The LAw Of Attraction And Child Abuse

The LAw Of Attraction And Child Abuse

by Gold Wizard

November 30, 2012, Comments(9)

wow.. what she says resonates with me on so many levels. I know a number of people who have gone through molestation as children.. I feel this article can help anyone to shift from fear and victimhood to realization, responsibility and empowerment.

No one ever wants to hear that they create their own reality when they are experiencing a situation in their reality that is negative and unwanted. Because of this, it seems that when a person is expanding their knowledge and understanding of the law of attraction (the most powerful law in the universe) they end up eventually and inevitably confronting the challenge of understanding how the law of attraction relates to children.

This is most especially a problem when people try to understand how the law of attraction applies to children who end up in circumstances which from a societal point of view are seen as horrific and unfair. A good example of this (though there are many) is the example of a child who is living in an abusive environment. Most of us have grown up as the result of our upbringings with the strong need for the world around us to seem fair. The entire punishment and reward system which the majority of humans are raised with mimics our human ideas of justice and lends to this need for fairness. But, the punishment and reward system does not mimic the laws of the universe. Thoughts like "blame" "fault", "unfairness", "deserving" and "victim" are thoughts restricted to the human subjective mind and not the universal objective mind. Most of us, who can read these words, have lost our objective view of the full picture of the universe and how our lives fit into this big picture. We see a child is completely "innocent" and therefore we can not come to terms with something in relation to this "innocent" child that we identify as being unfair and which they do not deserve. We then draw the conclusion that some things must just happen at random and therefore we make these children out to be victims of circumstances which are completely out of their control. We can not see a child who seems so physically incapable, as the capable creator that the child is. It feels better to us in the dis-empowered, fearful state of identifying with a child as a victim, to shift to a space of anger and to place "blame" with the abuser than to stay in that feeling of dis-empowerment. In our incredibly emotionally charged, identification with the suffering we see in these children, however the truth is highly obscured.

A child, who seems so feeble and innocent, is in fact an eternal being just like you. They are very powerful beings endowed fully with the free will to choose the thoughts that they are thinking as well as what they pay attention to. They may seem to possess so much less capability than an adult because of their comparatively weak physical structure, but they are simply in a different phase of the process of physical life. They are new to this particular physical life experience. But they are not new to life it's self and they are not composed of new energy. Before they come into this physical body, they share the perspective of Source (that which many people call God). From the perspective of Source, each life is lived in order to expand all that is. Life is lived for the purpose of universal evolution. It is through this process that consciousness becomes conscious of it's self.

Physical, three dimensional reality serves as the perfect venue for this evolution because physical life allows for the experience of contrast and comparison. In physical life, a person can not give rise to a desire, if they are not confronted with what they do not desire. Because of the tangible nature of physical manifestation, physical life is a very definitive, clear cut way for the conscious universe at large to discern what to become. The "negative" that already IS, which we see around us, is nothing more than an immense resource for the potential manifestation of all future possibilities created from all the previous, vibrational, collective experiences of all that was. Even the most horrific things we can imagine from our narrow, subjective, physical standpoint are not seen as horrific from the vantage point of the universe at large, because these horrific things are the breeding ground and cause for the birth of things like happiness and change. With regards to objective view, there is a famous analogy which is that if a person bumps their toe, from the perspective of the toe, it is a tragedy. From the perspective of the rest of the body, it is a temporary, painful nuisance and from the perspective of the person, it is a frustrating experience, which is not significant enough to be remembered even the next day. The difference between the objective view of source and the subjective view of our physical lives is much like this previous analogy. Before a child comes into the physical dimension, they share this vantage point and perspective, and so they do not fear or avoid choosing into situations which are "negative". To them at that point and from that perspective, easy is not necessarily valuable. In fact, many of them deliberately choose into those situations of negativity knowing it will inspire them quickly and dramatically towards the exact opposite. Non-physical beings have the free will to determine the future circumstances they will experience in the physical and so, some beings intentionally choose to experience things like destitution, imprisonment, poverty, depression, war, paralysis, suffering, rape and physical abuse so that they may use those things to define and intensify their knowledge of happiness, freedom, abundance, peace and kindness.

