Important Message From The Intergalactic Federation Of Light

Important Message From The Intergalactic Federation Of Light

by Andromedan Collective Consciousness

August 20, 2008, Comments(10)
Extraterrestrials & UFO's

Transmitted through Andromeda with permission of the Andromedan Collective Consciousness

Good Day

We are the Intergalactic Federation of Light. We represent all the galaxies, solar systems and planets in this universe which are pro-life and love based. Speaking to you through Alainoor, Andromedan Ambassador of Light for Terra.

This is the first time we are communicating to Terra's Inhabitants, we wouldn't normally interfere in your affairs as I am just an observer.

We are a force promoting creation and unconditional love through this universe.

It has come to our attention rumours that there is a combined fleet of governmental astronauts and Orion spaceships in the Earth space. This is not so. All the spaceships allowed into Earth space at the present moment are friendly and part of the Intergalactic Federation and are observers only. As you would have observers when you have an election.

Please pay no attention to the "Greys" story, there is some truth in it but they are not allowed into Earth space at this time.

There are Orion personnel in Earth as guests of governments but no spaceships.

Orion's spaceships are quarantined beyond Mars and their personal is using technology given to earth governments to shuttle them to and from Mars.

Orion is not part of the Intergalactic Federation of Light or the Galactic Federation of Light. Please make your own conclusions.

We would not like to give any further advise except, that at some point in the near future; it is difficult to say when; you, Earth inhabitants, are going to be asked whether you want the Orion fleet to enter your space. It may be part of the manifesto of your incoming elections. If you are not sure whether this particular point is included in your candidates manifestos please do not vote.

Mentally please vote only for the forces of light and freedom. It does not matter their name. I repeat, only vote for the forces of light, unconditional love and freedom. You can say, "I choose that only interdimenssional beings from the forces of light, unconditional love and freedom be allowed into Earth's space". It is all that is required.

This stunt has happened before in your planet and the consequences are all around you. Famines, war, disease, exploitation, fear, ignorance, etc.

It is up to you to chose whether you want to be free or enslaved again.

Planet Earth will ascend regardless but it means that anybody that has not chosen to ascend with it will have to leave its embodiment and be relocated to planets which are dominated by the Orion Empire of Darkness. They need your soul power to fuel their creations. They are not en-souled as you are.

Please do not take our words lightly. Ponder about your future and choose wisely.

If you agree with this message pass it along to as many Earth symathetic inhabitants as possible

Logging off

Unconditional Love and Light

Alainoor, Andromedan Ambassador of Light

End of message

Federation Of Light!

Ion Sunrider

March 4, 2009, 5:24 am
Before I came upon this website, I did not know that a Galactic Federation of Light existed.
I had only fantasized about it.
I am over-joyed to know that such a thing EXISTS!
As long as I am alive, my heart goes out to this force in unconditional love and support.
As Terrans, we live in a global society that has been negatively manipulated by Orion Reptilians for thousands of years. Our minds have been enslaved. We humans have been taught to live as Orions. War. Pain. Punishment. Control. Enslavement. We have been taught and encouraged, to this very day, to kill each other. We are all family, regardless of skin colour, languages, and cultures. We must learn to live with each other in peace and love. Not War and Hate.
All Lyrans must unite to become the positive expression of light we were always meant to be.

WE Are The Earth!

Opalescent Heart

August 22, 2008, 1:24 am
So true Peace!

I was pondering about this today and felt that the Orians do not get along with our resident evils that control the bush/rothschilds..etc. so they are trying to get a foot in the door! But we Lightworkers are doing great work and keep informed enought to stay in Love and Light!

You are blessed with Love, Light, Peace & Abundance Immeasurable!
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain!



August 20, 2008, 5:57 pm
i just want to stress that humanity has voted again and again on a vollective level that the changes happen smoothly and that any negative entities shouls not be allowed, i dont realy think we need new votes. I dont really thing this negative ets have come becuase they have been welcomed by humanity, probably by only a few numbers.

the point is we dont need new votes, because the reason that the federations of light are here in the first place is because the Creator has decreed that there will be no stopping the ascesnion of humanity, and that means not allowing any negative entities into our space.

hope thsi clears things up.

