Healing Our Relationship With Money

Healing Our Relationship With Money

by Kah Sa Bennu Benei Elohim

July 1, 2008, Comments(3)

Healing Our Relationship with Money

by Wistancia Stone

The Goddess doesn’t “Do,” She “Becomes.” This is the time for Becoming.

Become what you want. Become what you believe. Become your Ideal. To do this you need to MOVE into it. YOU EMBODY IT. YOU SPREAD YOURSELF INTO IT, like water. You ENTER INTO IT!!!

That’s what The Goddess energy does. It fans out into the ideal to make it real

It moves the particles of the ideal along until it becomes real. It substantiates the Creation. Goddess Empowers Creation. The Goddess is Creation Energy. It gives “Life” to the Masculine IMPULSE. It is the Creative force in and of the Universes that takes the WILL and POWER of GOD and moves the LOVE into It and ----then it becomes a Moving Reality. It moves into Reality and then Becomes a Moving Reality.

Money is just energy and it is not any different.

Money is just energy and it is not any different. If you put that “Energy” into the creation of money, it will respond. Money is not a real thing; the energy behind it is. So it is with everything that you see or feel in your material world. The energy behind it is real. You can depend on that. That which is changing before your very eyes cannot be depended upon. What is behind it is what counts.

Remember, even in your world you know that it is always the thought that counts. This has been placed on your Hallmark cards and it is a truth that has withstood the test of time. The thought counts! Not just as an endearment, but because what counts is the power that makes things move. And the thought behind money is the holder of the power behind money.

Millionaires see themselves as millionaires. They possess the thought that is aligned with having money. They do not feel unworthy of money or riches. They have an underlying thoughtform that would be there that would be a thoughtform of prosperity. There would not be a thoughtform of lack, of scarcity, but the opposite. One of worthiness. Even if the money were from an inheritance, there would be an underlying thoughtform of “this I can have. This is for me. This I deserve.” They see themselves as HAVING. They do not see lack. This does not mean it is a good thing or a bad thing. Certainly money is not the important thing. But it is a good example. In the 3D world, it has been an important thing.

We need to remember that everything is energy and that the nature of energy is that it is constantly changing. We need to also remember that we are Children of God and we have “creative genes.” We are “creators” and “co-creators.” This is important. We make things happen with what we do with energy. We need to remember that thoughts and feelings and words are energy; that’s all. And energy counts even if it invisible.

we need to integrate the Energy of Light into our finances

We all know that Light is energy. So it would seem apparent that we need to integrate the Energy of Light into our finances and into our relationship with money. We need to Become Light. And we need to carry light into our dealings with money and lighten up our attitudes about money. Loosen up our fears about not having enough of it. Let go of our attachments to having a lot of it and the resultant disappointment if we do not have as much as we believe that we need.

The energy of money affords us many lessons and refinements, just as do all relationships. Money is a mirror, just like the people in our lives who show us something about ourselves.

The Masters have been talking about detaching from thinking money is good or bad. Why? One obvious reason is the judgment inherent in that kind of thinking. Another reason is that it is time to detach from polarity and duality around money. They say that we will have it when we clear out miscommunications and misqualified energies that surround our perceptions about money.

For instance, some of us believe that it is noble to be rich. Others believe that it is noble to be poor. Some believe that struggle is a noble thing. It is possible that in some lifetime or another, each of us believed that struggling within the limitations of poverty made us stronger, holier, or closer to God. Perhaps we hated materiality because we thought it was not “heavenly.” Perhaps we hated the Earth and even our bodies that were “material bodies” and felt they were not as worthy as “heavenly bodies.” One way we might have had was to have as little as possible of “the Earth” around us. Can you conceive of having felt that or thought that in any of your lifetimes?

