Amazing Powers Of The New Blue Ray Children

Amazing Powers Of The New Blue Ray Children

by Rosalie

May 5, 2008, Comments(4)
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Amazing Powers of the New Children

In increasing numbers every year, "New Children" are being born around the world who have "x-ray" vision, move objects through the air with their minds, and know the future.. And these abilities are just the tip of the iceberg!

"The New Kids on the Block" are able to move solid objects through solid materials, read balls of papers placed in their ears, bend spoons solely through intention, communicate telepathically, and "read" with parts of their bodies other than their eyes! These innocent children are demonstrating natural spiritual abilities that are relegated by most people to the realms of fantasy and movie special effects..

China's Wonder Youth

Since 1974 the Chinese government has discovered over 100,000 children who have extraordinary psychic powers.. These children, when blindfolded, can "see" with either their ears, nose, mouth, tongue, armpits, hands or feet.. In one test conducted by Omni magazine, researchers randomly ripped a page from a stack of books.. The page was then crumpled into a small ball and placed in the armpit of a Chinese child who then read perfectly every word on the balled up piece of paper.. Chinese kids can also read the wadded up ball under their feet, in their ears, and even by chewing it up!

Another remarkable feat that over 5,000 young Chinese have demonstrated publicly is the passing of solid objects through another solid object.. A child randomly selects a glass bottle of pills which is sealed in its original plastic wrap and then placed on a large bare table.. Suddenly the pills inside the sealed bottle pass through the glass and appear on the table.. The child can also take a coin, put it on the table, and the coin will pass into the sealed bottle.. A young girl named Yong Li can remove cigarettes from inside a cardboard box without touching the box.. One boy can control mechanical watches, making them run fast or slow.. Another can make watch hands move quickly around the watch face without touching them..

Natural X-ray Vision

A 12-year-old girl, Hu Lian, can see inside a person's body.. Hu saw a piece of shrapnel left inside a man's body and accurately drew its shape.. Other children were tested in hospitals on their accuracy in medical diagnoses.. Out of 75 cases, the children were completely accurate in 80% of the cases.. In trials viewing fetal positions, they were correct 84% of the time..

Invoking Roses to Bloom

A young Chinese girl has demonstrated her ability to influence live rosebuds that over 1,000 audience members were holding in their own hands.. With a silent wave of her hand, the thousand rosebuds would slowly open into fully blossomed roses before the eyes of the astonished audience.. And under the strict discipline of scientific research controls, the Chinese government has observed these same children changing human DNA molecules in a petri dish..

Kids Activate Other Kids' Power

The Chinese government has set up training schools to assist these children to develop, and pass on to others, their psychic abilities.. The officials discovered that when they have children who aren't psychic socialize with the psychic children, the non- psychic children quickly absorb the ability to perform the same astounding feats as the psychic kids..

Mexican Miracles

Over 1,000 children were found in Mexico City who were able to see" using the exact same body parts as the kids in China.. Blindfolded, an 18-year-old Mexican girl, Inge Bardor, can accurately know everything about the people or place in a photo simply by touching the photo.. Inge can also describe the person who took the picture and what the photographer was wearing that day.. In one photo of the inside of a house, Inge psychically went into the house describing exactly what was down a hallway that was not shown in the photo! Testing her ability to read with her feet, she stood blindfolded on a newspaper and read it perfectly..

Spoon Bending by Osmosis

In the '70's, Uri Geller could bend metal object just by looking at them, which was substantiated by scientists at Stanford University Research Institute.. Demonstrating his psychic power on TV all over Europe, Geller once asked people to place knives, spoons and forks in front of their television sets.. With millions of witnesses, Geller bent tableware in the studio before their eyes on TVand he bent the tableware in the homes of Europeans watching the show.. This single act had an interesting side effect.. From phone calls after the show, it was discovered that over 1,500 children were able to absorb the same spoon bending ability just by watching it happen one time on TV!

New Children Here to Wake Us Up

The "New Children" have come to Earth with a clear purpose.. These kids know who they are and why they are here.. They carry a new vibration and have come to transform the consciousness of humanity.. They are here to vibrate an energy of peace and love for Earth.. As they vibrate and visualize light in places that are dark, they are changing Human Consciousness.. Their energy provides a fresh, innocent, powerful perspective and tone for people who are searching for new, more viable solutions to society's problems and challenges..

Kids Remember Past Lives

The University of Virginia has been doing studies on children who remember past lives.. These children say things like: "I have another daddy", "When I was big, I used to have a car", "That happened before I was in mommy's tummy.." Just like their counterparts around the world, some of these children can see into the future and move objects with their focused intention..

