Aisha North

Aisha North

by Luisa Vasconcellos

January 23, 2013

I started to receive channeled messages a few years back, but they were few and far between. Mostly they were to me personally, or to people close to me. After a while, they started to come more frequently, and the entities coming through with these messages changed. For the last year and a half, they usually come from a group calling themselves ”The constant companions”. They have not given me much information about themselves, apart from the fact they they are ”a motley bunch” and ”more than five”, and that they work on the orders from All there is. They all have their own ”voice”, they use different words, cover different subjects and they have very different energies when they come through with their messages. They have not told me where they come from, but I have been given the impression that they represent different civilizations, all coming together to help us and Planet Earth. I was told to start to write down and publish this Manuscript of survival in the beginning of August 2011. Almost every day, they give me a new message, or part of a message, and they always tell me when one part is finished and ready to post. I do not know how long they will continue, but I will keep sending them out as long as they keep coming.

I have included all the old posts as pdf-files. Some of them might seem to be “out of date”, as they comment on a specific period or date, but I decided to publish the complete manuscript. I will add the new channelings as regular posts.

Feel free to share any of the information you find on these pages, but I would be grateful if you include a link to my blog. And thank you to all who take the time to translate these messages to their own language!

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