I believe that thoughtforms constructed around money have taken up a lot of program space in our cellular memory. I believe that we have some spools of thought that have repeated over and over and over that come from this stored memory. I also believe it is time to upgrade our cellular memory programs and delete some of these old programs. They hold angers and misqualified energies tied to money in place and need to be deleted, if we are to become friends with money.

the mirrors of Money

One of the mirrors of Money is the reflection that mirrors back to us how much we may buy into collective thoughts and beliefs about having money. Poverty

consciousness broadcasts to our subconscious mind through memories, tapes, songs, books, movies, television, and conversations that we have listened to and taken part in. Sometimes the subconscious mind is just like a sponge and we do not even realize that it is absorbing poverty consciousness signals and storing them in that mind. After all, the subconscious mind is an excellent recorder. The importance of being wealthy also broadcasts and is mopped us in the subconscious mind. We have endless files showing that money equals well being, comfort, success, and even love. We need to realize and recognize that when we are in the presence of either side of the fence surrounding poverty consciousness, even if it feels like entertainment, our subconscious minds are simply recording it. We have miles and miles and miles of recorded messages about money and a lot of it, Beloved readers, is not clear, true, or accurate.

Because we are initially “creators” we create with energy. Therefore as we see and listen to these endless streams of messages about money, even if we think we are not “believing” it, it gets recorded in the same file cabinet as our “truths.” If we substantiate it by believing that it is real, we can easily continue to create its importance and pump “life” into it. Of course it is real. I saw it on television…I saw it on the news. Look what happened to this person and that person. It could happen to anyone. Even me. So easily the mind can bring fear into the picture. Is this going to happen to me when I get older? Will I end up on the street? Will I be just like that person? Will I lose my job? Will I be all right?

Our fears can be like Super Glue that really molds our fears together and holds them into place. Then we if go one step further and discuss it with those we love and know, we can build a fortress to our fears about money and eventually take up residence in those fortresses.

Isn’t it curious how it all came in so innocently and what can become of “innocent focus”?

Examining Poverty Consciousness

We can examine poverty consciousness and track its “glue” that was applied in many of our past lives on Earth. Certainly threads of the consciousness of poverty runs in our lifetimes when we were nuns and monks and slaves. What we sometimes forget is the power of energy. Now is a different time. If we run currents of energy that are born of the past, we may be missing opportunities to learn the teachings of the past in order to apply the Freedom to move into a flow of Future. History doesn’t always repeat itself. You, your body, your friends and your life are totally different now. Now is NOW! Then was then.

Could it be that it is important to shed light on the old programs and transmute them so that we not only alter our situation, but that we learn from our situations? Could it be that it is important to become masters and to achieve wisdom and we need to forgive ourselves, and be able to look at what we have carried? Do we have some outdated program files on our computer that are really ancient and we need to expand our space? Could it be that it is important to become a computer technician then, and go in and set our memory banks free? There are a lot of utilities available in our New Age. Could it be that a big step is admitting that we need a Live Update and that we need to run through the actions that clean, clear and repair the way we feel about money? Could it be that it is as simple as allowing the computers of our minds to expand and evolve? Could it be that we could remove the awareness and commitment to self-inquiry is like an anti-virus program? Poverty vows and old beliefs about money are like computer viruses. Could it be that we need Norton to come in and we need to put on our Norton Doctor hats, bless our pasts and move past them?

Could it be that we are

Stuck in a Ground Hog Day drama?

