A Message From My Teacher

A Message From My Teacher

by Ember

October 25, 2008
Ascension, Healing

(This is a message from my teacher I received last week. I just want to share it with everyone!)

Everytime you've made any decision in your life where you plan too much and worry about the next step, what happens?

There were times when you took small steps to venture into the unknown. When you did, what happened? What do you think would happen if you lived by faith that everything you need and require to evolve as a human being will be provided to you, has always been on its way to you and gets blocked when you start worrying about your fears again.

Healing isn't concerned about making us feel safe. In fact, our penchant, our yen and need to feel safe is what we need to be healed from. We are safe. We have always been secure. If we believed that we are infinite, what would be our reason for any insecurity?

The world has taught us that in order to grow, to be happy and to evolve, we have to worry, we have to do all these things that need doing, we need to accomplish things and have lots of money. There is a certain though out there, though, and it isn't easy to think because it takes so much faith to get to that thought. The thought that when we leave things alone, if we save tomorrow's troubles for tomorrow, everything would fix itself.

We've been trying to fix the problem for god knows how long, and it never gets fixed while we keep fighting, struggling the good fight and struggle. Spirituality cannot be about struggling. Spirituality isn't about resisting and attachment, etc etc etc. It's about letting go, setting free. It's about having access to the whole world, at the same time, not needing or becoming attached to what comes to us.

It's going to take so much time to clean house. So much commitment to throw out the garbage. It isn't a mental framework, nor is it an intellectualizing process. It's something you just allow to happen. Letting go.

But if the conditions don't allow you to let go, if you are surrounded by people for instance who have expectations over you, or if you live in an expensive place and if you want freedom to just cry or be lazy or be diligent or be a bitch or be a generous spirit, and your city can't let you do it, then you are living in a mental prison. A prison that isn't the other person's fault, but yours only because you are in its grip. It has power over you.

If you are not empowered yet to live a life without the expectations, the judgements of others, then you are excused to take a leave of absence from the things that trap and imprison you. You are excused to just read books and be a vegetable and say, "hayyyy." You deserve that and more.

I moved to Palawan precisely for this reason. I've been where you are, I've done all of that and I know how difficult and shitty it can get. It seems fun in a very shallow way but it's shitty not knowing if tomorrow is going to be the exact same battles as yesterday. You need wisdom, courage and determination and if you haven't enough, you need to catch up.

It doesn't matter if you have work or not when you come. You can live in the house for as long as you want, I have a spare bedroom. Just help clean once in a while, and cook. I fixed everything so that you can live simply. You can live on bananas and papayas, even, I'm surrounded by tons of fruit trees and you can go on raw. If you want to eat other things, it will cost you maybe less than a hundred a day if you are simple. I have a computer for editing you can use once we are able to buy a camera. My dream is to set up a studio in Kalipay Beach itself later, but it will take me two years to do that.

If you want to stay with the community forever, that's fine too. You can live both in Puerto Prinsesa and in Kalipay. There's also volunteer work with another healer from Manila who moved here with us doing stuff in a fishing village. Else, I can help you find a way to earn a living, else, set up small and easily manageable businesses for you. Don't rush. If it takes time, so be it, right?

Money is so easy if you have energy. You just don't have energy, which is why the money is so hard to access. And if you can access it, it takes too much energy to maintain that you get so exhausted doing so. This isn't about money though. I also want you to be open to the most utmost simplicity in case we are called to do so. The world economies are hitting the fan already and the spaces I've been putting up are there for demonstrating to people that we can live on nothing, manifest everything, and no matter what happens, be happy with all outcomes. We have two or three business and foundation ideas along the line you might be interested in. I've just been so busy writing a book and getting the place ready, but something in me also tells me not to worry. For now, here's my offer. You can stay at the house and in Kalipay for as ong as you want. I can provide simple food but would rather you and other stay-ins contribute little bits of your day-to-day so we keep everyone on an independent level. Just have a small transition fund of a few thousands in your pocket when you come and you'll be fine. As long as you're prepared for the possibility that if you are called to do so, you can live in Kalipay for a long period (Angelito's there) in case you need absolute healing or if it doesn't work out for you in Puerto.I have no expectations. Like you know me, I don't plan, I just live in the moment and manifest things as they come by. I am your teacher, your friend, and if you remember Boracay, haha, your son. Tee hee. Shrooms!

Here is your only standard. Come only if you can convert your fears. You can come afraid, but the difference I am looking for is if you're willing to do this afraid. This is true light work, ladies and gentlemen. This is the path to collective evolution, but which starts with you. Once you're on the soul train, there's no turning back. If you are ready for this, then, 1, 2, 3, GO! Anytime. You can come tomorrow if you want. Four batches of Maian Planet attendees coming today, Next Wednesday, Next Satureday and next next week. You can join the gang during one of the trips.

Lastly, I want to travel to Europe and the US next year. And maybe Manila and some parts of Palawan this year. I was manifesting a housemate. Would that be you, then, haha?

Pi Mu


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