Some Light Fun With Super Powers

Some Light Fun With Super Powers

by spinladen

May 27, 2008, Comments(2)
Energy, Humour

So. I have been working on refining my new claireverythings, and I have managed to get minimal levitation ability. Let's say if I am standing still, I can will myself forward as if I am on a cushion of invisible roller skates, but with my feet appearing to be almost on the ground (still working on gaining altitude).

I can also make ANY object do the same thing, just not with much noticeable distance for anything useful yet (its really NOT that cool to move something only an inch or 2 after a while).

One fun thing I just pranks...

Bahhaha. I still can't get over the tears.

I am just passing the time having some playful office humor with a coworker in a cube across from me. He'll be sitting there in his chair and then out of nowhere, start sliding off of his chair. Then he'll look real quick behind him to see if someone is pulling his chair out. Nope.

i quickly avert my gaze.

This process ensues through out an hour, whereby he is totally dumbfounded at his fancy captain's chair.

I AM SO getting me a webcam, this is GOLD. Hahah

(Now remember kids, always ask your parent's permission before you use levitation on unsuspecting people, and never...ever use it for harm!)

Office humor is just....what the doctor ordered though.


Not to mention, it will plant a seed in a co worker about what may be possible in life, now that he can not find a logical explanation to it.

Tomorrow.... moving monitors.


Get practiciing people, its all there for us to use NOW!

Hmmm Slight


May 27, 2008, 10:01 pm
Hmmm slight complications..... The last 20 minutes of work my power went skitzo and has been rocking my entire cubicle row back and forth a foot in each direction without me willing it. Its like being in a fun house. Good thing I am the only 1 here right now, but boy would that be awkward if I wasn't. ehhhh hehe he.


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May 27, 2008, 7:13 pm
I got a visual on that! Too Funny!

It sounds as though you are having fun, and as long as it is without causing any harm.....

I am sure it is a magnificient process.



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