Poverty consciousness is seen in movies, we see them and we believe it. The conscious mind dumps information into the subconscious mind, like a sponge. Every day we hear on the news about wealth and power. We hear about all the suffering and we hear about money consciousness. The DOW is dropping or moving up. People are striking it rich. The Rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. We see the faces of suffering and they make an impression. We see the pictures of the have-nots. And we can wonder if that is going to happen to us if we are not clear. That is the clincher. If we are not clear. If we are not clear, we can see the futility of it all. We can feel like the money game is all tied up. Like certain people are in control of it all and we will never have any of it. We can feel the collective feelings about money. The beliefs, words and actions about money are displayed night after night on all the news programs and the TV magazine programs. We see the glamorous rich people, their clothes, their money, and their cars. We can easily see that we are not like them. There is a power in collective thought. There is a power inherent in collective thought. And when a planetary population is unclear, imbalanced, and unevolved the collective thought about money can be very very limited and many of the population can buy right into it. They can see, reflected in the media, what they perceive of as the face of money. The movie star face. The movers and shakers. The ones who cause things to happen on Wall Street. And we can also see their streets lined with gold and we can see the streets that are lined with garbage. We can see it every night in the comfort of our homes, and we can choose to believe it and think that it is real. If we buy into it. If we believe it is real, we can then continue to create it as real and cut ourselves out of it. We can empower the hopelessness of the concept of sharing, everyone having enough, prosperity and abundance for all.

When the television and other media is sending out signals about money consciousness, poverty consciousness, - and as the viewer is sitting there empowering it, seeing himself or herself caught up in it, then it can get more and more reinforced. The divisions can get more and more rutted. Then fear can easily flow in. Will this happen to me? When we see the faces of the poor people begin to fear that this might happen to them. What is happening to the world? Fear places extra energy on the already conceived thoughtforms of poverty consciousness and empowers that consciousness. It gets stronger and stronger when we talk about it, and it gets stored in the subconscious mind to be triggered in the days to come by a conscious thought.

Poverty consciousness is sometimes held in place by past life memory. There were lifetimes when we thought it was more spiritual to be poor. We called it being without the world. If we are attached only to GOD, then we are detached and disconnected from worldly matters and worldly possessions. Many of us in this lifetime, on our spiritual path, have encountered years or months when we felt that we didn’t want to own anything. Some of us gave away material things at the beginning of our spiritual awakening. Something from the past was triggered. Something in our subconscious remembered that it was necessary to be without. To take a vow of poverty. We may have been holding a thoughtform that empowered that Poverty was very holy. Being worldly was less holy. Vows stamp in belief systems and as we spoke words of power and empowered our words with energy, vibration, breath, and belief systems and thoughtforms, we stamped in our beliefs and made them more or less indelible. Words are vows! When we say words we are impressing the thoughts behind the words onto a new “form.” We are setting up a current of energy in a room that holds those thoughts in place. In the world of Form, words take on a form, thoughts take on a form, and word-thoughts take on a form or life of their own. Vows are word-thoughts that have a strong intention. Perhaps in one life we were rewarded for our suffering. Rewarded for our martyrdom. Our struggle became glamorized. We may have glorified the friction that we felt, and felt it was important to create fictitious standards for what was better and what was not so good. We created judgments and we judged that it was better, holier, and closer to GOD to be poor and without.

God is overflowing with the bounty of life

But GOD IS abundance. God is overflowing with the bounty of life. Everything is energy and energy is always moving and recreating itself. It flows and expands by its own definition. Vows of poverty held the flow of GOD’s abundance into a form, into a pattern, and our beliefs stored it as truth.

Some of us have many of these beliefs still stored in the computer of the subconscious mind. We choose those ways of living and we created many beliefs from the ways we lived. What we forgot was that we were, are, and always will be Light and Love. Even if we are in a form. And we forgot that the energy of light and of love is always moving and is full. Energy moving would be energy that is free to move. It would not be stored and imprisoned, but free to move and to flow. The flow of money is freedom of money. And those who fear money and judge it to be unholy and the “roof of evil” keep it locked off from themselves or dammed up. Energy always wants to move and so when that energy of money is dammed up and cannot move, it becomes frustrated.

One thing that we are learning as we see that God is whole and that wholeness means holiness, is that Wholeness implies integration. If we walk in balance, we walk within the consciousness of mastery. Many people are beginning to understand that they want to integrate Light into all of the parts of their lives. They want balanced, loving relationships. They want the light to enter into the work that they do. They want light to enter into the way they raise their children. They want the light of consciousness to be present in the way that they live their life, treat others, and honor themselves.