These negative experiences are in fact the events most able to cause rapid, dramatic, positive evolution. They know it will cause extreme expansion not only for them, but for all that is. So, no matter what the physical outcome may be of such a choice, it is worth it to them. Many of the great leaders and masters throughout history, come from childhoods of great negativity, this is no accident. It is intentional... adversity is the fertile opposition which inspires the birth of triumph. It may not be something that anyone likes to accept, but the eternal, non physical portion of a person, often chooses an abusive childhood for this purpose. This does not mean that children born into these situations should be left to suffer or are fated to suffer. Even though we decide into aspects of this life before this life, nothing is pre-ordained. We are constantly amending our life and outcomes as we go along. We are constantly changing so, we can shift course at any point in our lives here. Even as children.

There is also another common way that a child can attract negative circumstances like abuse. This is when the child adopts negative energetic vibrations from his or her environment and then attracts those things which match that vibration into their own experience. We, as humans like to draw imaginary lines in the sand defining when a person is and isn't responsible for their lives. We also like to draw imaginary lines defining at what age a person has free will and at what age the law of attraction can apply to them. The truth is the law of attraction is working day in and day out on all aspects and dimensions of this universe. There is no pause button. There is also no pause button as far as vibration is concerned. Children adopt and therefore present "vibrations" long before they have the capacity to speak. Children offer thought well before their physical brains are developed. Thought is not a by product of the brain, it is a byproduct of universal consciousness. Children can adopt and present vibrations even while they are still in the womb.

And so, they are attracting physical things which are a match to those vibrations even that early on in development. The expression of particular genes is even the result of these early vibrations. Vibrations can not be "imposed" from one life form to another, but they are an influence. And the stronger the vibration is, the bigger the influence is. This feeling of strong influence, leads to a sensation of it not being a choice to adopt a specific vibration around you. Instead it feels like it is forced. And so, the adoption of that vibration becomes default instead of truly intentional. If a child for example comes into an environment of extreme worry and fear, it is difficult for them (though it is still a choice) to not adopt that same vibration of fear and worry. They have not consciously decided how they want to think about what they observe, they are simply observing. They have observed this fearful way of thinking, and adopted it which makes them now a match to things which reinforce that vibration. It makes them a match to other people who also hold the vibration of fear and powerlessness (such as perpetrators). Perpetrators act out physically from the feeling of powerlessness and fear. Victims are also in the vibration of powerlessness and fear but they do not act on it. They are still despite action, identical energetic vibrations. The child does not deserve it. It is not the child's fault. It is simply an effect of how the universe works with regards to vibration.

It is not healthy to think of the law of attraction with regards to child abuse in the human terms of "they brought it upon themselves". Instead, what is accurate is to say that everything which ever happens to anyone child or otherwise, is an exact match to the energetic vibration they hold. Quite often, children choose into situations where they are influenced into the choice of picking up and therefore adopting negative energetic vibrations from the environment around themselves. Once they come into physical life, most people including children do not know what energetic vibrations they are presenting until they experience the physical manifestation of them. This is not wrong. It just is. And it can be changed at any moment. There is no such thing as a childhood experience which a person can not evolve from. And even though childhood abuse is the direct result of the matching up of negative vibrations present in the child as well as the abuser, it is not a matter of fault and it is not a matter of the abuse being deserved.

- Teal Scott

Teal Scott is a well known Esoteric, Extrasensory who speaks and writes publicly about spirituality, the meaning of life, and the road to health and happiness. see more at:

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Gold Wizard

December 1, 2012, 5:39 pm
wow that is an awesome organization.. and also soo cool about kings of leon contributing! Thanks for the awesome share! <3[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text letter_spacing=""][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Gold Wizard

December 1, 2012, 5:37 pm
yes, i resonate with everything you wrote here. And also don't believe fate is set in stone.. we can always change the future. I believe meditation is important for this very reason.. that the more conscious we become then the more patterns or karmic baggage we get rid of or change. And this can result in a complete different path as the one the person was headed down.