Near-death Experiences Awaken Powers

P..M..H.. Atwater, author of Children of the New Millennium, writes about the after affects of children who have near-death experiences.. These children foretell the future, possess heightened sensory and empathic abilities, have no fear of death, and see and talk to people who have died.. Atwater is not alone in her feeling that these children are the beginnings of a new race of people on Earth..

Worldwide Telepathic Children's Network

James Twyman, author of Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak to the World, shares profound telepathic communications with many psychic children.. One kid, Thomas, talks about a worldwide network of psychic children who remember their "soul purpose"which is to teach people how to bring love and peace to the world.. These telepathic children are technologically oriented while at the same time highly intuitive and creative.. They are confident, strong and non-attached-with quick, sharp minds..

"New Children" Are Very Smart

Newsweek magazine reports that the rise in IQ scores throughout the developed world "is so sharp that it implies that the average school child today is as bright as the near-geniuses of yesteryear.." One ability that especially stands out is the kids' rise in "non-verbal intelligence"the ability to know or intuit information.. The New Children are natural creative problem solvers..

Medical researchers at UCLA are discovering some youngsters with a unique DNA pattern no one else has.. They have 24 active DNA codons.. People normally have only 20 active codons.. These children have a remarkable resistance to illness and seem to be immune to every disease..

The Conference

The opening of the conference coincided with the first bombs being dropped on Iraq.. The polarity of being at a beautiful conference in paradise on one side of the earth, whilst destruction and madness began on the other, implicated the importance that these gatherings have.. The awareness and power of group consciousness has been a major teaching of the children and of James Twyman, who between them organise global peace meditations via the Internet.. Some of you might have been involved in The Great Experiment III, which happened on February 9th 2003.. Apparently about 100,000 people did this one focusing on the trouble in Israel and the results were ‘scientifically recorded’ and were found to be very successful.. For example, no violence occurred in Israel the following day and all the political troubles pretty much came to a standstill for a short time.. To get more information on this and future courses check out James Twyman’s website www..emissaryoflight..

Not many of us slept the night following the ‘Lemuria’ ceremony, but the following day the conference officially began.. Grandmother Chandra communicated via her telepathic interpreter, Saleena Ki:

Grandma Chandra

At this moment in time there is an ark of dolphins on the coast all pointing towards the hotel.. The whales are creating sacred geometry grids in deep waters.. We are all supported by the dolphins and the whales.. They do the same work under water as we are doing on Earth, and remember, they are the true guardians of the Earth, not us..

Before the lunch break, Zach, a child from America spoke for a few minutes about the need for personal peace;

If you have peace within yourself, you see peace in everything.. Do peaceful acts every day and be helpful at all times.. Do anything you can to help anybody, because something as small as a beetle could have been your Mother in a past life..


From the age of three Zach was communicating telepathically with other kids from all over the world.. Michael, a Chinese psychic kept ‘calling’, even though he spoke a different language.. By being “tuned to a higher frequency”, the global telepathic network of these kids transcends this language barrier..

”Play is more important than work.. Play is the source of life renewal.. The whales spend 60-70% of their time playing, so must we”, explained dolphin and whale researcher, Joan Ocean, who has spent many years studying and communicating with these beautiful creatures..

Koya, a disabled and mute five-year-old child from Japan continued this message of play; ”Having fun is very important to us.. If you are not having fun, your consciousness flows to a not so nice place, so please do all the fun joy things you can ever do”.. He continued through his letter board and interpreter:

All the disabled children are smart.. All of us.. We have a role to play.. We have come to Earth for a certain role or purpose.. People try to blame the Mother, but this is not right, we decided to be born like this.. I have a special God.. I talk to God every day and I chose this.. I promised that I would bring peace to the world.. This is my

Koya and James Twyman

On the subject of war, Koya had this to say.. “It’s important for us to become One mind, to become One.. That is all we can do, but we will never give up.. Someday the world will be One.. I know it will come.. The time is close…..really! I will never forget when we all prayed on February 9th.. Everybody in the world was meditating, weren’t they? I felt so much light.. It was so bright, like me! Everyone was shining.. Just like me.. The day when we will have fun love is getting closer.. Love will be victorious in the end.. Remember…I am light and so are you..”

The final speaker of the day was Lizzie, whose philosophy is summed up in four words; “Wish.. Pray.. Dream.. Have”.. She explained, “Set your intentions and they will manifest quickly if you are guided by your heart.. Wish for peace and love, pray for it, then it becomes part of you, you dream about it, then you have it, it has become your reality”..


At two years old Lizzie could see the spirits of dead children (‘The Sixth Sense’ anyone?) and after communing with them for some time she learnt how to help them through to the other side.. She has helped many since then, but life has not been so easy for Lizzie.. Twice she has gone blind.. At one time, a green ball of light entered her eyes when she was in the woods with Zach and completely blinded her.. Nevertheless, on both occasions she eventually regained her eyesight..

