Egyptian Healing Rods

Egyptian Healing Rods

by Deranged.Fairy

July 2, 2008
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"It was known even 2000 years ago that the truth is finally out." - Count Walewski

The Egyptian Healing Rods were re-discovered by the Russian Count Stefan Colonna Walewski, a famous collector and who owned the shop Esoterica in New York. In the early 1920's Count Walewski was consecrated into a secret society, high in the Russian Caucasus Mountains which combined traditional Yoga with teachings from the ancient mystic tradition of Zoroaestrism. He became intrigued with the cylindrical articles seen clenched in the hands of so many ancient Egyptian sculptures and began investigating them. He published a manuscript of his findings which was made available in the USA in 1955, after his death. A translated Mystery-School manual has been written by Vladimir P. Kovtun, a teacher of physics.

Notes from Walewski's manuscript:
The method used in Ancient Egypt for strengthening energy flows within a human body is shown on the figures demonstrating the second Master-Arkan (see diagram below). Two rods are clutched in the hands of this standing figure. They are clutched with strength, creating an electrical conduit. The hands, holding the rods tightly, free this energy within the body to gather it in unipolar knots and in spinal fluid. The renewal of energetic potential is one 100% and continues for 24 hours.

There were two rods with different chemical compositions. The first one was usually made for the right hand (the Sun Rod) and another one for the left hand (the Moon Rod). The Moon rod serves as a catalyst which strengthens the activity of the Sun rod. These rods of power were known long ago, yet the secret of their construction was known only to a few initiates.

The priests and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt used these differently-filled metal cylinders as an instrument to achieve their goals. The Rods allowing them to realize a step-by-step evolution of their psychic, energetic and physical abilities. These abilities, combined with the help of the Pyramids, were a necessary preparation for "Communication with the Gods."

The Rods, which records indicate that the Pharaohs held during their entire life, harmonized their two main energetic streams, Yin and Yang. Yin-Yang are two energy flows or principles, opposite and unified, different and homogeneous at the same time. In constant association and interaction within the person, Yin-Yang are the two sources of vital energy. When they are properly interacting, the body's vital functions are supported and a person exists without any special problems. The Ancient Egyptians used the Rods with different fillings to regulate the energetic balance of one's body.

This sculptural group symbolically reflects this phenomenon. The Yang cylinder is in the right hand of the god Horus. The male figure symbolizes the flow of Yang energy (the male principle). The deity is an embodiment of the energy plane. The Yin cylinder is in the left hand of the goddess Hathor, who represents the female principle, that is, the flow of Yin energy. In the center is the pharaoh with two energy-giving hands directed towards him. The use of these Rods considerably helped the pharaoh to correct his nervous system energy thereby benefiting the immune system. The Rods had a beneficial effect on his health and physical condition. The correct use of the Rods also enabled the pharaoh, or other user, to prepare himself for "Communion with the Gods".

The cylinder for the right hand was made from copper and associated with the Sun (Yang). The cylinder for the left hand was made from zinc and associated with the Moon (Yin). To reinforce the properties of the cylinders, gold was added to the copper in the appropriate proportion, which is why the "Sun Cylinder" was also called the "Gold Cylinder". Silver was added to the "Moon Cylinder", which was accordingly called the "Silver Cylinder". These cylinders were produced in the proportions of the Golden Section. And their dimensions were based on the status of the given person's energy system, their health and also on the tasks being pursued.

Placed within the Rods were minerals, often quartz crystals of different sizes, that were changed as the pharaoh made advances in the process of self-perfection or depending on the goal, health and energetic balance of the person working with the Rods. The filling in the initial phase was a fine-grained quartz, a special kind of white sand. The cylinders with white sand positively affect and activate a person's energetic streams. Next, the cylinders were filled with middle and coarse-grained quartz to achieve higher level of abilities. (These type of Rods we manufacture as "Rods Quartz") The next type of Rods contained quartz mono-crystals and were made for Priests, the masters of healing. The Rods would create a powerful energetic shield around the user, influencing the patient, harmonizing his energetic streams and allowing for coordination with signals from the master's mind. This type of the Rods we have named "Rods Crystal"

Egyptian Healing Rods: About Count Waleski

We first encountered the manuscript of Count Walewski in 1994 when V.P.Kovtun asked us for assistance. He had a school exercise-book given to him by Rouslan Dobrovolsky in Caucas in the 70's. Such notes were widely spread in Tbilisi, having been re-written by worshippers of esoteric knowledge.

