Purity In The Eyes Of God

Purity In The Eyes Of God

by Acaana

March 26, 2013, Comments(1)
Spiritual development

Purity in the Eyes of God

Written by, Shri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj


Purity finds mention in all revered scriptures of the world. All incarnations, saints and sages have declared purity to be of immense value in the evolutionary process. Movement up the cosmic order is well-nigh impossible if adequate care is not taken.

The moot question is - What is purity? Is it only of the body and mind, or there is more to it? Majority of the people consider purity as being limited to the physical, or at best, the mental level. Spiritual purity, or say purity of the soul, is either ignored or just not paid the attention it deserves. Not only this, a large number of people are not even aware of the essence of this purity. It is interesting to understand how the three are inter-related.

First: purity of the body. It includes diet, hygiene, physical fitness and action. The health of the body is contingent upon what we eat, our exercise regimen, the type of actions we perform, etc. It is through the body that we perform various deeds. These actions either protect the body or injure it. With respect to diet, vegetarian food is the best for a sound and healthy body. Brisk walks, jogging, martial arts, physical yoga, and sports, for example, keep a person in good shape. Intoxicants invariably adversely affect the body and make it feeble and prone to diseases.

Second: purity of the mind. Our mind is bombarded by an incessant flow of thoughts. In reality, the mind itself is a bundle of thoughts which we are constantly trying to sort through. In the midst of negativity, for instance, we may try to rummage through our thoughts and produce positive ones. Positive thoughts have a definite calming impact on the mind. And in efforts to counter-act vices such as self-centeredness, many take up good deeds of charity. We do so to mentally purify ourselves. By doing good deeds, we can definitely attain a reasonable level of purity of mind.

However, is this all? No, there is more to purity. We can draw inspiration from the following words of Sankara in the Vivekchudamani, "Work leads to purification of the mind, not to perception of the Reality. The realization of Truth is brought about by discrimination and not in the least by ten millions of acts" (Verse 11). This implies that God desires that man should strive to have a mind that is purged of duality and sense-attachment through the sharpening of the power of discrimination. God has no desire for all the actions performed if ego (which dulls discrimination) is still very much active in our life. But in order to de-activate the ego, what we need is spiritual purity.

The type of purity that God looks for in you is purity of the soul - spiritual purity. It is the highest and the most valuable trait God ponders over to assess his children. A plethora of other humanistic virtues flow out of the sublime virtue of spiritual purity. However, spiritual purity cannot be inculcated through half-baked therapies; rather it has to be through the time-tested mechanism of eternal knowledge.

There is a veil of karma on the soul. Eternal knowledge can help remove this veil. Satan, residing within us in the form of passion, anger, attachment, greed and ego, has a complete hold over the soul due to which it gets entangled into the wheel of karmas - losing its true identity and form. To help one regain his lost identity, a perfect spiritual master imparts the eternal knowledge by opening the divine eye of an aspirant, lifting the veil. The spiritual journey of purity for that soul thus begins.

When such an aspirant assiduously adheres to the path shown by his guru, he passes through different stages of evolution. The seeds of karma start turning into ash; and gradually, the sway of Satan subsides. The soul starts progressing towards nirvana. It now sparkles in its own light. This emerging of the soul in its true form of bliss is appreciated by God in a seeker.

Soul is the entity that controls both the body and mind. When man learns to connect to the soul that lies within, he can attain ultimate purity of the body and mind. Our body and mind are like the water that falls from the clouds. The two have a natural tendency to go downward. Just as through the heat of the sun, water is turned into vapor and is able to rise upward, even so, the body and mind are drawn upward and become pure when spiritual purity is attained. The elevated state is obtained through the constant practice of eternal meditation taught by the guru.

In the eyes of God, purity constitutes the sanctified heart and trans-sensuous soul. When a man is unaffected by different manifestations of maya and constantly longs for the company of God in his thoughts and actions, he is planting his feet on the stage of spiritual purity. This is the state when the human soul feels one with God.

Caressing a child and holding it close to the heart generates in the individual a sense of serenity and simplicity. This is the type of love and oneness a human being should have for God. Once we are able to establish the pristine connection to the soul, true purity can be achieved; an ever-lasting purity can be experienced. Establishing this sublime connection with the Higher Power requires unraveling of the sovereign secret of soul.

Soul, the Self is already within all beings. We need to build a rapport with it. For this, we need a spiritual teacher who can demystify the secret of soul. After it is revealed through the divine eye by a true preceptor, we become aware of the mechanism to unite our being with cosmic consciousness. When such a person meditates on the divine light of soul, he begins to imbibe divine attributes. In course of time, he demonstrates every facet of spiritual humanism with a spirit-centric global view running through every pore of his body. This is not something that happened only in the remote past. It is possible even today provided one has the urge to be blessed with eternal knowledge - the Ancient Yoga.

In sum, the physical body is the case in which resides the soul, the true Self of man. Body is the vehicle in which God, the true divine Self of man, can be realized. Thus, purity of body is necessary. A cleansed mind can become a better recipient for the message of God. Thus, purity of mind is necessary. But in order to enter into the realms of Reality and Truth, a higher form of purity is required. This is a purity that does not contradict bodily or mental purity but fortifies them.

By attaining spiritual purity only, we can make our life truly beautiful. Let us also pray to God like Socrates, the Greek philosopher - "I pray thee, O God, that I may be beautiful within."

About By Shri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj

Shri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj is the founder and spiritual head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, The Divine Light Awakening Mission, a spiritual organization headquartered in New Delhi, India. DJJS is engaged in establishing a world of peace and harmony through the teaching of spirituality as a science of experience. Through the imparting of trans-dichotomous experiences of one’s innate divinity, the organization is working worldwide for realizing the goal of a global family and making it a visible reality. For more information on spiritual communion, holistic living, and the science of inner experiences, please visit www.divyajyoti.org or write to [email protected].

"... A Global Family And


March 26, 2013, 1:47 pm
"... a global family and making it a visible reality", a great cause to work for. Thank you for posting.


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