Extraterrestrial Technology

Extraterrestrial Technology

by Brian, The Dragon

November 17, 2013, Comments(30)
Extraterrestrials & UFO's

Hello everyone,

This is the dragon. We have covered before that what you may perceive when you see extra terrestrials isn't exactly what they perceive. We have said before that you are spiritual beings experiencing what it is to be three dimensional beings. We have told you before that three dimensional beings aren't exactly rare in what you call the Milky Way Galaxy, but they are less common than higher vibrational beings. If we were to put a number to that, it'd be something in the range of thousands to one, though many of those thousands are collected into group consciousnesses that speak as one.

We want to remind you that, although it's not very consoling to beings in the "thick of it", that all existence is really a game to experience what it is not to be God-all-that-is, that you are all-that-is experiencing an illusion of being a limited being. That no matter how high vibration a being is, it's not any closer to all-that-is than you are. You are either experiencing all-that-is, or you aren't. Higher vibrational beings are not necessarily beings that you should necessarily trust any more than another human, since there are malevolent and benevolent influences from your perspective at many of the vibrations simply based on what their chosen experience is and whether it coincides with your own or opposes it. So, discernment is always key.

However, what comes with certain vibrations of existence provides capabilities that aren't readily available to beings such as yourselves toiling on the surface of your planet. You have come far with technology, yet there is technology much more advanced than your own. Many beings, however, don't need technology like yours to achieve the kinds of things that you have achieved, or achieve things seeming like magic to some in your past. Or like amazing technology and scientific achievement to you as you currently perceive things. There are technical parallels of almost every spiritual capability, but it's usually achieved with much less effort.

Many higher vibrational beings, including you in other experiences, can manifest great things by conscious thought. It's not as much for them technology as just the way things are. Why you don't come in contact with many of them, is that your planet in your current reality is not set up this way. So physical interaction with these kinds of beings is rare at your vibration. They interact with the higher vibrational aspects of your world that you do not see but that your souls can. So, when these beings travel through your space, they are usually invisible to your physical sight. Some individuals you call psychic or clairvoyant can see them, and of course every human has that capability, typically turned off. Some of you who have turned it on are reading this. You can interact with them, but typically at their vibrational level rather than their own, where you can manifest much like they do even if it seems less real to you. They are capable of entering your vibrational level, but typically choose not to.

When they do come in contact with your reality, you see what sometimes seems like strange and ridiculous things. So without further ado, we are going to discuss some of those things you may see and clarify what they are.

Flying saucers

Very few ships that come to Earth are built by beings such as yourselves. They are usually manifested by higher vibrational beings. You can call them extra-terrestrials, however it's a bit of a misnomer because to many of them, there isn't the separation between earth and other worlds. To many of them, there are portals, gateways, and different realms of differing experiences.

Now, we have said before that being higher vibration doesn't make them any better or worse than you. So, we want to get that point across when we tell you that most ships you see are from higher vibrational beings and that most are higher vibration than your physical bodies are, but that doesn't make them any better or worse than you. They just are. They are typically inter-dimensional as well. These are inter-dimensional beings that use the ships to travel inter-dimensionally, or are inherently capable of inter-dimensional travel and use the ships to keep it all together or because it's fun, or comfortable, or for any other reason.

So, you have a perception that these ships can travel in ways that seem to defy physics or capabilities of human bodies, that they can cloak, that they can go very fast. That they can sometimes split into multiple craft or change shape. All of these observations are accurate from your perspective. However, these are not technical capabilities of ships from beings that are far more technologically advanced than you are. Instead, these capabilities are simply the very nature of the ships and how the species who operate them are set up. So, to them, it is no more high technology than what it is to us to walk with our legs. In fact, some of the beings operating the ships can't manifest working legs that will function on Earth. Some of them would simply die or transform into physical beings not well-suited for Earth if they tried to spend too much time in your physical reality. So in some ways, you have higher "technology" than them, if you want to call it that, since you are adapted for existance on a very interesting natural planet.

There are all kinds of what you would call ships, and many of them operate on the concept of a merkabah. There are what you may call world ships which carry entire races. In physical 3d, they may seem very small, but they are in fact very large. Usually, they are manifested mentally, so they don't have to be put together with the nuts and bolts that you would expect. Then there is the personal merkabah which are just naturally how beings fly through space and time, even if not typically thinking about it just as you don't think about how you walk. Through the merkabah, they will visit your yard or house. This is done naturally without much effort on their part.

Most beings like to take their natural capabilities and simply manifest artificial devices for the "fun" of it. However, those are props they typically do not need.

Cloaking technology

Flying saucers with cloaking technology is a common fixation for people on your world. Interest in these things are so common, that it is not considered crazy to talk about them. There is a physical basis for this fixation. You are indeed being visited. Although in the past, there have been isolated cases of physical beings such as yourselves visiting, it is not usually what comes around. The beings that visit are typically higher vibrational.

So, when you see a ship cloaking, it's simply out of phase with your physical reality. If it's "partially cloaked" then it's partially out of phase. That's about as interesting to the beings operating them as you turning the keys on your automobile, and it's a very large part of how they function.

