Kuckuk And Yukon

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There once was a man and his dog, a male

Who set out to conquer The Ice Age Trail

Twelve hundred miles of wild they took on

The two intrepid souls, Kuckuk and Yukon


It was a physical challenge, to say the least

Begun by both David and this brave beast

Educate the youth of the state on geography

Building the Maywood Center for Ecology


The weeks had flown by, the miles were tallied

‘Cause Kuckuk and Yukon had not dilly-dallied

Their routine, rising ‘fore the dawn every day

Hiking until sunset, then asleep they soon lay


Hearing some wolves howling at the moon

And listening to the whistling calls of a loon

Blue herons, and beavers and even bald eagles

Encountering kind gestures of so many people


They sure had their share of thrills and chills

Including an experience with porcupine quills

Unmarked trailheads and forced to backtrack

They persevered on, each with their own pack


Even when nature showed them who was boss

By handing them a swift running river to cross

Dave went across first, as the river was wide

Beating the odds, Yukon was soon at his side


With twenty-eight counties and half a season past

Turning the final corner and seeing the end at last

The indomitable spirit that was there from the start

Was nothing compared to the size of Dave’s heart


Since their story could not a true legend be

Without embellishment of the tale, you see…

Upon his return to the land near his home, and

Reflecting on just how far they had roamed…


With divine inspiration, a display of sheer will:

Kuckuk and Yukon climbed up Holy Hill

David scaled the top of each steeple’s spire

Just so he could see if one was a bit higher!

DJH, 2008


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