by yarraman

November 30, 2012, Comments(8)

Yesterday I saw that someone had posted some Galactic Federation of whatever videos here. I couldn't help thinking to myself NEWBIE. It seems so long ago since folks actually talked about the GFL I had almost forgotten it was still kicking around out there. It kinda occurred to me that there's this sorta natural progression of spirituality, or truth seeking, that has kinda formed itself up. Probably mostly on an internet basis, probably ONLY on the internet. But I thought it was kinda interesting to look back over my personal path and see that I sorta did follow that progression. I know quite a few of us here have because of blogs and vid posts and such. It's like the internet sorta has this 'school' that's formed itself as folks have awoken, and we move along through the 'grades' as we have our awakening.

A few years ago I was blogging about the idea that the internet might be the 'second coming'. Seemed to me that when humanity needed to receive great messages in the past Universe has sent down a human avatar with the info we needed. We've had heaps of those avatars down our history. Jesus of Nazareth is probably the most famous, but there's also Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and some others I've probably forgotten. Like messengers to humanity they appeared on Earth at the appointed time, shared their wisdom and then departed again. Now I'm certain that each of those messengers made a difference in things on Earth...heck, we can still see the influences of those messages across the globe. We even tend to make war with folks who believe in different messages than we do...right now, today don't we? There's no question that each of these avatar messengers were part of why humanity is the way it is now. BUT for some reason most of those messages have been badly interpreted and translated and alla that so that those in power could manipulate the masses. Grand idea, but somehow humanity has managed to twist it all into something I don't think those messages ever meant to be.

Now here we are again, at another of those 'turning points'. Time for Universe to send another messenger on down to humanity. Universe has figured out though that no matter WHO it sends down here, we simply don't get it do we? We listen, and maybe for awhile those lessons create some change, but humanity always manages to 'forget' the true message and get right on back to our game of control and competition. Called for a whole new tactic I reckon. I can imagine Universe thinking to itself I gotta try something different this time, what can I do? They don't seem to take very well to the avatars. They might do better if I just get them talking to themselves. Talking and listening to EACH OTHER might be a better system. I gotta come up with a whole new idea here. How can I do that? How can I GET them talking to each other? Have humanity deliver the messages to itself, one person at a time? No big crowds and rallies will work anymore. Those in control don't actually LIKE folks getting together in large groups these days. What we need now is a person to person network, that everyone, or at least a whole lotta folks, can have access to. A system of allowing humanity to deliver its own awakening messages to itself. One on one. With time for private study and review as that information flows in. Thus the internet.

Humanity took to the internet like ducks to water. Huge numbers of people joined up with the internet and started their own personal explorations. Course there's a whole buncha OTHER stuff that folks use the internet for, commerce, business, delivery systems, accounting and a whole buncha other stuff. Some folks have hijacked the internet for all sorta ugly reasons as well. We've got hate mongers on here, kiddie porn folks, scammers and just plain old criminals. It IS a polarity planet, so I guess that was only to be expected. BUT, at the same time many of us accepted the internet for what Universe probably intended it to be, a way to assist each other in our awakening processes. Seems to me that the whole awakening thing on the internet has had this sorta natural progression. Along the way we have grown and expanded our consciousness and at various points along the way some of us have moved beyond certain things we once gave credence. Those Galactic Federation things is a perfect example. I think if any of us was totally honest with ourselves we LISTENED to the federation guys for awhile. I gotta give credit where credit is due, our listening and learning provided us with some basics that we needed to move on down our paths. BUT, after awhile more and more folks started talking and we moved along to listen to what they had to offer. I guess the next 'big thing' was channeling, and spirit guides and personal angels and such. Again, much wisdom on offer, but many of us kept seeking beyond those messages. Seems the more we questioned, the more folks came along with something new. New discoveries in ancient sites and prophecies and such like. Kinda like Universe said, hey, wait a minute, don't jump on every bandwagon that comes along...keep going...don't just stop at the first comfortable level of awakening you experience cause that's just the beginning. And we did. Over time it seems the whole business of 'outside' messages sorta started falling by the wayside. Yeah, there are folks who took up this or that path along the way, federations, saviours, off planet rescue, all sorta stuff like that are still there. The folks who saw that as their personal soul choice. They are happy to just stop there, accept what feels right to them and begin to live accordingly. Many many others though just kept on going. Kept on seeking. Driven by our hearts and souls to find a bigger picture. AND instead of folks from elsewhere, in federations, or angel suits or whatever, folks are listening to each other. Learning and growing as new discoveries are made every day. NOT information delivered to humanity by some personality, but a sorta natural progression of more and more folks realizing more and more about how Universe actually works. All sorta ancient scrolls and such have come to light. Discoveries have been made about such things as the layout of sacred sites and ley lines a more natural, nature based, from a different starting point. From HERE. NOT from someone who isn't from here, hasn't actually lived thousands of lifetimes in this game. But from OURSELVES. Finding the true history of mankind.

