enough to offer so that people won't turn away due to being an empty store. Fortunately, I have some craft supplies on hand and the "seed money" to create things. There's another website that just started called It may be yet another option for selling handcrafted items. And FriendsoftheLight, I will be very interested in reading your book.

The rest of you who are in the same boat I am, what can I say except what Martin Luther King said - "We shall overcome!" I have enjoyed the conversations.



Reg Maidment

December 3, 2012, 9:10 pm
Soferia, I feel that things are going to get better for you, more abundant.... :))

Wow! Some Wonderful Stories Here....


December 3, 2012, 7:12 am
Thank you for sharing such personal interesting stuff. I like seeing people connect in these organic, intimate ways. Lite Being, I love New Mexico. I've never lived there but I've traveled through there and the air is magical. I'd love to go to Santa Fe some day. I lived in Sedona and that was a magical period in my life. I am feeling the wanderlust coming over me again. I've driven across country and back twice by myself...I just love the land, I love Mother Nature, I love feeling free!

My passion is writing and I've got a lot of books inside me, but they are just dribbling out. Going through so many ascension symptoms for so many years, and struggling financially while I did my spiritual work took its toll on my productivity. I've been slowly crawling out of the "pit" I've been living in. I focused too much on the spiritual work in my life and my 3D life languished. Unfortunately so many people who put so much dedication into their spiritual work seem to be left out in the cold when it comes to the abundance of society.

But in looking back on my life, I was so confused and had so many questions. I didn't care about getting married or having children or getting a college degree...what was burning to me was finding answers to "what is love" and "what is the purpose of life" and all that dreamy stuff.

Well, I see that I got my wish. I have the knowledge I've been seeking my entire life. I sacrificed my 3D comfort for the satisfaction of my inner needs and I feel very glad I did. Now I have this knowledge to share, and I feel that once my books start taking off then I'll be well compensated for all the years that I've been living in poverty.

But I'm certainly not doing it for the money. I've got some information that I think people need and it's my privilege to share it.

Anyway, enough about me. I love hearing everyone's story. It's real stuff and I feel the emotion and energy behind it, and I'm grateful to be part of this sharing.

In gratitude, and good luck to everyone. All is perfect, always.

P.S. Just as I finished this I looked at the clock and it said 11:11. Powerful stuff!


Lite Being

December 2, 2012, 10:52 pm
Very interesting. I also have thought about publishing true stories. I'm a web designer... as a sort of hobby.

I love that you are opening a store on Etsy. When you have a link to it, please send it to me. I am on FB and have some pages where I can publish it. Maybe it will bring in some traffic and sales.

The craft that my husband and I are doing is still in the creation stage, although we are making great strides and we have completed a "model" or sample that we can eventually show to people. We have also located good sources for our materials. Now we are concentrating on building inventory and structuring the business side. Maybe I will consider doing something with it on Etsy also. Thanks for the idea.

I can say we are making something unique, but I am not at liberty to disclose the details yet. We promised we would not share it until it's almost ready to launch. We hope to launch in February or March. I'm building a website for it and will send you a link to it when it's ready to view.

Meanwhile, I can tell you that it is related to the theme "Southwest" and "Santa Fe". We are pretty sure that the many tourists who come to Santa Fe will love it. It's something that we sort of stumbled upon and realized that it had potential and was suited for us to work on together. We really like that. Like you and Joe, we enjoy collaborating!

Gotta run now! Be well... Soferia!

Lite Being,
Your Messages Are


December 2, 2012, 9:20 pm
Lite Being,

Your messages are so inspirational. One of my dreams is to start a publishing business where people can write about their life experiences to inspire other people. We need to all be sharing our stories. It's how we can really make connections with each other.

We have a lot in common. I also have given away all of my possessions and started over several times. This last time, which was just in 2009, was not a choice. I literally had to start from nothing (aside from my office workstation) and I truly don't want to do that again, although I knew it was all being divinely orchestrated. But I have not yet recovered financially from that and it would really set me back to have to start over once again. I suppose I am too attached to the material but it represents so much more to me than that. I truly appreciate my home.

