So!!! Do You Really Want To Meet Your Twin Flame?

So!!! Do You Really Want To Meet Your Twin Flame?

by Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, Comments(28)
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Be careful what you wish for.

Much romantic fantasy has been written about the idea of being physically reunited on earth, at this time with your Twin Flame.  Fact is - that most of the notions regarding the TF phenomena are a complete fabrication of the imagination and a load of utter nonsense.  So much quixotic and idealistic propaganda has been generated around TF's, which  has given many searchers and couples a false and impractical impression on how these divine unions are supposed to be.  ''When I meet my Twin Flame - I will live happily ever after'' - wrong!!! 

The intense inner work that is involved into bringing these relationships to eventual fruition, can be completely overwhelming and quite traumatic for many - often most actually become extremely disallusioned with the whole idea of being reconnected with their  twin and vainly attempt to flee the union - only to be tormented by their inexplicable connection.  These unions are divine - once you meet your twin, there is no escaping - you are eternally attached to one another with the same invisable umbilical cord.  You don't get to choose your twin - he/she has been divinely chosen for you.  It can be quite a shock to your senses to discover that your TF in reality, is not the person you expected them to be. 

I'm not professing to be an authority regarding TF's, nor am I suggesting that TF's don't exist - just that these types of relationships can be thwart with so much heartache and pain - this particular partnership will challenge you to the very core of your being.  Most of these relationships don't manifest into a physical carnation because of the difficulties involved.  It's a rare few TF couples, who  actually progress from their initial reunion and soul recognition and harmoniusly survive in this dualistic environment.

The following is an extract from a conversation on a thread I've been following on another site - I do hope it will give you much valuable insight on the emotional turmoil, obstacles and issues which surround these types of divine duos:-

violetlotus commented on  "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


So glad I am not alone on this journey! I wish I had known about twin flames five years ago. It would have saved me lots of tears.

indigoshamemuk2 commented on  "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


I so dam wish I could find my twin! But I dout I will!


Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


This desire will burn through the walls of time and space to bring you your twin, just be wary of being burned in the process. You have to walk through the fire as a warrior! Be brave and don't lose hope my friend.


Aislinn Sidhe commented "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


I wouldn't wish for it, if I were you, indigoshamemuk2 :) You're far happier without it, because it can be absolutely horrendous. I mean it's "good" because it helps you deal with your monsters and demons, but there is a hell lot of pain that comes with it. I haven't seen the light of day for almost a year now.

Totally agree with Earthwalker, it is a fire indeed, and as heroic and brave it can teach you to be, the truth of the matter is ... it sucks. lol. There are good things a-plenty: transcendence beyond the physical, you understand cosmic mysteries, gain immense wisdom and strength, find your purpose, defeat your worst demons.

But at the same time, you might just spend every night in tears. I'd say it's worth it, though.

When you're ready, the universe will bring you your twin :) But it's far from roses and candle-light dinners in many cases, just be warned. :)

Love and Blessings

-Aislinn Sidhe )O(


Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


Totally agree with Aislinn. I recently met who I think is my twin online here. And I had to stop communicating because it was so intense, the love so strong, I physically could not handle it. I literally had chest pains half the time. The other half was simply sublime and amazing but it was also all-consuming. I am building my strength back up, gaining experiences and clearing out the closet to make room for another go round hopefully this year. But it is up to her as well....I think we are both


Rocio Bodevin commented on"Twin Flames and Soulmates"


Aislinn, I too have spent too many nights in tears. I would not wish this on anyone. I almost wish I could take back ever meeting my twin. This just takes so much work and is so excrutiatingly painful. I can't imagine asking the universe for this to happen. I had no idea twins even existed until I started to try and research what I was going through. It's not wine and roses. It's like having a magnifying glass put to your soul. It's scary having someone that can see every inch of your being.

Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


That was one of the best things for me was when my soul twin saw something in me that no one else had ever seen. It completely floored me and was one of the things that led me to believe in twin flames. I got such a healing from it even though it was difficult.......IT was the overwhelming intensity of the love that overpowered my ability to function that did me in.

Aislinn Sidhe commented "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


Earthwalker, I hope my Twin comes to "see" the truth of our bonds like you've seen yours. He stopped communication more than six months ago, and from what I gathered, was confused, irritated and fearful of being consumed with our connection. Plus, he wasn't ready for it. So ... I guess running is understand-able from that perspective. You need to be ready for something like this. Just out of curiosity, though, what do you mean when you said you're gaining new experiences and clearing your closet? Once again, I hope to goodness my Twin's doing the same thing!