Most of the time, ships would be what you call cloaked, simply because they are operating at their normal vibrational level. Usually, when they pierce into your vibrational level, it's by accident, and they project somethign that makes sense from your vibrational level, even if it's not how they perceive the ship. So you may see a metal object momentarily appear, then go transparent again. It's simply returning to its vibration.

Gods and goddesses

This isn't exactly technology, but from your perspective some beings had capabilities that seemed like advanced

technology to you, and magic to people in your past. These gods and goddesses were not God. They weren't all-that-is, but often they played with human beings like ants and demanded worship, in some cases for their own amusement and in other cases to steal creative power from mankind.

A few of the more adventerous inter-dimensional types may stick around longer and do so in order to manifest their own bodies at your vibration and interact in a way where they have a richer physical experience. It's risky, and dangerous for them since they can get trapped here, but many are decent at it. When they go through this transformation, they will experience time go from being non-linear to sequential and many other effects of delving into physicality. It becomes hard for them to remember their capabilities. Not as hard as it is for all of you at the mercy of society from birth as a seemingly helpless baby, but it takes practice. So these are the
most inter-dimensional of inter-dimensional beings, much like the capability your own civilization will achieve in time. Even then, there's usually a time limit before they have to return or risk forgetting everything and getting trapped until they die (at which point, all beings can leave, human or not).

There are throughout history stories of beings doing this and interfering with courses of events on Earth. You heavily abhor these situations, but pass legends and stories around about them. It's hard from our perspective to judge these occurrences as harshly as you may. To you, and rightly so, it may seem like a complete intrusion into your own free will. From our perspective, you simply left the door open and mischievous and benevolent ones came through to have a little fun at your expense, or to help you. In either case, it typically didn't go well, largely because humans in the past loved to give their creative power away.

You have since mostly closed the door. Though that doesn't keep them out one-hundred-percent and as you become more spiritually connected, this sort of interaction will result again. Hopefully, this time you are better prepared for it and can "play the game" on an equal footing. Many of those that came before are ready to also take it easier on you because they are also aware that the last time didn't go so well.

Phasing devices

There are tales of extra terrestrials traveling through walls to enter peoples' houses. This is a correct observation. In fact, at the present time, most of you have beings traveling through your walls, so-to-speak, since your world is crawling with higher vibrational beings that you typically do not see or feel, but that some of you do especially when your mind is quiet.

Just as higher vibrational beings can travel through your walls since they are simply not in phase with your physical reality, higher vibrational beings you may identify as Extra Terrestrial can travel through walls simply because their bodies aren't in phase with your physical reality.

So, nothing special there. It is what it is. You see it as technology, and they see it as natural.

Faster-than-light travel

Again, this is simply an aspect of how things work. Light is no barrier for higher-vibrational beings. They move at the speed of consciousness. Scientists have gotten hold of a few ships that have accidentally manifested into physicality and get trapped. There was, therefore, a physical form that manifested. And that form was something as close in your physical reality to how those ships would work if they were physical. However, that doesn't necessarily make them functional, to the great frustration of a few scientists. Nevertheless, it did yield some clues on how to make physical ships inter-dimensional, leaving still a huge gap to fill.

Element 115 and alchemy

Higher vibrational beings can manifest their own physical experiences. They don't need a concept of atoms or even atoms to be manifest in their reality. Their manifestations are typically "ideal" manifestations and will work from a high level as they intend without worrying about the details. So, alchemy is just a natural state for higher vibrational beings.

But what happens when their "ideal" manifestations come in contact with your physical reality that does have these rules? Say, a ship "falling" into your vibrational level.

You have independently arrived at the idea of an "island of stability" in your science textbooks. We can tell you that this island exists, and you are finding elements on the shores of the island. Yet, even in this island of stability, there is no 100% stable element. Yet there are some that can survive for seconds or longer, which is amazing considering how unstable elements around them are. There are artificial fields that can stabilize these atoms.

When your scientists found a ship, they discovered the signature of such an element. They couldn't "see" this element since it had to be kept in its containment field which was luckily still functioning.

However, again, like before, this element was not part of how the ship functioned in higher vibration. It was simply an artifact that arrived when the ship "fell" into your vibration and got stuck. If you ask the question of "how does anti-gravity work"? Then the universe provides an answer. One of those answers, not the only one, is element 115. Whether or not you independently can produce element 115 and use it is another question, and it's not really that important since you'll side-step the need.

However, we do want to leave you with one tiny anecdote: Your scientists have already produced element 115, but it sadly isn't the right isotope. They know the equations to produce the right ones, but it's easier said than done.

Telepathy and collective conscious

Would it surprise you if we told you that telepathy is the most common form of communication in your galaxy? It is more natural than verbal or written communication. So what you see as the technology of telepathy, is simply a natural ability. Some of you are showing that because you are developing your own natural telepathic ability. Others are augmenting it with the technology of mobile devices and the internet, simply a primitive telepathic network within the primitive collective of physical collective of mankind. By the way, there is a higher vibrational collective of mankind your souls are tapped into, as are a few individuals on your world. You just haven't figured out how to make it as ubiquitous for your lives as the internet is. That will change and the two will merge.


