Father-Mother God

Father-Mother God

by shiva777

June 23, 2008, Comments(2)

Father-Mother God
by Owen Waters

The concept of God as a Father-Mother principle, not just a
Father God, is hardly new. For example, the Christian Science
movement, founded in 1879, is one which holds the Father-Mother
God principle as central to its teachings.

They regard the masculine qualities of God, such as strength,
constancy and protection to be related to the Father aspect of
God, while the feminine qualities, such as gentleness,
compassion and nurturing to be related to the Mother aspect of
God. They do not see God as two 'people' - a male entity and a
female entity - but rather as an integrated, all-pervasive
presence possessing both aspects of consciousness in equal

If we look at the nature of the original consciousness which
is behind all things, we can better understand the concept of
an integrated Father-Mother God. God is not a person. God is an
everywhere-present, all-knowing intelligence which created and
maintains the universe. Behind even this creative presence, is
the ultimate, original, unchanging state of consciousness, that
of Infinite Being.

Infinite Being is a state of perfect beingness which contains
all potential. As such, it fundamentally does not "do," it just
is. It is perfection, and therefore unchanging. However, at
some point, Infinite Being decided to 'become,' rather than
just 'be.' It decided to manifest its potential, and then to
act out every part of that potential.

The reason why Infinite Being would do this has been the
greatest mystery of all time. The question was always why, when
Infinite Being was perfection in the first place, did it create
the universe so that living beings could work their way back to
a perfection which already existed? The question goes beyond
"How did life begin?" and, instead, asks, "WHY did life begin?"

That greatest mystery of all time has now been answered by a
spiritual master who went beyond where anyone has gone before
and succeeded in retrieving the answer! The story of his
return, and the stunning answer to the mystery, is told in the
e-book, "Discover Your Purpose in Life" (see below*).

Once Infinite Being had made the decision to create the
universe, it achieved the Creation through its only available
tool - that of consciousness. Infinite Being divided its
consciousness into two complementary aspects. In one direction,
it focused intent(Mind/intelligence). In another direction, it focused feeling(Heart/love).
Then, it applied motion so that the two facets of itself -
intent and feeling.mind and heart - could interact with each other as
intertwined waves of consciousness in motion. In this way,
Infinite Being extended itself from just being, into a state of
action and creation.

The dividing of the 'waters' of original consciousness into
two, complementary aspects created the aspect of intent and the
aspect of feeling. These two principles of consciousness
interact together in perfect, equal balance. Were they not
perfectly balanced, the universe would cease to exist!

People traditionally find comfort in thinking of God as a
parent-like presence. The two aspects of consciousness are not,
literally, terms relating to gender. However, you could choose
to think of the intent aspect as the Creator part and the one
which seems more father-like. You could also choose to think of
the feeling aspect as the Preserver of all of creation and as
the one which seems more mother-like. However, these are just
images to help us identify, from a human perspective, with the
vastness of the consciousness of God.

God maintains the universe through a perfect balance of the
complementary aspects of its consciousness. In the light of
this, if people choose to think of God in parental terms, then
the word God today has to mean 'Father-Mother God' and not just
'God the Father.' Remember that without God the Father's other
half, the universe would cease to exist!

Today, the concept of Father-Mother God has become a very
timely one. As we progress through The Shift to heart-centered
consciousness, the concept of patriarchy is steadily fading
away into history. Father God, as a male persona, is part of
the Old Reality thinking. The expanded concept of Father-Mother
God is inbuilt into the new awareness.

We are entering a New Reality where all people are honored
equally, regardless of race, creed, color, personal preferences
and, especially, gender. Heart-centered consciousness means
unconditional love and acceptance of all people in their
infinite diversity. We exist on this earth as the eyes and ears
of Infinite Being as it seeks to experience itself through the
variety of every possible viewpoint. Such diversity is integral
to our purpose in existence.

Your purpose in life includes the development of your own
potential so that you can become the most unique 'you'
possible. Today's emerging heart-centered consciousness means
that people will support, rather than compete against, the
efforts of other people.

As New Reality consciousness expands, human potential will
flower in creative ways never before imagined possible. You can
think of God as a balance of Father-Mother God consciousness or
simply go beyond that to think of Infinite Being as the
ultimate state of unchanging perfection. Either way, remember
that the conscious awareness of the presence of God is a mere
thought away.

It is your concept of the God presence within which will feed
the flame of your creativity and help bring your unique
potential into full and joyful manifestation.

*The greatest mystery of all time in spiritual philosophy has
been, why life began. Why, when God had been perfection in the
first place, did God create the universe so that living beings
could work their way back to a perfection which already
existed? The story of how a spiritual master who passed on in
the late 1990's and then went 'beyond the beyond' - beyond
where anyone on Earth had gone before - in order to bring back
that very answer is told in the e-book, "Discover Your Purpose
in Life" by Owen Waters:


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Beyond Belief


June 29, 2008, 7:46 pm
aRA Miles

Yes, we need to move beyond duality thinking. The wholeness of All that IS seeks presence in our lives and our awareness. When we think in old terms we contain what we are capable of knowing inside a limited grid of Control and Belief. Thanks for the channelling.



June 24, 2008, 8:56 am
ego fullfillment is thousands of years old at this point , new things abound this summer


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