Starseed Questionnaire

Starseed Questionnaire

by Tamara Rennie

July 10, 2008, Comments(3)
Starseeds and Walkins


Are You an Indigo/Star/Crystal Child?


To find out, ask yourself these questions:


1. Did you come into the world acting like royalty?

2. Do you have a feeling of deserving to be here?

3. Do you have an obvious sense of self?

4. Do you have difficulty with discipline and authority?

5. Did/Do you refuse to do certain things you are told to do?

6. Is waiting in lines torture for you?

7. Are you frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity?

8. Do you see better ways of doing things at home and at work?

9. Are you a nonconformist?

10. Do you refuse to respond to guilt trips?

11. Do you get bored rather easily with assigned tasks?

12. Do you display symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder?

13. Are you particularly creative?

14. Do you display intuition?

15. Do you have strong empathy for others?

16. Did you develop abstract thinking very early?

17. Are you very intelligent?

18. Are you very talented (may be identified as gifted as a child)?

19. Do you seem to be a daydreamer?

20. Do you have very old, deep, wise looking eyes?

21. Do you have spiritual intelligence?


If you have more than 10 yes answers, you are probably an Indigo. If more than 15, almost definitely.


List compiled by Wendy H. Chapman from her own experience with children and information in

The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll.


How About "indigo Elder" ?


May 7, 2009, 8:50 pm
how about "indigo elder" ?

LOL Laurence


July 10, 2008, 10:01 am
When I read this post I thought to myself I'm just plain too old to be indigo or crystal, or anything but just a human being, headed for ascension.

I liked your questions, I can truly give a YES to each one. Gonna have to think up a nifty name for those of us who were born too soon to get all the magical upgrades the youngsters are born with these days. The word old oughtta not be in there anywhere though.

chuckling to myself

Just A Few More For Fun


July 10, 2008, 9:46 am
22.Do you have Grey Hair
23.Do you have Arthritis
24.Do you remember Woodstock
In Love,Light and Awareness


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