My "home" is just a manufactured house that seems to be falling apart, lol, and it's on a rented lot. But it's my home and it's out in the country, off the beaten path, very quiet and I do love it here. It's a great place to be a writer and creator. It is also where I found my silver yin yang talisman in my back yard.

Yes, I received the money -- thank you so much. You have truly restored my hope.

About my name -- My earth name is "Vanessa" which means butterfly/Psyche/Soul. It's one reason I sometimes refer to myself as "Psyche." And my last name is a French word meaning Heaven. My middle name is the feminine version of my twin flame's name which I seemed to have acquired in a divine way even before I met him in person (His name is Joe, my middle name is Jae). Thus, miraculously, my name is encoded with my true mission -- to work with my twin flame toward creating Heaven on Earth. His scholarly work embodies "eros" love throughout, the overarching, powerful love that God sends to us if we are receptive, his code word for the Holy Spirit. I write about this in my dissertation which is based on explaining his work and how to use his research process, which is a process much as you have described, "letting go," staying attuned to synchronicities, allow Source to work through us. Now I just need to put it in better practice!

"Letting go" truly is key; I do agree with that. Money seems to be my last issue, has been for far too long, and it's so hard to let go when the calendar keeps moving forward and the due dates for my rent and bills keep popping up.

I also believe with the thought of following our hearts. It's what I'm working toward. The two issues keep coming in conflict with each other, but I will keep moving forward. I believe the money you sent me should be used toward one of my dreams, which is a craft store on Etsy selling things I make myself and patterns I've designed as well as educational resources and other publications that I have written and continue to write. I have already started the store, but have not opened it yet. I have titled my store "ErosGifts" in honor of my twin flame's work, and everything will be made out of love, related to love, and the focus will be gifts for those in our societies who are vulnerable. Everything I do is nonprofit so if ever I should make a profit, the extra will be going toward education and other help for those who are less privileged.

What kind of crafts do you and your husband do? You can private message me if you wish. I am very interested in what you're doing. I've always loved crafts. At one time I ran a fairly successful eBay business that kept me afloat until they changed their fee structure and began charging so much.

Thanks again!



Lite Being

December 2, 2012, 8:25 pm
I know it feels like the odds are stacked against you. And, yes, this is a very different world than it was 30 years ago. But, miracles can and do happen.. even now.

I have never had a home of my own to loose (or sell). For that I am thankful these days. I imagine it would be challenging to reach a state of consciousness where I would be willing to just let it go, if that be God's will, yet, that is the state of consciousness that served me when I had to let go of the hope that I would raise my daughter who I love so much. I surrendered to God's will and then my soul mate showed up, in a very unexpected way... and helped me achieve my heart's desire.

Three years ago, my husband and I decided to follow our hearts and move out of the San Francisco Bay area. We decided to let go of nearly all of our possessions and move sight unseen to someplace more affordable, less crowded, less competitive, and more natural. I had a very powerful dream one night that pointed me towards Santa Fe, NM. So, we sold, or gave away, most of what we owned and packed what we could into a used truck and set out on our adventure... to this place where we knew no one.. and where we had no jobs.. and had never set eyes on.

Since the day we arrived here we have been blessed beyond belief. Synchronicity abounds here. We are starting our own craft business now and we have connected with like hearted people. We rent an unbelievably wonderful house, for an unbelievably low price. It has vast views of the mountains and overlooks the river, yet is a short walk to the center of town. None of this would have been possible if we had not been willing to let go of everything we knew (or thought we knew) and prepare to follow our hearts, whatever the consequences might be.

Following our hearts is the real work that we are sent here on Earth to do. But, it is the greatest challenge, due to our "clinging" to all kinds of things that appear to be real and powerful. I realize that you know this. I'm just wanting you to know that, I have lived it and can attest to the truth of benevolent outcomes that abound when one follows their heart. And, I know that it truly doesn't matter what the circumstances, what the economic climate or political climate is.... the light of God still is supreme and still is able to guide and fill your life with benevolence whenever you are ready and able to hand over the reigns to him.... by following your heart... your portal to Godness and the source of all true support in heaven and on Earth.

This doesn't mean that one should just run off and not consider or plan in any way. It is wise to "prepare" to follow your heart... take steps towards your joy... while retaining a flexible openness as to how it will unfold and be achieved. This allows Source to work through you "dynamically".

