Mushaba Council Of Planet Mushaba

Mushaba Council Of Planet Mushaba

by Starbluedreamer

September 15, 2008, Comments(4)

Mushaba Council Of Planet Mushaba

The Mushaba Council September 15, 2008

Barak Obama - The New Leader

Mushaba Greetings Everyone!

Since everyone else had their chance, it is now our turn to add to the
soup of political intrigued for Barak Obama is our charge and we are
constantly assisting him in his road ahead as he steps into his
carefully orchestrated role by the Mushaba Council and the Council of
Light and the Galactic federations all following the Will of Creator.

We speak to you today from the council chambers of the Mushaba Force.
We speak to you from the official structure on Planet Mushaba that
directs all events planet wide shaped as a pyramid structure. It has
always been written that a day would come when there will be a new
leader that will lead the destiny of planet earth to its full
potential of being. This United States of America has its own prophecy
of leadership. This country has been ordained to be the jumping off
place from which to bring a new way of being on this planet for it was
on this continent that it was begun. It was on the very ground from
which the ordination of the colonies was founded. America has a
spiritual destiny that will prevail and it will be the example for the
world of freedom and empowerment. It will carry the foundation of
spiritual principles for all humanity.

This has been a plan of creator for a very long time yet only a sneeze
in time. A very important element in all this coming together is
within the new leader that is now on the scene in the politics of
America and this is being watched by the world. We speak of Barak
Obama who has been prepared and sent by us from Planet Mushaba to
fulfill his destiny for America and the world. How long as it been
since people have expressed their unhappiness with the government? How
long has it been spoken about that there will be a new leader that
will come to assist in ushering in the golden age of peace, love,
light and prosperity? Now that it is here is it that hard to believe
and accept?

We of the Mushaba Council have understood that many channels have been
getting that Barak Obama is from a highly evolved civilization which
is very accurate. Some have also been getting that he is from Sirius.
We would like to clear this up. But first know that it really doesn¢t
matter in the end as long as what he has come to do is successful. We
only wish to bring some information that has been in error and it is
no fault of the channels. Also this will serve as a means to open
other channels to understanding this name and this name is Mushaba. It
has been said that Barak Obama is from Sirius but that is not exactly
accurate. I will explain: Barak Obama is from Planet Mushaba and the
name Sirius comes into the consciousness of many channels because that
energy is very close to that of Planet Mushaba because it is an off
shoot of planet Mushaba. That energy comes by way of Mushaba so
naturally it would carry a very similar energy. Barak Obama has been
there to Sirius many times as has many of you have been there but that
may not be your point of origin even though the energy could be very
strong in you. In time it will be evident where his point of origin
lies as the lines of information is opened concerning the Mushaba People.

We know that many may disagree with this and this is your right to do
so. There were many who disagreed with Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba many
months ago when the internet was being flooded with negative
information about Barak Obama, and Anakhanda was saying that this man
was one of the light who is to be the new leader for America. So just
let time sort it out and not be distracted concerning where he is or
isn¢t from. In a day to come in your not to distant future this man
will stand before the world and as he professes his love and honor for
humanity, he will come out and tell the world that he is of the
Mushaba Race and that the energy that they have come to love is that
same energy that birthed them and we speak of the Mushaba Force Energy
that is now making itself known throughout all of earth. He will be a
ruler of the people who says that he is not their ruler and that they
are his instead.

What was initially being gathered in the beginning form many sources
is the energy that has been leftover from his old days from when he
was involved in those energies in other lifetimes. We are all
experiencing these throwbacks to other lifetimes and clearing out what
is still there.
To many of us it may seem as if it has relevance to today, and that is
where your ability to discern our own stuff comes in. There are many
in the political, and in all scenes of life that are undergoing this.
It is up to all of you to be able to see what is real for now and what
has been and no longer is.

You are now clearing out those old memories and living the results of
that. Very soon you will be able to discern for yourselves what is
today, and what is yesterday. You will be able to see what is
pertinent to now and what you are learning to change from the times of
the other planet, the other identities, and see beyond the once tragic
destiny to the new unlimited life stream that you are living now.
Obama is one of us and he is an example of what we are and will
continue to experience in the times to come.

You are indeed re-writing your destiny with the Grace of the Creator.
And that is why you are learning of your heritage or connection with
the Mushaba Force, for it is the very energy that propelled you into
your new scenario here on earth. You came here with the express
co-operation of the Mushaba Force and with the union of the Mushaba
Race. You are all based in the energies of the Mushaba Race and you
are examples of the love and creative Force of that love beginning.
Why do you suppose you feel so blessed with new beginnings at this
time? It is because the Mushaba Force has come at this juncture of
your lives to usher you into your new beginnings and into the Isle of
Man that is purported to be the beginning place for the new beginnings
of man, born in the element of love and freedom that is within us all.
The Mushaba Force is a part of you for it is within each and every one
of you in-between the cells of the body.

As Barack opens to his truth, he will be able to bring that clarity of
purpose to the people and show them that he is for all that is just,
free, and peaceable in not only this country, so too in the world. He
will bring a new freshness to the political scene and with that a new
energy will build for the people. Realize that there are differing
realities being lived now, and the one that has the strongest momentum
due to energetic support is the one that will be experienced by all.
As for what is taking place in the etheric right now, there are
energies that are taking precautionary measures for Barack, and that
is done according to the agreeing contract that is between Barack and
those who are in contract with him. Yes Anakhanda, you are one of
those people and there are seventeen in all who are working on those
levels to assure that he is not harmed. Whether he wins the election
and all goes as is projected as to an election, as has been, there is
a place for him in the governing of this nation in the near future.