Higher vibrational beings can typically move around by what you would call teleportation. Not all of them, and some do need the ships to make certain types of movements. However, most don't. So why the ships? We never said every being is logical.

So, teleportation is just a natural capability many beings have. You may see this and think they have some form of technology because in your 3d experience it is technology. However, to them, it's not.

Mind control

We decided to cover some extra-terrestrial technologies that we haven't seen penetrate your reality in the way you may have imagined it. One of which is that it is fabled there is some mind control device that is used to manipulate mankind.

Interestingly, there is such a device so-to-speak, however it is not either man-made or extra-terrestrial in origin. It is actually by nature what you call the veil. Everything on your side of the veil is limited in the types of energy that can pierce through, and socially you work as a civilization largely to uphold the veil instead of working harder to pierce the veil - which isn't much work at all, but a change in belief.

So, as a society that often likes to give away your creative power, you once again have found a way to give away your own ability to eliminate the effects of the veil by blaming it on anything but yourselves. It can feel cozy inside your comfortable reality where everything is controlled and logical - or seemingly so - but you miss out on so much and feel so isolated by maintaining the veil in its present form.

Now, this has been enhanced by the ability in some cases - for self-preservation - that extra terrestrials have been able to temporarily paralyze human beings through telepathic thought. However, those are two separate things. You will learn that well enough when you can do the same thing, for instance, to temporarily demobolize an attacking lion long enough to talk it out of attacking you.

Experimentation and cattle mutilation

Cattle mutilation is undergone by clandestine aspects of your own government to study the effects of nuclear radiation caused by nuclear testing. As the data starts to finalize, you should see a natural drop-off in that.

Additionally, we are not aware of any experimentation being undergone on people. Hysteria can cause people to create in their mind certain experiences. Such mind creations can even manifest physical signs, just as people can do to themselves sometimes when being "possessed". So in some sense, this hysteria can be a modern form of possession. What we do see, quite often, is that while people are asleep or in a higher vibrational state, they are picked up by ships or travel to the ships themselves and do interact. These ships are sometimes what you'd call extra terrestrial and are sometimes manifested by groups of humans. In either case, that's as far as it goes, and we aren't aware of any experimentation happening. In some cases, when people are confronted with the idea of experimentation, it transforms in their own mind what actually occurred.

That is called a distortion. And such distortions are typically only temporary and the shadow is eventually lifted.


We want to follow-up that last part saying that in fact there have been hybrids created. You may consider this invasive, especially when it's your genetic material being used. As we've said in other channelings, we can't judge hybrids because in many way this is simply a beautiful exercise of creational abilities. Furthermore, your souls have agreed to this, as has the earth. When a being isn't well-suited for life on Earth, and wants to interact with mankind, it can simply wait until mankind has a high enough vibration to interact. Since these beings exist outside of linear time, it's not such a big deal anyway. They just find the version of humanity they are interested in and interact with that one. However, some find it interesting to interact with the current state of mankind. Those indvidiausl can shift their vibration and descend to Earth through a very risky step that we discussed earlier about so-called Gods and goddesses. Or, they can do something a little safer and create hybrids that contain their own uniqueness entwined with beings that are capable of survival on planet Earth, if not quite so well since some of these hybrids can be fragile.

In fact, there is already a hybrid on your world with over seven billion members! It is called the human being. The breeding program for your species was intensive, and it took many tries and much cross-breeding to get it right. So, we suggest before judging hybrids, remember that mankind is in fact a hybrid.

With love,
The dragon

You Always Keep Your Identity


November 22, 2013, 2:16 am
You always keep your identity no matter what . Even a drop of water into a vast ocean is still there within the ocean. To put it another way if there was no ego or " self" at all then there would be nothing for God to " fill" and the energy would be nothing but pure chaos. So there is always a little bit of "you" after all what do you think the " container" is that God does fill? It isn,t just the physical but spiritual as well :-) . I wasn,t kidding in any way though about what I said and it wasn,t to scare just to inform that is all. You see there really are thieves of DNA that steal from people without their consent. While it is true we are all part of God we are each a unique part or " drop" and these thieves were trying to steal that unique part for their own selfish use. This " virus" is simply one of many counter measures put in to stop such crimes. I just figured you all may want to know about this is all :-) . These thieves of DNA knew what they were doing was wrong and like any other crime their actions have consequence. You know thisn,t a doctor doing work to cure a disease or blood transfer to save lives. We are talking about things like cloning or the creation of bio weapons like the AIDS virus ( yes the virus was "man made" by stealing then altering certain DNA)to cause humanity or other beings to suffer just for their own amusement. So trust me they had this type of stuff coming to them.



November 21, 2013, 9:12 pm
Consider this. . .When you realize you are everything there is nothing that can be taken away from "you". There is no real you.The identity is an illusion. Therefore nothing can every harm "you".

No one can steal your spirit love. The last test is to realize pure consciousness creates the "soul" and "spirit". There is nothing to steal. There is only potential energy and kinetic energy. You don't need a lethal virus. A virus is just one program that takes over another. It is also illusion, part of the mind matrix. Move beyond the separatist thinking and you will see that there is just all that is. This is the way to end suffering and find liberation.