I wish you well on your journey Soferia.

P.S. I hope you have received the money I sent via Paypal. I sent it to the email you posted. But, since the name on that account is not Soferia, I can't be sure it is actually YOU. Does your first name begin with the letter "V"? If so, then I believe I sent it to the correct account.

May you walk in the light of love now... and always.

Lite Being,
Thank You For


December 2, 2012, 7:13 pm
Lite Being,

Thank you for sharing your inspirational experiences. Yes, I do rely on God. I feel closer to God than any time in the past. I try to keep faith and trust at the forefront at all times and get distracted by the anxiety I feel over the thought of losing my home. That has never happened; I have always managed even if it meant drastically downsizing for awhile (one time I lived in a travel trailer so that I could get back on my feet financially with the low paying jobs I had).

But the reality is that today there are many more obstacles. The reality is that the corporate sector's insatiable appetite for profit is causing so many of us to find ourselves in this situation. We cannot place the entire blame on ourselves and I think it's also imbalanced to attribute it entirely to spiritual growth. Of course, it forces us to deal with the situation, but I also keep my eye on the reality that there are many things in the outside world that need changing, too, and I take actions to that end.

As far as being open to many other types of work, I am. I am just not finding the needles in the haystack -- the scams for online "work" are growing to unprecedented amounts. As bizarre as it is, the Internet is not connecting people -- it is being heavily manipulated, again by the corporate sector in order to maximize their bottom lines and gain control of all viable markets. It is difficult for small businesses to compete against their multibillion marketing campaigns that bring them to the top of google searches.

I agree though that God will help. I just cannot see ahead through the fog at the moment.

My situation is such that it's difficult to take "just any job." My daughter has autism and I am also working with her as she discovers her life path and develops additional skills needed. It was the very reason I chose education and teaching online -- to be able to support her -- and I have failed because there are now very few online teaching jobs at this point and I have no connections. Most people I knew also became unemployed and are struggling. I had been teaching at two colleges and both jobs disippated. The for-profits have turned online education into a cash cow that uses very few teachers (the students are primarily on their own with token support), very low pay for what few jobs there are, and then they charge ridiculously high tuition at the university level and free services at the K12 level with special arrangements between politicians who are taking over K12 online education and "privatizing" it for profit -- they work out sweet deals and get money from the school districts. The corporate sector is attempting to destroy online education as a form of true education, which could be a viable and even superior way of learning if done correctly, and take the most vulnerable people down with it (most online students are nontraditional students). Of course, I see this after the fact and have become one of their growing number of victims.

I fully support the idea that we are our best teachers along with our various "master teachers" who come along our path when we need them. In fact, that's what my dissertation stresses. A piece of paper with diploma or PhD really is not significant in the scheme of things (except from society's perspective). As far as formal education, it is a total mess and I advocate that people take it upon themselves to learn way outside the curriculum. For myself, I have found that adhering to a curriculum of study in many ways has hindered me. Fortunately, with my dissertation I had total freedom because I was exploring an entirely new way to do research which had freedom embedded in its theory.

Thank you, again, for your reply. I totally agree with your focus on love - love was the "golden thread" of my Master Teacher's work and it was the thread I carried throughout my entire dissertation.

Thank you.

Praying for miracles,

Thank You For


December 2, 2012, 6:34 pm
Thank you for clarifying. I appreciate and empathize with your struggles. Will it all change with 2013? I am praying for us all!


Lite Being

December 2, 2012, 9:28 am
I feel your desperation. I'm going to put some money in your Paypal account. I'm also going to tell you my story. I don't know if it will help you, but, here goes:

I was raised in 14 different foster homes as a child. I went to live with my biological parents in Chicago at the age of 8. They were alcoholics and had mental and emotional issues also. They drank and fought... violently. I learned to take care of myself, since they were emotionally unavailable and pretty much thought of me as a servant.

My family emphasized "intelligence". Actually, they tended to worship it and hold it as the highest achievement one could attain. They belittled anything that had to do with the heart or emotional warmth. This alienated me from their good graces, so to speak, because I was an expressive and passionate child.