Money is simply energy. In a world where money exists as an exchange of energy, for that is what it is, it is important to integrate the Light into our perceptions and thoughtforms about money. We are beings of light and want to bring light into ourselves. We want to Be the Light and share the Light. Light is free and flowing, as God is. IT is beginning to be revealed that thoughtforms of lack, scarcity, poverty consciousness and false ideals surrounding the energy of money that judges it, even if it stems from a deep place within the subconscious mind, can damage the flow of that energy into our lives.

We often ask ourselves why we cannot hold on to money. It seems to slip through our fingers. God is abundant. Could it be that we have a program that our subconscious mind runs that says that money isn’t spiritual. If I want to be with God, I can’t be successful in the world. I need to leave the world behind, not become worldly. I need to suffer and have very little so that all I will have is God.

We do need to have God be the single most important force in our life, but that is because God is inclusive of everything. That is because God sourced our world, our selves, and everything that there is. Our life depends on God’s energy alive inside of us. But that power and that Love never wanted us to be without abundance of all Goodness. After all, we are the children of GOD. The Sons and the Daughters.

Vows of Poverty

Many of us probably took vows of poverty in temple halls. We probably thought we were embarking on holy lives and maybe we were. Maybe our lives were lives dedicated to holiness, but poverty is not holy. Maybe we thought they were intertwined before, in those lifetimes, and maybe they were indeed important. The important thing is that now we need to be Whole and some of our old stuck programming is keeping us in a Ground Hog Day experience with money.

I always say it may have worked in the past, but that does not mean we need it now.

Words are vows. Even if we do not say, “I vow…” they are still vows. Even a sigh of desperation is an energy with power. When we learn the power and the consequence of our words and our thoughts, we will all be free. Vows, spoken or silent, are very powerful. They create beliefs and if the belief is inaccurate or false, and accepted as true and followed, a lot of suffering can be created. In our past lives we may have been acclaimed for being a martyr, for struggling with poverty and for having nothing or very little in the way of possessions. Lifetimes later this stamp of approval may live on, in our hidden beliefs about money. They may be affecting our prosperity and our abundance, and we may not have the faintest notion of why we are still unfree in that sense.

Vows that we took in the past may have served us then. Perhaps we needed to live a lifetime as a monk or a priest that did not marry and did not possess worldly things. There are seasons for everything and there have been many seasons of experience as the centuries unfolded on Planet Earth. Some times were very bright. Some ages were very dark and much was ignored. Now is the time to look and see if some of the vows that may have worked before still serve us. It does not mean that we need to judge them as being good or being bad. What we need to do is look them squarely in the face and notice if they truly serve us today? Today, as we step into the promise of a Millennium of harmony, evolution, and Christ Expression, do vows of yesteryear serve the entrance into Christ Consciousness? Looking at old vows without emotional attachment may help us to detach from the vows, break and negate them, and move on with our lives. We can even empower ourselves to take new vows. We can vow to keep our attention on the inner reality and on God. We can vow not to allow the false histories and fictions of our past to color our future. We can choose to negate anything that denies the Christ in us standing firm and walking humbly and powerfully on a path of mastery in our current bodies, on Earth now. We can choose to change our glorification of suffering that came with many of our religious programming through dogma. Religious concepts are stored in our subconscious minds which are like reservoirs. I believe that many of us have concepts and dogma stored in those reservoirs that says that struggle is noble and that it is better to be without. Concepts about humility meaning poverty. These concepts may still be floating around in the reservoir and chances are if they are, they are limited prosperity and God abundance in our lives now.

I am not speaking only about money here. If one feels that they are the scum of the earth and are not worthy of having or that it is better not to have – then where is the end of it? Will it stop at money? I offer to you that it may be that we block true companionship, true friendship, understanding, affection, and a wealth of other things that could be available to us.

