The Dream - Lightworkers - Global Unity Meditation

The Dream - Lightworkers - Global Unity Meditation

by Adeon

May 18, 2007
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The Lightworkers Global Unity Meditation unites the participant in total synchronisation with the collective whole. Utilising state of the art hemisynch meditation technology we unite our minds and spirits in the earth heart on solstices and equinoxes. The ultimate tool in unification for co-creation magic. Download your free meditation and join the rEvolution every Solstice, Equinox, New and Full Moon. Love always..

Global Unity Newsletters - The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics

The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics

Creating Global Unity

Global Unity Meditation
1 Million Minds, Hearts and Spirits
United as One.

Upcoming Meditations

Equinox Mar-20 11:44 UT/GMT
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Current Release : 1st December 2006 - v2.2


Our Goal:

1 Million Minds, Hearts and Spirits

United as One.

The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics

The Prophecy of the Hopi Elders:

Here is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift,

that there are those who will be afraid,

who will try to hold on to the shore,

they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.

Know that the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore,

push off into the middle of the river,

and keep our heads above water.

And I say see who is there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history we are to take nothing personally,

least of all ourselves, for the moment we do,

our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over.

Gather yourselves.

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

For we are the ones we have been waiting for.

The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics


Greetings Lightworker,

During an out of body experience in November 2006, I was given an insight, and strong guidance to co-ordinate a worldwide meditation initiative. The aim of this initiative is to synchronise a global group of people, in meditation for the benefit of the earth and humanity. In vision, I was taken on a tour through the history of humanity, into our prehistory, back to the time of what some call the golden age. I was also taken to another planet that had recently undergone the changes that earth and its people are experiencing now. During this experience I was shown the things I present in the animation entitled “The Dream”. You can view this animation on the Lightworkers website. I returned to the present, charged with a mission to unite as many dedicated souls, Lightworkers, indigo, crystal children, healers, and spiritual people from all over the world. This group of Lightworkers will synchronise in meditation, using a basic tool kit of techniques in the form of a guided meditation available free of charge over the web.

If you prefer not to use the provided meditation, you can still participate in your own way. The important aspect over all is our intent to unite our minds, heart and spirit for the purpose of cultivating love, peace and harmony on earth. This can be done in a way that works for you through prayer, or meditation.

During the meditation, we come together and unite our presence within the core of the earth, where all planetary grids and meridians combine as one. From this point we infuse the planetary grid, the planetary heart of Gaia with wave, after wave of love. This is accomplished in the same manner as you would utilise prana, chi or etheric energy for working on any another being, person, animal, plant or life form. These waves of energy flow into the heart of Gaia and resonate throughout the unified soulscape of our planets energy body upon a carrier wave of emotional charge. That emotion being the unifying power of love.

Now is truly that time to make great strides forward in our endeavour to bring about a peaceful transition into our new world. Our planet is evolving, and we are being invited to evolve with her. I first began seeking out others simply interested in taking part, but as I soon discovered I was not alone in this process, my focus has shifted to help unite and bring together others who also received the same message. Working together we have the ability to magnify our efforts. I believe it was planned this way from the start.

Many Lightworkers, world wide, have received this exact same guidance, from various inner sources. This also co-insides with our entry into the 5th Day of the Mayan Calendar Cycle. See info below. This is a 360 day cycle that brings unity on many levels. Including physical unity within the brain matrix that we incorporate into the meditation process.

I want to thank you for taking part in this process. I want to remind you that this is a group effort, for all of us. As our ancestors have told us. “We are the ones we have been waiting for..”. The most comforting aspect of this process has been finding many others willing to take their own lead and action, without relying on others to do all the work. We want more people to understand this, to get involved and help us truly expand our numbers into the biggest unified group consciousness on the planet, unrivalled in the history of mankind. No one person can do this. It will take a global effort, and the time to act on this is now.

Are you ready to answer the call?

Are you ready to share this with others?

Are you ready to express your divine gift?

Love Always..


The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics

THE 6th Day

The energy driving the Dream, stems from our evolution into galactic consciousness. This evolution has been tracked over the ages through the Mayan calendar and other less well known myths and legends from antiquity. The Global Unity Meditation, was was opened up to the world at the start of the 5th Day in 2006. We have since traversed the 5th Day, a 360 day cycle of harmonising energies, the 5th Night, 360 days of challenging energies and now we have entered the 6th Day.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I can briefly summarize that there are just a few basic cycles in the Mayan Calendar however they operate at different scales of time. The creative "tones" or the numbers 1 - 13 that we've talked about before operate on a daily basis (the trecena) as well as on larger and larger scales. One of these affects 360-day periods right now. Since November of 2007 and until November 12, 2008 we are in the tenth of thirteen 360-day cycles and it is sometimes referred to as the Fifth Night because 10 represents the energy of challenge.