When they found out that I was in love at the age of 17 and had been intimate with the young man I loved, they came home from a bar one night and beat me so severely I had to be taken to the hospital. The doctors took me away from my parents and told me I never had to go back there.

Although I was an honors student, and had been throughout my school career, I had no support or encouragement or guidance to urge me to go to college. I studied on my own the things that interested me. I loved art. I also loved learning about many metaphysical and spiritual subjects. So, I read a lot about these.

Without going into too much detail, let's fast forward a little bit to where I was on my own and living in California. I had no family to help me, could not drive a car, had no education beyond high school and I found myself desperate to get a job. I did have confidence in my ability to learn and grasp new concepts and felt that there must be someone out there who needed a smart person to work for them.

I decided to go door to door in the business district and ask for work... any kind of work they might have. I found a job at a car dealer the first day I went out, although I did have to go to quite a few businesses to find the one who hired me.

I saved my money from that job and I took a trip to Europe alone... with a backpack and the book "Europe on $5 a day". When I arrived in Ibiza (Spain), I found out there was no where to stay. They told us to take the next boat back (the next day) to the mainland, because all the rooms were taken. I became frightened that I would have to sleep in a cave or on a street. I walked up into the hills of the small island town and saw a cement bench with a large cross overlooking the sea. I got down on my knees and prayed to God to help me find a room to stay for the night. As I rose from my knees, a young man approached me from a side street. He said "Are you looking for a room?". I said yes! He said can you speak Spanish? I said yes! I had studied in high school. He said I know of a room where you can stay. It turned out to be a large room with two beds and I was able to offer one of the beds to another girl who I had met on the boat which took us to Ibiza.

Several years later, back in California, I married and had a child. My husband turned out to be a highly social being (Aquarius) but not a very good provider. We were on welfare when my daughter was born. I realized that my husband was perfectly happy living that way and had no desire to give our daughter a better life than that. So, we broke up. He offered to take care of our daughter while I hitchhiked several hundred miles away to get a job, so I could build a better life. We were living in a rural area of Northern California and there was no bus service and I still had no car or driver's license. He refused to teach me to drive.

So, I left and hitchhiked South without an exact destination in mind. I arrived in Encinitas, CA in early evening and found a park overlooking the ocean. I sat on a bench and prayed to God to help me find a place to stay, although I had almost no money. Within minutes a young man came and sat on the bench beside me and ask me if I needed a place to stay. I said "Yes". He said he had a house where a few other people were crashing and I was welcome to stay there also.

The next day I hitchhiked North to Hermosa Beach where I had some friends. I was also offered a place to stay there as well... rent free. I immediately decided to once again go door-to-door and ask for work... any kind of work. I again found work the first day... in a small office of a snow ski import company.

I struggled for almost two years before I was able to get my daughter back from my ex-husband, as he saw her as a meal ticket (for welfare payments). It was when I was ready to give up and had come to a place where I literally "surrendered" to God's will, feeling that perhaps it was my fate to not raise my daughter... though I desperately wanted to be with her, that my current husband showed up.

He has been everything I could have asked for in a man and a husband... and a friend. He left his job and moved us back North to where my daughter was living with my ex. He confronted my ex and told him we were going to take him to court if necessary to get my daughter back. My ex completely backed down and handed over my daughter. I was amazed. Then, for the next 30+ years he raised my daughter without receiving one cent in child support from my ex. And he did this without any support from his family. They had all died shortly before I met him. Like me, he was alone in the world... and had no college education. However, he did have a car! and he was happy to teach me to drive.

The point of telling my story is to give you insight into how one soul overcame the challenge of being without any visible means of support... both financially and emotionally, as well as physically. By turning to God I found shelter. By focusing pointedly on getting any kind of work I could, I did find work each time.

I figured that I would have a better chance of getting work, if I met people face to face and told them I would take any kind of work. This made me REAL to them and gave me an advantage over those who simply sent in a resume. And I also feel remaining flexible and open to what was being presented to me...right there on my path, rather than what I wanted to be in my path... helped me.

I could have said "I only want a job that pays this amount." Or I could have insisted on a job that would allow me time to go to school etc. I didn't do that. I opened myself to whatever job God sent me. And I was grateful when my prayers were answered.

