The Love And Light You ARE Has No Star Sign - A Message From My Loving Angels To You ALL

The Love And Light You ARE Has No Star Sign - A Message From My Loving Angels To You ALL

by Spirit Of Light

June 5, 2013, Comments(2)

Dear ones!

In love and light we ARE delighted to come furth to speak to you again our dear friends. Recently we noted the request upon what astrologic sign the maker of this site hade to our channeler, but we recommended him not to choose any of what a common physical beeing ”is”. We said: how can you commit your self to a certain star sign when you ARE in love and light? The love and light not feel ANY bounderies dear ones, it just ARE what you ARE. To commit ONE SELF to a certain star sign containing limited ways ”to be” and be ”recognised with”, does not strengthen your connection with your source (or soul) and ONE (or, god, the creator, all-there-is...if you prefer)

Dear ones, you have lived 1000:nds of lifetimes upon planet earth, and many many time you have been ALL the star signs..or the ”astrological signs” if you rader prefer that wording. We will tell you dear ones, that when restrict and follow ones star sign on earth plane is just limiting your view of ALL what you are. You ARE love and light, therefore you ARE all the criteria of ALL star signs at once. We will advice to look thru the certain characteriktics of each star sign, and pick out every criteria mensioned who you like to be as. Then, when feeling connected to MANY different physical will expand and grow as physical beeing. Some of you is soo bound to your star sign and says: ooh look this is REALLY ME, I´m exactly as this star sign! Then we want to say to you, that´s NOT the REAL YOU. And then we will tell you that when you bound to one certain criteria of star sign, it is the physical YOU of SELF that create your own bounderies about the person you THINK you ARE and ONLY can BE.

Dear ones, expand your awerness in physical body clothings by choose without bounderies WHO you wanna be, do and have. It is only YOU who are the creator of YOU and your reality. Why not take gifts and benifts from every source of happiness, joy, light and love to create a new YOU without limited boundaries? Yes, very nice indeed when discover to and how be whom ever you wanna be in love and light, you see. You then start feel very great, wonderfull and in harmony with both physical SELF and the soulfull SELF of YOU. YOU ARE ALLWAYS CONNECTED, you see our dear ones...your soul (source) allways speak to you like whispers or a gentle breeze on seaside. And as your soul allways ARE a shining bright peace of and connected to ONE, your physical SELF also are in contact with source and ONE... ALL THE TIME.

Dear ones, you ARE the extansion of ONE in 3D body clothing. You are GODS ON EARTH! You are everything you can belive you ARE. Then why limiting your SELF to be less then you ARE? YOU are NOT one star sign, you ARE ALL star signs ONE has no bounderies in any directions and dimensions. And you are ONE. Connected for eternity and in abundence. In love and light. In happiness and peace. In bliss and joyous. YOU ARE.

So who do you wanna be in earthly clothings with your 3D mind perspectiv, presenting your SELF to others? The one who is limited by old profecians since hundreds of years or someone who want to discover your divine infinite SELF without bounderies and limitation? It´s time to choose your paths dear ones, the 5D new earth will not sustain or allow old 3D paradigms much longer, meaning that you have to find new ways of dooing old belives and things on, because the new paradigm of WE ARE ONE and YOU ARE will conquer the world you the splendid and marvelous chans to start act and be in accordency to your soulfull SELF, in total harmony, joy, happiness, peace, love and light..without bounderies and restrains.

Dear ones, we ARE in love and light. With YOU. As ONE!

Until next time we wish you ALL the best and we will watch over you, sending our blessings and hearthfelt gratitudes thru our dimension to your dimension, connected as ONE in light and love.

With YOU.


As angels in LOVE.


(channeled by Spirit Of Light 2013-06-05)

Dear Jyothis Zarene, Our

Spirit Of Light

June 6, 2013, 5:43 pm
Dear Jyothis Zarene, our beloved one!

We want to express our deepest love and excitement for your thruly SPLENDID and WONDERFULL respons on our message yesterday!

In great joy and happiness we see that you thruly have found the SOULfull way of beeing in incarnation on earth plane dear one. And, our ”hearts” is jumping of sadisfaction when notice your lovely expressions of the fundamentals of the universe and the SOULfull SELF´s journey to SELF realization by expansion thru multitudes of lives lived upon Moder earth and/or elsewhere on other starsystem in other dimensions as well.

Dear one, we clearly see your point in your view regarding star signs and we also share your view on why the physical SELF of YOU sometimes has needs to bound to certain ”physical body and mind configurations” to learn and grown an particulare and specific part of SELF.

However dear one, the earth has trancended thru millenia of time from deep 3D state to the 5D state who is in the making in the NOW. When before was needed for SOULfull SELF to get great understandings and lessons about SELF thru heavy 3D earth plane exposior in earthly clothing, the ascended earth in the making of NOW is beamed with vast and radiant HIGH frequencies of LIGHT energy essences...which altering and modilates earths body signature ton as well as all habitants ”onboard” it. Meaning, the new 5D earth and all physical beeings in the making, has an END-RESULT who will resonate fully with SOUL plane LIGHT energy essence signature ton, in great harmony and peace in abundance of love and light.

Dear one, because of that we have choosen to come furth thrue a splendid and loving channel on earth plane to express our deep wisdom and to guide thos of YOU who by free will seek greater understandings of ONE and of your SOULfull SELF. Because both beeing DIVINE UNIVERSAL non-physical ”beeings” and allways has connection to the physical beeing of SELF who harbouring the 3D body/mind pshycic awerness simultaniously, you see. With that we want to point out that the ”multi-dimensional beeing´s” who sometimes has been wrongly meansioned as ONLY... E.T´s and entitys from other orgins of realms then SOUL plane...and sometimes feared by physical beeings in there 3D fact is what YOU ARE as well. You ARE ”beeings” having multi-dimensional experiencies simultanious in abundance and infinity ALLWAYS, you see.