Maybe the most important bit of info we collected in this particular stage of the game was that Universe and Mother Earth and the Sun, and all of cosmos is made of up 'people like us'. Not in physical bodies, but live and feeling beings. It was kinda like we stopped seeking off world assistance and just decided to learn and grow and expand TOGETHER. Whole buncha folks tossing their own personal puzzle pieces onto the table for sharing. I find it kinda interesting that folks who have recently awakened seem to be 'following in footsteps of other'. Like alla that information has been put on the internet by now, and it's all available, but folks still tend to start at the 'beginning' and move through the same progression many of us have. Ultimately I think everyone ends up exactly where they belong in accordance with their own life plans and sacred contracts, so we've actually created 'factions'. But lately it seems to me that folks are much more aligned with the ideas of us being part of cosmos. An integral part, that everything is connected and everything is...well, everything. We have become aware of the consciousness of Universe and our planet and everything else. We even recognize the consciousness of rocks and trees these days. We try to act in alignment with what the natural world has to tell us. What our Dear Planet herself has to tell us.

There was this really strong energy in the world about 21 December being the 'big day'...the ascension. Somewhere along the line I think that energy, or belief, or whatever you wanna call it has waned...a whole lot. I hope something magical happens on Solstice this year and humanity is suddenly zapped into a wonderful new earth, but it just doesn't seem to feel as certain as it used to. Something has changed. It seems humanity mighta 'pushed back' the date. Perhaps so more of us could 'come on board'. Let's face it, we are seeing folks we NEVER thought would get it asking us for info. Beginning to feel a deep dissatisfaction with the way things are going on our world, and are starting to see the game for what it is. Folks are resenting the controllers, longing for new freedoms. The whole sovereignty movement was born, occupy, alla that sorta thing. Conspiracy theories sorta popped up at this point as well. As the love motivators grew larger and larger in number, so did the the opposite side of things 'mature' as well. Fear became a major factor. THEY are gonna destroy our world. they are running things into the ground. They are gonna use up all our resources and then kill of a large chunk of humanity so they can have the game they way they want it. Along came the Alex Jones sort, Drake, alla those guys who seem to want to use THEIR own weapons back against THEM. At the same time, and I think perhaps even in equal numbers, we had folks coming out who are 'solution oriented'. Free energy, communities, all sorta revelations about our natural past as a species, how we got here, and why, and where we are going next. I guess that's pretty much where we are now. A sorta balance between the love and light factions, the science factions, the natural organic path of ascension along with the planet, and most important of all I think...the knowledge that this whole process is a DIY project. Go inside for your answers. You ARE cosmos manifested into a human being, here to experience this particular game on this particular D. We have also come to realize that we have selfs across ALL the Ds, and that even now, while we are here playing this game we are at the same time being planets and universes and galaxies of our own. Once we began to realize that, that we have our own answers to all our own questions, well, everyone started exploring their own inner universes, and that's where we find ourselves today.

We are not only discovering our true being, we are beginning to put that way of being into practice in our daily lives and it's kinda contagious. Other folks are beginning 'to catch it' as more and more of us awaken. I guess lottsa folks have chosen various 'stop off points' along the way. Found their niche with federations or channels or 4D astral beings. Good on em...I wish them every good thing.

Many of us though have found a new level of being. A level of self realization that makes alla that off world stuff seem foreign and strange to us. We have a whole new alignment with Mother Earth, with all of cosmos, and we have moved beyond the need for federations, controllers, or anyone else, to tell us how to be. There will probably become several new versions of whatever game humanity chooses next. A sorta separation of pathways so to speak. Some folks will look forward to going onto ships, or following ascended masters or space guys to their destinations. Not me. I'm already AT my destination. Here, on this beautiful planet being held in the loving embrace of not only Mother Earth, but the galaxy, the Universe, heck, all of creation. Sorta changes the game doesn't it? I mean once you sorta move into 'direct contact' with your higher aspects of self, ya just get a different picture of how things are gonna be.

Whatever is gonna be, whether on 21 December, or next year or next decade, I believe humanity is focused on what comes next. We are seeing the present game falling into pieces all around us. Personally I'm not gonna be looking to federations or factions, or governments or anyone else to tell me 'where to go'. I'm already here.