Before I go, I want to say that even though I was raised with such an emphasis on "intelligence", I learned over the years that love is more important than intelligence or even a degree. I was able to teach myself computer database programming and eventually got a job with the State of Calif. due to my knowledge (they tested me). They told me I was the only person in the entire branch of Health Services that didn't go to college, but they didn't care, because I had the knowledge they wanted. And by the way, everyone in my family died relatively young and unhealthy. I believe it is because they never honored their heart's in their life choices. They let their minds lead their lives and they had constant struggle because of it.

God bless you Soferia.


David Ward

December 2, 2012, 6:46 am
Soferia - Regarding abundance, other than what I was commenting in the message, I haven't figured out jack sh*t. I live at home with my mom and am in debt to the tune that I am unable to access or spend money. To that end, I'm experiencing an abundance of limitation. Sounds like your situation isn't any more enjoyable. It's good times, this road to compression. Very challenging on many layers.



December 2, 2012, 1:09 am
I know two Ph.D's, my sister-in-law and a friend. Both are very driven personalities. Very smart women, so I kind of understand where you're coming from on that front. My sister-in-law is doing well financially now and so is my brother, but she struggled for so long to bring in money from her Ph.D. She now calls it "piled higher and deeper." I love her sense of humor about it. The other friend has done very well for herself over the years, but is presently not making enough money to make ends meet and she is about to lose her house.

I'm sitting here and am coming up empty with any advice to give. Sounds as though you are doing a very honorable thing in trying to complete your Ph.D. Doors do not seem to be opening for you very easily at this time. All I can think of to say is never give up what you feel compelled to do from within.

I do know that we are not "allowed" to move forward even one step until we have absolutely learned the "lesson" that we need to learn today, in present moment. Sounds as though you are close to being able to go forward on your path, but not quite. What is the lesson? The message? The personal growth thing that you need to complete? Is there just a simple job you could do to bring in money like being a care-giver or a cashier or some other job that isn't in your field?

Good luck to you. I know the struggle well. Come from a higher perspective on this and see if you can discern what's really going on right now, take some deep breaths and relax into what you need to do right now. Maybe you're fighting something that you need to let go of. Only you can determine your next step. Sounds as though you are trying to do all you can, but maybe you're missing some avenue you could pursue.

I wish you well. Remember that you have not been "given" more than you can handle. You do have what it takes to get through this period. You really do. Go one day at a time.

Dear FriendsoftheLight,


December 1, 2012, 10:16 pm
Dear FriendsoftheLight,

Thank you for your compassionate, detailed letter. You really do understand, I can see.

Long story about my work, but basically it is almost nonexistent now other than people being underpaid for what they are doing. And most companies require online applications now and I have put in so many of those it's crazy -- and I never hear anything back. The Internet is like a black hole.

My unemployment compensation ran out a year ago.

I am on food stamps and I get help with electricity. I'm trying to finish my PhD on borrowed money which the university takes more and more of almost with each passing quarter. Had they not raised tuition so high, I would be scraping by. Now I am doomed right at the moment I am just about to finish up.

There are things I can do to work for myself but the barrier I keep coming up against is marketing and the time to get everything in place. All of the free or cheap avenues for marketing are heavily controlled and so far have not yielded anything at all. No one has been willing to lend me or give me money to help out. And yes, I have always helped others. I can't even get money back that I loaned.

I do try to think outside the box....but sometimes I think the real problem is that I have not been able to think INSIDE the box where most of the people who have the money still reside. What is it they will pay for?

Yes, it's been an exceptionally spiritual time for me. I used the time to engage in my research for my dissertation which turned out to be a highly spiritual experience which has now been fully documented, including -- yes -- the treasure hunts which have been so controversial on this site. The treasure hunts are magical and I want to continue with them, but I have even been distracted from them due to worry. I try very hard not to worry. My dissertation is close to getting through the final approvals now (two people have approved, two more to go). I am sure that the cosmos wanted me to focus on that, but I still need to pay rent. I also want to write for educational journals to further explain the new research process I detailed in my dissertation. But there is no money at all for doing those; it's just something I want to do for the philosopher (my "twin flame") who had developed the process just before he passed away.