I agree, Rocio Bodevin, it makes you so vulnerable. And that's scary too, because no one can hurt you like they can. I tried to "hide" behind ego for so long ... bad, bad decision lol. You can't hide from your Twin. The best thing to do is setting all that ego (which is a natural by-product of our society, I think) aside, and living from the heart.

Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


Well, I don't know if I was the runner or if she was or if we are both runners. I told her that I could not go on like this, that I had to back off and then "puff"---gone with the wind, just like that. I was hoping she would have come back with some sort of rebuttal or an "I understand" but I can understand taking off for sure.

What I am doing is working really hard on myself as well as trying to have other relationships because now I can see that all the inner work I do on myself is just leaning me to her. That includes trying to have other relationships, like going after intimacy, because the things I learn will only make me stronger and better able to contain the powerful emotions. It is also showing me the power of the twin flame union as I see that nothing is comparing to it, no other love. If  I clean out the closet of my soul with shadow work, I make space for new love to enter my life. I am very busy working on my patterns all the time. If I feel anything negative come up, I am quick to chase it down until I transmute the energy. I use inner child work, writing, astrology and energy healing to clear the patterns in my subconscious mind.

If you yourself  go about working on yourself and go after intimacy with others you will find yourself getting closer to him and should not feel the separateness even at all at times.

We could start dialoguing if you want and I can explain more. Love to do that.

Limitlass commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


Wow, I am just sitting back listening to all this.  I'd love to chat with any of you online if you are ever interested.  I too am in the same position, but would love to share stories in hopes of both learning from it.  I met the person that I believe to be my twin, less than a year ago online.  We were supposed to meet as soon as finances allowed but each of us also had to personal things to attend to...he had to move and I had to finish my lease and find a job, but our plans were to get together soon.  He is expecting me to give up everything I have here and move to be with him.  Here lies the kicker.  I have never even seen a picture of him or talked to him on the phone.  He is fully awake but I am not.  I'm not even 100% sure that it's him and he got very mad at me when I had some readings done that didn't mesh with some of the things he told me about myself.  It scared me.  Now hearing all this from you guys, I am not sure I want to strand myself 2000 miles from home with a man I know nothing about (in this lifetime, anyway).  Oh how I was I was as awake as he is so that I'd know for sure.  But what I am more curious about right now is finding out from you all, what kind of issues you've had to deal with and what has caused you to step back. 

Earthwalker commented on "Twin Flames and Soulmates"


I would just use common sense and your own instincts. Erring on the side of caution wouldn't be as bad as making a hasty decision. If it is your real twin and even if you think you are ready you still need some kind of back up plan. I mean your shadow will be thrown in your face and you will have to face stuff you never head to face in normal relationships. I mean this is special.

Aislinn Sidhe commented on"Twin Flames and Soulmates"


Yes, that would be nice, Earthwalker, it's always good to be able to talk to others going through the same things. I find it admirable that you've taken charge of what the Universe has handed you and transmuting negativity and working on yourself. And I agree, I will work on myself. Sometimes, though, it feels like there really is no choice but to work on ourselves in situations like these. I'll message you though :)

Aislinn Sidhe commented on"Twin Flames and Soulmates"


Limitlass, I also agree with Earthwalker's suggestion that you listen to your instincts and have a back-up. From what I know, Twin Flame situations require a lot of risks, but those risks should only be emotional! I'd ensure physical security first and foremost, just to be on the safe side.

Also, it's okay if you don't feel awakened enough - your awakening is orchestrated by the Universe, so don't worry too much :) I think any sort of soul connection helps you deal with your inner demons, and the Twin Flame is the strongest of those. You'd know best if it's a chance worth taking. :)

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Much love and happiness to you all

Ish )O(

The Agony & The Ecstasy

Black Ishtar

January 30, 2014, 4:22 pm
Hey T,

I guess that our whole spiritual progression is about learning and finding that divine inner love for one self. I don't mean that in a 'vain' sense - I mean finding that inner God/Source love - that divine spark of God within. The very source of that love, that found us worthy to create the souls of each and every one of us - irrespective of our trials and tribulations - regardless of our faults and attributes. Just to know that we are loved and cherished unconditionally by a love far greater than we can ever humanely comprehend.

