The Reptillian Question

The Reptillian Question

by Taliessa Pink

November 5, 2008, Comments(13)
Extraterrestrials & UFO's

This question is about Reptilians; the Reptilian agenda, and the Reptilian humanoid extraterrestrial and the Reptilian energy.

Firstly, I’d like to say that there are some absolutely wonderful people out there bringing forward messages about this reptilian race, and the Reptilian agenda and the bloodlines. As I’ve said to other people, each channel brings forward—although it’s the same communication, the same source that the channel reaches upwards to—that message can be brought down from those higher realms through the channel.

Because of that, because we’re human—I don’t think any channel can guarantee a one hundred percent accuracy of the transition from the higher realm energy, which is then translated into a human language. So there’s going to be a certain amount of distortion in any channel, and this is why my source, the guidance of light around me, would always say to people, “Don’t just listen to one channel. Don’t just listen to one source, one medium.” Go listen to many, and then—you know—discard that which doesn’t resonate with you, which doesn’t add up and take that which you know to be truth. Because each one of you have guides working around you, and those guides are working to bring about a meaningful subjective experience within you, and this is why these things happen. This is why you need to speak to, need to watch and listen to, more than one channel.

So I’m going to bring forward the information that I get on Reptilians.

Now firstly, the Reptilian agenda, this very dark negative Reptilian energy that comes from power and control, and a need to feed off humanity—and I’ll come to that in a minute, and what I believe that mean; this I have to say. I get this from my source very clearly. But as I’ve said, do go ahead and cross-reference this with other channeled material and other types of material to formulate your own subjective opinion of the truth. I get that these Reptilians of power, control, and darkness are in the minority when it comes to the entire reptilian species.

The reptilian species that I am shown are great warriors. They are energy of power that can be seen in all of its beauty. These are High Light beings. So, there’s a lot of Reptilian energy there that is utterly majestic, and royal, powerful, but beautiful and protective. When I see this energy I’m shown dragons. Look at the beautiful, magical, mystical energy a dragons brings. Look at all the fantasy films that have been produced and all the fantasy books written of dragons. The energy they bring is absolutely amazing. So that’s the kind of energy that most of the Reptilian species have. And I do feel that the Reptilian species are—you know—somewhat a little bit perturbed, that they are perceived so badly. And it’s like any race. You can’t tar an entire race with the same brush of just the minority few. Every single race, be it human or extraterrestrial, will have a minority few that have moved towards the dark. But the majority of Reptilian species—from the source information I have—are that of the Light.

So lets take a look at that small minority that are of the dark. These, you know, I do feel that- this energy, this reptilian energy, these reptilian humanoids do come from the wish to control us. They want to gain power over us. The reason they want to do this is because, yes, they do feed upon us. It is their nourishment.

Now, when I say "feed upon us", I know that some channels do pick up images of these reptilians eating human flesh. OK, maybe that’s their interpretation and that’s absolutely fine. Each person has a job to do but when I bring forward my energy from the source -The source energy - I am shown , these reptilians feed upon our energy not upon our human flesh and I think that’s important to stress - that is what I see. I don’t see genuine third dimensional reptilian entities somewhere within this earth eating us. Its not what I see. Maybe, my interpretation here isn’t correct but I have to bring forward the pictures that I see and the images I’m given. And I have to translate them in the best possible way I can in order to be a conduit. For the light - for you and that is my job.

So these reptilians feed of our energy and the energy they like to feed off is fear, anxiety, terror, anger -especially anger. They love jealousy. They love any thing to do with violence and anything that promotes that , they will strongly encourage. When they are able to influence our thoughts, they will encourage these negative emotions, particularly through violence and alcohol - big crowds of people, where there is lots of heightened emotion and alcohol - so that they are there, in their unseen forms feeding off our energy. And what really scares these reptilian minority few, is the ascension of this planet because when we move forward from a third dimensional reality in to a fifth dimensional reality, these minority reptilian energies are not able to access that vibration. They don’t have the genetic make up in there being to be able to do this.

So this is the whole reason why our guides and the source of light are coming forward in their various forms, through various channels, through various mediums. Various mediums are coming forward to teach us to awaken to the light and to learn that light, which is knowledge, because once we can all come together and do this, we are able to take this planet in to a higher vibration and all the energies here, that have been controlling this planet, for so long, will not be able to do what we do. They won't be able to follow us. They won't be able to go where we are going. They don’t have the ability. So, of course, they are doing every thing they can, to hold the earth back.

