The Galactic Time Shift As It Affects The Permeable Nature Of Physical Reality

The Galactic Time Shift As It Affects The Permeable Nature Of Physical Reality

by Judith K. Moore

December 2, 2012, Comments(3)

JKM 12-2-12 The Galactic Time Shift as it Affects the Permeable Nature of Physical Reality

Judith in Denver and Sean in Salmon Arm 5:30 am PST

In conversation, Judith shares about the mysterious disappearance of money from her purse yesterday, and Sean, the mysterious disappearance of food purchased yesterday.

J. Slipped through time. Wow, that is strange that we would both have the same thing happen. I can feel it in my body right now. The answer is:

The holographic context of collective reality is stable in the perceptual field, allowing our perception of reality to have continuity. Yet truly, our reality right now is permeable, and we are in a time shift through which the dimensions of time-space are altered in the illusion of physical reality. The hologram of physical reality has spaces in it. The reason why the word illusion is used is because only 3% of Creation is physical. It's an illusion; it's a hologram that is perceived through receptors in our brains as our minds are holographic projectors.

We see reality as continuous because of the fractals of the continuity of the living hologram.

Time organizes these patterns. Galactic time, time-space, the time that is nonlinear that is known as the time of Creation, the Great Time Clock of the Universe.

As Earth shifts the dimensions, the fractals of time are altered as the Earth is moving into a new Galactic Time Spell. We are given these signals, such as what happened to you and I with the disappearance of physical items, to trigger our awareness of the emerging hologram and the permeable nature of reality at this time.

Reality is not a fixed plane of existence now.

In the past on the Earth, the hologram was a self-replicating pattern which was somewhat predictable, and in the nature of the cycles of time, repeating patterns that reinforced the nature of duality and dichotomy and chaos, all of those fractals of time meet in a zero point field. A time shift does not just affect the moment you are experiencing. It affects the time continuum of reality on this plane of existence.

Our minds are given signals that assist us in shifting our perceptual capacity to interpret and receive information from the living hologram. But as long as the brain is perceiving a continuous pattern of predictable order, it leaves no space for altered dimensions or shift in consciousness, or alteration or a change in the nature of the physical hologram.

If you look carefully around you, you will see the evidence of a shifting hologram because your world around you, truly, is shifting dimensions. This explains the unpredictable nature of existence right now. It is impossible to know what is around the next corner or what to predict because reality isn't stable.

Sean and Judith are engaged psychically on a very strong plane of consciousness with the Collective through the Chronicles of Ibis. These triggers that we received yesterday were signs of the Galactic shift as you moved into the mirror. Yesterday 12-1-12 was a mirror day. We are in the mirror now. For the Earth, for all of us, (these) are mirror days, 12-1-12 to 12-13-12. Everything will be reflected back. Be it that of generosity and compassion or that of stubbornness or that of reluctance to change. Anything that is projected out will be mirrored instantly back in these days.

You have no control of your reality. That is important that you understand. Some people believe that if you just send out good energy, just good energy will come back to you. In the long term and over all, of course, that is true. But you cannot control your reality by thinking that you have the power of manifestation right now.

What you send out goes into the living hologram and does affect your existence and the existence of other people. Because of the nature of the mirror, it is instantaneous. But it is totally unpredictable. And there are no absolutes, no ultimatums, no final destination. Everything is shifting, and reality, as you know it, is altered.

The disappearance of the items triggered the ability for your perceptual field to acknowledge the permeable nature of the shifting reality and the time shift of the mirror day, that people may have incidences where unusual things happen and they are inexplicable. These will be days when unexplainable things happen, both through interpersonal relationships and the dynamics of the movement of time-space in your personal existence.

The best tool that you can use to navigate these uncertain waters is gratitude, at the moment, and to let go of anything you don't think is going the way you want it to go, or the way that you think it should go, or any perspectives that limit the capacity of your reality. As you let go, you open your field. And as you open your field, new potential moves in.

This is a spontaneous transmission because it has to come without any preparation or thought ahead of time, through clear field of consciousness for the collective reality.

This transmission is from the Universal Infinite Oneness and the Wisdom of Creation, and assisted by the Ascended Masters and the Archangelic Realms, as a loving message to you, the ones who have chosen to be in physical bodies at this time.

The very nature of this message has already entered the collective. That is the purpose for this transmission.

It is transmitted from the dimensions of time-space and the emerging hologram of the Galactic 13 Time Continuum. That is the essential part of this message, where it comes from, and the planes of existence that are expressing themselves through the consciousness of the Oracle and the Scribe.

As Emissaries of Light, you all share the pod mind. As sovereign individuals, you all are experiencing a shifting reality.

Blessed be, so be and so it is.

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Lite Being

December 2, 2012, 8:41 pm
And it explains a dream I had last night. I was in a room and I touched one of the walls and it crumbled and created a hole through the wall that I could see through. I saw the light and trees outside. Then, when I looked at where the hole had been a little while later, it was not there. It was as if the hole didn't exist. In my dream I thought to myself "others cannot see this hole, but I can... and it will come and go. Sometimes I will see it and sometimes I won't."

Way Cool !


December 2, 2012, 8:33 pm
way cool !

Is It A Mirror Day, Too, If I


December 2, 2012, 8:09 pm
is it a mirror day, too, if I write the date as 1.12.12?

or it is the same when the channeled entity calls December as winter?


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