And yes dear one, it was very precious to have the differences in both SOUL plane and EARTH plane experiencies to expand SELF and get great knowings, lessons and have awerness expansion. But in the NOW, when in the making of 5D state of beeing, this needs no longer is neccesery as the END-RESULT of your beloved earth´s ascension will be that you ultimately gone live on earth plane as your SOUL´s does on SOUL plane, in physical clothings you see.

It is with this knowings about the furth coming events upon planet earth, we wanted to share our wisdom and accurage humans to allready start expanding there physical awerness by exiting and ”take on” many more physical traits and behavors by there OWN LIKINGS...and not feel the neccesery to ”restrict” them SELF´s to one singel star sign due to SOUL- contracts and agreements reached when incarneted maybe 20-30-50-70 ”years ago” by your perspektiv, when planet earth still just hade begun it´s ascension route from deep 3D state to it´s current position on 5D state in the making of NOW.

Our beloved one Jyothis Zarene, we which to express our sincere gratitudes and deep love for your SPLENDID and very THRUHfull respons and thoughts on our star sign message! WE LOVED EVERY PART OF IT!

With abundance of love and light we send our thanks to ALL-the-BEE-ing-YOU-ARE and want to BE-come-IN-the-MAKING-of-NOW.


Happy and joyous.

Greatfull and humble.


With YOU.

In love and light.




(channeled by Spirit Of Light 2013-06-06)


The Presence

June 6, 2013, 4:33 am
" YOU are NOT one star sign, you ARE ALL star signs simultanious..."

I have realized that in me as I journey on, Dear One.....

the more I studied my chart, I saw I AM all of it...

Like Seasons, colors, numbers....

I AM all of it...

.and yet in this lifetime we had chosen few prevalent / dominant traits to experience

so that we could come to this Portal in our own unique way....

This REAL~ization led me to go into the next step....

INTEGRATE all these within.....~*

So that I complete who I AM and thusly BE~Come Whole~SOME.....~*

which led me to The Un~MANIFEST 13th!

which then led me to bring that into The Physical, Emotional

and Mental within the Individuality / In Divided DUALITY!

which then helped me SEE,

the Third Language between DUAL is BE~ing Birthed....

and I real~ize this....I AM Conscious / Aware that I AM Multi~DImensional / Faceted....

and that too Simultaneously....

and this I am able to broadcast simultaneously too....

and with this came immense PATIENCE, WISDOM and KNOW~ing

to integrate in patience the denser bodies of the duality bubble....

that I AM here to take them out into Graduation.....~*

and yet..........all this has been facilitated by the Birth Imprint of the old grid I entered in 1966!

I took on Quite Difficult and yet filled with immense opportunities to TRANS~Form so much,

a FIXED CROSS.........~*

(fixed signs are difficult to transmute..
Most STAGNANT I could have been, and most stubborn,
and yet....I AM most Flexible, adaptable, and incorporating, including!
and yet my challenging the SELF-Nature
led me to look at life's FIXATIONs in general and this led me to study the deep psyche
of our Collective CONSCIOUSLY and that led me to become aware,
that as I focus on with LOVE and non-judgment upon anything,
it becomes CONSCIOUS.....and thusly I avail this for the Collective to make it their SEE~ing;
rolling my eyes, breaking my heart, disappointing, laughing, crying, aha~ing, I worked @The LIGHT I AM...)

Instantly I was seeing everyone else and clearly understanding

and even finding they all carry a part of me and Who I AM....

Having a Lifepath 5, I moved unto the fifth Centre / CORE....where all is ONE....

Like a Leap~FROG.....with Mighty LIGHT as its Aid, I leaped on.....

SEE~ing that The Core is where the EYE of The Storm is....The CALM......

Carried the birth name Serena too...

one of the gazillion dots to connect to get the Whole PUZZLE evolved!

SERENA........~* The CALM = SERENITY.....aha!

leading me to look at Serenity Prayer and found all I can change is I / ME,

and the LOVE unfolded between I  and I AM......


A Carpenter must have tools,

and yet he builds furniture in which there is no part of the tool etched in!

and so, Dear One.......

I would like to say, taking my Life as my Own Reference Point,

that in the Absence of what~is~NOT, what~is, is~NOT!!

(meaning, what is white, if everything is white?)

STAR SIGN is a Great Revelation Integration tool thusly as I SEE....

Be~Cause this is PRECISELY what we needed to be here through our Earth~Lessons,

so as for us to Real~ize Earth Body is Our Body....and that we can relate to her as Our own BE~ingness.....

as all of these signs are to be looked at as EARTH~Centred!

and yet.....getting bogged down in that for a lifetime is......slow evolution!

and even this slow evolution, simply SERVES....

everything serves something everywhere, everytime, in every~One....

and so, I SEE in this SEE~ing, Precious One,

that what we receive from LIGHT through our BE~ingness

is in Relation to what we are seeking....

These are mere passages through which we pass,


thusly all serves us for the good....

This is The Journey.....through Illusions, we take....

Be~Cause.... we so can and are so able to.....

~* what You have received is so Priceless.... I SEE...Good one! is an INTEGRATE~ing, UNIFY~ing Message....

In Beatitude, Gratitude, Hearttitude and Soul~itude, being offered here....

Dearly loved YOU ARE.......

I AM Jyothis Zarene......LOVE-in-the-Making.....~*

2:33 PM / 6-6-2013


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