Using Salt Baths To Get A Handle Of Negative Emotions

Using Salt Baths To Get A Handle Of Negative Emotions

by mama555

November 30, 2012, Comments(3)
Mystery Schools

Has anyone ever done this? A series of strange, synchronistic events led me to trying this 3 nights ago in response to some very powerful negative feelings that have been creeping up on me. I must say that I actually feel like it worked! While I was at my worst, I poured some rock salt into my bathtub and soaked there for an hour and a half. I literally saw a strange greyish smoke emenating off my body. I assumed it was steam - but there was definitley a greyish color to it and I could actually see it swirling in the air as it rose off my body. The next day I felt remarkable lighter - and more curious about what had just happended with the salt bath. An internet search mentioned that people have used salt to expel negative forces for ages. They even mentioned something called the black smoke as evidence that something was purging out. I decided to take another salt bath as an experiment. This time, I saw no greying smoke or steam. Did I not use enough salt? So I tried it again today. Still no smoky swirls. This really makes me curious if anyone else has ever had such an experience.

If you'd like to try it, just put either epsom salt, rock salt or sea salt into your bath water. It's important to pray over the water as you do in order to set your intention. Something like "In the name of all that's Holy, I intend for this salt water to wash away any negativity and darkness from my being, leaving me a pure relection of the Divine Spirit." I also read that it's important to rinse out the tub with fresh, clean water afterwards and pray again that all negativity is washed down the drain and removed from your home and premises. If you try it, please let me know what happens.

This would be a wonderful way to regain control of ourselves when the chaotic nature of the world beings to wear down our reserves. Give it a try



December 1, 2012, 10:57 am
Just put a big clawfoot tub in here! Been so long since I had a good soak.

AND I did just that, salts and baking soda and a prayer and intent for cleansing and clarity. Yesterday I noted weird little tiny balls in the bath that I couldn't explain. (The wife claimed that they must've come from a shampoo bottle or something. OR God helping me to purge the nanobots? lol

No smoke, though. There was some before the bath, but I have a pretty good explanation for that. ;)

Ya know, you can dedicate, bless and pray over nearly any and everything--and it always helps. Just a matter of remembering not to forget. Sounds easy enough...Love ya Ma!

Shine Bright

Hi Mamma,


December 1, 2012, 9:47 am
I was called to do a salt/baking soda bath Monday night, hadn't done one in a while, just knew I needed it. I did not see any smoke but don't doubt that you did. I would make sense that you didn't see it repeated, b/c you had already purged whatever wasn't serving your highest self. Maybe after a few weeks or months it may build back up and then you would see the smoke again. These baths are sooo detoxing, I recommend them to everybody. I do not feel called to Epsom Salt (magnesium, I think), just the sea salt and baking soda. k

I See The Same Way You Do


November 30, 2012, 9:53 pm
I can see energy swirling around me...sometimes white sometimes greyish....and I can definately feel things very strongly being empathic by nature...and yes I agree ....salt baths help highly sensitve people like us....and there was point in time not to long ago that I had to do it every day....because I took on a huge amount of energy for some reason....thank you for your posting:)



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