Mother Earth, Her Frequency And The New GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND In TRUTH

Mother Earth, Her Frequency And The New GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND In TRUTH

by Karen Doonan

July 16, 2013, Comments(2)

Many of you are now FEELing the changes in the frequency of mother earth, you may be having very intense dream time scenarios or having an increase in your "KNOWing". This is where something JUST IS and you KNOW it but perhaps do not have the human logic to try to prove it, a bit like looking at the sky and seeing it blue, you just KNOW. It is to remembered that TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE.

The human race is now moving fully out of the confines of the old 3d earth and more importantly is moving out of the constrictions of the old 3d earth FREQUENCIES. This allows for NEW ways of living and BEing to be created, for as you move out of the containment of the old earth frequencies you gain a CLARITY OF VISION beyond anything you have had before. It is to remembered that a frequency pattern will CREATE the thought patterns, it is never the other way around, many on planet earth are using up huge stores of energy trying to change thought patterns, this is akin to treading water, it is the FREQUENCY that is creating the thoughts, dissolve the frequency and you can NO LONGER have the thoughts, they cannot manifest, they have no frequency to support them. ALL is frequency and all is vibration in the universe.

As the CLARITY of VISION now returns to those within the human race who are moving into place the human race will now begin to move out of the old containing ways and into new ways of EVERYTHING, ideas are created from thoughts which are created from the frequencies that are emitted and anchored by the planet on which your form is hosted. In this life time on planet earth that form is the human vehicle. This is replicated throughout the universe, the host planet providing the nurturing frequency from which those who reside upon the planet can flourish. This is why the old earth was kept a low frequency, it was not so much the human race was kept in chains (albeit this is a by product of the scenario) in so much as the planet was WRAPPED in lower dimensional frequencies that prevented her from her ascension in TRUTH. This ascension is now completed, it is of course ongoing but she has made the transition to the UNIVERSE OF 3 in TRUTH. This allows for her children to now elevate in frequency, as the human vehicle as aligned with the planet then this new frequency will begin to flood across the planet and be anchored at human level when you ground and sync your energy signature with that of mother earth.

Everything in your human life experience is a MIRROR, as with all mirrors the reflection is back to front, this has been taught to the human race deliberately. Everything is back to front on this planet and the way to work with mirrors and to find TRUTH is to FEEL it and to see it at human level by reversing what is shown to you. Hence the movement of planet earth to the UNIVERSE of 3. It is not possible to accept and anchor your galactic origin on a planet who's energy signature is kept artificially low. This is the reason that so many higher dimensional frequencies had to be flooded into and across planet earth. The human race focusing on the race that is hosted by the planet and in many cases filtering out the need for mother earth to raise her energetic signature in order to support the ascension of her children. ALL ARE ONE applies to ALL within the universe, not only the human race and all realms/races, planets are living organisms as well.

So now the new earth begins to unfold her miracles, her children now able to breathe and to understand that the world may look the same but it FEELS completely different. Huge changes can now begin to manifest in the outer waking reality that is called life on planet earth. For those of you who are impatient and wish to see everything immediately I would guide you to look at the vibration of planet earth, there would be no servitude in trying to introduce extremely high dimensional frequency manifestations on a planet who could not sustain their energetic signature, again the mirror scenario. ALL that is manifest and appears physical upon this planet is a result of the FREQUENCY that is resonates at, it is not the other way around. To have free energy for example requires a planet who's energetic signature can support those of her children who can bring this into form. If the frequency of the planet and her children cannot fully support the frequency of the technology then it cannot manifest.

It is to remembered it is not only the "enlightened" ones that live upon planet earth, ALL ARE ONE, this is not those who are asleep vs those who are awake, that is duality and a manifestation of the old earth FREQUENCIES. These frequencies are no longer supported by the PLANET so are no longer able to fully manifest. As with all things in the 3D waking reality it takes some "linear" time to show up as the reflection it is in TRUTH. Those who reject the new earth frequencies moving into a holding pattern, unable to allow the new to manifest around them due to not allowing the new frequencies to anchor within their human vehicle and trying to create the life experience from what they have been "taught". Those old frequencies are no longer supported so cannot manifest. Hence the transition period to anchoring at HUMAN WAKING CONSCIOUS MIND LEVEL what is going on.

Holding on to what you have been "taught" in relation to how to work with the energies and how to create the human life experience will see chaos unfold, these FREQUENCIES are no longer supported in any form. It is like trying to tune into your regular radio station and finding static where there was a programme. Many are trying to retune within the SAME FREQUENCY believing the radio station must be there, it has "always" been there. Whilst some try constantly to retune around the same frequency believing it will come back and be picked up others have moved from this and are now scanning much higher frequencies and FINDING that there are other radio stations with much better stuff available!! the playlists for these new radio stations are whatever you wish them to be.

For a race that has been taught to endure suffering, pain, trauma and grief it will take time to adjust to the new earth and her frequencies, if you have always been scolded for doing X then it may take you a while to understand that you can do X and not get a reaction. Remember the lifetimes that you exist in other lower dimensional timelines need to be dissolved, for their frequency still runs at cellular level. To move fully into the new earth LET GO and TRUST in the process, for in TRUTH it is your SOUL who is guiding this process and your SOUL is your ENERGY IN TRUTH.

The human race now begin their walk in PEACE, LOVE, TRUTH, HARMONY and JOY in the UNIVERSE OF 3.


Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved



July 18, 2013, 5:03 am
resonates with me again, I love the intuitive validity of your messages KD, Love, Karen

Very Beautiful, Thank You


July 16, 2013, 3:40 pm
Very Beautiful, Thank you for sharing this :)


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