Well, I am told, from my source, that from what they can see, from their vantage point - the time line we are nearest to - is that time-line, that is in front of us and the one we are most likely to move into, given the raised consciousness field of he light workers, is one where we do move into that fifth dimensional field and those reptilian energies (and any other dark energy) will not be able to follow us. This doesn’t mean there won't be any darkness in this new fifth dimensional reality - that’s not the case, for there is a place for darkness - it works opposite light in its polarity, but what will occur in this reality is a balance. There will not be such an extreme of separation between ourselves and between the different energies (that we bring forward), there will be a unity.

Therefore, anything that is of the dark, in the new fifth dimension, will still be positive. That’s where we are going. This is why my guides- my source - come forward with such uplifting messages of hope because they can see where we are going. And the number one message that they bring to us, that which they stress to us, that is so important, is to raise the vibration. Raise the consciousness to one of love, hope, uplift-ment and connectedness because when you are there, in that place, that is when the other dimensions merge around you and come through you .

You anchor those dimensions into the planet (as I’ve said in a couple of my other videos) and when you stay in that place, you are so guided and protected by the light forces. What you actually do, when you are in that place - that place of love - that place of connectedness and confidence and joy - when your there, what you actually do is create a consciousness field around you and the consciousness field you create manifests within the Astral Thrice Etheric Realms, as a geometric shape and each geometric shape has meaning.

There are an infinite numbers of geometric shapes moving fluidly in such vast ways its impossible to speak about them in human form but what you do, when you stay in this wonderful place of bliss charged love, ( what my source likes to call it "bliss charged love") is, you create this certain geometric shape. And once that shape is solidified within the Ethric, it then forms in matter. When you are in a state of bliss charged love, a state of joy, a state of uplift-ment and most importantly, a state of absolute knowing, then that geometric shape is one of very high light high vibration. And when it manifests in reality, it brings with it, the abundance that the universe has to offer you.

That abundance comes in many forms but the abundance come in the form of protection, synchronicity, understanding, knowledge and your material needs, in order to function in the third dimensional world. So we're looking at food and a place to live and somewhere to be comfortable and all those things. So that’s why its so important to stay within that vibration and the more people that are in that vibration the higher the light will be - the more knowledge will be assessable to us - because it will be there in the super conscious field for us to attain in a much more formulated way.

The more that something is on our minds, the more other people can assess it and what we want on our minds. right now, is high vibration love and light energy. So the last thing we need to tap into - and I know all you light workers have heard this again and again and my source reiterates it - the last thing we need is fear. So, yes, go ahead and research the reptilians. It's an important part of knowledge, that you will want to know about, as this reptilian energy does concern our species and our history. But once you’ve learned about this knowledge, once you have taken this knowledge on board - to hold on to anger - to hold on to hatred of this reptilian race - is not the advised way for us. My source is saying, "this is not the advised way." The advised way is to let go of any negative feeling and raise yourself to the higher vibration because once you do, (as I’ve said) you manifest the abundance of the universe. And the abundance of the universe is there for us- Knowledge and Light. It is what will take us forward to ascension. So, go ahead and do your research in to reptilians but its not any thing you need to focus on unless you feel that you are going to be somebody that is going to be spreading information about this particular issue and if you are, make sure you do this in a way that does not cause a fear reaction in others.

So, I suppose the Ultimate Message of this little speech here is - don’t worry about the reptilians. Once you are in a place of love, light, joy, uplift-ment , confidence and connectedness, they can't touch you. They simply can not touch you because there are just to many of us now - and they know that. So, visualize that reptilian energy leaving this planet because that’s exactly what is going to happen and in many peoples realities, it's happened already. And that’s the way to go. Anyway, thank you for listening. I just though I would get this information out, as soon as possible, as I’ve had so many people ask this question about reptilians. So, thanks very much.

Magenta Pixie

Reptilian Energy

Whimsey Nimble

February 13, 2010, 5:10 pm
Sooo interesting. My intuition tells me I am greatly connected to the Pleiadians. I also am a great kindred spirit of the fey.

I so resonated with your words regarding the reptilian race. Thank you. It's exactly on point, for me.

And the image of our joy and flow and wonderful recognition from Mother Earth going forth as a geometric shape is so divine! I needed that image! Someone "bubbling" over with hapiness..

I write about the fey, and my husband has written a book regarding dragons and their interactions with humans, related to spiritual "past" history and what we know of it.

