by lightworker

February 2, 2008

global $adjust;

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Channeling: a term used in reference to the claimed process of receiving messages or inspiration from spirits and dimensional beings.

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Please post only new channelled information and keep all language to English and for a (G) Rated Audience. Do not spam content, stagger your information to a few posts per day. All advertising please place in the market section or for paid website advertising Click Here. For new channels please read the new channel posting guidelines here. Thank you!

function title($a,$b = ""){
$o = "
$a $b

return $o;
function frame($a, $pic = "/pic/blue5b.jpg"){
$c = '

return $b.$c;

print title("New channelings");
print showview("",'teasernew',20, array("story","all","all"));

print '


print title("Featured");
print showview("",'teaserfeatured',20, array("story","all","all"));

print "
".title("Top points","- Last 7 days");
print showview("",'teaser',13, array("story","all","all"));

print '


print title("Highlight Channelers");
print showview("",'listfeatured',10, array("channeller","all","all"));

print title("New channelers");
$a = showview("",'contentlist',10, array("channeller","all","all"));
print $a;

print '


print title("

Top Month channelings");
print showview("",'listpointsmonth',10, array("story","all","all"));

print title("

All time channelings");
print showview("",'listpointsalltime',10, array("story","all","all"));



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