Yes, i really do hope that all of humanity moves beyond primitive prey instincts.. it's part of evolving beyond ego desires... and tho it looks impossible.. with the major shifts and so many awakening now... i truly hope it all changes over time... for the future generations sake.

That's an interesting thought about our less pronounced teeth.. that makes sense! I feel that not eating meat alone would help humanity on soo many levels.. and a HIGH percent of the primitive/prey instinct would dissolve..

if only!

Thank you for your insights!

The Irony In The Synchronicity

Black Ishtar

December 1, 2012, 2:08 pm
Hey dear sis,

I was watching the cricket on the telly and this ad came on. I can't believe how relevant it is to our discussion. Universe is sending us a message, me thinks.


To see Kings of Leon version, visit

UrsaClemenger has produced a new multi-media campaign for The Wayside Chapel.

The centrepiece is a 30 second TVC featuring challenging imagery of a small boy being tattooed with the words 'hate', 'violence', 'cruelty', 'abuse' and 'neglect' and represents the often dark and violent pasts of the marginalised adults who seek Wayside's help.

Wayside's CEO, The Reverend Graham Long said, 'We used a child in this ad because for every person who falls by the wayside, there is a story of vulnerability and struggle. The image of an abused child is difficult to watch but it is a deep insight into the social forces that produce alienation, mental illness and social dysfunction.'

Richard Wylie from UrsaClemenger said, "Our long association with The Wayside Chapel has shown us that everybody comes into the world an innocent child. It's what happens next that defines the future. A dysfunctional home life, parents with substance addiction issues, being the victim of violence or sexual abuse... that's what sets a path to the wayside".

Taking several months and many favours to complete, this latest instalment in the 'Love over Hate' campaign builds on Wayside's reputation as a non-judgemental haven where even society's most desperate are met with unconditional love and support.

Adding to the power of the film is the worldwide Kings of Leon hit, "Use Somebody"; the rights for the song generously donated by the band for 12 months. The voiceover was performed by David Wenham: long-time patron of Wayside.

Apart from financial support, UrsaClemenger hopes the video will also generate greater acceptance of this sometimes-controversial institution that works at the very edge of society, rather than at a safe distance from it.

Much love and happiness
Ish )O(

I See What You Are Saying

Black Ishtar

December 1, 2012, 10:19 am
Hey Gold Wizard,

A very thought provoking answer. A soul may already have a predisposition or have a karmic contract with a specific energy in this reality??? Yes - I believe this is possible. However, for whatever reason, does it make it acceptable to countenance such a fate??? Fate is not necessarily set in stone, as we are the captains of our ship and the masters of our own destiny.

Our past does not have to define our future. Particularly in the instance of needless abuse and violence. We can choose to be either victims or victors over whatever adversity befalls us. In relation to traumas inflicted upon us during our tender years, the healing process can be very difficult to initiate. Particularly if the abuse has been endured over a prolonged and protracted period of time.

Strange dysfunction with regards to child abuse. Pyschologists have discovered that the abused have a perverted emotional bond with the abuser. Most children will hold the abuser in high regard, often not speaking out against them because they either wish to protect the abuser, or protect themselves from further abuse. It's a disturbing phenonomen. A bit like Stockholm Syndrome.

I guess I like to believe that the human species is evolving beyond our primitive predator/prey instincts - we are supposed to be above the beasts and should be able to control our primal primate nature. Particularly by now and especially during this critical phase of our evolution. However, until we overcome our basic instincts, the predator will always have power over it's prey. You have to understand the mind of a natural born predator to comprehend the time, skill and effort that goes into ensnaring and capturing their prey. Usually it's not a random act at all, unless pure opportunity presents itself.