I am so disappointed in the "charity" organizations because the ones that offer real help are far and few between. Most of them are more worried about their overhead costs and dictating what people need instead of meeting their true needs. And people seem to be more willing to donate to them than to the people in the trenches who need the help. When I do find a service that can help (such as weatherizing my manufactured home because it's leaking) there's a two to three year wait period.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture. It is not us, I agree. It is society as a whole. And it is the corporate sector that continues to incessantly raise the cost of everything.

Thank you for taking the time to write. For people like us, 2013 simply must bring something better!


Lite Being


December 1, 2012, 9:49 pm
I agree that both being still and being active at the right moments are what we need to do to move forward on our path in the most productive way.



December 1, 2012, 9:06 pm
I'm sorry to hear that you are in a state of financial lack so that you can't pay your bills. Way too many lightworkers are in that state. We've spent so much time on everyone else and doing our spiritual work that we've left ourselves out of the equation, it seems.

I can relate to what you are going through. Ever since I left a secure job in 2001 and stepped off the bridge into the unknown to do my spiritual work "full time," I've been struggling financially.

Are you able to receive unemployment benefits and foodstamps? Have you checked that out? I had to go that route and I was very grateful for the help. I also had to borrow money from family and friends.

It's nice to be full of spirit and try to do our spiritual work and all that, but since we're still living in a 3D world where we have to provide for our basic necessities, we have to focus on ourselves and doing what we have to do to get money coming in.

I would say please put your faith in yourself and your higher self, and KNOW that there are no accidents. You are in this position for a's not like it's your fault or that you are wrong or undeserving or anything like that, so I hope you don't go there with your thoughts.

Increase your awareness to find opportunities that are around you in ways that perhaps are different than what you are used to. Another thing I had to do was get rid of my ego. In my opinion, that is one of the biggest reasons why I was in such a state of lack. It really humbled me and softened my edges quite a bit.

Another thing I discovered was to take just ONE day at a time and not project into the future too much. You can handle one day. Then when that day is over you handle the next day.

Looking back, I view my serious "lack" situation as a very spiritual time. I was disconnected from all the noise and confusion that was transpiring "out there" and I got really into my insides and what was going on with me. With each passing day that I didn't fall over the edge into oblivion like I feared I would, I got stronger.

When one is worried about paying the bills, I know it's hard to think straight, I know because I've been there. I personally don't have rent money, so I am in a situation where I have bartered for rent. I take care of the house and the yard and help with the kids of a single mom, and I live in her house rent free. I'm still not out of the woods because I'm still on foodstamps, but by taking one day at a time I am climbing out of my "lack" pit.

All I can say is don't give up, and always look around you for new and different ways of operating in the world, let go of your ego totally, have faith in your ability to create new situations for yourself, look for synchronicities, force yourself to think positive thoughts, and take one day at a time. Watch for doors opening in front of you because there is always an open door somewhere.

Be proactive at this moment of such lack, but also listen within for answers.

I send you much love and light.

Since You Have This


December 1, 2012, 8:19 pm

Since you have this "abundance" thing figured out, then you must be doing great. How about sending me a nice Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa gift of money so that I can pay my rent and bills. I am literally down to zero (just in time for zero point and the resurrection of Christ that's been promised) and as much as I keep putting in applications for work, I still have not found a job or gainful work.

I want you to know that I had to overcome my fear of asking.


Please send all contributions to my paypal account: [email protected]

All contributions will be acknowledged and I'll even send you one of my hand-embroidered with Love heart necklaces to carry your lucky talisman in to guarantee you future increasing abundance.

To say I am getting desperate is an understatement.


Action And Stillness

Lite Being

December 1, 2012, 6:16 pm
Taking action does sound like a wise thing to do... to me. But, I can also see wisdom in being very still sometimes. This leads me to conclude that both action and non-action have value in my life.

For me, it seems to work well when I take action from a place of "knowing" which comes from being still and asking for guidance... and then waiting until the "knowing" comes. Sometimes it comes quickly. Sometimes it takes much longer before I can see with certainty how to proceed. But, slow or fast, it always comes in time. That is to say, I am never left without an answer to pressing concerns.

