AA Metatron Message For Humanity 19th Jan 13

AA Metatron Message For Humanity 19th Jan 13

by Karen Doonan

January 19, 2013

In this audio channelled message Karen brings through the energies of AA Metatron as he explains the unfolding of the new earth energies and what this means for you at human conscious waking level. The new earth is now being born so that it may be seeded. Listen to AA Metatron guide you through this process of LETTING GO in order to walk in the higher energetic frequencies required to reach the new earth in TRUTH.

This video is also available on this lightworker site under videos.

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podcast: http://traffic.libsyn.com/truthcodes/AA_Metatron_19th_jan_13.mp3

youtube: via the starchild essences channel

on The Galactic Portal blog: http://thegalacticportal.blogspot.co.uk/

on The Galactic Portal audio channelings page: http://www.thegalacticportal.com/channellings-audio/4570969417

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