Behind many of our present struggles with money as we try to fit it into our spiritual unfoldment, there is a past life experience that is of denial. If this is so, know that cellular memory is deep and that that memory must be pulled out by the roots in order to get rid of it. Cellular memory means that it may have been handed down, generation after generation and linked not only to your lifetimes as a monk or nun or priest or priestess or ascetic, but the lifetimes of your ancestors. Notice how deep and how far back these concepts can go. Think of how the emotional body remembers and if there is a lack of logic, then the feeling of guilt or shame regarding money can come up, even if it is illogical in today’s world.


The reason that a lot of prayer doesn’t work is because the Divine Feminine element and component is left out. Many societies, possibly the Essenes and other Earth societies who understood to some degree the Divine Feminine energy would EMBODY the answer to the prayer, as the prayer was issued forth or spoken aloud. So they had the issuing forth which was the masculine, the calling it all in, the invocations, the setting it all up and then they had the Feminine component which was Embodiment of the idea, embodiment of the feeling. So, if they were asking for abundance, they had to FEEL abundant. That is why the Divine Mother and the Mother Emissaries always say “Put on the gown of This, Put on the gown of Forgiveness, the Gown of Surrender..."”what it means is MOVE into. The Divine Feminine energy just flows into it. It doesn’t construct all the points, it does not analyze, it does not look at all the points of it, it just doesn’t! It moves into it. It just knows that it can and it just does!

We have that in us because it is a part of God. It is equal and holy, wholly and equally. Part of the Whole. And we cannot flow; the Divine Feminine flows into and fills everything. We cannot flow without it. It is one of the Lost Secrets to Manifestation.

The reason why so many manifestations are only half-fulfilled, prophecies is that Divine Mother energies have to be incorporated so that the EMBODIMENT happens: The Presence of GOD needs to come in! That is what the Divine Feminine does. It brings the Presence of GOD. It anchors and establishes that. It is the Holy Spirit at work. It brings in the Presence of GOD, merged, in flow, flowing, and atonement. This energy. And you cannot hold yourself out. You can’t hold out. It has to be a merging of the mind and the heart, mental and emotions. You have to feel your way in and feel your way out.

The Divine Feminine is so held out, that there is an incompleteness in a lot of the work that is done. It is understood by the mind; it is not felt by the heart. And the two have to be there. THEY HAVE TO COINCIDE. They more than have to coincide; they blend and they marry.

This is what is the last peg in the freedom of the Exodus from the Earth that has to do with money, with monetary means. It is very important to stand there and put on the Money Coat. Put on the coat of prosperity. Put on the Abundant Coat. It has to be felt INTO FREEDOM. Feel your way into freedom. Feel your way into Prosperity. You have to feel it. It has to be seeded. It has to be expressed. It is very important. It seems like it wouldn’t be, because it has not been our training. But it is. It is very important.

Hilltop Meditation

See yourself standing on a Tall Mountaintop, almost like Moses. With your hands open, palms facing the heavens, standing still and centered in your body at the top of the mountain, overlooking whatever you would choose to overlook. It could be a river, an ocean, a city like Jerusalem or a city in your country or state. Feel that you are prepared and ready to look back and down on your relationship with money, almost like you have reached a pinnacle in life and now can gaze down upon all of the faces of fortune and misfortune around the energy of finances and prosperity and abundance. Let us name this mountain Mt. Ascent and outpicture in the mental body for a moment. You have climbed Mt. Ascent and have arrived and stand on the precipice overlooking all of your steps to get to this point in time.

Open the Heart and join in communion with Mother/Father God and the Company of Heavens at each of the levels, planetary, solar, galactic, universal and even multi-universal. Feel yourself connecting with the higher parts of your self, your bodies, and angels and masters at every level. Feel a connection with the Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods of Light. And Feel also a connection from the heart with Mother Earth, who has supported your earthly vehicle for so long. Feel how you stand on Her surface now, on Her Mountain now. Feel gratitude for Heaven and for Earth.

