Awakening To The 5th Dimension

Awakening To The 5th Dimension

by Adeon

August 27, 2008, Comments(9)
Ascension, Ascended Masters

This morning I had a lovely communion with 3 beautiful light beings of the Melchezidekian Christ Light. They helped me clarify what it means to be 5th Dimensional and how it relates to what we are experiencing now. I have been doing some extended research into the 2012 Enigma, to help gain a better understanding of how it will effect life on earth and have made some wonderful breakthroughs which I will be sharing via an online conference in the coming months.

But now onto the interesting stuff. This may be old news to many of you, as it was really a clarification for me and applies to how energy and consciousness moves through the eternal fractal matrix.

As we know, all things are one. Within the one there exists both the infinite and the finite and they are in simulteneous relationships. These are not opposites. Infinite and Finite co-exists. The one fractalises into many divisions which are further divided and further and so on. At a particular dimensional depth a veil or octave is created. We would perceive this a singulairity, i.e. a black hole in the galaxy. These also exist within the atom, heart and pineal of animals and people.

Within the black hole a new fractal dimensions divides itself down, again and again infinitely.

Now consciousness resides within the fractal matrix. It is a part of it and flows through it. The resonant energies of the one, harmoniously flow through the eternal matrix giving birth to all life, consciousness and form.

Therefore saying.. 1 dimensional, or 2 dimensional.. is really only relative to our "octave" or area within the fractal matrix level we currently occupy with consciousness. So this table is relative to us.. But also fractalises inward and outward.. As I understand it their are 8 divisions with 9th being the 1st of the next octave.

1st - Atomic atomic structures as one are part of molecules

2nd - Molecular/Cellular as one are part of life forms

3rd - Integrated Personal Life Forms as one are part of planetary spheres)

4th - Planetary spheres as one are part of solar systems

5th - Solar Systems as one are part of galaxies

6th - Galaxies as one are part of Universes.

7th - Universes as one are mart of Multiverse

8th - Multiverses as one part of Neo-Atomic

9th = 1st Neo-Atomic

At the heart of each of these dimensions is a singularity, or "black hole" which draws energy inward (like gravity) and radiates energy outward like magnetic EMF.

Thus this scale is not linear, but fractal. Each singularity ajoins the other like a tunnel to the neighbouring dimensions. Eg. When you go into meditation and go within, you can either travel into the molecular dimension through the heart singularity or into the planetary through the Pineal singularity. These are like gateways/portals. This also ties us together, showing we are not separate but one. For all our pineal gateways are the also the planetary gateway. Just as all our many cellular gateways are also the one heart gateway and from the cellular we can then access the atomic and so on.. You can see all these gateways that exist within our octave. Each are linked in their respective order.

So right now, most people are 3rd and 4th Dimensional. Our consciousness spans 3 or 4 dimensions. Anyone who is or has experienced planetary consciousness, or is attuned to global oneness is CONSCIOUSLY resonating across 4 dimensions. Being human means spanning 3 dimensions. (Atomic, Molecular and Personal). Higher consciousness is across more dimensions. Spanning the 4th gives rise to all the spiritual abilities. It is how we commune with higher energies, each other, intuition, etc etc. We are not always aware of this. Our "aware" consciousness is only a fraction of our over all conscious activity. So building awareness is really wonderful because it opens you up to experiencing what is going on, this cultivates joy and bliss.

5th Dimensional means you are now reaching into the solar realm. You are consciously spanning multiple dimensions and able to shift focus into the solar realm and access the galactic energies. You could say your consciousness is literally expanding into the fractal matrix, in awareness. Your consciousness then acts as a "channel" and energy can flow through the dimensions. The more you expand the more in alignment you are required to be.. the more "crystalline" your energy matrix must be or the energy will not flow and connection will not be maintained. As this energy flows it further defines and organises into ordered space/form, following natural sacred geometric laws. The right structure provides a resistance-free flow of energy. The wrong structure will result in resistance, and either blockages will form or the resistance will be burnt off and the system will self correct. Blockages can also channel the energy elsewhere. Blockages do have their purpose to direct energies.

5th Dimensional consciousness playground is the galaxy. The lightship Merkavah Vehicle is an expression of conscious manifestation. Singularity worm holes can then be used to traverse the inner and outer galaxy.

As you expand in consciousness and awareness in higher dimensions, you can now direct and work with the energy. Some people use the 3rd dimension as a spring board into the higher dimensions moving only their consciousness. This is also akin to what happens in the death-rebirth cycle. Your spirit goes out, sheds its astral baggage that is resistant to the flow, and goes through the re-incarnation cycle. What also happens during an out of body experiences is that a part of your consciousness travels through the matrix, the rest remains in body, this is a temporary trip. However, once the awareness expands through these dimensions you can channel the energy through your lower dimensions, and create a "rainbow bridge" of sorts. Aligning the Solar, Planetary, Pineal/Heart, Cellular, Atomic portals equates to a 5th Dimensional Being. In this being the energy can then flow through and energies all dimensions. This gives rise to the ability to transfer all aspects of matter and consciousness through the matrix time and space. This is an evolutionary leap into a new way of being.