Thats True Enough Caridaway.


November 21, 2013, 7:24 pm
Thats true enough Caridaway. On side note while I can not speak for anyone else here I never gave anyone permission to use my dna and to prevent anyone from stealing it my spirit placed an extremely lethal " virus" into my dna sequence . Another way to put it is that it is "cursed" if you will. Anyways that bit of dark information aside .... I want to say it is nice when you get in touch with your spirit and begin to see the bigger parts that make up the sum of "you". :-)

When You Step Back And See


November 21, 2013, 3:52 pm
When you step back and see ONE very important truth, that life creates the universe and not the other way around you will realize that all of this being discussed is literally being created as reality. So it is ridiculous to argue about which is the real truth and which is not when everything is true in one context or another. Quantum physics has now proven that the observer creates reality. There is no after life there is only eternal life. Everything we think is solid is not. Everything we think is out there far away is not. There is no time or space unless the mind creates it. Once you understand that and really integrate it you will stop arguing about whether ETs created humans or whether someone is possessing you because it is all illusion at the very fundamental level. If we are to override the program that tells us we are victims of cause and effect, and that is what ascension is about, then we have to KNOW that matter is only matter because the mind allows it to be. The world around us is a result of a collective mind matrix. Life itself does not have boundaries or limitations. Life is consciousness. It is difficult but not impossible for an individual to transform the body back into pure consciousness. It is difficult because of the collective mind set that is in place telling us that we die or that the rock is solid. I know it is hard to wrap the mind around it but this is the true nature of reality. A beam of light is both wave and particle depending upon the observer. It takes a great deal of mind power to override the program that makes us appear separate and powerless and judging by this conversation we are nowhere near that level.

Well First Humanity Otherwise


November 21, 2013, 2:20 am
Well first humanity otherwise this will end in disaster trust you don,t want to spread yourself too thin with " attraction" or it won,t work. There is still alot to create in this world. I can,t speak for the world but in the Us we need to have clean drinking water ( no chemicals or fluoride added in) , the reestablishment of our republic Government over its counterfeit copy of " Democratic" form ( including the removal of tyrants like Obama) and lastly have a food supply that is from nature instead of man ( GMO).



November 20, 2013, 7:36 pm
I wish to apologize to both the dragon and the channeler as they are right. You see I misunderstood what was meant here. I didn,t realize they meant genetic altering at the HIGHER levels I thought they meant at the LOWER levels. Now this makes more alot more sense because doing this at a higher level is natural but doing it at a lower level is not.

I'd Also Like To Add That


November 20, 2013, 7:12 pm
I'd also like to add that it's really quite interesting that giving up control is part of empowering one's self. Talking about not only humanity as a whole here, but also individuals. It is amazing how two seemingly contradictory things are actually linked.

This Whole Discussion Will


November 20, 2013, 6:56 pm
This whole discussion will become really interesting when we give computers their first heart chakra. Within 100 years linear and that's a conservative estimate. Could be much sooner. Or better said: They use us to manifest their evolution to having a heart chakra. There's a totally "new" type of life emerging on the planet and I think this will be very hard for people. Gaia, on the other hand, will be fine with it.

Ultimately, humanity is removing some of its self-imposed limitations it put on its reality. That also means giving up a little control, trusting, and allowing.

I Am Not One That,s Close


November 20, 2013, 6:25 pm
I am not one that,s close minded that is why I know that last part is utter crap. You can,t create life by throwing genetics together it doesn,t work that way. There are rules of nature you can,t screw with and that is one of them. A GMO hybrid is vastly different from a TRUE hybrid that happens in natural settings. In terms of plants cross pollination will create hybrids with souls but creating them by modifying genes will create a something that "never was". Clearly this message isn,t talking about " cross pollinating" human beings but creating us through genetic modification. It may very well be possible that we were " cross pollinated" with different energies but we were never created through genetic modification in a lab setting.

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans


November 20, 2013, 10:20 am

It should be noted here that we are not talking of some form of malignancy or evil on the part of Organic Portals,
rather it would seem that they are simply doing and acting according to their natures,
..which it appears is to a large extent “soul-less”



What is it that made us consciouss off @ about 20.33 minutes?

WE Are All One, ...yet....We Are Not the Same.

~~Got it!

And New Possibilities => Probabilities

Symbol Omega


OK Jesse, Enough Already!!


November 20, 2013, 5:42 am
NetDragon has penned a very well written and informative piece here and obviously you don't agree, so please do us all a favor and move on! And don't ever read any of his articles again, if you are too closed-minded to consider concepts and ideas that challenge your beliefs.

Your absolutist mindset and "100%" thinking is almost painful to witness, it's so limiting. Trust me there is NO THING that applies to 100% of the people; there are at least 7 billion variations. And that, as you say is "straight from my soul" truth!

