by Crystalai

June 7, 2013

We all have some very dear friends and family in a place called the Aquinos Matrix. The beings from this matrix are as perfect today as they were the moment they were created by Source. They have never gone through any of the fallen scenerios that Earth has.
Our friends are called Aquafarians. They created a place for us 7 million years ago that would protect us at this time in their future. The Earth is being held within this star essence of the Aqufarians in a place called Urtha. Urtha is the original Earth that existed before the Fall. The Urtha AquarE group created the original template of the human in a more perfect form.
Those of us who have been working with the Guardian Races and the Aquafarians have been getting ready to enter into Urtha in 2017. We will be passing through the Van Allen Belt with the help of a plasma aurora field that has been prepared for us. We will be able to begin visualizing this aurora field that is our stairway over the Van Allen Belt into Urtha when the Comet Ison emits blue star dust all over the Earth's atmosphere. We will begin seeing shiny blue clouds made of star dust.
Those who learn to connect the frequencies of their consciousness into this Aurora Field of Star Dust energy will be able to slide their bodies into Urtha as they climb the stairway to heaven.
Everyone will be able to see these blue starry clouds. Scientists are already describing them. Becoming in tune with their frequencies in order to actually melt into those frequencies of transmutation is a skill that can be developed.
I have spent many hours of every day and every night sleeping in Aquafaria in order to merge my frequencies into that higher frequency. In order to ascend into Urtha, one's consciousness must already be there, and then the body follows.
All of the music that we record is recorded while I am in my crystal mansion in Aquafaria. I always alow my Aquafarian family to do the singing through my breath. The more time I spend listening to these recordings of my own consciousness being in Aquafaria and bringing those frequencies into my own living space, the easier it will be to ascend into Urtha in 2017.
Everyday between 2014 when the blue stardust coulds enter our atmosphere and 2017, we have the opportunity to soak up more and more of that frequency of the Blue Sphere and connect that Light Energy into the Sound Energy of the Frequencies of Aquafaria.
Angel Dust is a recording that contains the blue star dust frequency. Cosmic Trinity contains the alignment of Earth into Urtha through Sun Alcyone. Dolphin Magic contains recordings of Aquafarians singing. The Eternal Life mp3 goes one step further. When the recording is being made, I go to Aquafaria to make sure the Aquafarian frequencies are in the recording. There is one more requirement to ascension. We must blend into oneness with our anti particle self. We merge with that spiritual self by going into the atomic mirror. That is the frequency that makes our body orb into oneness with its anti particle double. The mirror image can be felt if you take your consciousness into a mirror and feel what it feels like on the other side. All of these elements must be recorded into the frequencies of the individual's frequencies on the Eternal life mp3.



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