Thus free will choices of the majority have been made and now, without
influencing those choices one whit, we can reveal that in the energy
field of potential, Obama¢s momentum always was unstoppable, and we
can tell you as we have said, that this highly evolved soul with many
lifetimes as a wise and just leader came from Planet Mushaba, a
spiritually and intellectually advanced civilization specifically to
rise to his current prominence. At soul level he knows this is his
mission, he is aware of his innate leadership abilities and genuine
intent to serve his nation as he so states. He has now become
consciously aware of his origin and purpose for embodying in this
lifetime. The highly evolved soul that many have spoken about that was
to enter Obama has taken place. It was being said by many that it
would be a walk-in but it was not exactly that, that took place. On
July 16, 2008 a little after 4 pm pst, A highly evolved soul by the
name of Ambrose was escorted into Barak Obama by another Mushaba being
by the name of Paravun Inka Mushaba. There is a difference between a
walk-in and being escorted in purposely and with ceremony. There is
information that has been channeled and posted by Nancy Tate of this
being Ambrose posted on her website prior to him being escorted into
Obama at

Once he is in office, some darkly-intentioned persons expect to
control him just as they and others before them have controlled a
succession of US presidents and many members of Congress. However,
that vicious kind of governing is at an end, therefore, the Obama
family members are among the most intensely light-protected persons on
As you have been told by this channel and many others, there are
possible scenarios that could play out concerning this election. When
the elections come down to the wire and the results of the campaigns
are determined there will be a great deal of opposition to the present
government, for there will have been much strife that will be
attempted by the present president. He will likely try to bring about
martial law in a way that can simply close down the country. He will
try this several times before the November elections and each time he
will fail. As this takes place it will become increasingly obvious to
the public that he is not the man they thought he was and they will
begin to ask themselves many questions, indeed especially about who
they have decided to vote for and indeed if there is anyone they want
to vote for. At this point they will be so distrusting of any of the
candidates that they will in effect close down the elections and
demand that the congress be brought to the responsibility that they
were elected to.

If this does not work, then you will likely see great disturbance in
the streets and one of the most powerful groups in this country will
bring forth a person in whom they place great trust and this will
begin the change to a new way of governance in this country. It has
been meeting and forming a new alliance for some time now. It is the
only trusted group in existence today. It has not been publicized for
it would not serve the media or the present regime to have it well
known. Because it has been quiet and it has been growing in strength,
there are a number of people who belong to it who will make a great
difference in this time of crisis, and you will see a continuation of
the nature of justice that is needed and that is being addressed by
many groups and individuals across this nation. What has been taking
place in this country does not stop at the borders or the oceans. It
spreads all over the globe, as you know, and that is what brings it
into this group we speak of. It is a matter of bringing the unity of
harmonic leadership for the whole of humanity, for there is no way
that can stand that anyone can any longer see that there is separation
between nations. This world must stand together and support each other
or it will surely perish. This is what the leaders of the nations have
seen and are supporting in their work. They have had to keep it
underground in order for it to grow and be the powerful tool for
change that it is. Obama is in league with this group . Yes he has
been one of the most powerful people in the group. He has been quiet
about it for he knows it is vital that it continue to stand through
all this. He also knows that he may not be elected and indeed that all
may fall apart with the elections. He is in essence playing the game
until his role changes and he is able to be a moving force for the new
movement for unity on this planet.
And another potential is that there will be a discovery of
information coming forward that may cause McCain and his running mate
to drop out of the race leaving only Barak Obama and his running mate.

In closing, we wish to express our thanks to all of humanity for
taking a stand to take your full power back into your hands. We thank
the Mushaba family for their more than 35 yrs. of holding the Force so
the information could someday become known to all. We like to thank
Nancy Tate for her awakening to the Mushaba Force and her dedication
to truth and we like to thank Elizabeth Fiest for her vision and
setting up the Mushaba Discussion Group and all those who are host and
participants for this spreads the force everywhere in the world. We
leave you with the greetings of all greetings that contains within its
frequency freedom, empowerment, divine love, unity, oneness,
transformation and change, and that greeting is Mushaba Blessings!

We are the Council of Mushaba

Thank you Council,
Love and Integrity!

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
Grandmaster-Mushaba Force



September 16, 2008, 12:44 pm
this resonates with me hundred percent, with all respects moon beam it is not sara palin who will run the country but old man mccain,she is just been brought in as eye candy.



September 16, 2008, 10:30 am
This doesn't resonate. I think Sarah Palin gives off a much better energy.

Focus On Love In Each Breath

Elizabeth Feisst

September 16, 2008, 6:36 am
Focus on love in each breath taking moment - Ruth Tai

I endorse Maria in her gratitude for posting this message here..... anyone interested in the Mushaba Discussion grp mentioned in the message please go to this link

If not a member of, ( ) you will need to create a profile first .... when this is done, go to the Mushaba Force grp forum link above then click on Join

Mushaba Blessings

Mushuba Blessings

Maria Magdalena

September 16, 2008, 1:19 am
Thank you for this very important message. Blessings of love, freedom and empowerment to all. Love always, Maria Magdalena


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