And Thank You Dragon for an excellent article!! I think it's your best one yet! ;)

It Is Not My " Belief" It Is


November 20, 2013, 4:13 am
It is not my " belief" it is FACT as your " dragon" is either lying to you or is an ignorant fool. Trust me I know what I am talking about here 100% not some kind of " ego logic" but straight from my soul . I am not kidding when I say 100% I mean 100% at every part of my entire being even well up to the level of " god self" or whatever you wish to call the deepest part of your soul. Now if your source of information is a dark being then I pray they learn to turn away from the ways of hatred/manipulation of souls and if it is just ignorance then I pray they they gain the wisdom to learn the truth. You believe a lie if you wish I am done here no pint in wasting time on you any longer.

Jesse, It's Definitely


November 20, 2013, 3:43 am
Jesse, These channelings are not compatible with your current belief system, which is fine. It has nothing to do with the source and that there is no way to rectify something that completely contradicts your beliefs. We'll agree to disagree.

The last thing I'll say on the topic is this, is a response from the dragon, an info dump: It's definitely genetic hybrids. Hybrids have souls if they are conscious. Plant hybrids have Gaia's soul. Best hybrids involve full 12-stranded DNA or they may have issues. Hybrids can cause challenges in ecosystem. Still no rules, Gaia and all-that-is don't mark anything illegal. Mankind are directors, not Gaia. Gaia has option to purge mankind civilization, not make rules. Gaia is blended with collective soul of mankind. Gaia requires mankind to evolve. Gaia requires hybrids to evolve. Many races require hybrids to evolve. Including humans, who are also hybrids themselves.

Anyway, as mentioned the channelings are not compatible with your belief system and we'll agree to disagree. :-)

Oh I Almost Forgot The Only


November 19, 2013, 3:41 pm
Oh I almost forgot the only reason why we can even have GMO crops here on earth is a lesson to show us just wrong this process is. These plants do not have souls but simply " exist" and yes under normal circumstances would simply die. This is more " tolerated" by God to show us the error of how wrong this is. I do believe when we learn that lesson as a whole these crops will cease to exist or just die.

Look There Is No Exception To


November 19, 2013, 3:22 pm
Look there is no exception to this rule so either the information source you have for this is mistaken or lying. Look it CAN be done thats isn,t the point though. The point is that is that every single living human being as well every other " hybrid" in existence would be something unnatural. You see Genetic modification to " create" a hybrid being results in something nature can never create so it has no reason to exist nor any purpose in it,s existence. You are not talking about something like crossbreeding which IS natural as that is the combination of different species genetics through mating.

There is another explanation to this so please ask your friend to explain it in more detail because I assure what you talking about is " illegal" in the eyes of God without any exceptions at all.

So are you so are you meaning cross breeding instead of Genetic modification because there is a difference after alll.

Jesse,I'm A Little Flustered


November 19, 2013, 9:31 am

The concept of a soulless living being makes no sense in this reality. Without a soul, a species will not survive naturally. A hybrid is a genetic combination of two or more different species. It is a natural process on Earth for forming new species, and of course you covered that by mentioning breeding. It can also be done artificially, to avoid the need for chance when combining genetics. You agree there too, but believe it cannot ever work. That is an artificial hybrid. If it is done wrong, and the body cannot maintain a soul be it individualized or Gaia group consciousness then the being cannot survive and they hybrid dies, at least naturally without extreme medical intervention to maintain a vegetative state or similar. No soul = death. It's quite simple in this reality. If done right, being has a soul, a new species exists, and next step is to form enough genetic diversity within the new species. Done right is the key point. Mankind doesn't yet have the capability to do this for advanced creatures like humans. DNA is one of the most complicated things in the universe, and exists on multiple dimensions and even planets and stars have genetics (not DNA, but for simplicity we can call it that). However, other races do have the capability, ones that have been around for the equivalent of millions of years.

Mankind has been around since the Earth was formed, but not in dense physical form. Just angelic beings that had no more than a lightbody. Mankind chose to have a body. From a higher vibrational perspective, mankind manifested its form. However, this is a physical reality. As such, physical bodies had to be manufactured on Earth. Through the wonderful magic of synchronicity, linearly millions of years ago, there were beings that came along and made genetic hybrids called human beings over the course of millions of years, these bodies were developed and refined. It started by mixing seed races from other worlds' genetics with earthly simian dna. These were hybrids. Then multiple prototypes and breeding programs ensued until ultimately the genetics were refined enough to house individualized consciousness of the angelic human soul.

This genetic hybrid program to create the race of modern human was not done by humanity since humanity didn't have physical bodies at the time. Humanity directed it, but the ones doing the work are beings you call ETs.

I Would Like To Apologize If


November 19, 2013, 7:44 am
I would like to apologize if I was a bit harsh in my first comment by the way I kind of got emotional but if you know anything about the danger of GMO food then you understand my point. as I said before what is being said here must refer to something else.

I do not mean to insult anyone here or anything but trust me you can't "agree" to this because it's an "impossiblity" much like saying " I agree to be my own father" it just can't happen without creating a hole or "cancer" in reality.

So Brian the dragon I ask that if possible you please attempt to explain it a bit more because I know if I tried to combine say my own dna with that of a tiger you would end up with a horrfic mutant of a being or a tiger with a lizzard the same result a horrfic mutant.

so if when we do the same thing here it creates an "abmoniation" how is it possible to do the same thing and create life that doesn't make any sense.