What got challenged in YOUR Fifth Night? It will be the thing most dear to you – actually to your higher self. If you look at the time between November of 2007 and November of 2008, what in your life that is very important to you received a challenge to its existence?

Take your time and really dwell in the answer to these questions.

How did it get challenged? Was the challenge from outside? I know it will be very easy to target the challenge received from the pervasive "economic" challenge that was globally begun in the Fifth Night. Dig deeper than that, though, if that's all you can come up with. For example, look at challenges that came from inside you like your beliefs, attitudes or feelings about something. Did a relationship get challenged because of some way that you were feeling or acting? Did something you love very much die?

How do you now know it is even more important than ever? If we take it litterally that the last cycle was one of challenge and that its "purpose" in the creative cycle is to test the growth of creations, then what has survived the challenge is stronger and ready for the next stage of growth. Take the time now to look at what has survived and how it is valueable to you.

Clarity is now the reigning energy and it started on

That's it. I'm much more interested in and will write much more about the period that is coming up. The Sixth Day which is the energy of 11 or CLARITY for the 360 days following November 13, 2008. There's nothing good or bad about clarity. It just is. Our mission, if we choose to accept it, will be to navitage it with grace and skill. And, of course, be the best human beings we can be.


THE 5th Day

Celebrate the beginning of the Fifth day: November 24, 2006


Carl Johan Calleman

We are currently approaching the beginning of the Fifth day of the Galactic Underworld, November 24, 2006 and most people have experienced how things have heated up since the midpoint of the current night, May 27, 2006. In fact, the evolution of consciousness is fundamentally driven by the Light of future Heavens and Underworlds and so we are already now being influenced by it both in the form of world events and personal experiences.

In each of the Underworlds the Fifth day is the era of the breakthrough of the phenomena of that particular Underworld and from this we may have certain expectations of what is to come. The overall purpose of the current Galactic Underworld is to bring a balance between East and West as well as between the left rational and the right intuitive brain hemispheres. In short, as it will mean a significant downfall of western dominance in the world it will allow for the coming together of the cultures of the East and the West. Very likely, it will generate a downfall of the American dollar and ensuing altered economic relationships in the world.

It also seems as if the days are the periods that bring the most earth changes and natural catastrophes and this will very likely also mark the coming day, November 24, 2006 – November 19, 2007. It simply seems as if when human beings are regaining their inner wholeness their control of the external world as a consequence is lost and the Fifth day is exactly such a period, which will create the conditions for such inner unity and wholeness. Part of the development of this inner wholeness will come from a major step forward in the development of our intuition which essentially is mediated by the right brain half that is now about to be strengthened. In fact, without the development of this intuition we will not be able to use the increasingly shorter windows of opportunity that in different ways will be presented to us.

What there is to do is to fully accept and embrace the very significant energy shift that is now brought by the beginning of the Fifth day and I recommend people everywhere to celebrate on November 23-24 the arrival of the energy of Quetzalcoatl as part of the Breakthrough Celebration ( The Fifth day energy of the Galactic Underworld means that its manifestations will truly break through into the world and after this it will become apparent to everyone that we will never again return to the stable materialist mind set of the lower Planetary Underworld. We must welcome the shift that is now taking place in the global energy field and the opportunity it gives us to create balance between East and West, rationality and intuition and man and woman. For most people the Breakthrough Energy of the Fifth day will be the most powerful transformative energy that they experienced as part of the divine plan. Let us celebrate and prepare together and above all be conscious of the changes that we may now expect based on the Mayan calendar.

Carl Johan Calleman, 11 Chicchan, 7.16.5 of the Galactic Underworld

(October 19, 2006)

Lelystad, Netherlands

The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics


Invitation to join “Fire the Grid”


Shelly Yates

I have a story to tell you that I know will be hard to believe in parts, but it has happened to me, and I cannot erase or deny any of it (though at times I wish I could). I am a "normal" woman who grew up in simple yet chaotic times. I am much like you in most every way. I always thought I would be the last one to have a miracle occur in her life, much less two miracles, and all that has happened since. Therefore the tale I tell could be of your life, and not mine. But seeing it is mine I guess I was meant to tell it.