As for all creatures great and small - well I can't abide senseless animal cruelty either. Actually, I can't comprehend the wilful harm of any innocent life form. I guess that is why the human incisor teeth are becoming less pronounced due to our constant evolution. We don't require the necessity and our urge to eat meat is gradually decreasing. So it is gradual process, provided we are all equally educated and informed, that there is indeed a better way to exist in this world.

Much love and happiness
Ish )O(

Off Topic Just A Bit..

Gold Wizard

December 1, 2012, 9:07 am
but something that I feel I can bring up here .. is the topic of animals.

How harmless is a cow, chicken, turkey, kitten, rabbit, dog.. used for animal testing, experimentation or killed for food?

they are so innocent, pure, harmless.. like children ( but obviously not exactly the same). But unlike humans they are always so closely linked to nature.. they become mirrors sadly for the imbalance and human dominance in the world.
Just as family pets mirror their owners.. in emotions and sensitivity as seen on many episodes of the dog whisperer.

Nature responds to the mental patterns of the mass consciousness .. and this is also easily seen in natural disasters.

course I don't believe animals manifest and co-create as we humans do. But they are on some level born into the environment which mirrors the victim-hood, state of consciousness.. and human dominance over each other.

likewise perhaps children in their innocence can mirror the imbalances and victim they are sooo receptive to everything around them. Absorbing energy in a hypersensitive way.

but still wouldnt change their ability to co-create, manifest, and function at their own souls accord at each moment in their life.

I Def Don't Believe That

Gold Wizard

December 1, 2012, 8:45 am
this is a topic or a point of view easy for anyone to understand. There are MANY cruel acts in the world.. and I wouldn't impose this belief on anyone.. especially not a parent who has lost their child to something that atrocious.

Course it is unfair for children to go through any pains.. as much as it is for anyone to go through horrible situations and hardships. But on my side.. i do believe that we bring everything that happens in our reality into our lives... and not you or I can be the judge of WHY that situation happened. We could say it is because people are evil or what not.. but truly only the SOUL of that individual knows why they went through what they did.

And this has to do with what teal scott is saying.. that each of us bring into our lives everything that happens to us. Both good and bad.. whether in a victim mentality state or a higher conscious state. It doesn't mean that the child was thinking about that specific situation before it happened.. but rather became an energetic match to it for a reason on some level.

Say for example a dream during sleep: we create both nightmares and beautiful dreams. Who is in control of your dreams? no one outside of you. In the waking world.. it is the same.. only it is denser than the dimensions that we are in during dream state.. and beliefs manifest slower.. both nightmares and also wonderful dreams.

but of course i do agree with you that no child should ever endure such pains.. if it were to me.. id love to end all suffering.. but I am not in control of everyone's life in that way.. each have the free will and power to co-create in their reality.

Products Of Environments

Black Ishtar

December 1, 2012, 4:05 am
Hey Gold Wizard,

Thanks for your very intelligent response. No - I'm grateful to say, that I was not an abused child. But the stats don't bode well, as one in three children are exposed to some form of abuse during their childhood (physical, mental and sexual).

How can Teal substantiate that we are sexually aware at one day old? When you were a three year old, were you conscious of your sexuality? Of course we were curious about our gender, why has my brother got a something dangling between his legs and I don't - kind of scenario. That is completely healthy exploration and natural development. Engaging in a sexual act, prior to puberty, when our bodies and minds have not developed to an extent to enable us cope with such an act, is definately not healthy.

However, I really can't entertain the thought that a child would willingly or subconsciously attract unwanted and unwarranted harm into their lives - sexual, physical or otherwise. All a child wants is to be loved, nurtured and cared for. To feel secure and safe in their environment, without fear or threat.

I don't condone a victim mentality at all. In my dealings with children that have been exposed to unnecessary abuse - I always counsel to empower them to overcome and raise above these despicable travesties. The difference between perpetrator and victim is always 'power' and always 'control'. The perpretator always manipulates the naivety and ignorance (innocence) of their victims, for personal gain and self satisfaction. An utterly selfish act. In 90% of offences committed, the perpetrator is an adult. Somebody who should know better. Somebody that the child trusts. Somebody the child has no control over (physically or mentally).