Does this help explain what I am saying abit better everyone?

Guys "hybrids" In The Sense


November 19, 2013, 4:55 am
guys "hybrids" in the sense used is a 100% impossible event to happen because that would make every single human a souless being.

anything that is created through genetic modification is "illegal" to God or (the "source" if you prefer).

There is 0 exception to this rule so the message about hybrids means the person or being telling this is either lying or simply doesn't know the full truth of what happened.

In other words the fact that we have souls does in fact mean we CANNOT be hybrids.

I agree that "absolute" is not true and that things are not always "black or white" however every rule has an exception.

This is one of those rules that genetic modification is a completely unnatural process that renders the "creation" without a soul as it is something that was never meant to exist disrupting the natural order.

At the very least there is more to the story than mere genetics.

Keep in mind we are not talking about breeding hybrids or natural evolution but the altering of genetics to create something.

Like I said since we have souls we cannot be "hybrids" in the sense used because that cannot ever happen without the hybrid having no soul.

Thanks For The Reply


November 19, 2013, 3:10 am
I guess what I was responding to was the overall feeling that Humanity itself was being blamed for the direction of this planet when in fact for me it has been tightly controlled and directed. To me that would be like blaming an MK ultra beta sex slave for responding to their handlers. You can say they are responsible for their actions but have been horrifically programmed. Also while I do believe there are friendly and not so friendly ETs about, my focus is on Humanity. I came here for the upliftment of humanity and to do my part in providing for the sanctity of Earth. The future I see is one in which Humanity with Gaia make the decisions on who/how other races of beings interact with us. This for me is not to continue or become a way station for any species acting in any manner they want. Humanity does have to grow up--and humanity will--and we will have interaction with other races--but I believe we will finally claim our Power and our Sovereignty. It may be more difficult for the other races to accept that given their thoughts of a superior viewpoint that they need to release a young humanity but it is time for that. So I guess my views are somewhat colored by that perspective. While I know I have lived many lifetimes in various forms--I Am here now in Human form and hold clearly the Loving vision for Humanity and I feel the other races or ETs are going to have to come around to the idea that humanity will be making its own decisions soon(like that word soon). I know that its going to be eye-popping how quickly humanity will grow up with the controllers removed. Peace and True Freedom for all

Kazar, I'm Not Saying


November 19, 2013, 1:23 am
Kazar, I'm not saying malevolence and benevolence are the same thing and I'm not sure where you picked that up. I specifically was stating a fact that by definition something isn't malevolent if it doesn't have a mal-intent. Malevolent is a stronger statement than misguided. It may seem like I'm splitting hairs, but I'm not. Judgement needs to be responsible and this lesson has been given to humanity over and over. Ultimately, your judgement can manifest what your judgement is.

Re humans as hybrids. I'm talking about hybrid work that far predate Atlantis (in linear time) when the human species was actually created from breeding and hybrid work with primitive hominids, so we actually had bodies to inhabit that could carry individualized consciousness and build what we wanted to create. In linear time, that process started millions of years ago, although the evidence is something more along the lines of hundreds of thousands and finalizing within the last one hundred. However, the linear aspects of it is an illusion. From an angelic perspective, we made the choice and *presto* the bodies were ready.

I've never interacted with beings that want to suck my soul energy or eat me. They also didn't bring me onto their ship for my own amusement either. They obviously had an agenda and also curiosity, because I reached out to them first. However, I found them to be pretty gentle and of course they could be faking, but so can anyone. When you look into the eyes of these beings, you see yourself. The greys are a little funny since they lack some intuitive tools for critical thinking, but I don't find them malevolent, just a little silly. I imagine there are bad eggs for them, just a there are for human beings, and hopefully I don't run into them. We can't go through life paranoid like that, thinking everything is out to get us. I think there's a lot of dogma you all must wade through, and learning to discern what is dogma is part of your ascension process.

Btw, humanity has programmed itself on certain innate social cues that are specific to human beings (that aren't so innate for some, btw) that is part of your discernment. However, it only works with human beings. People are going to need to put that aside when dealing with ETs and find a new form of discernment.

Now, back to whether or not humanity chose this. Who did? Is this man's reality or does it belong to some unseen group that somehow pulls the strings secretly? Man is or isn't in control? Part of ascension is taking responsibility for what you create, and learning how you can create what you don't intend when you do things like allow in fear. I'm not saying humanity necessarily engineered it a certain way or even likes what came out, however humanity did invite negativity through not being masters at manifestation.

And this isn't judgement for the sake of judgement. It is more practical and constructive than that. It is an uplifting and empowering statement that humanity is master of its own reality and has the ability to transmute it. First step, however, is taking responsibility since otherwise when you consider yourselves victims, you don't feel empowered.