I am a survivor of a near fatal car accident in which my son and I were submerged under water in our
vehicle of 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. Just imagine, I was dead for 15 minutes, that’s a long time for the other side to convince me of what is needed for this planet to regenerate. However
the miracle is not only in my survival but in the fact that my son was declared brain dead and all his eternal organs had failed and were non-viable. My son was dead, not only in his brain but in his
little body as well. To make a long story short, I was urged by doctors to disconnect his life support many times however I was directed from a stronger, loving power to stand my ground and fire
his little body into healing. It worked!!!

I proceeded against hospital protocol to send loving humans into my son’s room every half hour. They then followed the instructions and gave their gift of love. This procession lasted twenty four hours a day, for three days. Dozens and dozens of people came. They "camped out" everyday and every night; loving trusting souls infusing his lifeless body with fresh energy. The fact that I was able to convince the hospital to allow this unorthodox behaviour to happen was a miracle in itself, but on the third day, after 72 hours of constant vigil, my boy opened his little eyes and recognized me. He was back!!!

What I did for a dying boy using a small group of people will work for our planet on a larger scale. We must fire earth’s grid and rejuvenate her bio-electric matter. The intent of this letter is to entice you to view our website or and become an earth healer. We can jump start earth’s heart and begin the healing of this planet, our home. We can do this if we unite! Please take the time to read my story and learn how you, as one single individual can unite with the rest of this planet for a mere hour of your time and catapult mother earth into a new phase of rejuvenation and healing. Only one hour I promise and you will become an ambassador of earth’s health and well-being!!!

If this letter and this site have touched your heart as I am sure it will. Please forward it to your loved ones so they too may join us when we fire the grid in 2007. Our mission is to reach as many people globally as possible. This task falls upon all of us who become aware of this project. Thank you for contributing to the largest grid project known to mankind. May light and love live within us all and peace be our soul’s objective.

Much love,

Shelley Yates

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The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics


Music played during the meditation

Track1. Sky Sent (Disclosure)

Words & Music by Bradfield

Track 2. Be Still Thy Soul

Music and Lyrics by Bradfield

Track 3.[Instrumental] Heaven and Earth Spirits.

Music by Bradfield

Brainwave Entrainment by DAWS from BwGEN group based upon the HemiSynch® technology developed by the Monroe Institute.

Vocals and assembly by Adeon of

The Dream Artwork by Christophe Vacher :

The Dream Music by Catherine Duc :

The Dream Animation and text by Adeon

Chakra Information and images from

Supporting Networks :

The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics



The meditation comprises of vocals, music from Apsis, and the brain wave entrainment tones. It is broken up into three segments. A continuous yogic breathing technique is maintained throughout, a constant flow of breath without pauses in between.

The first segment is the relaxation phase.

The second segment is the personal chakra cleansing stage

The third segment is the entry into Gaia’s heart and the igniting of the grid.

Relaxation Phase

Position yourself comfortably, close your eyes and take three deep breaths..

With each breath, feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed..

Resume your normal relaxed breathing..

And as you breath, maintain a constant flow of breath.. a constant wave motion of your breath..

Each breath flowing into the next without pause..

See a stream of radiant, golden white light streaming down into your crown..

As you breath in, drawn this liquid golden light, into your inner mind, through your crown..

As you breath out, release the air from your lungs, but hold the light within your mind..

Maintain a constant flow of air, without pause between breath.. Wave after wave..

Feel the liquid light entering your mind, wave after wave..

With each breath the light becomes brighter, and brighter..

As more and more liquid light fills your very being..

relaxing you completely.. and enlightening your mind...

Activating and awakening your divine presence.

Continue to do this.. wave after wave..

Track1. Sky Sent (Disclosure)

Words & Music by Bradfield

Chakra Cleansing Stage

Now draw the liquid light down into to Muladhara, into the base of your spine.

Enlightening Muladhara

The life blood of creation

Observe the spinning red vortex of radiant energy,

at the base of your spine..

Open, resonating, channelling, and increasing in intensity, with every breath.
draw the liquid light down into to Muladhara, into the base of your spine.

Enlightening Muladhara

The life blood of creation

Enlightening Muladhara

The life blood of creation

Observe the spinning red vortex of radiant energy,

at the base of your spine..

Open, resonating, channelling, and increasing in intensity, with every breath.
wave after wave after wave..

*Repeated for each Chakra, from base to crown.

Entry to Gaias Heart

Now... observe the stream of golden white light penetrating your whole being, through each of your enlightened energy centres, down into the heart of Gaia..