Later in New York, we discovered the manuscript "The System of Caucasian Yoga" by the Polish Count Stefan Colonna Walewski published in the United States in 1955. The exercise-book offered to us by V. P. Kovtun was simply a rewritten form of this manuscript.

The editor's preface states: "Count Stefan Colonna Walewski's outer life was that of a well-known collector and dealer in oriental art and antiquities and in anthropological curios. His shop, Esoterica, was not only a famous New York connoisseurs' landmark but the gateway of another world, in which magic, demons and talismans were as real as subways and neon signs. The Count firmly believed that he attracted these strange objects to him by a sort of higher magnetism of which he knew the workings; and his unrivalled collection seemed to prove his point.

Few knew, however, that behind Count Walewski's constant kindnesses to his fellow man and his expert knowledge -- the two main facets of his external life -- there lay an intense inner life and search for life's most hidden secrets. Few knew that before the 1920s, in the Caucasus mountains (between the Black and Caspian seas, on the border between Turkey and Russia) he had been vouchsafed some of those secrets by two initiates of a rarely encountered secret society, which combined indigenous doctrines and those of yoga with teachings stemming from a mystical tradition of ancient Zoroastrianism. Walewski never saw his teachers again, and he himself assumed no personal credit for their teachings which were merely handed on to him under oath not to reveal the source.

We offer you the paragraphs from his facsimile manuscript: The System of Caucasian Yoga

"IX L ARCANE. Recharging nervous energy. A way used in ancient Egypt for strengthening of currents of energy within the body. It was shown in the figures, using the second Master Arcane exercise. Two rods clasped in the hands of standing figures, were the grips of tremendous power, akin to electricity (secondary electricity), which when the grips were held in the hand released this energy into the body, to be stored in unipolar ganglias, and spinal fluid, raising the potential of energy 100%, and lasting for a day and a night, 24 hours.

"The rods were two in number and of different compositions. One generally to be used in the right, another in the left hand. One having the power of the Sun, another the power of the Moon.

'The Sun rod of Power is composed of hard coal (carbon) specially hardened, in which the structure of the molecules is changed the way the molecules of iron are changed when converting iron into magness. (To convert iron into magness, the structure of iron molecule's is changed by re-crystallization process, hardening, then it will retain the magnetism.) The process of hardening is heating to high temperature and then instantly cooling by submerging in water. (The rods of bard coal prepared for the electric arc lamps are excellent as Sun rods of Power.)

The hardened rod of coal can be inserted in a copper tube, with both ends open or closed (Length of rod six inches, diameter one inch or according to the grip of the band.)

"The Moon rod of Power is composed of hard lode stone, or pressed lode stone, (it may also be a rod of magnetized hard iron or steel magness. The Moon rod of Power can be inserted in a zinc or tin tube with both ends open or closed. (Length and diameter same as Sun rod.) The Moon grip or rod works as a kind of catalyst, to bring the Sun grip or rod into more powerful action.

The rods of power were known even long long ago, and the secret of their making knew only a few initiated.

The mysterious metal (bronze) auricalcum has tremendous power, and is composed of five metals, each having a definite color, white, black, red, blue and yellow. It is radioactive, and it hides the mystery of immaculate conception. Proportion of the metals is even. Then comes electron, composed of gold and silver, (40% and 60% silver), then a combination of silver 75% and zinc 25%; combination of copper and zinc, and also copper and tin. (Many combinations of bronze you can make figuring out planets and their relations and properties. Sun, gold; Moon, silver; Saturn, lead; Jupiter, tin; Mars, iron; Venus, copper; Mercury, mercury. Also minerals, coal, lode-stone, beryl, amber, tourmaline, rock crystal , hematite, etc. (Here text contains drawing of two figures rods, one figure is standing with a rod in each hand, one is sitting in the Egyptian meditation position, on a chair, back erect, feet flat on floor, hands on knees, with rods on knees. MM) The Egyptian master system postures for recharging the nervous energy, one should be relaxed and following the direction of the Sun. Objects shaped in different symbolic forms are also used throughout the world, like Babylonian maies (iron with silver inlay, with horned human head and head of the bull). In Tibet is used dorgee, etc."