To find that identical (Source) love in another compatible soul, who is incarnated on earth, at the same time as you, would have to be sheer bliss

I have felt it more than a few times - that sacred and blessed love from Source and ever since I have been on a quest to rediscover and tap into it - but I definately know it exists and it is real. This love is so overpowering and engulfing - I agree with you - you really can't describe it in mere words.

It would be some kind of ecstasy to be able to fill myself and consistently radiate and perpetuate that love here on earth. Unfortunately, like most - my human ego tends to detract me from this specific purpose - ironically, that is the agony of the entire situation.

When we find that Source within and truly learn to 'love' ourselves because Source loves us and not because we find it necessary to be in a relationship for the sake of validating our egos - hopefully then, we will be reacquainted with our TF.

I really appreciate your honesty and candidness as well my friend.

Much love and happiness always dear brother
Ish )O(

Amazing Insights I Do

[email protected]

January 30, 2014, 3:19 pm
Amazing insights I do resonate a lot with…

Could talk about this so much… and with you it is easy because I know the place where you come from. Enjoying this blog very much due its honest and authentic energies on the subject that is so much building expectation on something that is it not.. – what it is about it is that there is something that is over anything and this over anything is love for greatest good for all… while in the process we need to deal with stuff that we may not even expected to be deal with…. I could list lots of examples what I needed to take care of… and the failure is not an option it is clear that when we are in this process we will not fail on subjects we work with. These are very personal things that my mind has explained to be just fine for long time but with deepest trust I can open up the places within and transmute... oh this trust how good it feels. There is nothing beyond to be loved unconditionally the way TF loves... as it is so much different than any other love. The word of love is not enough to describe, it is very limiting actually. Even unconditional love word is not correct.

The divinely protection is one aspect that is quite something lol. It indeed sounds like a crazy thing but when we understand the purpose of it and the divine plan we really see that it is beyond our free will here… it is for many of us very hard to realize that something is over our intent and logic, that something we have decided long before coming here is being manifested... I really do not need any TF for anything and yet still things happen that leads from thing to another – this is what 3d logic says. But when I look at myself as a human and how I have progressed all I can do to be in infinite gratitude of the most precious thing in my heart.

But I stay open and not detached on anything as this also comes from the process. We learn to love ourselves alone… as another cannot fulfill us – it is ourselves. But if another that is reached the same as you – to love a self balanced way it could be quite something.

thank you for creating this place for us to share


Black Ishtar

January 30, 2014, 1:56 pm
Hey T,

I understand what you are suggesting. The TF topic and the vast variety of aspects involved in these types of relationships encompass so much - you really can't generalize. Everybody's TF experience differs, as do their opinions.

I tend to feel that a true TF union would be divinely protected from external interference - nothing could part what God has joined together.

No - it's not right to force a TF partnership at all - I gather it will inevitably unfold perfectly in 'God' (good) time - not our time. This is not a man-made, physical love at all.

I also believe that we are beyond manipulating a TF love - unconditional love in it's purest form. It is what it is - it can't be tainted by the physical desires of our egos.

A true TF union should teach us to transcend beyond our ego's.

I understand that running from your TF, or attempting to disconnect from your twinny - seems to be a common initial reaction though, amongst many TF's. The pain caused by that forced separation can be unbearable and overwhelming for both parties involved - I suppose the unintentional infliction of such anguish, can make the runner realize that this is no ordinary love and could possibly facilitate an eventual reunion - as it's too painful for each other to be apart. That is - if it's a true TF connection that is shared mutually.

Just my thoughts.

Thank you so much T. You've given me much to ponder.

Much love and happiness always dear brother
Ish )O(

This Is So Vastly Huge Topic

[email protected]

January 30, 2014, 12:24 pm
This is so vastly huge topic – there is almost endless corners to approach this topic. Things really get clear when you suppress and kill the TF connection with focused forced intent… the consequences of this action are incredible. We would never again try to manipulate this as it ripples out all across the rays we exist. I do not want to go to give details here due its very strange nature but simply say that playing with manipulation on something that is one can be very painful. But also forcing it into one by not caring others involved does the same pain. It simply teach us what true deepest level love is – and this love is gods love that creates everything… so it is so much more than romance lol but also hard to even believe it is really so. The fantasy journey is over when you try to cut out this connection. It can hurt – if we are able to cut it out I think it is not one, as tf is.


