by Rachyrachel

December 26, 2013

I'm sorry for all this blogging. I feel the urge sometimes.

So this evening after the other blog I was watching Dr. Who when I got a visit from Woden. I am really pleased to see him considering I haven't seen him for about a month and I was starting to think he was a figment of my imagination. He gives me this present with a big pink heart inside it and I melt. I try and send him one back and he blows me this kiss of about a million butterflies. I said the other day didn't I? I am not all rainbows and butterflies. I am all butterflies now lol. He's so sweet isn't he?

Anyhows before he went he touches his nose and this makes me laugh. He went and within two minutes Dr. Who touches his nose in the same way. The programme was about Galafrey being in another universe and a split in the dimensions meant the whole planet was trying to come through. Dr. Who was dying and his companion went over to the split in reality and said if you love him, help him.

The split healed and reappeared in front of the Dr. A load of rejuvination energy appeared out of the split in reality, sent from Galafrey and saved the Dr by helping him rejuvinate. As messages and symbols go...

I am sat in front of a tree. It's a love tree. I think I am supposed to hug it. I have been told by my guides and I think it was angels that I have to keep all my energy and I said I didn't know if my healing energy leaving my friends would affect them or not. I have just found out that my friend and her family (woah get you Rach) have had flu all over Christmas. :( I didn't help with the storm at all. I am under orders and I have to believe that whatever the reason this is for the best somehow. Someone died in Cumbria. I'm not saying this is my fault in any way because clearly it isn't. I know spirit enough to know the signs will be just enough to kick start me towards where I am meant to be and they will not harm anyone else in teaching me a lesson. What they often so is stick me in the middle of something that would have happened anyway to make me take notice. I do know this new way of healing is fine but I still haven't learned how it will relate to gridwork.

So my personal lesson may have been put in front of me to entertain me while we watch and see if the rest of the people in the area have learned anything at all over the past few years. Logically, this seems to be the best answer for me as spirit could send me a quick lesson in a dream if they had to, or just send me the energy I am trying to connect to. That tree is me and I am trying to understand how to love it.

I've read a lot about timelines and resting over Christmas and releasing and loving yourself but for me I ahve this piece missing out of the jigsaw and I think it is the piece right in the middle. I am going to venture that we are now at task to teach others that we are one. We will love as one and we will tend the grid as one. I do believe those who do not wish to experience awakening have already opted out. Those that have chosen to step forward for an awakening now have a quick task ahead of them and again, the pressure seems to be on us to teach love and oneness sharpish so people start realising their actions, worries, fears and needs will affect the grid. Yes, I can flip the switch back if I have to but I am not and have not ever been in a position where I do anything other than follow the advice of the people who seem to understand the plan. It's like teaching a toddler to walk and I don't think it's going to be nice to watch us plonk on the floor over the next few months but I think that is what will happen. - Told you the Christmas energy is clearer didn't I? At least I have some information.

Have I mentioned I don't really believe in oneness? We are one? Are we? If I am starving and you are starving are we one? Well, we are but will you see it like that if there's one burger on the plate? What if your children were starving? Would I save someone else half a burger when my child could eat all of it? No I wouldn't. Sorry I just wouldn't. Not when if it came to a choice.

I don't actually think this is what 'We are one' means.We are one if we are both starving. I don't think we have to act like we are one and the same. What it means to me is that we will be one love, one energy, one consciousness. If I could round up my idea of what is happening in my perspective is that the reins have been taken off this Christmas. We are one. If we mess up completely we will be one with the gridworkers back in 'charge' and this pattern will fluctuate for some months until I/we are ready for whatever is next.

Clearly I need to explain again about this healing thing. We have the tools, we can send healing energy out if we wish. Problem being that on the new oneness it is supposed to happen automatically, there is no need to 'send' it or to attatch yourself out of yourself. THAT is completely different to using someone else's energy to heal them. If I put healing out for someone it makes an invisible line out from my aura to someone else's. If I use their energy I am literally connecting them with their higher self. Who, if I'm honest, is not only better at knowing what energy is needed, will help with psychic devlopment and it is the higher self's JOB to guide the person. Not mine. Ridding energy from someone else is also fine but putting my energy into someone else's mix is not. That's how it feels anyhow. Caling angels out for others? No. Mind your own business or get them to ask the angels themselves. Do you know how many enquiries I got from my rubbish website that used NO selling techniques at all? Not one. Turns out if you don't try and convince someone into healing they don't want it. - SCARY.

I know the road to we are one. I have read enough about this to know I have to feel love for the tree stood in front of me. I need to give it a big hug and not let the cats wee near it. I know this stuff. I know that I never feel comfortable with it and I know why. I have to look at why I am giving, giving, giving in life. I don't like a lack of balance yet still I will happily give instead of it's true opposite, being. I am to be. Whether I like it or not. I am still to see how this will truly work but instead of it all being about me and what I do to help others I am now looking out for the drops in the ocean spreading out. Am I to take all the credit for other people's acts of love? Well, in a way yes because I have to understand in my daily life I have been at this for four years plus in depth and all my life without knowing it.

We are one. We are one in love and one in peace. That is the only outcome. I am not sure how I am going to get there but I have three months. I think I am expecting some troublesome times ahead with either weather or world events. I can't see how the people will learn any other way but I am hopeful, you never know.

So, now I have speiled all that out let me say we should be celebrating because we have a stop point here. As we move forward it will become more apparent as always but we are good to go with fully functioning super douper grid with no instructions and the batteries are included, they just reside a trillion light years away at the land of the central sun.

Hug the tree Rachel, learn to heal instantly, shine, celebrate. When I was young I wanted to be a primary school teacher. I had no idea at all of half the things I know now. All because of a little spilt in the fabric of reality. Not bad going Wodes really. Now, if we could work on that David Tennant disguise? God, he really does listen doesn't he? How much do I love Dr. Who? Weird.

x x x


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