Thank you.



March 26, 2009, 7:11 am
wow - i witnessed this "geometric patterning" during a paradigm shift that i underwent a couple of days was crystalline and yellow-hued. i have had enough. thanks & god bless u 4 this msg.



March 9, 2009, 10:37 am
I am/ We are/ You are a Wholistic holographic digital electromagnetheric program Being in the Infinite moment right now.

That being said, I experienced much sadness and suffering to Self Honestly Accept my Reptilian - ness. Now, Guilt being the most polaric experience to Love, it was holding me back big time. I really hated my father, and he seems to me extremely Anu-esque. (Anu is kind of a big deal so I've heard in the Annunaki circles :)~ ) Anywho, yes. thank you. Thank you

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

Tao Te Ching quote

Yes And Again A Really


December 15, 2008, 10:10 am
yes and again a really intelligent communication

thank you taliessa it all helps

i guess in many ways a reworking of see no evil hear no evil

and we all need to hear this

i have spent a quarter of this year studying ICKE and i cannot fault him

and when you look carefully at what he is saying it is the same message but in many ways he specializes in outlining the nasty

so he gets a bad press but still we need to know about those dudes and to love them still

i too have found many reptilian attributes in my makeup

there are good lizards snakes and turtles

and bad ones

like eggs

peace slithershan

the Lord is my Shepherd the Lady my Shepherdess

Well I Am A Draco Reptilain


December 12, 2008, 9:38 am
Well I am a Draco reptilain but there are different races of reptilian. The Draco the Reptoids and others.

I Am A Reptilian Myself. And


December 12, 2008, 9:36 am
I am a Reptilian myself. And do get more then angry when i see humans point fingers at an entire species. Using my species as scapegoats. the image thats put up in recant times is all my species are evil. That is what i am fighting against. And it is good to see some Lightworkers see the whole picture.

"Good" Reptillians


December 7, 2008, 4:04 pm

From one who has connections with Reptillian energies, especially those of the magnificent Dragon race, I thank you for pointing out that not all Reptillian energies are of dark and heavy density. My experience has been nothing but positive with the Reptillian energies and I cringe when I read posts about how evil Repitllians are because I know that is not least in my "reality". To be honest, I didn't read past that paragraph that was positive towards Reptillians; don't want to focus on the negative energies :) Thanks again Magenta Pixie, I resonate with your words. Namaste, RA'vn

Eye Opener

Tiena Of Light

November 21, 2008, 9:55 pm
Thank you for Posting this helps understand alot. This also resonates with me. I have had a few experinces with what you have written about. and would like to chat with you some time about this for I have never seen someone have the understanding that you have on this subject. I humbley send Love to the spirit in you. Namaste

What A Wonderfully Clear

AKuna Kumara

November 18, 2008, 5:16 pm
What a wonderfully clear picture you have painted.
I have always known Reptilians are both good and bad as
varied as the human race. They like us have the task of merging the polarity which was breed into them via their connect on Venus so many eons ago.
Merging Polarity = the game we play!
Thank You for being part of Oneness ~ aKuna

Too Varied


November 5, 2008, 9:58 pm
This thing goes on forever, it is way to varied. Try the equations of:
But yea Reptilians did come before our version of 'Human'.
Reptiles are as varied as fish, so Reptilians cannot represent negative energy. Your limited Human intellect just reacts to the energy as negative emotion due to ignorance and sensitivity which you create into a judgement of negative.



November 5, 2008, 8:30 pm
Hello, Thank you for clearing up the Reptilian race and the different types. I wondered about that, I have just recently read a few books and One was by Patricia Tori called No More Secrets, No More Lies. She is connected to The Serians who are E.t's. Do you Know where these Reptilians come from? Are they mixed in with the Pleadians (another group of E.T's I have read about) and Serians? Or are the reptilans a totally different species all together? do they come from and place? Or is it just bloodlines within the human race or is it a mix of their energy and our energy that creates the negativity sometimes? I am a little overwhelming when I want to know something. So if you could be so kind to try and bear with me?


Thanks Pixie Ive Learned Alot From This :)


November 5, 2008, 7:29 pm
Silent thought, is after all, the mightiest agent in human affairs.

From Experience I Know


November 5, 2008, 1:37 pm
From experience I know Humans are little different from how They portray Reptilians :)
Reptilian Light Beings thank you for offering to balance an imbalanced perspective.


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