Soul Mates

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 11:59 pm
Hey Marie,

Gosh it's so good to hear from you. Where have you been? No need to answer that - I believe I know what you have been up to lol.

I really think you have hit the nail on the head. It just makes me wonder whether anybody would bother seeking the elusive TF experience, if they didn't know about it?

During my lifetime and spiritual development, I have encountered many souls that I have had an incredibly strong affinity with. Kindred spirits, who I believe are from the same soul group as me - we belong to the same soul family. You happen to be one of them. Both you and I have always had an uncanny but loving bond. I know for a fact, that we have worked together in the ethereal realms during our REM time. Not because I've seen you - I have felt you. We are soul sisters.

I understand how many can become confused between their 'near twin' and the intense loving connection that they feel for a member of their soul family - mistaking it for a TF connection.

You're absolutely right. TF's are not the idea of a romantic kind of love, which is how it has been stereotyped, marketed and literally sold, particularly within the New Age movement. So yeah - people have gathered preconceived expectations of how this reunion is supposed to be.

Maybe we should all endeavor to go into any future relationships (TF or not) without any expectations - it might minimise a lot of potential heartache and pain.

I believe a real TF union should not restrict, nor inhibit you in anyway. It is pure unconditional love, irrespective of whether your personal needs are being met or not. I know quite a few TF's, who are married to other partners and deeply in love with their spouses - but successfully maintain a separate TF liaison. TF love should be unselfish.

True love shouldn't hurt.

If anyone deserves to be loved, it's you - and you are loved greatly.

Thanks for your wise contribution sis - your views are always very welcome.

Much love and happiness always dear sis
Ish )O(


Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 11:24 pm
Keep It Simple Stupid.

Hey sis,

Couldn't agree with you more.

It's the ego that complicates things with all kinds of 'love' manifestations. So many of us want love to serve our own purpose - instead of serving the purpose of love.

Should it be enough to just to know what love is and not expect it in return? Is it a rule set in stone, that just because we love somebody, that they should love us back - in a specific way that we desire?

Everybody would love to hold on and possess their beloved - but how can you hold onto something that doesn't want to be held?

Shakespeare once said 'It is better to have loved and lost - than never to have loved at all'

Why can't we be satisfied just knowing that we are capable of loving?

Much love and happiness always dear sis
Ish )O(

Hi There Sweet Ish


January 29, 2014, 9:00 pm
I feel one of the greatest misunderstandings is about TFs.
It is also one of the most insidious ways that the old grid was set up to keep souls attached to it.
By playing in the energy of expectations, in the energy of "Romantic " love,we reconnect to the old earth and keep feeding those energies...
The way I understand it is many think they have connected to their TF but they are experiencing a timeline conversion. A near twin. The vibration is very strong between these two souls because they have indeed been around and around with each other quite a bit( soul families), and their energy signature is very similar...and now as souls are returning to Source , they are meeting each other for the last time, like touching base with each other and giving a quick kiss...and then releasing all density within our joined energy signatures as we move forward.
This is how the karmic cycle is being destroyed.
These relationships are incredibly intense(near twins) but show up to allow us to release density within us.
It is like meeting another soul that is your soul family. Let's say both are blue rays.As we begin our ascension soul families are coming together and so meeting a blue ray would resonate hugely within our heart space.But there are endless tones of blue and so the law of attraction will bring us together, and we will mirror densities within us that must be released.And then when we do let each other go with love, we are now vibrating at a different frequency and therefore are now attracting another different blue ray, closer to our true energy signature.
Twin flames resonate at the exact same energy signature.
Those which choose to experience a tf union are coming together as world servers, for the union of twins is not a romantic love, but the true "agape", selfless unconditional love for the highest good of all. Now I am not saying there is no romance, but each union will experience the tf union differently, for we do not duplicate experiences.
Many times they are not even in the same country, yet they work together every night in the dream world.
The tf union is extreme because the steps necessary by each soul to finally connect at world server level are incredibly intense.
Both unite and are awake because together they are returning to Source as one.
So I truly believe that many who say they have met their tf are reconnecting to their near twin.
And the pain can be incredible.
So for me it is so important to go into any possible tf relationship with no expectations whatsoever,knowing that we all deserve to find our beloved, if we so choose.
Having faith and staying in the now will be of great help in hearing the heart and truly knowing what kind of relationship is being experienced.
But either way, both souls have chosen the experience for a reason, and that is why acceptance and being in the flow is so important.
Know I feel you in my heart my sweet sister and thank you for all you do, as a world server, with or without your twin.
: )
All my love to you allways

Honestly I Think It All


January 29, 2014, 7:55 pm
Honestly I think it all shouldn't be that complicated and TwinFlame information shouldn't get to people's heads. I don't think it's about aligning, if you love someone you love someone, should just grab them. It shouldn't be so intense that we run away or hurt each other. All the spiritual teachings in the world shouldn't influence what people expect from meeting a TwinFlame or whatever we want to call it.