Egyptian Healing Rods: Rods' Production, Construction, & Parameters

About the Rod's Construction:

1. The Rods are two hollow cylinders, made of copper (for the right hand) and of zinc (for the left hand) with specific fillings for each type of Rod. The Rods' construction is based upon the manuscript of Count Walewsky.
2. All of the outer and inner Rods' dimensions are produced according to the proportions of the Golden Section.
3. The copper and zinc used for producing the cylinders are of very high quality.
4. To improve efficiency of The Rods, all of the components used in manufacturing the cylinders are conditioned inside the Pyramid for a minimum 12- day cycle. The Pyramid creates a powerful structural field able to correct inter-atom distances.
5. The holographic images on the Rods is your guarantee of authenticity and high quality. We have used the following identifying images since 1955:
Magnetic Rods
* Zinc (Moon) cylinder - Scarabs
* Copper (Sun) cylinder - The Goddess Hathor
Quartz Rods
* Zinc (Moon) cylinder - The Goddess Hathor
* Copper (Sun) cylinder - The God Horus
Since may 2002 CRYSTAL Rods
* Zinc (Moon) cylinder - Scarabs
* Copper (Sun) cylinder - The God Horus
6. An Authorized Certificate of authenticity is included to each set of Rods.

Egyptian Healing Rods: The Egyptian Rod's and the Pyramid

"The effect of the Pyramid on a field structure of any object, regardless of whether it is mineral, solution, organic substance or living creature, causes serious changes within this structure. Such structures seem to be put in order, to become more optimal and harmonic. The power and durability of the structures, ordered in such a way, increase greatly, if all their newly-gained components are in resonance with the Pyramid." - A. Golod, Pyramids in Russia

The Rods and the Pyramid are a single and inseparable entity. Through this synergy they represent a powerful energy technology which will allow us to greatly improve our mental and physical abilities. Pyramidal energy structures, whose positioning depends on the energy qualities of the location correctly oriented in respect of the planet's poles, open up the following possibilities:

* Tapping into natural flows of cosmic energy, the organization and stimulation of evolutionary processes in the biosphere and in human consciousness.
* The reorganization and correction of the human energetic structure, making it possible to stimulate internal energetic, bio-physical and physiological processes, which in turn provide the opportunity to discover and activate the inner resources of the human psyche, increasing psychic potential.
* A positive influence on the immune and nervous systems, leading towards their perfection.
* An improvement of mankind's energo-ecological environment.

The pyramid is:
# a powerful cosmic antenna
# a stone model of the universe that uses its energy mechanism
# a powerful generator of cosmic energies of different planes

Being resonators, the Pyramids also appear to be antennae or a system that transfers energy from one dimension to another. The Pyramid, being an antenna and resonator at the same time, is also a re-transmitter of particular energetic flows, connected with some processes taking place in space. These Rods, together with the pyramid and appropriate preparation, allowed the Pharaohs and Priests to contact the Noosphere and were used for "Communication with the Gods".

Recent research has shown that in an area with a concentration of pyramids, seismic activity diminishes. More precisely, instead of one powerful earthquake there are hundreds of tiny ones. Also, in the atmosphere above the pyramids the state of the ozone layer improves.

Additional findings indicate that burial of radioactive waste in pyramids loses its toxic properties. Agricultural seed treated in pyramids results in a 30% - 70% yield increase. Diamonds synthesized from graphite stored one week in a pyramid are more pure, hard and more perfectly shaped than usual. Water stored in pyramids retains its properties for years.

A week after a complex of pyramids was installed at the Ishimbai oil field of Bashkiria in southern Russia, the state of the strata changed. The oil became lighter or less viscous and a number of its physical and chemical properties were altered. Also, the yield of the oil wells increased.

Doctors and physicists have been researching medical effects of the pyramid constructed by Alexander Golod. They've found that the pyramid has an influence on medicinal preparations and also that living organisms experience increased immune status and regenerated tissues.

To strengthen the efficiency of the Rods, all the components used in their production are processed in a Pyramid possessing a strong structural field for inter-atomic distance correction. The components are kept in the Pyramid for a minimum 12-day cycle. The properties of the crystalline lattice of the Rods' components and their metallic cases change under the Pyramid's influence, becoming more perfect and defect free. Thus improving its resonator properties.

We should call your attention to the fact that a person holding the Rods is also indirectly influenced by the Pyramid. Through moisture, atmospheric electricity and the Rods themselves, the user is connected with the pyramids by resonance interaction.

The Rods used by the priests and pharaohs, and the Pyramids themselves were created according to the proportions of "The Golden Section." This ensured the inter-tuning of objects one to another. It is necessary to stress that the entire physical and energetic structures of a human body obey the law of The Golden Section.