Hi Linnius


August 20, 2008, 5:30 pm
Your questions are always interesting. We have free will, we decide...The Intergalactic Federation helps anyone that asks, but, and here is the catch, we have to ask or in modern terms we vote....

Voting is very cunning cos politicians never tell you their real agendas.

We are broadcasting this information through the grid but each one of us has to make up their mind consciously or subconsciously.

The ascension will not be stopped but the situation for us (humans)could deteriorate until the planes split up.

Much love

Hey Andromeda Peace And


August 20, 2008, 4:28 pm
hey andromeda peace and love, but you know that it is the job of the galactic federation and intergalactic federation of light, i dont really know the difference, to stop any negative ets, to come inot our world space, for it has been the edict of the creator,to do so, there is really no point of telling us about this things, it is imply their job, and the only way lightworkers are going to be afraid is that if, the federation act as if they eed permission from us to stop this guys. the fact is simple again the creator has decreed no other forces of darkness are to be allowed in our air spaces and that is that. peace and one love.


Opalescent Heart

August 20, 2008, 3:34 pm
This is a very good and accurate message. There seems to be some extreems of "all aliens" mean no good or "all aliens" mean no harm.. .and of course both sides believe they are right.
Yet just like on Earth, there are very few really bad ones, and those are the ones that this alert is all about.
It "feels" to me that this alert is talking about the presidental candidate Obama, being mistakenly lead to open the "quarenteen" to the Orion group. Yes there has bee a quarenteen around earth for some time. We are in sacred space.
so please say your prayes, intentions and visualize only benevolent outcomes, and that the truth be known by Obama about the differences. We wonderful Lightworkers can do so much with our focus and Light in benevolent ways.

Obama is starting to make some sloppy choices in the rush of excitment of having become the democratic choice. He is the better of the two, I am told, and yet he is swimming in a shark infested political waters. If he is to wake up to the Light within him to lead US, we need to help by overlighting Him with the Divine! Right now he is only 45% towards the benevolent and so there is still more to go. Special interests are eating him alive with a joyfull delivery of promise that will fade to slavery if he is not aware. And if he falls to the malevolent Orion astral messages they have been sending him, then he may open that door in ingnorace & and give them permission to enter Earths biosphere.

well so much for morning messages, LOL. I feel my Ashtar Command conections talking through me right now. I am told it is a minor threat at this point but is on the increase for some reason. So Lightworkers call to action! Thank you for this post!

You are blessed with Love, Light, Peace & Abundance Immeasurable!
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain!

Hi Linnius


August 20, 2008, 2:27 pm
They know the situation down here. They are making all efforts for the information to reach across. I am sure all will be fine at the end.

They haven't told me but it is my impression that they transmitted the message to stop people (specially lightworkers)from being scared thinking that all is lost already which will be the case if the orions are in Earth space. It is a relief that they aren't and we can see that there has been much work stopping nuclear actions in Pakistan and Georgia.

Don't know if you are aware but there have been fleet sightings in war areas and 3rd world countries. Even here in England.

Th Intergalactic Federation fleet is outside Earth Space, anybody can contact them telephatically.

Love and light



August 20, 2008, 2:18 pm
you know what most if not all are going to choose those forces of love and peace and not darkness, but if they really dont even know anything about aliens, how can they make an open free will choice, it kind of makes me laugh what goes for democracy in this planet and plane.

Lightworkers are the true represntatives of humanity, as we are those humans who have become aware of information such as the forces of light and dark, to actually make descions based on clarity and true free will,for all of huamnity, we are the only ones given permission by our mother father god, the source and the souls of all human beings, and countless times have we made ourself heard, stating that we wnat only the forces of light and unconditonal love.

what does humanity have to do to state that they want peace. you all kno that the masses are not even aware of half of what is going on, but we as lightworkers are are more aware, and we have chosen on behalf of humanity.

Well This Channeling Sort Of


August 20, 2008, 12:16 pm
Well this channeling sort of blows a hole in a certain somebody's Project Camelot interviews.

Important Message From The Intergalactic Federation Of Light


August 20, 2008, 12:07 pm
The Key here is yor intent, therefore, I do find truth in this one statment "I choose that only interdimenssional beings from the forces of light, "unconditional love" and freedom be allowed into Earth's space". "

Much Love & Peace to ALL


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