About 20 Years Ago


December 1, 2012, 4:58 pm
this message is something I would have said. Parts of it are a nice inspiration, but I can't buy what most of it is saying anymore. What I've learned is that we come to Earth for our soul growth.

In our human form we are the actors who are living out what we in our more expansive state beyond the veil planned for us. In our human form, the only control we really have is whether to feel good or to feel bad regarding any situation we are faced with.

There is a reason why the few are hoarding the wealth. Everyone has their job to do...their lessons to learn, their lessons to teach....

"Ask and you shall receive" is incomplete. There is much more to the equation than that. In fact, sitting around asking doesn't do any good because what you are confirming when you do so is that you are in a state of lack, and you are asking the universe to give you more lack, which is gladly does.

Putting yourself in a positive frame of mind by focusing on what you intend to create, and by taking action is how you get what you want. But the kicker is that if what you want is not for your highest good then you aren't going to get it. Your Higher Self is in control and will not allow you to be taken from your path.

I do agree with this line: "It's time for the collective to wake up and take their power back." Yes, that's what it's about. But you don't do that by "asking for it." You take your power back by opening your mind, by increasing your awareness of yourself and the world around you, by clearing out all the stuff inside you that is holding you back, by focusing on what you want, and by taking action toward that end.

And regarding "the controllers," I suggest that they are in our mind. They are the worn out beliefs and thoughts that we cling to that do not serve us. The "controllers" are the fears and confusion we harbor. Get clear within yourself, face all your fears, focus on what you want, listen to your inner voice and take inspired action on what information comes forth from that sacred place.

Yes, take back your power, but don't wait for it to happen. You gotta go out and live the life you want into existence. That's what works.

Fear & Abundance

David Ward

December 1, 2012, 8:22 am
"There was always and still is heaven on earth. The earth and the universe is full of abundance. And if you feel otherwise then this is fear. Let go of the fear and see what is there."

I had said something previously about this quote but thought differently about it later and had to correct myself.

Feeling fear seems to be an inevitable part of living the 3D earth 20th-21st century human experience. Letting it go reveals a sense of purpose - purpose for fear itself even. That's been my experience anyway.

Abundance is subject to qualification - there's an abundance of painful experiences being felt in this world, just as there's an abundance of joyful experiences. Both are abundant.

You, Too, Scorpio? I'm Sorry


December 1, 2012, 5:54 am
You, too, Scorpio? I'm sorry you are struggling.

It is truly a battle and I am fighting tooth and nail right now just to get money back that is rightfully mine. I am taking the matter to the highest courts.

If I ever get rich, I will most definitely share with you. I have always shared. I have shared with lightworkers from this very site to help out, even though it meant charging to my credit cards (which are now most all maxed out). In fact, even now I share what I can, taking things I don't use to the Goodwill. Unfortunately, at the moment it just isn't money that I have to share.

I am determined to win this game!!!! I AM GOING TO WIN!!!! I HAVE ALREADY WON!!!! I am Psyche married to Eros, one of the most powerful Gods of Love. We have already won this game and are just reviewing. (When I dream I dream BIG, lol.).

Time to flip all of the tables now and jump timelines.


Well Said, Soferia!
If I Had


December 1, 2012, 1:08 am
Well said, Soferia!

If I had a pound for every time I've been told to Just Ask, or that I'm in 'fearful beliefs', then I might be able actually to pay my rent on time! :o)

"Its Time For The Collective


November 30, 2012, 10:56 pm
"Its time for the collective to wake up and take there power back. Its time for the collective to ask for the money that is theirs to be distributed evenly, in a loving manner and without signing anything in order to take back what is rightfully theres."

GOOD LUCK! Do you think that will really make a difference? I have been asking and asking for help and have not received it even from the people who are NOT the "controllers" and HAVE enough to share. Even those who have abundance run on FEAR and a scarcity mentality. And the sociopaths that run the show will just steal more if they already know someone is suffering.

When are people going to SEE the reality in front of them? Until it is clearly seen, it cannot be changed.

Earth is nothing but a greedy pig station.


Let's "ask And Receive" For

Lite Being

November 30, 2012, 8:50 pm
Let's "ask and receive" for those indigenous people. Maybe it will work. Maybe they didn't realize they could do it that way.


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