Grandmother Chandra had the final words of wisdom.. ”Connect with Metatron and Melchizedek, they are working with us now” (this will be explained in ‘The Planetary Grid chapter).. Someone asked about what we can do to help.. Chandra replied, “Help yourself by spinning 33 times in a clockwise direction.. Look at your right thumb and use a point in the room to count.. When you finish push your palms together strongly to stop you falling over.. This is very important”.. The full spinning sequence can be seen on Chandras website It is worth noting that Barbara Marciniak also channelled this spinning technique from the Plaedians in her book Bringers of The Dawn.. Chandra continued:

We must connect to the crystal grid that has been set up.. Focus your intentions and join with it.. The dodecahedron in sacred geometry will help with understanding the alignments.. We must be in a place of heart and keep our heart and feet chrakra’s open or we will feel pain in our body.. We must not hide from ourselves or from others.. WE MUST REVEAL OURSELVES TO GROW.. I will visit you in your dream’s, we have much work to do in the dreamtime.. Plus make sure you pay attention to the whales, the dolphins and the water – there are many keys there..

Children of the Blue-Ray

In the 1988 book Notes From The Cosmos, Gordon Michael Scallion wrote a chapter about the Blue-Ray Children.. Scallion is an established psychic and modern-day prophet, often compared to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.. He is probably most famous for his ‘future maps’ of the world and his accurate predictions of Earth changes.. He was popularised in Bob frissells books, Nothing in this Book is True and Something in this Book is True..

Scallion knew about these children since the early eighties, but did not really know what the significance was.. It wasn’t until1988 that during a session with a client he went into trance and the information came out.. He described the Blue-Ray children as the forerunners of the new root race (the Crystals?), who were from the ‘mental’ plane of existence, whose colour vibration was ‘blue’.. He explained that they were the souls from the ancient land of Lemuria, whereas the Indigo’s are predominantly Atlantean.. According to Scallion, the Indigo’s layed the groundwork for the Blue-rays, which enabled them step into their roles as teachers.. The Indigo and Blue colours are very close in the colour spectrum and this can be seen as a natural process of movement through subtle vibrations..

Scallion emphasised that these Children ‘evolve’ very quickly: “They are teaching others by the age of four or five.. By the time they reach their twelfth year, the Blue Ones would be equivalent to an average adult who has spent perhaps twenty-five years as a teacher”.. They also have telekinetic powers, a ‘knowing’ of their mission on Earth and many traits associated with all the other categories of Children.. Here is a list of the Blue-Ray characteristics from Notes from the Cosmos:

1.. Blue Ray Children have dreams that are highly evolved, and they begin dreaming and remembering dreams at a very early age..

2.. They have an affinity for languages of all types.. Many speak more than one language, if exposed, by age three..

3.. They are determined, and at time can be quite stubborn (much like the Indigo’s)..

4.. They invent pretending games in which they take on the role of healer, using laying on of hands..

5.. They are drawn to water, more than any other setting.. They often stare into space at length, especially when near rivers, oceans or even the blue sky..

6.. They have an understanding of how animals feel and think.. They explain this to others in a matter-of-fact – “Don’t you know?”- manner..

7.. By the time they reach their teens, many have a desire to go to other countries – often attempting to urge their parents to take them, or going so far as to plan their own trips..

8.. Their personalities seem to fluctuate between two extremes – from being serious, single-minded and focused (like the Indigo Children), to being dreamy-eyed and distant (like the Crystal Children)..


in joy
Shared with Love and Light,
Rosalie xo

"Science Without Religion Is

Starkid Of Brightness

August 9, 2008, 1:45 am
"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."
"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds."
"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."
Albert Eintein

wow lol i feel like a old outdated crystal compared to these kids powers... i must learn to mediate with the new(er) kids lol

New Blue Ray Children


May 15, 2008, 4:15 pm
Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. I find it helps with some thoughts I have had concerning the youngest grandson, who possibly is indigo. These new-age children are our forerunners to a peaceful united world where we all may live as one. Love & Light. Seaspray.

Blue Ray Children


May 6, 2008, 7:40 am
Thank you so much for sharing. I allways knew, my daughter was "different", but she is neither indigo nor crystal and you can see that she has been on earth a lot of times (and she tells you as well). Therfore she can't be a rainbow child.

But what you say about Blue Ray Children describes her just perfectly.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Love, Jemina

Im In Awe And I Believe


May 6, 2008, 2:05 am
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oh what wise and precious beings omgosh how my heart sings to read this the article in itself is so highly vibrating thank you Rosealie for posting this one of the best postings ive ever read.

Love, AngelLights


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