Egyptian Healing Rods: What Can Be Achieved with The Rods

# "...restore the energetic potential completely and keep it day and night during 24 hours" - Count Walewski
# stimulate the endocrine, immune and nervous systems, thus creating the prerequisites for their further improvement
# harmonize the two main energetic streams Yin and Yang according to eastern traditions
# harmonize energo-information human field

As a result of their influence, one may be cured of diseases resistant to traditional methods. Deep mechanisms, stimulating not only the particular organ but the entire organism are involved.

The Rods and the Pyramid are a single and inseparable entity. Together, they represent a technology of the 21st century which will allow us to improve our mental and physical abilities greatly. The Egyptian Rods are obviously conditioned in the Pyramid. With regular exercises of auto-training and self-development using the Rods, one's energy and blood flow improves, mind becomes clearer and psychic becomes more balanced. Also, a thicker energetic bio-field, that repels negative energy, is created around the body. Thus, protective functions of the organism improve, the body becomes stronger and diseases are cured.

The energy of the organism, being supplied by the Cosmic energies, begins circulating through the channels more intensively.

These flows favor the channels' purification and curing of diseases.

When all disease is removed and the exercises continue, some hidden functions will be discovered together with a preventing effect. E.g., vision, hearing, sense of smell, general sensitivity, intuition will be improved. Such super abilities, as heighted internal awareness, connection with different information channels may be displayed, being supplied by subtler energies.

Whom can be the Rods useful for

As a result of the rods influence on a human organism, the general energetic level increases. The bio-energy redistributes itself between the organs and systems more harmonically, and pathological misbalance is removed. Protective functions are activated and the organism is shifted to a state where it is much easier for it to cope with any problems. Thus, the people suffering from different diseases can consider the Rods as their powerful helper in their struggle for health. Besides, the Rods help with insomnia, headaches, hypertension, stresses, and thus may help avoid using chemical remedies.

People of intensive physical or intellectual labor (doctors, teachers, police, businessmen, social workers, students, sportsmen, etc.) often get rather tired by the end of the day and need some additional remedies for a rest and restoration. Here the Rods are really indispensable. The Rods can also be recommended for the people with transcontinental syndrome, whose business is connected with often flights from one time zone to another (pilots, sportsmen, tourists, long-distance drivers, etc.), when asynchronous modes of internal and external organism work cause headache and weakness. Artists note the improving of their creative abilities as a result of the Rods' influence.

Some families experience the problems of misunderstanding and disharmony in interrelations, living in such a complicated modern world. One reason for misunderstanding is the difference between the energy levels of the partners. A pair way of using the Rods allows them to equal their energy levels and find understanding, that, in its turn, allows the existing problems to be solved in a constructive way.

It is really hard to overestimate the usefulness of the Rods for those, practicing self-development, purification of the organism, medicinal fasting, winter-swimming, healing, Tsigun, Yoga, inner styles of orient single combats. Using of the Rods improves the effect of such practices greatly and allows to become a success in much shorter time.

The Rods are recommended for people who anticipate additional stress. By using the Rods, the organism's resistance greatly improves. Cylinders with the correct filling have an astonishing quality - they can actually attune themselves to a person, adjusting to the rhythm that the organism needs at that particular time of the day or night. The cylinders can be used any time of day. They tune into the organism, to the energy channel that is open, and work with it.

Time limits for working with the cylinders:
# At first The magnetic Rods-KONT can be applied for not more than 7-15 minutes.
# The time for working with the Rods-QUARTZ can be longer, depending on your condition.
# Consultation with a specialist will help you to chose the right dimensions and fillings, based on your physical data. The size of the cylinders can vary depending on your personal goal or medical problem. Cylinders 146mm long were intended to work in conjunction with the pyramids, however, if you need to stop some negative process in the organism and a powerful impulse is needed, then the larger cylinders can be used.

If certain conditions are observed and a systematic approach taken, the cylinders not only correct, but can also improve your energy and immune systems. These results require systematic daily work founded on a precise understanding of what the Wands of Horus are, the principle by which they function, knowledge of the elements making up the complex (a vital part of which is interaction with natural energy sources), knowledge of human cycles and those of the Earth and also a clear idea of your intentions.

