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March 6, 2013, Comments(1)

I would like to propose a perspective of what psychology has dubbed a libido in hopes that others would propose their view as well. I currently study psychology and my ultimate goal is to become an Orgone Therapist. The medical field believes that orgone energy is the so called "sexual" energy that psychology calls libido. Although orgone and libido are the same energy, I strongly disbelieve that libido is only a sexual energy. If it were only a sexual energy, then why does it wield healing capabilities? In all actuality, this libido orgone energy is not sexual but will only appear sexual at a superficial glance. Dr. Wilhelm Reich, discoverer of orgone, has stated in his work that orgone energy is the creative force of life. Meaning that libido is not sexual energy but actually creativity. Take note that orgone is not a material energy but actually vibrates outside the frequency spectrum of matter(light) and this is why it is so disputed in the scientific community. Scientists are using material instruments to study something that can only be detected using the spiritual faculties of the mind. My point is that creativity is acually libido energy and this explains why children (new life) is created after the ritual or sexual intercourse is performed. Intercourse is the coming together of the masculine (mind being) and feminine (matter light) in the wonderful joy of creation. I personally believe that this creativity or libido energy is the power or will of the creator himself desiring to expand (create more life seeing as his presence lies within all life) to infinity. It must be obvious that god may seem sexual at a shallow superficial glance for god is all loving and when people engage in intercourse they say they are "making love", no? Libido is a loving, uniting, and healing force which is exactly what god is. Libido energy is the very same energy that people tap into and accumulate when they meditate. It is why we are called "Orgon"isms and why certain foods in the supermarket are called "Org"anic. It all revolves are the life force that is growing and learning through experience. If you'd simple take your libido energy and trace it back to the source from which it came, it would literally lead you to the kingdom of our father who art in heaven.

This Is A Very Important


March 7, 2013, 2:58 pm
This is a very important topic and I'm glad you had the courage to bring it up because most, even among the enlightened, are still shy (suppressed) about it to one level or another.

I can't disagree with anything you said here. I haven't studied psychology from an academic standpoint but I'm very perceptive and intuitive to these types of issues from a humanistic perspective, so I'm inclined toward them.

Yes, the sexual "libido" is creative life-force/energy directed toward animate "objects" (human bodies) in the material world. Once our bodies die, this energy is transformed into other creative energies in the spirit world that make its way...well, we'll find out (remember) when we get there again. Problem is, we're in a world of depravity where most everything is corrupted. This, of course includes sexuality. In pop-culture, we've heard the expression "sex sells"...well, that is a perversion and unacceptable in the world of creative-spirit. In fact the perversion has gone so far in recent times (on purpose, by the way) that there's actually now a term called "hate fuck" which is an abomination. So...the libido energy has been directed in an extremely negative direction that is actually *against* what its original purpose has always express love and creative expressions of expansion for the betterment of life. Pedophilia is another example of the perversion. Homosexuality is NOT a perversion, though I have yet to figure out God's full plan for it.

My point with all this is to say that sexuality is in the middle of a war. The Light wants to protect its original purpose and draw it forward to spiritual purposes based on love...and the Dark side wants to change it into positions of domination, non-consensuality, and pain. S&M is an expression of the beginnings of the perversion, though not all those who partake in it are fully perverted, but they're playing with fire which in this culture, is dangerous.

Anyway, you bring up something that MUST be addressed and solved.


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