If you meet someone that changes you or is deep, who cares what they are called, just don't let go of them. I know spirituality talks about letting go but sometimes when we meet someone who makes a big impact and it's rare, I'd best keep hold of them tightly.

Soul Searching

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 5:39 pm
Hey Rachy,

Exactly - one has to know 'thyself' first and foremost. Learn to love the good, the bad and the ugly heehee.

Inevitably when you encounter your perceived twin - I guess the experience can be the very catalyst that propels you to undertake that never ending journey of self discovery. To try and catch that 'ghost of a butterfly' as you so eloquently put it.

Not sure whether the soul actually 'feels' anything - whether feelings and emotions are just connected to the physical realms. Do our feelings exist beyond this dimension? Can't answer that one Rachy - but it's probably a good question to pose on another blog.

It would be quite satisfying to know if our souls didn't have feelings - because all this TF stuff would be completely irrelevant and unnecessary if you consider the 'BIG' picture. Why bother putting ourselves through the torment lol.

Hhhmmm - to know your true soul is to know your TF. Spot on me tinks. All I know is that I'm far from ready to be united with my Twinny atm. Apparently, it is worth the work and it will be worth the wait - whether it happens in this world, or beyond.

Thanks darling.

Much love and happiness always
Ish )O(

Hey You! Part Two!


January 29, 2014, 4:41 pm
Sorry, my computer is rubbish!

x x x

Hey You!


January 29, 2014, 4:40 pm
Too right Ish. It's a minefield. Perhaps it's just me that does this but I am guessing not. After reading those personal experiences I would ask do we know our soul? Soul is not sitting in the sunshine, it is not giving money to charity. What is it? Still not quite sure but I am lucky enough to have an idea of who I am, that will have to do.

The thing I do is miss entirely that I am a sacred soul buzzing about making a new grid for the rest of the planet to live in love within and I think I am the 'same' as some twit with a bit of depth and a wry smile. Why? Because it feels right. Do souls feel? - Seriously, not the inner child, not the heart, the soul...does it feel? It may have a feeling but does it feel or just do stuff? The running feeling? Surely that is your soul TALKING TO YOU!

So I think my reply would be before you can know your twin you have to know your soul which is like catching a ghost of a butterfly.

Surely we can all work on the theory that if it doesn't 'happen' it isn't a twin soul connection? I honestly feel like we are being tested by the depths of our demons. Time to releasse them all.

x x x

No Ordinary Love

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 4:13 pm
Hey T,

Thank you so much for your valued and honest opinion. I concur with everything you are saying.

You can only change for the better, if you are willing to change and do the hard yards.

Also, I agree - there must not be any doubts regarding the sincerity and authenticity of the other supposed twin. When the heart knows - the heart knows.

This is where I find it difficult - trying to rationalize the undefinable. I should trust what my heart is really telling me.

Casting the self aside to become selfless and serve the higher good of all, enables you to live with an open heart. An open heart is able to receive much more than one that is closed.

I think with TF's - the emotional anguish associated with the connection, coupled with the painful releasing of addictions and derogatory behaviors, can be rather intimidating and frightening for many who don't understand and are unprepared for the process. Hence, it is instinctive to shut down and close the heart to what the logical mind perceives as a distressing experience. The natural instigation of a defensive mechanism to protect against further heartache and pain.

It is indeed a brave and fearless soul who decides to proceed with a TF relationship - against the odds.