The cylinders are not a panacea from all illnesses, their purpose is somewhat different. Nevertheless, it is worth repeating that the greater part of our illnesses begin with the disharmony of two fundamental flows of energy - the BA and KA or Yin and Yang. Daily work with the cylinders (for no less than an hour) has a beneficial effect in cases of:
# over-agitation and nervous disorders
# problems with arterial pressure
# vegeto-vascular disorders
# normalize the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses
# improve circulatory processes, with a beneficial effect on blood vessels
# each pain in the joints in cases of arthritis and gout
# cardiovascular diseases
# neirotrophic disorders
# diseases of excretory system
# insomnia, and also as the anti-stress remedy and guarding against arteriosclerosis

Egyptian Healing Rods: Rods' Influence and Benefits

The mechanism by which the cylinders act on the human organism is fairly complicated. We shall therefore try to explain in more basic terms that nonetheless convey the main idea of the process. Those seeking knowledge are familiar with the concept of energy shells that, according to a Eastern tradition, make up the energy structure of the human being. We know about the existence of the ethereal body, the astral body, the mental body and so on up to the seventh energy body. But, there is evidence that the ancient hierophants knew of the existence of several more energy bodies or shells, of which the present-day exoteric and other schools tell us nothing. The final energy body, still unknown to humanity today, is the shell through which each person has direct contact with what people call "God" or the "Source" of everything, all knowledge and energy. Through that shell we have a link to all the world around us, as we are part of the Great Creative Principle. Since we possess that shell, we are all, in a way, sources of energy.

When we hold the Cylinders of the Pharaoh in our hands, under the influence of the human biological field through the projection of the corresponding energetic centers, located in the palms, they begin to activate the 6th and 7th chakra, or more precisely the 6th and 7th energy shells. On the physical plane there is stimulation of the hypothalamus and hypophysis as they are projections of those energy centers in the physical human body. Activation of these centers leads to activation of the last energy shell, that is as yet unknown to mankind, and the organism begins to receive energy directly from the "Source". The incoming energy forms an energy cocoon around the person's body, correcting all his or her energy structure and having a beneficial effect on the whole organism. And the impulses passing through the hypothalamus and hypophysis switch on the processes of regeneration and self-healing.

The existence of potential difference between the cylinders transfers the organism to a higher energetic state. Activating such restorative processes as harmonization of the whole organism more deeply and quickly. This effect is obtained by a combination of galavanotherapy, metallotherapy and the presence of weak physical fields created by the fillings of the cylinders having a therapeutic effect on the organism through the bio-active points of palms.

There is no doubt that every living creature is surrounded by material energetic shields. This has been proven with Kirlian photography and observed by many people in the world able to see the human aura and make diagnostics with its help. The aura is only one of a living creatures' bio-field displays. This is field is just like one's body yet much more delicate and subtle.

Humans have energetic centers, "chakras," that allow them to "be in touch" with the environment. Chakras can be imagined as energetic whirlwinds or funnels. The transformed energy of space, earth, water, air, sunrays, etc., can enter through the "chakras" into the physical body of a person. Chakras, being the first-hand conductors of the energy processed in the energetic structure, then transmit it to the endocrine system. The chakra system is connected with our physical body and is a sort of endocrine system projection.

The basic energetic centers, being the projections of the endocrine system, also have their own projections. The 7th chakra has its projection on the palms, the 1st chakra on the feet, etc. It's also known that a human organism represents itself as a peculiar power plant. Holding the Rods in one's hands, a person polarizes the crystals inside the Rods. At the same time, when we hold the Rods they begin activating the 6th and 7th chakras under the influence of a human bio-field through the projections of specific energetic centers situated on the palms. Hypothalamus and hypophysis are stimulated, as they serve as projections of these energetic centers within the human physical body. The activation of these centers causes the energetic shield to be activated and the organism begins to receive the energy. The incoming energy and the piezoelectricity, generated by the crystal filling, create an energetic cocoon around the person's body. This cocoon corrects one's energetic structure. Vibrating with the frequency "given" by the hypothalamus and hypophysis, it positively affects the organism as a whole. Impulses passing through the hypothalamus and hypophysis include the processes of regenerating and self-improving one's health.

The Rods' process of influence is the following: By way of the piezoelectrical effect stimulating the 6th and the 7th chakras, the Rods act upon the Central Nervous System ("CNS"). The CNS sends impulses to the Endocrine System and from the Endocrine System they flow to the organs of internal secretion and on to the organs. An inverse reaction consists of the following steps:

1. From the Endocrine System to CNS
2. From the organs to CNS

Thus, the CNS receives the information from the Endocrine System and internal organs about their secretion condition and about any disorders of internal organs. Having received this information, the CNS sends these signals to the hypothalamus and hypophysis, which, in turn, activate the functions of regeneration (provided that these functions are not suppressed in the organism). In the case of a depressed regeneration function, the energetic cocoon generated by the Rods and vibrating with the frequency "given" by hypothalamus and hypophysis, acts like an amplifier that transmits the blocked signal and stimulates the activity of the regenerating function.