Hey Dragon


November 18, 2013, 10:07 pm
We are creator beings who were given free will Choice--for me that is making decisions and using our intent and passion to make manifest our vision. Much of Lightworkers difficulty with clarity and navigating thru these times(in my view)is because of the conditioning that has been so prevalent in the past 30 years. The conditioning I am referring to is that everything is equal--good is the same as bad because if you make a choice that can be judgement. Everything in the long run equals out because it is just experience. This sounds nice but is untrue. When you start as an individual to make your Run at ascension--every choice becomes even more critical including ideas you choose to present. To say that malevolence and benevolence are equal or have the same quality of vibrationary Feel. Even benevolence can be confusing.

I once had a being share with me that benevolence can be an act of compassion but it can also leave others feeling lost and confused--like straddling a fence without making a decision(lets hope its not a picket fence). We are here to make choices. You must do this to Ascend. It is one way that you are tested upon your light.

The period you referred to was the Atlantean technological period. The scientific experiments you referred to were part of the cause of the fall and our world being put into isolation. The same being are back to play this out again. Now those same beings are in control and in control of the experiments that are being conducted. Humanity must CHOOSE. Choose Love The malevolent beings are part of the schism that took place. Harmlessness in action is Love--beings that want to eat you and enslave you and suck your soul energy ad infinitim can be termed malevolent by anyone they want to eat. The reason you must choose IMO is that the meek are going to inherit the Earth

Now to address the sticking point here. That Humanity somehow chose all thats been done to them. This from my perspective is untrue. Much like in the story of Job--Creator chose this for Humanity. How can this BE? You have heard over and over that time is not linear. How long do you Feel it took the Creator of all that is to come up with a Divine Plan to heal the separation that occured which allowed for beings without heart and the Luciferians. My knowing says they occurred at almost the same instant. And yet a True Divine Plan--this one--took hundreds of thousands of years to play out because a new race was created that was the antidote and was designed to heal our Universe. Now in the mind of God there existed the awareness that others would mess around with the babe(our current humanity)there would be those that would mess with the DNA--reptillians-pleidians-Sirians etc Yet I would tell you this was all accounted for and Humanitys Divine Design would eventually transcend all the changes and begin to step into their Divinely Appointed Destiny. Now here we are. You must choose. To become a wayshower means that at some point, even real soon, mass humanity will see You and the guiding begins. So the question I would again ask, is your teaching truly that malevolence and benevolence are the same. How do you honestly feel mass humanity is going to respond to that? After all the torture rapes and wars, financial manipulation and control. Every step you take being monitered. That is what a fallen society looks like. 30,000 drones in the sky overhead. What do you really feel the people will say when you say its all goood in the long run. If we cannot tell even basic right from wrong here, it truly will be the Children--not us who remake this world. Just a perspective Blessings

Hey Dragon Gravity Is A Local


November 18, 2013, 9:18 pm
hey dragon gravity is a local event based on the Karma matter grid reality here on earth I would not take it any further than it goes in that perspective of limited perspective as 3d science sees it

Kazar I Also Have No Mental


November 18, 2013, 8:17 pm
Kazar agreed that Jesse may not have used the best wording. Perhaps there is some truth in some cases to what he said. I don't really know one way or another. I just feel it isn't correct in most cases, that the reasons aren't ultimately malevolent in most cases (nor benevolent) and I have no logical reasoning to provide.

I definitely don't feel in my heart, however, that the Earth was taken by force or ever taken, period. I feel, in fact, that believing such is actually giving power away to the unknown instead of taking power and responsibility for our own creations. That if Earth were in fact taken over, that those controlling would want us to believe that it had been and that we have no recourse, so that we'd give up our power. I do feel that humans were toyed with from time to time, but that humanity also played along with it (even if that may tick some people off to hear) since humanity is from the angelic kingdom and knows full well what it is doing.

I also have no logical reasoning for claiming I have approved sharing my genetic material at all levels, even if I intuitively feel it to be true. Even more, although I do remember bits and pieces of being taken aboard ships (OOB), and I have interacted on the surface with some ETs (they were not fully opaque), I do never remember any genetic material being extracted from me (nor do I have any clue how that'd work OOB anyway). So my own recollection of it evades me. Nevertheless, I intuitively feel that it happened and my soul confirmed and even explained to me about what it will accomplish. It came to me in a flash but I picked out evolution for their physical forms, better interaction, diversity, etc but mainly breaking free some long-stagnant energies since the hybrids will do what they want, not what they are told - nature finds a way.

Just Out Of Curiosity, If We


November 18, 2013, 8:15 pm
Just out of curiosity, this time a logic-based question as opposed to my intuition-based response before: Malevolence is a mal-intent, not just a misguided action. If we created cat-human and dog-human and dolphin-human hybrids that were capable of verbal and written language, would that be malevolent, benevolent, or just IS? And another case, if we went to another planet 20ly from here and found that we just couldn't cope with a gravity 8 times our own and a very aggressive ecosystem, and made a hybrid with an ape-like creature there which is much stronger and better suited, would that be malevolent? I won't argue that without adequate wisdom, either of these could be misguided. But the intent may not be malevolent, right?



November 18, 2013, 5:39 pm
Very true!