Much love and happiness always dear brother
Ish )O(

Thank You So Much. This Whole

[email protected]

January 29, 2014, 3:32 pm
Thank you so much. Let me share what is my opinion about this subject. I believe this whole topic seriously different than romance or even happily together (but it can be that too but it is not the whole thing - not even nearly). Let me put it this way that if you have any kind of addiction or behaviors that are not aligned for highest good those will shake a TF to a point it is released. This is not pain-free bliss.. it is very very honest process of letting go the things that no longer serve the highest good for all and to transmute them into beneficial form for all. I believe if you have a twin and it is the real one – and it has been going long enough the process is already done so much changes within that it should not leave no question is it real or not - but as this never can be tested by some measure there might be doubt. I also believe that the totally unexplained love for another is beyond our logic, mind and even desire that is very typical for twins. I think the only way to proceed with TF is to really ascend the thoughts towards highest good for all… and this definitely does not mean that TF should re-union with the cause of pain for others. This love can manifest only more love for self, for another part of self, for other humans, animals, plants and for all life. This is very interesting topic and the basic idea that there is one that fulfills you completely when the time is right, sounds like a great thing. Thank you for sharing.


If You Are Prepared To Work N Wait

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 2:18 pm
Hey dear sis,

Kahlil Gibran once said something along the lines, that if you let love go and it returns to you - you know that it is yours.

Yes - many TF relationships require a very mature and evolved kind of understanding.

When you first encounter your twin - the both of you may not be prepared spiritually, emotionally and physically to accept and understand the intensity of the connection you are both experiencing.

As I expressed below, these relationships shouldn't be forced, just because of the physical needs of our ego. It seems that as soon as the ego comes into play - the entire tryst becomes a farce.

As EnfoldedBlue stated - we just have to trust our hearts in these matters and in the interim, if we are separated from our Twinny, acknowledge that we are both not quite ready for our reunion just yet - take it as an opportunity to work on what is necessary within to bring about a reconciliation between the other half of our soul.

I'm sure the final reunion will be well worth the effort.

I have a feeling you two have got what it takes to last the distance.

Much love and happiness always dear sis
Ish )O(

"I Agree, TF Relationships


January 29, 2014, 1:43 pm
"I agree, TF relationships can be very complicated indeed and unless both parties are willing to look deep within themselves to address the issues that each reflect in the other, the relationship is destined to fail at an earthly level."

Indeed, that is very true. And this is what we did while in the 'not talking to each other' phase. The thing is, I had absolutely no intention of getting back together with him when we decided to see each other again. It just... happened. Everything was completely natural, nothing was ever forced. We now have the maturity to withstand the intensity of our feelings for each other, so I'm sure that helps.

"One has to remember, to cast aside their usual expectations of a sustaining a normal relationship. TF relationships transcend the physical conception of what we perceive through our ego - because your Twinny is often somebody that you wouldn't normally be attracted to."

Again, that's very true! Through my spiritual journey, I've had to let go of expectations, not only in relationships, but other things as well. My TF wasn't someone I was particularly physically attracted to at first glance, it wasn't until we met physically that I felt the magnet effect, (on mental level though, the attraction was very much there as we have a lot in common, which should come as no surprise lol), he's also been the only one I've felt the butterflies in my stomach for, a sign of Inner Knowing, but I was so young I didn't know all these things. I didn't even know about TF's until much later in my life. So we weren't particularly seeking each other out it just happened.
Though, that might sound a little f'd up, after we split, I was looking for him in others whether it was physically or mentally. It's not something I did on purpose, but I came to realize it recently. He did the opposite, lol

"Sometimes, you love to hate - and you hate to love them lol."
Again I couldn't agree more, lol.

Thank you for your wishes. I know the road ahead won't be an easy one, but it'll be rewarding and is so worth it.



I Agree

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 12:35 pm
Yes dear sis,

You cannot stereotype these relationships at all - as each and every one is different and unique - each with a vast variety of differing factors to contend with.

I absolutely believe that if both parties are willing to acknowledge and 'trust' in their divine connection to the other, that these TF relationships can be very fulfilling and happy on every level possible.

You are indeed blessed to have had, what appears to be, an easy reunion with your twin - sadly, others are not so fortunate.

Wishing you both the very best that your divine union has to offer.

Much love and happiness always dear sis
Ish )O(

Your TF Will Not Be Perfect

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 12:20 pm
Yeah - I hear what you are saying. Your TF will not be perfect because none of us are perfect - but they will be perfect for you.

I guess if you are both vibrating at the same level you are bound to be attracted to each other.

Like attracts like. At the same time, like repels like, magnetically speaking. It can be difficult to align yourself to your twin, particularly if the other is not on the same frequency as you. I don't think that just because you are not at the same vibrational level - doesn't necessarily dismiss the other as your twin. Both parties need to be willing to work on this.