December 1, 2012, 5:23 am

Yup, there are gonna be some pretty pissed of folks around the place when all is revealed,
no question retribution is gonna be the minds of some. Kinda hoping that there will be
something else going on at the same time. Something more positive. Like maybe the energies
pouring in from the Sun will somehow be adjusted to carry a whole new set of wisdom and
understanding on down for us BEFORE the stuff hits the fan. I guess I must live in a
very sheltered little world here...I don't know of anyone who would even bother with any
sorta retribution. There will be pain, and anger and total disgust, as you say. Nobody I
know personally would act that out though...probably just grumble a whole lot, cuss some
and end up saying 'she'll be right mate'.

Gotta love life in the bush

love you



December 1, 2012, 5:18 am

Thanks, Mate, glad you enjoyed it.

love you



December 1, 2012, 5:17 am

Yeah, sounds pretty much like what we have planned for Solstice. We usually invite more
folks but this year only our closest friends have been invited. I jokingly told Catch
that if we did happen, by some amazing chance, ascend into 5D I wanted to choose who
would be there when it happened. I just glanced at my newly page turned calendar and
see that we will be having a new moon on 22nd. Hmmm...imagine that. We will be celebrating
Solstice on Friday the 21st. We sorta consider that the 'official solstice' starts at sunset
on the 21st. Should be nice and dark for a really beautiful bonfire. Even if we don't zoom off
to new earth, it should be a good night.

love you

Something's Coming -


December 1, 2012, 4:04 am
You can feel the groundswell getting stronger and ever stronger. It's building and gathering momentum.
Once you see the truth of what's been allowed to happen - and is still happening - there is no going back.
Things that made no sense whatever are suddenly fathomable - and everyday there are new revelations.

In the not too distant future, when the average guy in the street can connect the dots and see the whole picture for what it is, there is likely to be retribution on a scale never before experienced on planet earth.

Those of us on the path may be little more than isolated whispers in the tempest. Our calls for forgiveness and moderation (if we dare make them) may well be swept away by a tsunami of pent-up anger and disgust that will no doubt find its focus on the corps of evil that has kept the world enslaved for so very, very long.

Change now seems inevitable and unstoppable. The genie is out of the bottle. All we can do is wait and watch - and trust, that as neutral observers, we will be safe enough without the need to rack up any more adverse karma to work through when circumstances permit.

And as for 21 December, it will good when it's in the past. See you on the other side.

Blessings - O

Loved This, Pat. You Are On


December 1, 2012, 3:47 am
Loved this, Pat. You are on your game today, girl! Good stuff here. I totally agree with your observations.

Our Desire To Connect

Black Ishtar

December 1, 2012, 1:51 am
Hey Yarra,

Great blog as usual, very thought provoking indeed.

Wow!!! What can I say about the internet. Only that it has to have been the greatest invention since the telephone.

I do believe it has sated somewhat, mankinds innate need to connect out of curiosity - albeit in a constructive way, or in an inappropriate manner. Since humans have been on this earth, we have sought out others in any way possible. Either by staking out our territory in a fuedal disputes, or sailing vast galleons to the ends of the earth to trade in precious goods and cargo. Now with the assistance of the internet, we are able to trade vital and sometimes superfluous information, even create global markets, between ourselves, without the necessity to embark on a hazardous and often perilous journey - all from the smug comfort of our homes. We don't have to physically migrate. I'm just curious, whether our instinctive wunderlust can be ultimately satisfied?

I've never felt impending doom surrounding the date 21st Dec - I always imagined it as a turning point regarding humanities evolution. What other alternatives do we have? We are all too aware that if we continue on the same destructive path, our future as species is very bleak indeed. Mama will survive without question. A Mother Goose nursery rhyme comes to mind - There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn't know what to do ----

As for the GFOL - well, I guess that was just a trend. A passing phase. They just aren't in mode anymore. I think they served their initial purpose in enabling us to achieve our self sovereignty, through activating and honing our discernment techniques - but their messages are just not relevant to this stage of our journey.

I know what I will be doing Dec 21 (it's a Saturday) - I'm going to invite my close friends and family over for a bit of shindig and a BBQ pool party. If anything is going to happen (be it good or bad) - I want to be surrounded by those I cherish most in this world and share in the experience. I daresay, there will be a lot of 12/21/12 gatherings going off all over the globe.

Much love and happiness dear sis
Ish )O(



November 30, 2012, 10:36 pm
- so far it makes no sense..



November 30, 2012, 10:35 pm
have no idea why so many got guidance relocate inland - mass relocation took place .


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