Image in an Angel of Abundance stepping to you on the precipice. She says that you are to put on a Coat of Abundance. A Prosperity Cloak. Put it on. She ties it around your neck and it falls down around you, from head to toe. It even has a hood that covers your head. And it sweeps the ground beneath your feet.

You are ready for the Healing Procession to begin. Coming up the mountain, welcome parts of you, incarnations, memories, associations, thoughtforms, vows, contracts, and a myriad of pictures of reality. Give them each a form so that you can look them in the face and see them for what they are. Give them a form, so they can move and proceed up the side of the mountain.

Now allow all the expressions of self to come winding up that mountain top and all the parts, all the memories linked in with misuse of money, all the vows of poverty, all the times of challenge within prosperity, all of the lifetimes trimmed with lack, all of the faces of lack. The faces of being without. The times when The Martyr in us liked it. The times when it felt spiritually advisable. The times when we believed it. Or the times when we tried not to, but we failed to EMBODY the feeling of having, because we didn’t feel that we deserved prosperity and abundance. So all the undeserving lifetimes and all the faces that all have to do with being abundant as GOD is. Flowing. Every part of the riverbed getting soaked. Having a touch of water. The right amount coming in to the desert. The right amount coming in to the forest. Abundance as God would have it be.

Just wear that coat and allow all of those faces to come forward, walk and walk and walk and finally stand in front of you. Faces of agony, faces of the times when you were wealthy and you received your wealth from the suffering of others. The times when you were poor and felt like you hated the others who had money. All the myriad expressions of distortion around finance, money, having, lacking, gold – and just forgiving each expression. One by one by one by one. Wearing a cloak of deservability. Wearing a Cloak of Abundance. A coat of Alchemy. And transmute each of those expressions, lifetimes, faces, thoughtforms, whatever comes. Say, “I heal you and I forgive you. You are healed and you are forgiven.” And let all the water wash under the bridge of what was. And let’s create and build a platinum gold prosperous platform to walk into the New Millennium that is humble, that is free, that is unselfish, that is inclusive of all, that is sharing, that feels worthy, and that forgives others. Unconditional love and sharing of wealth. And understanding that there is no such energy as lack. Let’s ask that the unlimited light of the Ein Soph empower this entire progression up the mountain, raining upon each one unlimited, boundless light from the heart of Mother/Father God and unlimited, boundless love. Let it go and break asunder all the blocks of energy, the blocked energy. Let us set it up in light here: as Sons and Daughters of GOD, we are the inheritors of the Divine Abundance of Mother/Father God. It is written in the Will of GOD, that we would receive the gifts of Heaven, and the prosperity and abundance as God would have it be. And riches and wealth of Knowledge, of Love, of Wisdom, and of Power, as Children of Source. And we accept this. We sign on the dotted line. And we thank Mother/Father God for this Divine Heritage and Divine Inheritance that was always waiting for us.

Close that cloak around the heart and know that it is accomplished and it is done.

Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Well Said,


July 3, 2008, 12:34 pm
thank you, Friend

Good Old Teaching!


July 1, 2008, 7:15 pm
When I was a teen I was sort of a "hippie" and wanted to reject my "straight" parents ways...they were intense about "working hard for money" and so I got a bad attitude about "working hard" and "money"! I felt I could have abundance without those, but couldn't make my idea work in the society I was born into. SO,by the 1980s my path led me to read some Affirmation and Abundance self help books which in part said Exactly what you say above! They took the "bad" out of selling artwork(being an artist was my way of NOT having a "real job"-HAHAHA). It worked for me to learn to enjoy the exchange of money-energy for my artwork-energy. Life got a LOT more easy and fun after that! I've Never had money hardship since and I retired early too!
I hope this great teaching you posted will help others!
Lots of love and Light! stonekeeper



July 1, 2008, 2:46 pm
Deepest gratitude to you Brother for posting this! May i say that you are rich-in-the-Highest-way....:>)

It's All Music.


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