by Just a dude in the light

April 26, 2013

From what I have begun to understand about such a “term”, that is really all it is... a word. Demon. Its a word. A manifestation of fear, or an entire being that exists within a vibration of fear.

There are many beings mistakenly labeled “Demons”.

It is a broad term.

But for most of my life I did not quite understand it, and didn't see any reason to pursue understanding of it, to invite such things into my life by giving energy and attention to the concepts/thoughtforms.

I have always been drawn to Angels personally, and know them quite well

Yet it is in the Dark of Night one sees the Moon's Light

What I have learned now about the beings that are truly demons, is they lack sexuality.

Sexuality is a gift, a sacred tool. Your connection, truest contact with Source/All that is/God/Goddess

This is why it feels so blissful when you engage in genuinely loving Sex. You are literally feeling Source, the vibrations of unconditional love flood your body and in that small way that you can feel Source while still maintaining your individuality. If you were to truly be embraced by Source fully in your current human form you would explode, as your body cannot contain or handle the vibrations and be instantly returned to Source.

This is also why when you reach the peak of Sexual intercourse there is an explosion, there is a divine moment when the vibrations become so strong that your body bursts forth with these energies.

That's Source, that action is a mirroring of many aspects of Source.

Like I said, Demons don't have this Sexuality.

Yet like all beings, which all things come from Source, they desire to return to It.

How then could a being who can have no direct experience of Source accomplish this goal?

If we as humans simply have to live out our lives and learn our lessons to the best of our abilities, and also have myriads of guides and aid along the way, what could a being that perceives all that Source is but does not fully comprehend it do to reach the point we all strive for?

Destruction. Taking All that Is, breaking it down, limiting it to it's most form so that it is forcibly returned to it's original state, Source.

In Demon Logic, this is perfectly natural and in all honesty there isn't this 'malice' or 'hatred' or even really 'evilness' to it. It may often be perceived as such things, but that is all dependent upon how you look at it.

It may seem that I am making some wild assertions. But I would never state such things without first hand knowledge.

Meaning I had the privilege (yes privilege because I learned a great deal) of meeting a Demon, a first hand encounter.

While it spoke to me, telepathically, my wife's first instinct was to force him to leave. (the being only takes on a masculine 'form' or 'attitude' because it felt that the Male Energy embodied the means it uses to reach it's goal)

At first I was fine with that, though prior to this meeting I had meditated and created a sphere of light around my room so I felt we were safe either way. She had this demon back off some and he was quite intimidated by her.

Let me back track a moment, and explain why this being even approached me in the first place, I had read about some strange entities that honestly had me a bit scared. Why? Because I could not quite grasp their existence, understand why they were doing what they do. This bothered me and when I get to points like this I prefer to experience firsthand then. But part of me also didn't want to have firsthand experience or encounter these beings. My wife assured me that she would not let harm come to me or even let those other beings near me, and I trust her with my life. But still my Human-ness let fear creep into my mind for some time when I thought about those beings.

This fear that was gripping my mind temporarily, was what attracted the demon in the first place.

So at this point, the demon is just outside my light sphere and still trying to talk to me. At first I am ignoring him as I play my keyboard. But I notice he keeps saying to stop playing the keyboard.

It occurs to me that the positive, upbeat melody I am making is bothering him and this somewhat sparked curiosity in me. And I entertain this demons' thoughts for a little while then.

I ask him about himself. Instead of communicating with just words I received many feelings or “thought visions”

This was how I came to understand what I have previously stated about “Demons”

I also experienced him very methodically rooting through my mind, seeking to find a weak link or a fear to chip away at and ultimately break me down. I gave him no such thing though, and the music I was making with my keyboard in that moment also functioned as a safeguard in this sense.

Eventually when I felt I had learned all I was going to from him, I decided it was time for him to go and at first I thought to simply ask him to leave. Though part of me knew that he wasn't going to kindly leave, so then I commanded him to leave and my wife stepped in as well and that was the last we have seen of him.

Believe me or not, that's for you to discern, I share only what I understand and have experienced.



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