9th Dimensional is complete in-tune-ment with all that is.

All this is both happening of its own accord through the higher consciousness, just as your heart beats without your awareness. It is happening anyway. However at this level beyond 3rd, awareness is required to proceed. As moving further without awareness would open up the consciousness to too much energy to handle. This would have dramatic ramifications to the whole fabric of space time. Just think of the devastation that is caused during an atomic blast, as great rifts and dimensions are de-materialised sending infinite loops of destructive waves through the matrix. Think of having the capacity to shift energy streams with the strength of the earth and sun behind the thought.

This is why consciousness only gets to experience this creative capacity when it has come into full awareness of its interconnectedness, both of unconditional love for the inner and outer reality as a reflection of one and the same (oneness). This is a complete and unconditional love. An aware being in complete love would never take action to destroy itself. However it may take action to unblock an energy barrier that is disrupting the flow of energy through the matrix. This can sometimes appear as destructive forces if viewed from the perspective of the barrier.

We can relate this to ourselves, our lives and our children. As we are manifestors of our beliefs (core beliefs) we need to investigate and shine awareness on these belief structures that enforce separateness.

A natural response to pain and suffering is to separate ourselves form it. Right from the point of birth we experience this pain and separateness. However this is quickly patched up, as we develop, we re-form the family unit bond with our parents. The child perceives itself as part of the parents. This is often expressed when families break down, the child feels partly or wholly responsible. After all itsnt it part of the family?

Events occur in childhood and our developing life, as our critical analytical thinking develops, we start to infuse beliefs of separateness into our way of life. We may experiences sever pain growing up, subjected on us from peers and people we may have loved (conditionally). This pain enforces more separateness. And we build up fears to help us avoid pains in the future as a self protective mechanism.

We can unlearn these things as quickly as we learnt them. We can undo beliefs as quickly as they were formed, and in the light of awareness this can be done even faster. Because the truth is we are not separate. And that truth when supported expresses itself in a powerful manner, it wants to be unveiled. And healing wants to take place. The memory of pain may remain, but we no longer separate ourself from it. We forgive, accept and bring a new level of understanding to the situation. This is where dealing with the shadow aspects of the self, and repairing fragmentation is required.

Just like the great pyramids, over time, the rumblings of the earth have shaken their foundations, and slowly they have deteriorated. Their once pure geometric form channelled pure pranic energies, now in their deteriorated fragmented state, their capacity to channel energy is severely diminished.

Unconditional love, when felt, experienced and emanated, organises and repairs the geo-metetric matrix of life, facilitating the natural flow of these energies. (Consider the PHI Love wave demonstrated by the Heart Math institute) Devices like the Pyramids, and other atlantean based technologies can be utilised to create congruent spaces, or tap into this natural flow. However without the awareness behind it, this artificial means of accessing the energies is limited and brief. They can be used to assist in entraining the living individual into the living whole, or they can be used to steer theses energies into destructive forces. Both have occurred in the history.

When the densities of energy increases, I.e. more energy flowing through the same time/space, as it is now, the matrix under the influence of this energy flow must organise itself into a congruent pathway, the grid must self organise. Consciousness plays a part in this. Thought forms blocking and severing the grid must be removed or washed away to enable the energy flow to take place. Low dimensional consciousness just adapts intuitively. This is why following your intuition will suffice help, you can also accelerate the process by attuning yourself using spiritual practices. In fact many people will intuitively be drawn to practices that help them clear their own personal blockages. As always fear of change can override this intuition. Wanting to hold onto old blocking energies, wanting to remain in duality etc.

Thus one can see the importance of forgivenesses and acceptance, as well as one ability to overcome fears and separateness caused by pain. The value of unconditional love can not be stressed enough for the greatest expansive springboard into higher states of consciousness.

Enjoy! Love! Shine!

Absolutely Astonishing Dear


July 20, 2015, 7:23 am
Absolutely astonishing dear brother...



Absolutely Astonishing Dear


July 20, 2015, 7:22 am
Absolutely astonishing dear brother...



It Is Where I AM

Tracy Rising

September 6, 2008, 12:03 am
You are like reading my deepest experiences these past few weeks, I totally resonate with all that you say.

Light is Love, Love is Light, may yours Shine Bright!!!

Sending Light & Love from KCMO, "the middle of america"

I Am That, I Am Tracy



August 31, 2008, 12:44 pm
great message! thank you!

Namasté !

This Is Great. I Am Saving


August 28, 2008, 5:33 am
this is great. i am saving it to favorites so i can read it again.
much love!

Nicely Done!


August 27, 2008, 3:08 pm
Beautiful and informative, thanks!

Beloved Brother Adeon


August 27, 2008, 2:20 pm
Beloved brother Adeon

Thank you for such amazing blog, is needed. I love the information and it has helped me understand even beyond.

Blessings dear one, in love and in light always.


Great Blog


August 27, 2008, 1:39 pm
Greatly appreciated it. Clearly explained.

Love and light

Excellent Adeon

Elizabeth Feisst

August 27, 2008, 5:11 am
Focus on love in each breath taking moment - Ruth Tai

Thank You for this wonderful sharing.... just brilliant
Love and light


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