I Absolutely Agree With


November 18, 2013, 3:47 pm
the Intent of Jesse's comment. The Earth Herself was taken by force. You can say this was agreement--but you do not know this. You also may call humans hybrids now but that is not related to the current malevolent hybrid programs ongoing. Jesse may not have expressed himself perfectly here but what he did do was express his gut feelings about this. I might also add that Feelings are the only way to get thru this illusion--so nitpicking with the mind may be its own trap Blessins kazar

Where Is It Written "No Soul


November 18, 2013, 2:55 pm
Where is it written "No soul has ever under any circumstances. . ." Where did he say that? Oh Ok I see what is going on. That is what Jesse said. But noone can make absolute statements like that. The only absolute statement is that it is unlikely anyone can possibly know what all souls agree to or do not agree to.



November 18, 2013, 9:03 am

Keep in mind the following is NOT a channeling, just my opinion.

You said, "NO SOUL ON THE EARTH OR THE EARTH ITSELF has ever UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES agreed to such a thing." sounds very absolutist."

You mean you don't agree to it but "no soul" is a bit extreme nor correct. For, I can say specifically that I am a case that contradicts your viewpoint. So there's already one case, which is more than none. Namely, I have agreed already to my genetics being used in a limited sense, and I know my soul has as well with even less restriction than I'd like on it, and I know intuitively it's been used. I can even hear my soul sort of giggling that the consequences of this for this incarnation is a known quantity and can cause some challenges for me, outweighed by the benefits for me at least, because of what I came here to do.

Anyway, back to what the channeling says. The channeling specifically meant that the souls of human beings have specifically volunteered to participate and have their material used for hybrids, not that they have simply gone to a place where the "rules" were as such. It came through as intentional choice. What I didn't get clearly is if that means every soul or only some, but it definitely feels like, the way it came through, that it means "most" of the small number of human beings who have helped create hybrids.

As far as mother Earth, gaia, she really doesn't force her hand on things like this or take sides in normal cases. She'll have an opinion, sure, and it'll be about balance, biodiversity, and the overall evolution of Earth and what step she sees as leading more in this direction - hybrids or not. But beings fumble and Gaia doesn't automatically wipe out life to start anew because of one step gaia feels is in the wrong direction, assuming this was a step in the wrong direction which I'm not saying at all. Anyway, since most hybrids won't spend prolonged periods of time on Earth, I can't see it having a huge impact on the ecosystem and diversity is usually a positive thing. If some hybrids get left to their own devices on Earth, cast aside or forgotten forced to survive on nature, then that will be interesting, and hopefully we could coexist.

Keep in mind that this response is not channeled, just my personal opinion.

I Do Not Believe You On The


November 18, 2013, 6:04 am
I do not believe you on the last part
I ask that you please be careful on how you speak NO SOUL ON THE EARTH OR THE EARTH ITSELF has ever UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES agreed to such a thing.

What has happened however is that the earth has agreed to a sort of "anything goes" set of rules meaning that the rule book has always been blank here so any writting of a "rule" here does mean that this rule has been agreed on by anyone just the one that wrote it.

In other words I can write in the rule book all spirits around me will die and the will die however this doesn't mean that all spirits around me agreed to die just that the rule I MADE in said book of rules caused them to die.

You can call it "cause and effect" or "action and reaction".

The same is true for human beings someone decided to create us as hybrids so they created this rule of us being hybrids there was never a "vote" on the subject it simply happened nothing more or less.

You may not mean to manipulate people here but I assure that last part is very manipulative (at least in english perhaps it sounds better in other laungauges). In any case please be advised that just because someone does something that no one is aware of then they are not stopped doesn't mean that the action was "agreed to".


friend dear brion the dragon


A Few Points...


November 18, 2013, 12:40 am
It has been stated by people in the know (i.e. black-ops whistleblowers, retired military people, etc.) that perhaps as many as 90% of the UFO's people see are all Earth-based craft using advanced ET technology. This wasn't so decades ago, but is now.

"The beings that visit are typically higher vibrational."

This is true because there are nearly impenetrable control mechanisms in place within our solar system to prevent malevolent ET's from entering this space. There are many advanced ET races providing protection for Earth at this time.

The situation with other Earth-bound ET races is apparently far more complex and problematic than stated by Brian. Here is recent, detailed information on this: youtu.be/5bPhG3WP2xM

"Additionally, we are not aware of any experimentation being undergone on people. Hysteria can cause people to create in their mind certain experiences. Such mind creations can even manifest physical signs, just as people can do to themselves sometimes when being "possessed". So in some sense, this hysteria can be a modern form of possession. What we do see, quite often, is that while people are asleep or in a higher vibrational state, they are picked up by ships or travel to the ships themselves and do interact. These ships are sometimes what you'd call extra terrestrial and are sometimes manifested by groups of humans. In either case, that's as far as it goes, and we aren't aware of any experimentation happening. In some cases, when people are confronted with the idea of experimentation, it transforms in their own mind what actually occurred."

The evidence (and there is a huge volume of documented evidence) does not support this comment. Malevolent ET and human-based abductions have been occuring for a long time. Perhaps Brian is suggesting that this has recently stopped. That may be so.

The above aside, thanks, Brian, for the comprehensive report.


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