I really feel that with TF relationships, you really have to transcend your ego - let go of your physical ingrained ideas, needs and wants - all the romantic ideals that we have been taught to believe depict the traditional stereotypical concepts of true love. TF relationships completely redefine this normal perception. By doing this, I believe it will lessen the drama and conflict involved in attempting to establish a lasting TF connection. Try not to have any preconceived expectations.

When the other Twin is not spiritually awakened, it can make this kind of relationship very difficult to maintain. To be confronted with the overwhelming intensity of the unconditional love that is felt between the two parties, can be extremely daunting, as it belies what we have been indoctrinated to believe to be the notion of a physical romantic kind of love. It is hard for the unawakened twin to process this kind of love - so I guess it's just a natural instinct to flee from the inexplicable, particularly if you can't comprehend it.

Yep!!! I suppose it certainly is a weird kind of love - to say the least heehee.

Much love and happiness always dear sis
Ish )O(

There Seems To Be Many


January 29, 2014, 11:54 am
There seems to be many 'experts' with ideas, boxes and frameworks regarding what Twin Flames relationships are like.I sense that with TF there is no norm, no rules and no exceptions. In the same way that we are each unique and too are TF relationships. So many factors come into play...personal temperament, emotional development, history, experience etc

I can only share my experience and say that it is possible to have a profound magical connection with someone that feels nourishing on all levels. We bring our shadows to light, but not so much through mirroring, more through love and trust. The love and trust is so deep that we seem to be able to explore anything ....there is no fear, or misunderstanding, so we can go incredibly far.

Big HUGs and love, c

I Guess The Reason Why The


January 29, 2014, 11:49 am
I guess the reason why the TwinFlame readings don't resonate so much with me because they are a bit dramatic and full of turmoil for some reason. Projecting things on each other and arguing. There shouldn't be a certain story that plays out when TwinFlames meet, like for example the runner (that's a popular one). It's just with a soulmate of mine, those dramatic ego things did play out but with my Twin (who I'm pretty sure is) we didn't really go through that but there was stick something stuck inside me that couldn't move.

I too get skeptical. I questioned the hunches I feel and the dreams I have. It's my mind that has problems believing and with all the things been happening to me lately, I feel like I'm losing hope with anything really. The only thing that sounds logical in my experience is what Liora says, that they vibrate the same energy as you. It looks and feels like your own energy, it's really kind of weird at first.

There's A Distinction

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 11:36 am
Hey Girl,

So good to hear from you. I hope all is well and happy in your world.

London Grammar, brilliant group - first heard them on Triple J - their album will blow your mind.

I think honesty at all personal levels, is imperative in maintaining a TF relationship. Many twinny's who aren't in alignment with the other, particularly on a spiritual level, find this degree of intimacy quite daunting and it can deter them from pursuing the relationship further.

It can be difficult to define a soul mate relationship to that of a TF. I've heard and from what I understand - that we can encounter many soul mates during our various incarnations because we come from the same soul group. Soul mates are family and you are inclined to feel a certain affinity with a kindred spirit - regardless of their gender. So you can have a number of relationships that involve a 'soul mate'. Your TF, on the other hand, is the other half of your soul, also from the same soul family but you are not separate - they are the other part of 'you'. You are eternally linked - even if your twinny is involved in another relationship. You never really feel apart from them. It's not merely a physical tryst by any means. I hope that makes sense to you.

Most TF readings don't resonate with me either - mainly because they perpetuate a 'fairy tale'.

Can I honestly say that I have met my Twin Flame? I can honestly say that - I don't really know lol. I tend to be rather skeptical when it comes to true matters of the heart heehee.

I guess time will tell.

Good to see you back.

Much love and happiness always dear sis
Ish )O(

Casting Aside Expectations

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 11:30 am
Hey dear sis,

Thank you so much for sharing your TF experience.

It seems that 'running' in the wake of realizing the intensity of this union, appears to be a common denominator in the initial stages of a lot of TF relationships. The love between the two parties is so 'all consuming' and so intense - it can be really quite scary for the unprepared.

The TF partnership involves an incredible amount of commitment on both sides, to resolve issues associated with the core wounds that both twinny's have carried since inception.

I agree, TF relationships can be very complicated indeed and unless both parties are willing to look deep within themselves to address the issues that each reflect in the other, the relationship is destined to fail at an earthly level.