Every child is entitled to a happy and healthy childhood, irrespective of what race, colour or creed - it is our responsibility as a supposedly evolved species, to ensure that this is the case. Nobody has the right to rob or cheat a child out of what they are rightly entitled too - their innocence. Whether these children are unconsciously attracting a detrimental act towards themselves or not. Somebody is always in control of the situation.

I think it's rather unfair to place old heads on young shoulders. Let our children BE children for as long as they can. Why do we have to force them to grow up too soon?

Gold Wizard, would you offer Teals theory as a plausible explanation to a parent who has had their child senselessly and savagedly raped and then murdered? I don't think any parent could possibly accept that as a suitable reason for such a diabolical abomination.

Much love and happiness
Ish )O(

Thank You

Gold Wizard

December 1, 2012, 3:16 am
thank you for your input Ish.. but unless you have been through it.. than you cannot say that Teal Scott has a non-chilant or dismissive attitude. First of all.. she went through it as a child... and has made a video in which she talks about it. Secondly, I have been through some situations like this myself and feel I can agree with her.. which is why i posted this. Obviously not everyone will agree.. but I have felt this way about child abuse even before i read teals message and so it really did resonate with me.

Course the cycle of abuse has to stop.. and in so many areas in this world. Child abuse, war, the killing of millions of animals , poverty.. soo many things. There are so many interconnected and underlining factors that contribute to the cruel acts of people or the causes that bring people into a victim mentality state and attract suffering into their reality.

But what Teal is basically saying is that we bring to ourselves.. every difficult situation as well as positive.. and no matter what age.. we are just as powerful as when 1 day old.. or 100 years old. We can create in the same way no matter what. There isnt an age in which we begin to co-create .. we always are. Therefore she is sharing how a child would bring this into their reality. And obviously at a point where they are in an apparent victim-mentality awareness. And on some level the vibration of the child matches that experience enough to bring it into reality.

She is trying to empower individuals to awaken to their power and their ability as a Divine co-creator. She isnt saying that child molestation is ok.

Teal Scott Is Talking Through His ----!!!!

Black Ishtar

December 1, 2012, 2:38 am
Hey Gold Wizard,

Can Teal Scott personally relate to a child abuse victim??? Or is she speaking from experience??? I can't believe how nonchalant, blase and dismissive in attitude that Scott pervades, particularly regarding this very serious anomally within human nature.

I work in Child Protection - so I would say I'm a bit of an authority on this subject. The protection of the 'innocent' and the safety and welfare of children and youth is my passion and primary mission on this earth. They are our future - that's an absolute no brainer.

Every child is born into this world as an innocent and has the 'right' to remain innocent. It is only when the sins of the fathers, manifest in the sons - we personally create our own devastating reality. Anybody who works with abused children, will tell you that in the majority of cases, particularly when the abuse is familiar (within the family), that the abuser is usually a previous victim as well. However, in some instances, that does not always apply in reference to natural predators who deliberately prey on the innocent, weak and vulnerable.

Believe me, nobody deserves to be taken advantage of sexually or physically, to satisfy the needs of another. It is the greatest abomination and corruption of an individual body and soul imaginable.
The cycle of abuse has to stop.

Imagine a world, where children are allowed to grow and prosper free from the threat of violence and abuse? We all know that violence begets more violence and 'monkey see - monkey do'. Imagine if every child wasn't exposed to any overt violation of the body or corruption of the mind, including watching violent movies and playing violent video games??? Which I personally regard as a form of child abuse. Imagine a world where children are born and nurtured by a loving, caring and safe community??? Nearly all our problems as a species, would be solved.

You have to start at the source of the matter to finally achieve the necessary change that humanity so desperately needs. As JC himself once said 'You can only enter the Kingdom of Heaven, through the eyes of a child'.

Much love and happiness
Ish )O(


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