You have become a pillar of radiant light resonating in tune with the earth heart of Gaia.

From above.. and below..

Feel the incredible flow of energy moving through you..

Becoming brighter.. with every breath...

Maintain a constant flow of breath.. drawing the golden light down through the stream of light, into your crown and igniting all your energy centres..

As you breath out.. release the empty breath, holding the liquid light within your being..

Becoming brighter.. with every breath...

Maintain a constant flow of breath.. without pause in between.. wave after wave...

Track 2. Be Still Thy Soul

Music and Lyrics by Bradfield

Now invoke within you, your strongest memories of love and happiness..

Feel the flow of divine light, increasing, flowing downward into the heart of Gaia, carrying your waves of love....

Focus on the flow.. focus on your feelings of love..

And allow yourself to float gently downward..


With each breath, re-enforce the light and the emotional energy, your love, as you descend into our earth heart gaia, the feelings are amplified..

feel the presence of love all around you..

Feel your love converging with many others.. An ocean of light, love and consciousness engulfs you as you enter and merge as one with the inner sun, the heart of Gaia..

Resonate in tune with her..

"I am beholding through the eyes of all.

I am working through all hands. I am walking

through all feet. The brown, white, olive,

yellow, red, and black bodies are all mine.

I am thinking with the minds of all, I am

dreaming through all dreams, I am feeling

through all feelings. The flowers of joy

blooming on all hearts are mine.

I am eternal laughter. My smiles are

dancing through all faces. I am the waves of

enthusiasm in all God-tuned hearts.

I am the wind of wisdom that dries the

sighs and sorrows of all humanity. I am the

silent joy of life moving through all beings."

Resonate, feel, be one..

Draw the divine golden light, down into the heart of Gaia.. invoke your love.. and release your empty breath.. holding your light and love within the heart of Gaia..

Maintain a constant flow of breath.. without pause in between.. wave after wave.,..

Continue to do this..

The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics


To calculate the time of the events please use the chart below to find the Universal Time (UT/GMT) then cross reference this time with your local time. Local time converters can be found online.

Sample online World Clock Converter :

For more info about how GMT time zones work.. See this FAQ/Help Here.


Solstice Dec-22 0:22 UT/GMT


Equinox Mar-21 0:07 UT/GMT

Solstice Jun-21 18:06 UT/GMT

FireTheGrid Jul-17 11:11 UT/GMT

Equinox Sep-23 9:51 UT/GMT

Solstice Dec-22 6:08 UT/GMT


Equinox Mar-20 5:48 UT/GMT

Solstice Jun-21 23:59 UT/GMT

FireTheGrid Jul-17 11:11 UT/GMT

Equinox Sep-22 15:44 UT/GMT

Solstice Dec-21 12:04 UT/GMT


Equinox Mar-20 11:44 UT/GMT

Solstice Jun-21 5:45 UT/GMT

FireTheGrid Jul-17 11:11 UT/GMT

Equinox Sep-22 21:18 UT/GMT

Solstice Dec-21 17:47 UT/GMT


Equinox Mar-20 17:32 UT/GMT

Solstice Jun-21 11:28 UT/GMT

FireTheGrid Jul-17 11:11 UT/GMT

Equinox Sep-23 3:09 UT/GMT

Solstice Dec-21 23:38 UT/GMT


Equinox Mar-20 23:21 UT/GMT

Solstice Jun-21 17:16 UT/GMT

FireTheGrid Jul-17 11:11 UT/GMT

Equinox Sep-23 9:04 UT/GMT

Solstice Dec-22 5:30 UT/GMT


Equinox Mar-20 5:14 UT/GMT

Solstice Jun-20 23:09 UT/GMT

FireTheGrid Jul-17 11:11 UT/GMT

Equinox Sep-22 14:49 UT/GMT

Solstice Dec-21 11:11 UT/GMT

Global Unity Meditation is also held on the New and Full Moon of Every Month.

Moon meditations are not time synchronised.


New/Full Moon Dates 2007

New Moon
Creation - Best time for meditation Sunrise, when the new moon rises

Full Moon
Gratitude - Best time for meditation Sunset, when the full moon rises

Full Jan 11 2009

New Jan 26 2009

Full Feb 9 2009

New Feb 25 2009

Full Mar 11 2009

New Mar 26 2009

Full Apr 9 2009

New Apr 25 2009

Full May 9 2009

New May 24 2009

Full Jun 7 2009

New Jun 22 2009

Full Jul 7 2009

New Jul 22 2009

Full Aug 6 2009

New Aug 20 2009

Full Sep 4 2009

New Sep 18 2009

Full Oct 4 2009

New Oct 18 2009

Full Nov 2 2009

New Nov 16 2009

Full Dec 2 2009

New Dec 16 2009

Full Dec 31 2009

Our Goal:

1 Million Minds, Hearts and Spirits

United as One.