One has to remember, to cast aside their usual expectations of a sustaining a normal relationship. TF relationships transcend the physical conception of what we perceive through our ego - because your Twinny is often somebody that you wouldn't normally be attracted to. Normal relationships, are just so easy to walk away from them if they cause you unnecessary pain. No matter how hard you try, you can't do that with your twin. Sometimes, you love to hate - and you hate to love them lol.

So pleased that you and your TF are working together and dealing with your problems. I wish you both the happiest of outcomes.

Much love and happiness always dear sis
Ish )O(

Hello Ish,First I Must Say,


January 29, 2014, 10:57 am
Hello Ish,

First I must say, this is quite a good song lol, definitely saving to my list.

My personal opinion is that I think people who are on the spiritual path and are honest with themselves will meet their Twin. Not those who use spirituality as an escape or for their image.

Personally I agree, it's not an easy process all the time but you are right, Twins remain attached emotionally after separating. I'm not even sure why there are runners. I was not a runner but more blocked myself up now I regret it. And I also think it's good to listen to the language of our own soul and mind because a lot of the readings I've done on Twins do not resonate with me, they sound more like soul mate experiences I've had.

I must also add my Twin flame isn't in the criteria of what I look for in a partner too so I was pretty surprised but I wouldn't want anyone different.

I Don't Really Know If I


January 29, 2014, 10:10 am
I don't really know if I should throw my two cents in or not. From my own experience, the TF relationship is truly a trying one.

In my case, my TF and I met way too early, and we weren't prepared for it, nor neither of us at the time were particularly spiritual. After almost 5 years, so many trials, tears and sweat, I eventually found myself running.

Shortly after our separation, I'd say about a year later, I started awakening. We didn't speak to each other for 4 years. Eventually one thing leading to another, we started talking to each other again, but we had to clear some things up before truly letting go of the past, the mistakes on both of our parts, the resentment, the anger, and what not.

I had been suspecting then all this time that he was my TF, but without seeing him in person since at the time I was asleep, it was hard to tell.

8 years later, we meet again physically. And there's now no doubt in my mind. It's him. While we're still doing much better, like others have described, we completely mesh together at a personal level that is so hard to even put into words, but I digress. Now, it's physical circumstances that are very hard to deal with and take a toll on the both of us, because we now live in different countries so seeing each other is very hard.

So now that's another thing to be worked on... TF relationships can be very complicated, but really worth it IMHO.

You're Very Welcome

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 8:58 am
Hey Anahit,

Looking forward to hearing your story.

Much love and happiness dear sis
Ish )O(

Thanks A Lot! I Am About To


January 29, 2014, 7:23 am
Thanks a lot! I am about to share my own TF story :-)

There Are Always Exceptions

Black Ishtar

January 29, 2014, 3:20 am
Hey dear sis,

It's so encouraging to hear that you and your Twinny actually got it together and it's wonderful to know that you are both so happy.

I think you might be onto something - sometimes you just can't see for looking.

Your relationship is obviously exceptional, for many, the TF reunion is a physical and emotional struggle - particularly if you are attempting to force the situation.

The TF reunion can be so confronting on every level of the human psyche. Your twin is often the mirror image of your soul - so if you have any underlying darkness within your heart, your twin is inclined to reflect that back at you. So many are unprepared for that particular harsh reality of the reunion. Twinny's tend to inadvertently expose your vulnerabilities and insecurities - aspects of your nature that are not in complete alignment and balanced with the other.

If you are committed enough to work hard on these issues which are raised within the union - there is every possibility that you both can pursue a happy and harmonious relationship.

What God has joined together - only God can cast asunder. What is meant to be - will be.

You guys are not a freak of nature at all lol - you are both incredibly fortunate and blessed to have found each other.

Much love and happiness to you both
Ish )O(

Hi Ish, Just To Add A Little


January 29, 2014, 2:09 am
Hi Ish, just to add a little contrast... i met my twin 7 years ago. It has been beautiful and magical since our very first encounter. The feeling of someone 'getting' you at all levels is the most amazing feeling. Because we inderstand eachother so well, our relationship is easy and supportive. We just adore eachother and want the best for the other as much as we do for ourselves. I wasn't a believer in true love until i met my man. I thank the universe everyday for bringing us together. One thing though is that wehen we found eachother neither of us was looking...i had resigned myself to a good enough relationship (though in reality it wasn't good enough at all), until suddenly there was something so powerful before me that i had no choice but to walk my truth.
But maybe we are just freaks of nature ;-) .


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