Egyptian Healing Rods: Medical Recommendation

A study of the effectiveness of the Rods was carried out in April 1993 and December 1995. Using modern equipment and the most advanced methods, a group of medical scientists from the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute, St Petersburg, led by Dr. M.A. Nikulin, that were put forward for the Nobel Prize in 1990. A computer monitor displayed the data, received from the points, indicated the current internal organs' condition. The information was taken from the bio-active palm zones with the help of diagnostic methods. There were three stripes on the monitor: green - "organs' condition in order", red and blue - "disorder". For sure, everybody has it own particular dispersedness of these points: some of them are in the green zone, another outside it, thus it shows, that all of us have their disorders. Some minutes later people, holding the cylinders, experienced a little miracle: all of the points started to move towards the green zone.

"...During the first few minutes people under test, holding the cylinders, experience a powerful pulse wave from the left side to the right one. A sensation of the vessels filling with blood is registered that has been named "the vascular stage" by researchers. Infrared radiation increases from the right upper limb, and then the thermal field at the limbs evens out. Together with these changes in the subject's organism, a general rise in activity is observed, accompanied by an 8-10 beats per minute increase in pulse-rate. By the second minute a warming of the cervico-thoracic section of the spinal column with increased infrared radiation was observed. It follows, then, that the whole of the vegetative nervous system is drawn into the process, and there is an energetic activation of the tissues of both the upper limbs, and the body as a whole. As a consequence the headache is alleviated and blood pressure tends towards the norm." -from the experimental record

Dr M.A. Nikulin concluded the following: "When any pathologies within a human body are detected we observe a thermal asymmetry between the ill and healthy parts of the body. Held in hands, the cylinders equalize this thermal asymmetry, thus showing their therapeutic effect."

The cylindrical Rods can be recommended for people suffering from:
# cardio-vascular diseases
# early phase hypertension
# neurotrophic disorders
# diseases of the excretory systems
# insomnia (and also as a means stress reduction & arteriosclerosis prevention)

When carrying out a number of targeting experiments, Dr. M.A. Blank, specialist of the Oncological Center in Pesochny, discovered that the influence of the Rods creates a special condition in the organism making it more efficient at self-healing. According to the researches' conclusions the cylinders' influence "transfers" the organism to such a harmonized state, when it is much easier for it to cope up with all the troubles within. "There is a parameter that characterizes the functioning of cells - the respiratory waves of cells. Oncological condition of the organism suppresses those respiratory waves, but the cylinders, on the contrary, improve that parameter. But cancer is an extremely serious "citadel"; you won't seize it with such gentle means. Perhaps, it is worth using like a preventive measure, but this conclusion requires additional researches. One thing is clear: where cancer makes things bad, the cylinders try to make them a little better." Dr. Blank suggests that the Rods be recommended as a preventive remedy for people with transcontinental syndrome, whose business is connected with flights from one time zone to another (pilots, sportsmen, tourists, long-distance drivers, etc.) and when asynchronous modes of internal and external organism work causes headache and weakness.

The research, carried out in June 2000 by Polish bio-energetic doctors under the leadership of Marek Stavisky, showed that: "A surface of the zinc Rod radiates the ultraviolet spectrum. I use this spectrum for splitting the structures of malignant tumors and for freezing their activity. Another spectrum, that appears on the butt-end of the zinc Rod, is used for radiating the malignant tumors before operating." His studies show that the radiation provided only by the single zinc Rod can be successfully used for treating cancer. The set of the Rods-QUARTZ used in pair, provides the radiation that is effective for curing and for use by ill people for self-immune therapy. The complex research carried out by the International Shaping Federation in March-June 2000 discovered that the Rods can be effectively used for quick reduction of physical and nervous tension and physical and spiritual power recovery after working or training hard.

Daily work with the Rods has a beneficial effect in cases of:
# over-agitation and nervous disorders
# problems with arterial pressure
# vegeto-vascular disorders
# normalize the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses
# improve circulatory processes, with a beneficial effect on blood vessels
# each pain in the joints in cases of arthritis and gout

Purification of the human bio-field, increasing in size, purification of energy-channels and increase of chakra functioning all indicate an increase in the vitality of the human physical body.

Note: The statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information herein is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your physician. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your condition. Informational material and representations have been provided by the manufacturers of the products.

Egyptian Healing Rods: Order The Rods

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