The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics


Warning This meditation may cause spontaneous OBE and heightening of psychic/astral awareness. It is not recommended for people with psychological disorders.

The Aim of the Meditation

The first meditation was released free of charge, in downloadable MP3 format on Dec 1st 2007 and will be used by all Global Unity Meditation participants. Utilising a highly evolved brainwave entrainment audio system developed by the Monroe institute, Global Unity meditation aim's to facilitate the highest level of synchronisation and coherence possible among the participants. Thus we will be starting the meditation simultaneously, and literally synchronizing our consciousness through the guided meditation audio, our subconscious through the HemiSynch®, which entrains our brainwaves, mind, and heart rate into synch..

This has never been attempted before.. So welcome to the new frontier of exploring the collective consciousness..

What is HemiSynch® Brainwave Entrainment?

- From the Monroe Institute web site

The patented Hemi-Sync® process has been refined with over 40 years of research and development. Ongoing experimentation, data collection and analysis are conducted at The Monroe Institute's laboratory facilities to demonstrate the correlations between subjective experiential reports and objective electronic measurements.

Such research is indispensable in revealing the influence of specific Hemi-Sync sound patterns on consciousness. Over the years, these efforts have resulted in the development of scores of individual products for specific applications such as focused attention, stress reduction, meditation, sleep enhancement, and pain control, to name a few.

Thanks to the cooperation of notable medical institutions and universities, the scientifically and clinically proven Hemi-Sync technology continues to be the focus of a variety of specialized research projects. In addition, many therapists, physicians, educators, and other professionals use Hemi-Sync extensively.

Use with any type of stereo headphones or with speakers positioned to provide separation of the sound going to the right and left ear. Do not use Dolby® or other noise reduction systems. Hemi-Sync simply and effectively liberates your inherent resources to function at their maximum capability. Don't listen while driving or operating heavy equipment or if you have a history or tendency toward seizures. Do not use with light and sound devices.

The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics


Listening to the Meditation

To listen to the meditation you are required to use Stereo headphones. The Hemi-Sync® component will not work without the use of headphones.

The meditation can easily be played via any MP3 player, or burnt to CD and played through a CD and headphone system.

The meditation audio finishes at 60minutes, however there is no ending prompts. You are free to close the meditation in your own way, or drift of into the world of dreams.

Meditation groups

For meditation groups I recommended using a FM Transmitter, connected to a CD player or MP3 Player. Have your group bring FM walkmans/radios with headphones. Sit around the FM Transmitter, and tune everyone’s radios into the signal from the transmitter.

To increase the range of an FM transmitter, simply open the transmitter up and replace the mini antenna enclosed. Replace the supplied antenna with a 1.5meter (4.5ft) length of wire.

I use a Belkin Transmitter, modified with a longer antenna.

This unit is available from most standard electronics stores, and very easy to modify to increase the transmission range/antenna.

Creating a Meditation CD

To burn the MP3 file to CD, I recommend using iTunes®. It is a free download from apple. :

  • Download and Install iTunes®. Set it as your default player.
  • Unzip GlobalUnityMeditation.Zip file to your preferred music directory.
  • Click the GlobalUnityMeditation.MP3 file to start it playing in iTunes®
  • .

  • When in iTunes® hold down CTRL and the N key to create a New Playlist.
  • Drag the GlobalUnityMeditation soundtrack into your new playlist.
  • Click on the New Playlist.
  • Place a Blank CD into your CDRom/Burner drive
  • In the top right hand corner of the iTunes® screen click BURN DISC icon.
  • iTunes® should start bruning the MP3 file into a CD format, which is playable form any CD player.

    You may need to reduce the Burn Speed depending on the CDR/W or the Disc type you are using.

    To do this in iTunes®, click EDIT-> Preferences-> Advanced-> Burning
    Reduce your burn speed “Preferred Speed”.
    If your having problems, I recommended a burn speed of 12.

    The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
    The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics


    Chakra Seven: Sahasrara : Thought, Universal identity, oriented to self-knowledge. This is the crown chakra that relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing. When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.
    Chakra Six: Ajna : Light, Archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection. This chakra is known as the brow chakra or third eye center. It is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. As such it opens our psychic faculties and our understanding of archetypal levels. When healthy it allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us "see the big picture."
    Chakra Five: Vissuddha : Sound, Creative identity, oriented to self-expression. This is the chakra located in the throat and is thus related to communication and creativity. Here we experience the world symbolically through vibration, such as the vibration of sound representing language.

    Chakra Four: Anahata : Air, Social identity, oriented to self-acceptance. This chakra is called the heart chakra and is the middle chakra in a system of seven. It is related to love and is the integrator of opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity. A healthy fourth chakra allows us to love deeply, feel compassion, have a deep sense of peace and centeredness
    Chakra Three: Manipura : Fire, Ego identity, oriented to self-definition. This chakra is known as the power chakra, located in the solar plexus. It rules our personal power, will, and autonomy, as well as our metabolism. When healthy, this chakra brings us energy, effectiveness, spontaneity, and non-dominating power.
    Chakra Two: Svadhisthana : Water, Emotional identity, oriented to self-gratification. The second chakra, located in the abdomen, lower back, and sexual organs, is related to the element water, and to emotions and sexuality. It connects us to others through feeling, desire, sensation, and movement. Ideally this chakra brings us fluidity and grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and the ability to accept change.
    Chakra One: Muladhara : Earth, Physical identity, oriented to self-preservation. Located at the base of the spine, this chakra forms our foundation. It represents the element earth, and is therefore related to our survival instincts, and to our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies and the physical plane. Ideally this chakra brings us health, prosperity, security, and dynamic presence.

    The Dream - Introduction - The 5th Day - Fire the Grid - Credits
    The Meditation - The Time - The Technology - Technical Info - The Chakras - Music Lyrics


    Track1. Sky Sent (Disclosure)

    Words & Music by Bradfield

    Mirus splendor archanorum

    Et miratur omnis terra

    Benedictus qui venit de celeste armonia

    i. Destiny

    How to begin such a disclosure?

    So many years and over our heads

    Led to assume there was no reason

    Left in the dark to conjure instead

    Search knows no end in hearts of believers

    Faith inhabits the soul of mankind

    Great men of the truth have uncovered answers

    With this, our destiny will be defined

    Sky sent, crossing time to tell the future

    Guide our way, it's a long road

    Sky sent, through the frosty winter of dissent

    Will we forge ahead?

    ii. The Plan

    All of your life you've been waiting

    What you've known is alive

    Carrying gifts that will change this world

    Things that amaze and defy

    An energy source for tomorrow

    A model for clearing the air

    And every country a partner free

    Sharing and lending a hand for this plan

    So into these unchartered waters

    That one day to travel through time

    Coping with damage inflicted

    Needs some instant and radical strides

    Beginning by sharing the knowledge

    And openly admitting the lie

    So every man who is fond of peace

    Can consciously make up his mind

    For this plan...

    iii. Sanctuary

    Seek your sanctuary in this place

    It's an allegory to embrace

    Try your telepathy, send your grace

    It's all vibratory, you'll engage...

    iv. Crossing Time

    Love is the key if skies are to welcome

    Goodwill among men the only reply

    Blessed, each of us here to witness this opening

    Saught since the beginning of time...

    Sky sent, crossing time to tell the future

    Guide our way, it's a long road

    Sky sent, through the frosty winter of dissent

    Will we forge ahead? Will we form consent?

    ©2002 Nurtured Spontaneity Publishing (SOCAN) All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted with permission.

    Track 2. Be Still Thy Soul

    Music and Lyrics by Bradfield

    Be Still Thy Soul

    Music & Lyrics by Bradfield

    Be still thy soul

    Relinquish this hold

    Make thee again whole

    Be still thy mind

    Let thee unwind

    And seek out a shrine

    Harvest the gold

    That's planted around you

    Strand by strand

    You'll be somewhat more certain

    Carve out your role

    And reach for the heavens

    All you can dream: what you can be

    Know that the sky will deliver

    Bestir thy heart

    With journeys afar

    And rivers of stars

    Bestow thy love

    On all that ye touch

    On all that ye may

    Hence, let it be told

    That rhyme will be reason

    Paint your world

    With shades that will uplift you

    And break, break from the mold

    Shake off the illusions

    Never again lost in dismay

    All that you need is within you

    Be still thy soul

    And fix on the goal

    Thy tale will be told

    Be still thy mind

    Make thee one with the source of life.

    ©2002 Nurtured Spontaneity Publishing (SOCAN) All rights reserved.

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